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  1. Pretty much that, does anyone know of any good places or good people? I want to make as much GFX as I can myself, but I've found I'll have to cut some corners, and enemy NPCs seems like a decent way to go. Also I am paying, and looking to purchase.
  2. Grizzy

    [Request] Need logo for Ruinic

    Lol. That was the best.
  3. Grizzy

    First Time Arting - Naruto

    That looks 1000x better. Great job dude! Improve and and always improving your craft is more important than anything else. Have you ever tried weapons, armor, or making your own sprites/NPCs? Or is this generally the first thing you've ever done? Id love to talk to you more if you want to add me on Skype or another form of social media i could help you more in real time! Im no expert, but it's always fun to have someone to share you art with and bounce ideas off of!! anyways tho, keep up he great work!!
  4. Grizzy

    First Time Arting - Naruto

    You're doing a great job, don't get discouraged!!! I'm no expert, but give this a try, use a little more color extremes.. Look at this example here: Do you see how the head has a dark section and a much lighter section? The lighter section is reflecting where light is hitting it. Using lighting techniques such as these helps create the illusion the character is not "flat". This should help explain a few things I did not: If you have any questions or need any help feel free to PM me! Your work looks great and I think if you keep practicing there are no limits to what you can do. Good luck!
  5. Grizzy

    First Attempt Making Basic Swordz

    Was that a baseball reference? Lol. or legit. Cause if it's not a baseball reference I'm confused lol.
  6. Grizzy

    First Attempt Making Basic Swordz

    See i I thought maybe it was the angle.
  7. Grizzy

    First Attempt Making Basic Swordz

    My only problem is they look weird with my dude. Suggestions?
  8. Grizzy

    Rule/Moderation Changes & New Rules!

    If this is directed at me, I challenge you to a battle of fisticuffs in the yard.
  9. Grizzy

    GIF for Entities

    As the title says does the Engine accept Gif Files or do they all need to be in the same current format? This also applies for weapons when it comes to using animated weapons.
  10. Grizzy

    Music Format

    I've never loved you, I'm moving on.
  11. Grizzy

    Music Format

    Will that be changed before open source/initial release? Or should I just change my formats?
  12. Grizzy

    Music Format

    It did indeed go free! Maybe I just placed the music wrong spot, but It's not showing up in my map options while editing? Neither are my sounds. I assume it's a user error, I'm just not sure what.
  13. Grizzy

    Music Format

    In Ascension what is the best music format to use? I make my own music for mez game, so I figured it would be good to ask now as I am organizing!! The question arose when I was having trouble getting the music to show up while in the Editor! Thank you in advance!!!
  14. Grizzy

    Moderation Team Updates

    Got me. haha