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  1. Is it just the first thing that pops up? This one I made once I figured out you need to login lol
  2. Please give step by step instructions on what we need to do to replicate. I've asked in the other post. We are not having the same problem even with a new install. It's not even an install, it keeps everything right in the folder itself.
  3. So the server is 2012 and is with a hosting company or ? The hosting itself might have a firewall. For instance on my Amazon AWS I have to open the firewall on the server, Ubuntu in my case, but I also have to open the firewall in the AWS console for that server instance.
  4. you should have them make sure that they have the latest versions “vcredist” (visual studio redistributables) and .NET framework installed on their computer.
  5. It's interesting. I went through your site and I'm having a hard time understanding how an mmorpg would fit in the 10-15 minute, browser based ecosystem you've built.
  6. So steps to replicate are? Run server run client Change resolution Click Apply Exit client Reopen client and login Does that not save? I can't replicate that at all
  7. Yeah I mean I can change it in the Server config, but that changes all to whatever the max is. There's also the problem in the player info the speed setting at like 1500 stands out. There is a new attack speed setting, which is helpful, I'd just like to see movement be in the config itself, then the class editor change a multiplier or something. I'll write it up for github, just wasn't sure if I missed something.
  8. I'm trying to understand the movement speed inherent in the engine. Max speed is 255 which is still painfully slow for even walking. Am I missing a setting somewhere for this? Is using "Speed" in the class editor all there is? My kids are laughing at me when I ask them to play my game, what should I do about that? Edit: I did find Max Stat which is how to edit the 255.
  9. I can't read what you posted It does a check to see if the server is visible to the internet, so if people outside of your home can login to you. If you are running the server and client on the same PC just ignore the message. If you have people connecting to you to work on the game with you, then you need to open up your firewall.
  10. I mean it takes a variety of things to learn. Go through the documentation and anything in there that's new to you, google and learn. That's how we all did it, and I'd bet most of us don't have the time to teach it thread by thread. Essentially you upload the files to the server, then ssh in and run the command sudo mono Intersect\ Server.exe . I'm sure a lot of hosts have little command line interfaces but I'm not sure if that will work. If your host doesn't allow ssh you'll need to find one that does. You also need mono installed on the server, but this is all in the documentation. I mean it takes a variety of things to learn. Go through the documentation and anything in there that's new to you, google and learn. That's how we all did it, and I'd bet most of us don't have the time to teach it thread by thread. If you're stuck on a step in the docs, just let us know specific steps that you're stuck on, perhaps it needs updated or clarified.
  11. @Castiel I believe his hosting is generally using the nosql db. That would make it easily portable, otherwise a mysql db is also portable, just not quit as simple. JC can clarify if I'm wrong here
  12. This thread is a mess. On your local system you can run the server, editor and client without denwar or anything. They're all exes and they can run on Windows at the same time. The database, as stated, is nosql which doesn't require anything special to run. So on my system I just keep server and then client/editor in separate folders. Once you run the server the first time it populates a bunch of files. You can totally just work on your own system as much as you want. If you want others to connect, you open up your firewall ports. Setup the client file to connect to your ip and your defined ports, then send them to your collaborator. So at that point, you can work, and your collaborators can work. Once you get to a point where you are ready to start opening it up more and no longer want it to be self hosted, you'll need a virtual linux server, I use AWS personally. Then you'll get whatever you want running, mySQL, like web hosting for a CMS, get mono going and get your firewall and all the patching and blah stuff. Once the server is ready you upload all of your server folder to the virtual server. You then run the server.exe with Mono, and run the migrate command with your mysql details (localhost, uid and pass, db name. It will convert the nosql file to a full mysql setup. It uses 2 database, one for the users and one for the rest. Now the hosting that JCSnyder has here cuts A TON of the work out of all of this. He essentially has a virtual server and all that stuff going already. So you upload the server files from your local machine, and it does the rest for you. No patching, no dealing with sql, etc. It's really nice if you're not a server admin or don't want to deal with it. I hope that helps and doesn't add to the confusion.
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