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  1. Really enjoyed this tutorial. Also subbed!! Can't wait to see more!
  2. Thank you very much! And yes I did. Me and some buddies are gonna play it together this week!! The amount of work you guys have put in is amazing!!
  3. I'm super game tho I'm slightly confused. Do you have a link I can download and check it out!?
  4. Thats the one Im gonna do next! I'll keep you posted once it's going up and once I'm done! I'm working on structuring format to be more entertaining. I'm stoked and thanks for your response!
  5. Please do. I've been waiting almost as late as I can for someone to give me a game to do! I'm going to be honest I feel awkward and end up repeating myself a lot so Im using the jokes as a crutch to push through until I get better. And it did! I've been having trouble finding the sweet spot with the audio settings. I have a blue snowball mic so I might need to upgrade soon. And that is an amazing idea with the discord! I'm going to do that right now. Andd again thank you. You didn't have to go out of your way and you did. That endlessly means a lot to me. Please let me know when your game is ready and I will give it my highest priority! Hopefully I will have a few hundred subs by then and can help promote your game as much as I can!!
  6. Put a dress of the fella and he's just floating down like Princess Peach. Perfect! I think you're doing great with the code btw! I'm no help but I'm 100% sure you will get it fixed! <3
  7. Two things. First thing I have a segment called Indie Ambush where I just play and test our indie games so if anyone has a game that is ready to play for some of my videos I would really love to do one tonight!! Promise I will be positive and nice and give any shout-outs you want! ALSO.. I could really use some general feedback on things I could do better. I'm going to share my latest video and would love your opinions good or bad!!! *Please note I'm not trying to self promote I just know this is a very honest group and that's why I love it here.* Double Note I really would like to find one tonight so please link me and also give me anything you want to mention in the video as well.. Your name, Team's name, links to your portfolio etc. Thank yall. Love you guys!
  8. Let the past live in the past. The new one looked cool.
  9. Has anyone seen it? I wanna go check it out this week and wanted to hear some of yalls opinions.
  10. you could go ahead and create the maps then once open source hits code it. I imagine it wouldn't be something that would be very hard to implement.
  11. I messaged em back. I was moving my computer from one room to the other. Thanks Dash!! Always appreciate ya!
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