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  1. Number 4 and 5 are so difficult to manage, you're spot on there. Good luck with your life changes!
  2. Maybe just have a vendor "Gambling vendor" Then when the event like Cheshire said, runs it can play an animation? That wouldn't put it on the screen like above but you could maybe show it spinning then a message with "You won" or "I won" with the dealer's portrait, like a normal dialog.
  3. Setup a hidden variable that matches the level, then when it hits 50 make them do a quest. The quest can use the change class function to whatever you want. I'm using this as a dipshit way of having races. On character select they're picking a race and gender, then they pick which class they want, wizard, warrior or whatever.
  4. That looks great Xiphoid nice and smooth. How many frames is it? Would you be willing to screenshot your editor page for the animation?
  5. Is it just the first thing that pops up? This one I made once I figured out you need to login lol
  6. Please give step by step instructions on what we need to do to replicate. I've asked in the other post. We are not having the same problem even with a new install. It's not even an install, it keeps everything right in the folder itself.
  7. So the server is 2012 and is with a hosting company or ? The hosting itself might have a firewall. For instance on my Amazon AWS I have to open the firewall on the server, Ubuntu in my case, but I also have to open the firewall in the AWS console for that server instance.
  8. you should have them make sure that they have the latest versions “vcredist” (visual studio redistributables) and .NET framework installed on their computer.
  9. It's interesting. I went through your site and I'm having a hard time understanding how an mmorpg would fit in the 10-15 minute, browser based ecosystem you've built.
  10. So steps to replicate are? Run server run client Change resolution Click Apply Exit client Reopen client and login Does that not save? I can't replicate that at all
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