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  1. Are you able to reupload your installation instructions to github maybe?
  2. Thank you for all the work you've done on the CMS and Tools.

    1. XFallSeane


      Thank for your support 🖖🏻

  3. It would entail rewriting a large portion of the code, and at this point there are enough bugs and issues, a rewrite of that scale would ensure we never get into a release state. That's the answer as I see it, but let me add. If you think click to move is so important, you're free to branch the project and add it in. It's 100% open source, go nuts. You came in here with a very nasty tone and have done nothing, just registered, so the tone of the reply you got mirrors what you dished out. Everyone here volunteers and no one owes you anything.
  4. I love the idea of only baked in assets. Limitations are a good thing on jams I think. The idea is to give a short reachable goal and see how it goes. Good stuff, looking forward to it
  5. Right, but itch isn't engine specific. There are lots of jams for different engines. This would put the intersect jam on the big list of jams they always have running. Maybe it makes sense to expand from our little group here to the larger indy game dev market https://itch.io/jams
  6. Set it up on itch.io, it would be good marketing for the engine
  7. The animation image isn't constrained to any size, like the grid. Just make the AOE size as many tiles as you want, then just make an animation image as large as the area you want to cover. The image size and the aoe coverage aren't the same thing.
  8. I like it, personally, but maybe a 10-15% reduction in the trees would help
  9. You build the animations in the Animation editor then select which animation in that dialog from your original post
  10. Number 4 and 5 are so difficult to manage, you're spot on there. Good luck with your life changes!
  11. Maybe just have a vendor "Gambling vendor" Then when the event like Cheshire said, runs it can play an animation? That wouldn't put it on the screen like above but you could maybe show it spinning then a message with "You won" or "I won" with the dealer's portrait, like a normal dialog.
  12. Setup a hidden variable that matches the level, then when it hits 50 make them do a quest. The quest can use the change class function to whatever you want. I'm using this as a dipshit way of having races. On character select they're picking a race and gender, then they pick which class they want, wizard, warrior or whatever.
  13. That looks great Xiphoid nice and smooth. How many frames is it? Would you be willing to screenshot your editor page for the animation?
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