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  1. AriusII

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    It's done !
  2. AriusII

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    Thanks !
  3. AriusII

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    Them are working on a API system who can work ( if I don't say wrong things ) with SQLite system. If I sharing this, it's for everyone can use it / manage it , review the code and take what them want ^^ ! You can do a Live demo here : https://sao-france.fr/ with account ' test / test "
  4. AriusII

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    I can understand what's you trying to say and what's your feeling, But actually MySQL > SQLite, that why I make my priority of this one. The only interest of Lite it's able to stock data on it without connection ... But for a Website (FTP / VPS) connection it's work like a sham, what's sqlite can't do cause this one don't have TCP/IP. And alot of people who know manage a game / server, will be ok with me to say MySQL is more usefull ^^ !
  5. AriusII

    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    Yes it is. Actually I don't have plan to make ODBC SQLite connection with this one, but maybe in futur ! Who's know ! @The Bunny Gamer .
  6. have finally published IntersectCMS V1 -> here


  7. Good morning, everybody ! I’m glad you share my little creation ! But before we tell you what it is, we’re gonna talk a little bit more about what makes you want to create this ! I’ve been following the " Intersect Engine " project for a long time, even before I joined the forum. But I found that it missed a very important addition, which responds to the call of the MMORPG, not only for the game, but also the aspect that lies behind the "Back-End", the way was managed the Database! Yes, this famous SQLite ! Whatever we say, he always did his work, but one that is not insignificant and that was missing in the call the "TCP/IP". And, FINALLY! The project went under the "MySQL Engine", Liberation! We can finally call our database where we want, and... What better way to make our game more popular by having its own website? Because you can say anything you want, it’s still nicer to have your own website attached to your game? Make your own announcements, have a real-time ranking, add your own changes/creations, and so much more…! And this is now possible with "IntersectCMS". What is IntersectCMS IntersectCMS was created by AriusII. It is a kind of fansite, but for anyone who wants to have the opportunity to be seen on the internets, there is no need of great knowledge in this area, you just have to edit a few lines and everything works! The Features - You can log in with your game account on the site. - You can display the number of players connected. - You can display the number of create players. - You can display the number of create accounts. - You can create/display your news, with different headers. - You can show the ranking of the top 5 players in your game on the main screen, in real time! - You have access to a general ranking page in real time. - You can click on the characters and know their information, even if the character is not part of your account! Admins ? - You must be the Admin of your game, and you log in with this account on the site, no worries! You will also be the admin of the site and you can all change as you please! With a dedicated place. And so much more in preparation... ! Want some screen ? Here it is ! \! IMPORTANT !/ + Setup Config * you need to read this if you planned to use it * 1 ) For people who already have an existing project, (under SQLITE) this will not be compatible! * please read number 3* 2)For those who want to create or recreate a zero project, now go to MySQL * please read number 3 * 3. Little config step; 3.1 You need to having software like apache + mysql, like this one : http://www.wampserver.com/en/ Create 3 databases : playerdata , worlddata , websitedata Migrate : playerdata.db into the mysql database playerdata. & gamedata.db into the mysql database worldata. In the folder you have a ' websitedata-news.sql ', execute the querys in the websitedata database. When query are correctly executed you can delete this file. Go on your " www " folder ( if you use wampserver ) or ' htdocs ' if you are on other software/FTP Extract all ' www ' file on the folder sayed before. Set your settings in the " www/inc/config.inc.php " file. Edit all the informations needed. Go on " http://localhost " or " http://mydomainname.com " Enjoy ! ________________________________________ Actualy this release is the first one, other system will come in futur ! How to get it ? You can find it here: Give me your feedback !
  8. AriusII

    How to play with friends?

    Your welcome a pleasure to help you
  9. We are a bit Off-Topic but; If you know how work the Party system, doing a Guild System is a bit same, just you keep more data saved ^^ ! But as I sayed, that was an idea to add in futur if ... it's accepted :p !
  10. Here, you are all talking about something you know how to do it < better >. This tutorial was for Beginner user... I have started this type of project when I had 10-12 year old, I have 23 YO now, & I'm from an ancient 2D mmorpg community named FRoG Creator #RIP little froggy. And when I had this age I didn't know how to do it, not the skill / motivation / knowledge, for doing this. This tutorial is for them, an easy way to do it. +(Argument) If you want make a custom webserver on your computer ... you have already do the job ! Of course, if we talk about DNS it's just a way to ' mask ' your IP with a name, but the real motivation of this, it's basically why we have create DNS register, it's easy to think with a 'name(dot)something' out of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (:port). But like say before if you don't have an Static IP you need to say to everyone ' Hey my IP is now this. -2 day later: Now it's this.' It's not at us player's to do them self update/modification ( Yeah I know they are a Launcher avaiable, but making a update for only 1 file it's really ... creepy ) That why I recommand using No-Ip for free use, and with the DUC Client the refresh is so much better and simply ! - Regards, Arius
  11. I just saying this, cause it could work with the same logic. And who's know if in futur the guild system will not be implanted ? :p
  12. AriusII

    playerdata.db why can delete user

    Go on navicat Log into your database and double click on " users " table. At the top-left of navicat you will find " Query " button, press it. put this : DELETE FROM `playerdata`.`users` WHERE `Name` = 'simsim' I have put the name of simsim if it's this one you would like to delete.
  13. Required Level : Beginner Estimated time: Between 5 and 10 minutes Hello dear community ! Here we go for a new tutorial ! This tutorial affects our server, and more specifically How to make our server accessible at either home without buying VPS / Dedicate Server. And for this we will talk about NO-IP ! Requirement: - Some patience - A beer ! or Two .. I. Step I II. Step II III. Step III Thanks everyone for reading this tutorial. This have help you ? It was usefull for you ? don't forget to react ! Help & Question about this : here. - AriusII
  14. AriusII

    How to play with friends?

    Hello ! Can you explain us more details about your current setup ? What do you use : Personnal Computer ? VPS ? Dedicate Server ? If in the case you use your own Personnal Computer you have some tools and step to do. I have wanted to make a tutorial for making it working ^^ ! So here the step : First you need to setting up your Windows FireWall Set in UDP the port "5400" by default or other number if you have change this number. You need to do it 2 times, Interne connection and Extern connection. When this is done, you need to check your rooter/modem. Does your modem allow the UDP port '5400' too ? For my case it's automaticly add with the first startup of the Intersect Server.exe ( when it's needed to start it in admin ). If it's not added, you need to do it manually, it's not very complicated. Good all the majors step are done. We can allow external connection to read us ip+port ( Only this one ). You need now to get a DNS refresher or an other LAN software. More effective in this case it's : No-Ip or you can select : LoginMeInHamachi For both using you need to creat an account on one of them device of your choice When your No-Ip account is done download the DNS refresher Client ( DUC ) : Here You need to make a custom DNS on this page : Here and press ' Create Hostname ' You need to put ONLY custom value on : Hostname text field & Domain like this : Exemple , and put ' Creat Hostname ". Now you need to install the No-Ip Client ( DUC ) , log into it, you have to select your recent no-ip dns just created. and it's done ! You could use your External Public IP in clear, or the DNS You need edit the Client or Editor config.json for to be able to read the server on external computer. 1 Client or Editor for yourself who keep reading ( I say you are on a Personnal Computer ) And need and other Client / Editor with modifier config.json who read the ' External IP or DNS " The most effective it's reading by DNS cause the DUC make a refresh of your IP DNS every 5 minutes, so if you restart your modem you don't need to send again your External Ip it's done automaticly. When your LoginMeInHamachi account is done you need to download the client : Here Your friend need to do it too. / ! \ It's only a 14 days trials, but old version of this one was without this trials ( It's not a crack ! ^^ ) You need to creat a channel on this client Your friends need to join it too. Hamachi normaly return you a custom IPv4 IP, Copy it And modify your Client or Editor config.json files with this IP. You just need to make 1 copy of thoses folder, no need to make one for local and one for hamachi. It's work too If you are on VPS / DEDICATED SERVER : First you need to setting up your Windows FireWall Set in UDP the port "5400" by default or other number if you have change this number. You need to do it 2 times, Interne connection and Extern connection. Modify Client & Editor config.json files with your VPS / Dedicated server IP. And it's done ! Happy if this helping
  15. Hello all ! I have just having a suggestion to maybe add on Intersect. One day I have try to make a class with the specification to Buff he's friends = Party Member or Guild member. The suggestion it this one : When we creat a New Spell, can we get the choice to apply it on us Party Members. Just imagine we have a CheckBox with a text like : " This skill do Party Effect ? " If the skill have < Bonus > it's a possitive value, If the skill have < Malus > it's a negative value. This idea/suggestion can be using for Guild too ! If the guild system can have Level ranking too, we can imagine to creat some Guild Spell used only by the Guild Master ? Vice ? or Member too ? A special Guild Buff, who is effective when guild member are logged in the game ? Using the same idea, with a CheckBox : ' This skill do Guild Effect ? " . - Arius