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Found 64 results

  1. Name: Skyix engine: Intersect Progress: Adding in items and weapons/armor. Planning on working on the map soon. Current Staff: Just me. Plans: To turn the game into a story and with alot of quests for players to do to complete the game. Roles needed: Developers who can help complete the game. Will i be paid? Maybe if the game makes any money. Let me know if you would like to help or if you have any questions.
  2. Hello! Looking for someone to help me out and turn some existing tiles into VX/ACE auto tiles. The work is mostly rearranging with minor edits, so I'm looking for someone to make a quick buck, not a world-class artist! (World-class artists are free to apply though ) Thanks!
  3. Hello & Welcome to the Grand Beasts Recruitment Thread! My game is using the Intersect BETA 6.1 Engine, but we have barely gotten started on making the game. We are firstly perfecting our concept, and then building a team around a passion for the concept. So, if the information you see here interests you, please feel free to apply. Open Positions (Volunteer) Mapper(s) Pixel Artist(s) Developer(s) I would love to have a Co-Administrator by my side in the future, but this position will be earned, so by joining now, you can start working towards helping me lead this awesome project! Project Information I have a very detailed thread of my project as a central place for my thoughts and ideas, and if you become part of the team, this will also become your home base for all your work and updates! Please read the post and ensure you have a passion for my project before applying. Apply Now To apply, please copy and paste the below format and comment or message me via the AGD Forums. I would be glad to review your application and determine if you're fit for the team. Name: Age: Discord Tag: Timezone: Position: Why are you interested in my project? Share projects or examples of your work below: -- Thank you so much for your interest! Remember that this is a volunteer position, and that this game does not have any funding besides what comes out of my own pocket. As soon as our team has a plan, we will begin active development on the game. We will use Discord for our Point of Contact.
  4. I would love to know some of your alls rates. I always start a project then quit. I have a little more free time than before, so before I grow too old and die I want to get something done for personal reasons. Looking to pay someone for some graphics. I've already made some of my own that I've posted before on some pages. My work just isn't professional or good enough. If somebody wants to make some extra cash message me your rates. Here is what I'm looking for to start. 1) Basic tileset grass, fence, one of two house types to start.. you know basic tile starter set 2) Main default nakey male and female sprites, three enemies, and one NPC like a shop keep. 3) 2 male hair styles, two female. 4) basic starter clothes and basic weapons. As I expand and actually, for once, get some work done I will need more and pay the same rate as we go forward, or if the workload of requests become greater I will pay more. What I need from those intersted: 1) Pics of previous work (I prefer a brighter more relaxed style, cartoonish) ((Unique styles are my pref)) 2) Your charge rate 3) If you will be available for pay for future graphic requests I didn't spell check any of that so forgive me if I typed anything that sounds dumb. I look forward to working with you and thank all of you for your time reading this. DM me if you want to keep your rates private.
  5. Name: Skyix Intersect Editor Current Progress: Just working on the rest password feature, how to have it so people can play the game, testing the features. I would just like to create a fun game for others to play. Staff: Just me but i am looking for others to help. Sample Content (Screenshots, music, videos -- content is the biggest selling point!) Plans: Planning on changing graphics, making a character, creating a story, etc. Looking for: Developers who are willing to help for free but get credit. Also need some beta testers, and graphic designers. I wont be acting like i own the whole thing commanding everyone who helps what to do. I would like to make it into a fun big game because i can make it into a big game easily i just need the right people to help and who aren't too rude. I would like to create the game into this fun storymode game and a sandbox kinda. And i have been working on intersect for almost a month now. I just created my forum account. Please consider helping out. Thank you for reading and god bless everyone.
  6. Our very small team stumbled upon Intersect Engine. We are currently a team of 2 developers about to start designing a game using this engine, we both have past experience with Unity3D, Ultima Online Sphere/RunUO Servers and Crypto Currencies, we do plan to publish what we make using the Intersect Engine via Steam for around $5-$10 (why not free?) we will continually be releasing a new update each month and like any worker would like to get paid for what they do, we both have around 100+ hours of free time per month to work on this project. We are looking for a lead map designer with similar free time to work on the project with us and will be paid equally from the steam purchases. *A small contract will be written to make it official outlining details about the project development and pay* Hired map designer is free to design the map anyway they like, we would like to expand the map as large as possible with a new map section added during the regular monthly updates. Hired map designer must have and know how to use FTP software (FileZilla) to upload any tilesets, avatars, files, etc... to our main server directory. If hired map designer finds tilesets, avatars, files, etc... that are paid and a must have we will purchase them for you to use. About Myself: My name is Kyle, i'm 33 years old, retired U.S. Army and currently employed with Amazon Fulfillment Services IT Department. I will mainly be working on the website (HTML, PHP, MYSQL) in-game scripting, art, music, GUI, etc...) About the Other Dev: Ian is 30 years old, currently unemployed attending college for Information Technology and also taking care of his dad who has mesothelioma , Ian will also be helping with in-game features and might help with some map designing if required. You can reach me by replying to this thread (i will have it open all the time and check on it regular) / through Private Message or email @ KAH112@icloud.com Edit: If no map designer is hired by March 15th 2019 we will hire someone from freelancer, since by March 15th a lot of the game aspects will be coming together
  7. ~- Date:4/20/17 - Edited: Sorry Wanted to update the progress of the Game and still looking for help! We need Spriters/Pixel Artist and Mappers!!! Please Comment below if you're interested in joining our Staff Team! We have 3 people so far on the Development Team, me, my Developer and 1 Pixel Artist/Spriter. Hello Guys i'm here to ask for help! I need Help with mapping and a Artist! Need Two Mappers who willing to help out with making amazing maps for this Dragonball Z Project and a Artist to help build a better GUI Work. Heres some Examples on how the game is expected to look like and how it does look like at the moment. I'm making a Dragonball Z 2D MMORPG and I have these tilesets and character graphics! Transformations, attacking, running and blast animations! Theres 22 Characters playable! I get my sprites from the same sprite as the two videos you see down below! My Game is exactly like the first video but in bad need of new GUI Work and Mapping. I'm developing this English Dragonball Z Game since there aren't many good ones out there! YOU MUST SIGN UP TO THE FORUMS TO VIEW OUR FORUMS! WE WILL HAVE A CLOSED BETA SOON SO IF YOU WANNA HELP/SUPPORT THE TEAM YOU CAN SIGN UP TO THE FORUMS AND PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ON THE FORUMS WITH THE INFORMATION NEEDED FROM THE ANNOUCEMENTS MESSAGE. WEBSITE LINK: https://dragonballz-ro.wixsite.com/dbzro OUR FORUMS LINK: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/ CHECK OUT OUR LIVE CHAT: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/page/live-chat My Developer is Creating All The Systems From Scratch as you See, the Video Down below for 2.0 Combat is a Example Video of our Combat... It's Exactly Like that but my developer made it a little different. Credit due to my Developer. Playable Characters Are: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Broly, Frieza, Kid Trunks, Trunks, Adult Gohan, Ultimate Gohan, Kid Gohan, Goten, Bardock, Turles, Cooler, Tenshinhan, Krillin,Tien, Yamcha, Android 16,17,18,19,20 Goku Can Transform all the way up to Super Saiyan 3. Goku has Four Transformations. Vegeta Can Transform into unlocked potential Mode, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and Majin Super Saiyan Mode. Vegeta Has Four Transformations and the rest have Potential Mode and Super Saiyan so the rest only have two transformations at this time. I'm going to add Level 2 Potential Mode to all Characters so they can transform 3 times. More Playable Characters are going to be added like Black Goku and all GT Main Characters. Friend did two gameplay videos for me ! Excuse the 480p Graphics, he said used bandicam does that. I will have a gameplay video from me in 720p or 1080p Don't worry. Just wanted to release something to you guys (Public) like I promise. This is the old graphics and game we was working on and now if you go under this video you see new progress of the game and Version 2.1 we're currently working on! This is the New Version 2.0 We're Working On!!! We will reopen Closed BETA Soon! - Closed BETA number 2! Excuse the Graphics its way better in-game and I was running from the npcs to show what the Kamehameha/Blast can do when fighting a large amount of Enemies. Hope you Enjoy! This our New Scouter System! Check it out! This will be the exact same way we do our Shenron Summoning! if you interested let me know! Edited: Forgot to mention what my job is in this project. The Game is in French and i'm translating into English. It's about 65% done. I'm also Working here and there on GFX addings, Spriting, NickNak Mapping, Item Balancing, NPC Creating, EXP/NPC Base Balancing for the game, and I also do some coding in the source. [WARNING] EXPECT THINGS TO BE CHANGED AND ADDED TO THIS POST TO UPDATE STATUS OF HOW MANY JOINED AND HOW MANY POSITIONS LEFT OPEN! We're accepting Programmers and Developers that are willing to help as well. We need a Website Developer and a Forum Developer nothing to fancy. I might Develop the Forums but if someone else wanna be in-control of that let me know. We will accept any help we can get depending on what you can offer to the Team. UPDATE: WE HAVE COMPLETED 70 MAPS AND I WILL BE RELEASING A VIDEO VERY SOON! THIS WILL HAVE GAMEPLAY AND IT BE OUR OFFICIAL TRAILER VIDEO! BE PATIENT WITH ME PLEASE DURING THIS TIME AS I'M NOT MAKING A NORMAL VIDEO BUT A FAN MADE ONE FOR THE FAN MADE GAME THAT IS FREE TO PLAY! WE'RE RECRUITING AT THIS TIME SO PLEASE COMMENT BELOW IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR STAFF! WE HAVE A MAPPER, GM, WEB DESIGNER, FORUM DESIGNER, AND A TEAM LEADER. WE NEED 2 MORE MAPPERS AND A ART DESIGNER! IF ANY SPRITERS WANNA JOIN YOUR MORE THEN WELCOME TOO! UPDATE 2: ENCRYPTION SYSTEM IS EXPECTED TO BE DONE HOPEFULLY WITHIN A WEEK! THIS MEANS CLOSED BETA WILL COME EARLIER THEN EXPECTED! IF WE CAN GET MORE STAFF MEMBERS THE PROGRESS CAN GO EVEN QUICKER AND SPEED UP IN-GAME DEVELOPMENT FOR US TO GET READY TO LAUNCH THE GAME! CLOSED BETA WILL ONLY ALLOW A HAND FULL OF SELECTED PLAYERS THAT WILL GET A PM ON THE FORUMS OF A ACCOUNT INFORMATION THAT WILL BE ALLOWED TO ACCESS THE SERVER. DURING THE FIRST WEEK OR TWO OF CLOSED BETA LAUNCH REGISTRATION WILL BE DISABLE FOR DEVELOPMENT REASONS. BETA TESTERS CAN BE CONSIDER PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM IS WHY I'M MENTIONING THIS.
  8. Hey I'm currently working on an unnamed project with the Intersect Engine. I dont have much information on it as I'm currently working on the classes and items for it. right now I'm looking for a person who can map some maps for me. I'm not very good at mapping and I need some maps made to continue my project. I'll provide the tilesets and everything. you'll be credited and if you provide your own tilesets, I'm even willing to pay. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. Thanks ✌🏼
  9. Hello friends, I'm looking for someone to help me make maps, quests, items, NPCs, spells, everything. I will pay for your time but since I have no clue what's reasonable, just tell me what you think is fair, and we work from there. Please let me know what you're interested in and your rates! If you want to be a mapper, please also show examples of your work. You can find my game here:
  10. I will make it very, very brief: I need someone to make a decent looking logo for my game. There's no need for an actual "logo", its just the title text in a fancy font with modified color darkness! Example of the desired end result: (without the shield + sword) I really appreciate if someone is willing to help me out! Please PM me
  11. Hi, I am currently working on a game called Exorcia which you can find more about here. for even more info and screenshots Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW While I am loving this creation so far, I definitely need some help as taking care of all the aspects of the game is kind of daunting. Also I sorta need someone to keep me motivated and inspired as we discuss the game's design. I'm looking for: Composers, Need some original unique soundtracks Writers, my brain gets really tired trying to write the story and what not Mappers, I make the tilesets, you put them to use? Whatever other skills you might have I'm all ears. Engine: I am using the beloved Intersect Engine. Progress: Pretty much I am only working on the graphics right now, so graphics is all I have done. (Yay original graphics!) As far as planning goes, I have everything figured out . If you have a company or studio for indie games I would very much like to partner up with one of those. if you're just looking for a new project to work on, come on in! I'm not really looking for temporary volunteers (Although wont say no), if you want to join me in this task then you're part of the them forever . I give big credits. Please let me know if you have any questions. or if I missed anything I should have mentioned. I made this post after making 56 armor icons, so I'm low on brain cells right now.
  12. Basic Info Hello, Ascension community! I'm on a search for two specific breeds of content writers for The Emerald Observer: journalists and columnists. Please keep in mind that there's no experience required for either of these positions, so long as you're able to do research (if a journalist) and write on a semi-professional level. This means you must be capable of decent grammar and spell-checking, as well as a certain fluency with the English language. Unfortunately, this is not (as of this moment) a paid position, so you would be volunteering your time towards this. I hope this would change in the future, as I'd like to be able to compensate you for your time and talents, but I currently am unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding. Please check the bottom of this post to get an updated count on the number of positions available and the descriptions/duties for each available position. You'll also find a link to the application for you to fill out, should you be interested. So long as you're able to write in a coherent and semi-professional manner, you'll be considered. Once you submit the application, I'll get back to you within a couple of days to let you know whether or not you've been accepted. If you're accepted, then we can begin the onboarding process. We also have a new points system in place. This system currently is just a way to keep track of our best authors, sort of like a ranking system. We plan on adding more functionality to the point system in the near future. Eventually, if I'm able to pull in enough money to where I would be able to pay the authors, then we'll also use the point system as a way to calculate the amount you're due - the more points you accumulate, the more money you'll earn. Again, keep in mind, this particular functionality will only become available when I'm financially able to compensate you. Onboarding Process - Once you're accepted, I'll set you up with an author account on the website (still under construction). - I'll walk you through our process of gathering information for new articles. - You can begin writing! (seriously, it's that simple) Available Positions Journalist (10 remaining) Gather sufficient information to write a news article on a particular current topic, and then proceed to write that article. Keep in mind that this is not a position in which you would be reporting on historic events (unless they pertain to current events in some manner), so try to ensure that what you're reporting on is within a day or two of the current date. You're free to limit your writings to specific genres of news (politics, economics, etc). There is no requirement on how often you write articles, although I'd encourage you to write at least once per week. Columnist (2 remaining) Write a few short paragraphs explaining your opinions on current events, or other such columnist-related articles. There is a minimum requirement of one post per week for this particular position. Application
  13. Hello all, I'm the GM of Orake 2d MMORPG. Orake really needs a Programmer, we will need a programmer that can *Fix bugs *Fix Errors *Fix ANYTHING that goes wrong with orake *Add new things Things to expect: *fix server crash errors * Fix any exploits people may be able to come up with, example: If players are crafting without a crafting tile; that would need to be prevented. This is a paid position, please send your application through Email: Dambrosio10@live.com The Coder can be paid weekly, or for each thing that is completed/fixed. Me , and the coder will come to a fair agreement. Expected pay Around 10usd/h What is Orake 2D MMORPG? Orake is a game that will remind people of (osrs) - Old school runescape, and tibia. We have a small community due to errors, and bugs. This is why we highly need a programmer that is ready to be apart of the Orake team. Go to the link below to check out Orake's page for more information. We are a growing game in vb6, we are on steam trying to get ready for open beta. Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/516510
  14. Spiri Online: Engine: Salem Framework [Custom] Theme: WitchCraft Genre: RPG Card Hybrid About: Spiri Online is a multiplayer cardgame, RPG hybrid. Each Player gets a deck with a single familiar which may take actions through "spells" from their library. Each card represents a spell and each spell contains instructions for what actions your familiar may do. Your familiar may gain experience points through matches to level up and boost its base stats. Each beast is typed based off its season, different seasons allow for different spell types and abilities. Each season is strong, weak, and neutral to 1 season each. Seasons also change the appearance of a beast. For example, A "Salem, familiar of Autumn" (as shown in the example card below) will look different from "Salem, familiar of Winter". Winter may be a white beast, while Autumn may be black. I will need 4 versions of each familiar, 1 for each season. Each spell will be unique and limited to only one (or hybrid of multiple) season(s). What I need: I'm currently looking for someone to do commissioned art work. I'm developing a series of cards for this project. I basically need flat painted images for the art for the cards. This is a place holder card I made using an image i found on google, I'm looking for a similar art style. How many unique cards are expected? A new set and competitive season in the game will release at either the equinox or solstice of each season. Each set needs to release the following... Cards Per Set: 5 Familiars, (2 Very Rares, 3 Bulk Rares) 1 Legendary Familiar, (1 Legendary Rare) 30 Summer Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Autumn Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Winter Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Spring Season Spells. (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) Total: 121 Cards Along with the release of the game (Not included within the first season's set) needs to release 4 basic starter decks (one for each season) which must include 1 bulk rare familiar, and 39 common/uncommon cards. Example Card (I have a PSD for the card format): More about the artwork: The game is themed around magical fantasy. Most cards will be themed around magic beasts (Phoenixes, Dragons, Serpants, and Liopleurodons [magical Liopleurodons] ) Application: (Private Message or a reply) Payment to be negotiated.
  15. Hey guys. I figured I might as well start this topic now. Once Intersect is out I am looking for some custom features and I was hoping someone was willing to help me out. However, I am going to do this in a unique way. I am requesting these features to be posted as a source tutorial. That way they will be available to everyone who wants to use them, and if I am unwilling or unable to pay the full price, maybe other people can chip in if they would also like to see such a feature. This also means that you are able to help this community go forward once Intersect is out! Think about it, you will get paid and praised by the community! I will try to keep the requests as general as possible so a lot of people can use the tutorials. But probably I am still paying you, so if the feature is not to your liking, deal with it. (You can always suggest to chip in and we can come to an agreement) (If JC or Kibz see some of these features as something they want to add to the engine, please tell me!) The features in question: Hair A special hair layer so characters can wear hats and helmets without their hair sticking out everywhere. The helmet would take the hair layer when equipped. Transformation Spell Able to change the sprite/hair of a character during a buff spell. Beam Spell You shoot a beam while holding down the button to cast the spell. Beam just spams projectiles so holding it for longer has more mana cost but also a beam can hit multiple times. The first projectile will have a different graphic to show the start of the beam. Advanced Dashing The feature you have all been waiting for! Dash is activated by double tapping in a direction. So Dash spells when learned don't take up a slot in the numpad. They get their own slot. This way you can still learn better Dash spells, it's still part of the spell editor but it's just activated in a different way. Player Housing You can buy a house, but the house is an actual map, not an instance. You can set access who can enter the house. Access can be: All, blacklist, whitelist. There is a furniture item that you can get and you can place these to decorate your house. So every house can only be bought by one player. Player can put the house up for sale if they want. Basically EO4 Housing by JC Guilds I will just make a list of the features for this one: - Guild name above player - Guilds get a Guild house a player can enter - Guild Money - Donate to Guild - Able to set ranks - Able to set rights - Guild Window with members, their ranks, online or not and a front facing sprite of their current outfit and sprite - Guild bonuses that can be bought with Guild money Bonuses: +EXP gain +Gold gain +Extra rooms in the Guild House -> Also increases member space +Special Guild Furniture - Guild Window with active bonuses and message of the day or something Guild Wars - Starts Automatically every X hours - Members in a Guild can register during registration period - When killed you respawn in starting area until time is up, so you are not out when you die - Several flags in the map to hold - Capture by standing next to it for x time - When time is up, flags captured give a money bonus to the guild to be used on guild bonuses (Ill update when I think of more, and Ill be more specific once someone is interested in programming this)
  16. Fulltime position as Front-End Programmer in Stockholm, Sweden Do you want creating innovative and visually stunning games that will shake up the casino industry? Our Stockholm Game Studio is looking for an experienced Game Front-End Programmer who is passionate about gaming and enjoys the challenge of working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Our goal here on Fantasma is formost to create wonderful workplace where we together can laugh, thrive and spend our days deepening our passion for gaming/gambling. And in doing so we deliver awe inspiring games to millions of people all over the world! Do you want to help us? Game Programmer at Fantasma As a Fantasma Game Programmer you will be placed in the vanguard to revolutionise the Online Casino Industry! Together with our talented team you will get the opportunity to learn new technologies and skills, as well as our support in honing your current abilities to perfection. You need to have a open, playful and inquisitive mind, ready for all the challenges of the evolving casino landscape. We are a small studio with tight bonds and big dreams. This means that everyone in the team is invaluable asset whose opinions matter and help shape the future of our projects. Who are you? A creative and resourceful individual who want to be more than a faceless cog in a machine. You are adaptive and face challenges and adversities with a smile. You communicate well and is and is not afraid to voice your good ideas. You make positive contributions so that ours is a workplace where everyone is happy and feel they belong. You want to work with people that like yourself take pride in and truly care about the games we are creating together. Your assignments: ● Make amazing games, from wacky ideas all the way to finished products! ● Game development using Javascript, TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS3 ● Maintenance of our existing games ● Working together with our framework team to continuously evolve the framework to help push the boundaries for what we can do with our games ● Build and release our products using tools such as Pixi, Phaser, Playcanvas, Maven, Jenkins and Foreman We are looking for you with: ● 2+ years of prior experience of software development as employee or contractor ● Object oriented programming and design patterns ● Structured software development and its life cycle ● GUI oriented development ● An affinity for program stunning and creative graphical effects. We also value ● Experience in PIXI, Gulp, Jenkins, Maven, NodeJS, GIT, SASS and Webpack ● Knowledge in TDD and automated testing techniques ● Any other creative skill, from sound design to 3D modelling ● Interest in computer graphics programming, animations and effects ● Full stack development with Java ● Linguistic skills beyond Swedish and English Interested to join our studio? jobs@fantasmagames.com
  17. Veridian is in need of help with level designing: Veridian is an up and coming 2D ORPG set in a fantasy world. Filled with quests and choices that effect your out come. As we get farther and farther in development there is more and more to do that is why I am posting here. We need help with level designing so that I and my writer can focus more so on the story/quests and items.(I'll still help with level designing as well.) We have a discord so we can keep in contact and update one another on progress or just chat. For us it's about having fun making the game we always wanted to play and release it to everyone. Hoping one day to make some profits of course so we can keep working on the game. If your interested send me a message on here or discord(dxxknight). Thanks for your time! Also if you wish to see graphics or other info on the project here is our indiedb page: https://www.indiedb.com/games/veridian-the-first-age Trailer:
  18. ~Dune Online~ On a hazardous planet, in a decayed continent; Dune exists. The deep & unforgiving sands of the Dune are home to some of the most ruthless of "human" kind.. The year is 33AD, just when it was assumed to be all over.. Jesus is back to his old dirty tricks. After Crucifixion, he has managed to manifest himself another "capsule". With war impending between the nations in Dune, he is right on time as usual for exploits of carnage. The Old Gods have little power left & the clock is ticking. With Demi Gods on the lose, it only makes matters worse. Old tribes make it their duty to uphold their beliefs in defiance of the Holy Empire. A power struggle between "bad" & evil, the Clowns make it no effort to pursue domination of the Dune, for its richness of the drug, "Spice". Spice is used all over the universe and is a sign of wealth, used in barter or as a resource, it is said that those who consume spice will extend their life. Say your prayers. KEY FEATURES: * Full loot PvP zones, focused around resource control, e.g: crafting materials/cartel drug labs * In-depth crafting mechanics that will allow the use of a "Mould vs material" mechanic. Essentially allowing you to design your gear using any various materials. Different material combinations with particular moulds will obtain varying stats. * Guild based territory control system with resource taxation. (Includes PvP zones and cartel drug labs) * Maze-like puzzles to complete and explore in hidden locations. More to come. This game will be run using either Intersect 1.0 (release version) or a modified version if required once it has become open source. (Intersect is the way of the future imo) I am a map designer. I will be mapping. Gathering assets beforehand is what I am trying to do currently. I am working alone and I have decided to postpone development until Intersect has released and/or become open-source. It will be easier this way. * Requiring a pixel/tile artist for paid work. PM me if you are interested & I will get back to you with what is needed. Amen.
  19. Hello everyone! I would LOVE to make my own 2D ORPG with the lovely Intersect engine, however, I am not very skilled in the art-department I was wondering if I can pay anyone for making custom graphics for my game I am going to make! I want them to look somewhat similar to this: If you CAN do something like these graphics, please let me know and show me a simple example so I can see if I like the style or not I am willing to pay for the graphics, I literally need EVERYTHING! I would need all entities, tilesets, items, etc. Most important right now are: Tilesets, then Entities, then Items.
  20. Game name: Drive Engine: Game Maker (obviously) Progress: Movement, throwing (broken), shooting (broken) Edit: Turns out I messed up pickups and accidentally saved last time I did it I think just deleting some code should add it back in Hello I am making a top down shooter in the style of hotline miami in game maker and need some help with a throwing and collision script there is literally no reward for helping me and no one will xD I need you to fix the throwing and collision script both stored in the objPlayer object. download link to file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ttvwfd8t7l7e3hd/drive.gm81?dl=0 (the game is called drive after the movie hotline miami was based on)
  21. Hello guys, Orake needs some help! We are looking for someone that can find dups, cheats, or error the server. If anyone is interested in this position please contact me. it is a paid position, We will talk about the pay privately. I'm using a vb6 engine with a resbak base.
  22. I'm starting a new project with the Intersect Game Engine and I'm definitely going to need a good pixel artist. I'm going to pretty much need everything done but I would like to start with a basic tile set for the world. grasslands, plains, forests, deserts, jungle, coastlines, mountains, ect. I know there are a lot of free and low cost sets out there already but I want something original so I don't look like every other game. After that is done I'm going to need buildings, signs, lamp posts, bushes, and other odds and ends to decorate the world. Then land and sea monsters and paperdoll stuff for male and female toons. (*Game will not have classes) And ships. So after talking to a few artists privately I realized very quickly that the amount of compensation I am offering for the amount of artwork that I need isn't going to cut it. I have decided that for now I will just focus my efforts on a coder and and revisit the idea of a tile artist at a later date. Since the source is not out yet this gig would not start until it is released. With my art budget cleared up my total budget is $100, $50 a month per coder over the next 9 to 11 months. I would like to launch by June of next year when school lets out. That will change to a revenue share of the cash shop once the game is released, split evenly between however many I have on staff. The cash shop will be for cosmetic upgrades, mounts, ships, avatars, ect. Keeping in mind there will never be any kind of "pay to win" items. Any money raised via other methods will also be considered revenue for the purpose of revenue share. I know $50 isn't a lot, but it's what I can afford right now since I also have to cover server costs and you know, play my rent and eat. In addition to the compensation listed above you will also be given credits in the game and on the website. Something nice to have on a resume. About me and my background A little about me. Name is Tristin, I'm 40 and live in Brooklyn. I really got into mmos back in 2001 in a game called Dransik. I created and ran the largest fan site for the game (called Dransik Online, later Inside AE) for about 3 years before the game was bought out by a large company and turned to shit. After that I played various mmos over the years but never really got into them. Then I discovered Player Worlds/Mirage and toyed with the idea of running my own game. I had a game called Empires Online, Later One World with a few dozen players drawn from my Dransik days. But the game was plagued with endless bugs and I kept running into walls do to the limitations of the engine. So i switched engines to FSO. It was better all around and we quickly grew to the most popular FSO based game by a long mile with hundreds of players. So popular in fact the main server was shuttered and we became the official/recommended server/game for the engine. Had a small volunteer staff and we were really pushing out fun content. Doing that was so much fun and I really miss those days. They came to end because we basically became too big and the software just couldn't handle it, Especially the map switching errors that left people stranded on a blank map. So I abandon the project. After that I teamed up with the original developer of Dransik and became a game designer for his new project, Lothgar Online which was very similar to Dransik. That lasted for a short while until I had some real life issues to deal with and I left the company. That was years ago and now I'm ready to get back in the game and try do all over again. (EDIT) About the Game I have opened up a new thread about the game that I will keep updated with my progress. In Closing The art style of the world outside the 3 main Kingdoms will be dark and gloomy. No pretty meadows, no gardens, just utter death and despair. If anyone is interested in joining the team please contact me here or via PM.
  23. Hello, to start my english isn't very good. I began to create a game in univers of " Hunter x Hunter ", it's a manga. The game isn't advandced on the graphics side and it's in french language. I'm looking for a pixel artist who can realize the sprite, paperdolls and the spells. Media : Thanks
  24. For my new project that I am starting I will need various paperdolls, which can be found below. 1. Dagger 2. Axe 3. Katana 4. Basic Pistol 5. Basic SMG 6. Uzi-Clone 7. Rocket Launcher, Bazooka, and Grenade Launcher 8. Desert Eagle 9. AK-47 10. AR-15 11. Sniper Rifle I do no want to release too much about this project but I can provide the spritesheet it needs to fit. I am willing to pay for this, if necessary. I can be contacted through PM. Will have to match this sprite design:
  25. Hello, my English is not very good but I am looking for a programmer in vb.net for a red game or the kind of green leaf pokemon game a complete game that pays for the work Ok good the serious project with orion engine the pay serious question of reaching agreement
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