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  1. You can see in your picture that the API is listening on port 8080 and your api_server is showing port 5400. They need to be the same, so either change it in the server config or on the cms.
  2. Is this relatively kid friendly? Just mostly not interested in not hearing Shit and fuck nonstop, occasional stuff is ok... I'd like to watch it with my 10yo.
  3. Hey an actual answer. Thanks Aesthetic, makes sense.
  4. Actually this raises a question. What is True used for?
  5. I figured there must be some code change. I'll take a look in those locations and see what happens. Thanks
  6. In the editor_strings.json there is "Combat": { "damagetypes": { "0": "Physical", "1": "Magic", "2": "True" }, If I add 3, 4 etc here, is there anything else I need to do to create additional damage types? I don't see anything in client_strings, for example.
  7. Has anyone used this with B6? Any issues?
  8. Yeah very minimalist but quite nice. Great job!
  9. I don't see a way to edit things like font sizes. Must need source.
  10. Right but you don't need to use female, I don't know if I explained it well, but you can use an event to change class so you can have a mounted female/male Knight or whatever class. Then you just set those mounted classes to hidden and they don't show on the character creation window.
  11. Couldn't you do this with classes? I'm using starter classes for my "races" then using a quest to change class for traditional wizard/warrior/healer classes.
  12. Do it via csv and import to mysql, but that's not exactly a novice endeavor.
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