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  1. This is my number 1 request.
  2. Has anyone used this with B6? Any issues?
  3. Smoot

    Animation newbiens

    Yeah very minimalist but quite nice. Great job!
  4. I don't see a way to edit things like font sizes. Must need source.
  5. Right but you don't need to use female, I don't know if I explained it well, but you can use an event to change class so you can have a mounted female/male Knight or whatever class. Then you just set those mounted classes to hidden and they don't show on the character creation window.
  6. Couldn't you do this with classes? I'm using starter classes for my "races" then using a quest to change class for traditional wizard/warrior/healer classes.
  7. Do it via csv and import to mysql, but that's not exactly a novice endeavor.
  8. What version of mono are you running? By default my server installed an outdated version. Go here and add the correct repo and reinstall. Uninstall first. https://www.mono-project.com/download/stable/#download-lin-ubuntu
  9. You can hide all NPC names by lowering their alpha channel in the json file. It will hide all npc names though, not just select ones. I am not able to explain where right this second but I know this is something I saw in a previous thread so maybe look around here a bit.
  10. Did you put a comma after the fishing rod line as shovel has? Post the snippet after your added tool.
  11. Use a projectile and Warp? I'm spitballing
  12. Works fine on Linux. Running it on Ubuntu right now with MySQL.
  13. My 10 year old made me a wizard cat gif :11_blush:

    1. Zetasis


      Not bad for a 10 year old! Tell that kid to keep at it! 

    2. Smoot


      Showed him your comment, thanks!

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