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Found 48 results

  1. Need Help [PAID?]Make a DBZ game with me

    Hey guys, As some of you might know Im working on a DBZ game. Because I saw a lot of other people making those I was wondering if people wanted to team up. I am mostly looking for someone who can help me with graphics (animations mostly) and mapping. I am willing to give up some creative control and collaborate or just to pay someone if there is no interest. Here are some of my plans for the game: Here is what the art style looks like: Anyways, hit me up if you want to either collab or get paid for making me some animations!
  2. I originally had the text on the logo say features about the game, but I'd rather keep most of it as secret as possible at this time. Logo is subject to change. I'll go into detail as much as I can without revealing things I don't want too at this time. About the Game I don't want to go too in-depth here, as I want to keep this project mostly a secret, but I'll give as much information here as possible. For starters, and most obviously, its a Pokemon fan-made game. I currently have all the GFX and such needed, and no engine limitations to what I want to create, its all done through the event editor. I am currently the only one working on the project, and I don't intend to bring too many people aboard, a select few<3. I have an interesting storyline for the game that I'm sure will intrigue most Pokemon fans. For the time being, it will only be generation 1, though I have sprites for all generations. If you'd REALLY like to know more, and have a serious interest, then PM me and I can present more details. Screenshots Big image warning! Website/Forums We currently have no website or forums that are open to the public at this time. Task at Hand If you are interested in the job, your task would be inputting data into the Item Editor and Common Event Editor, inputting various Pokemon data. No pre-reqs needed, I'll need alot of help with this data inputting, so I'll take anyone whos really interested! Anyone who can participate in this process, even just a little bit, will be mentioned in the credits! Thank you!!
  3. Hello there! My name is Angel, I am a 27 years old programmer and primary school teacher. I have been the last 2 years looking for a game that catches my attention but most of the mmorpgs 2d or 2,5d I found were empty, and if not they where in Alpha or early stages for many years (meaning it will never see the light). I have played a lot this genre and I really know what players are looking for. My objective with this project is to build a friendly 2d MMORPG where the main features are open pvp and teamhunt. I must say I started yesterday but, since I have a half-time job I can spend maaaany hours mapping. Since my programmer career ended 6 years ago and I barely remember much but the development of a webpage and marketing online is one of my strenghts. Im still editing these maps but here u have a small sneak peak I created this post to find other Dev In the same situation than me, that couldnt find other entertaining 2d mmorpg games like ultima, tibia, etc that could help me, creating maps, events, basic combat system or providing sprites. Anything is welcome! I spent yesterday all day looking for open source sprites, creating the classes, and watching videos/reading tutorials about Intersect engine. But still, there are a few things I am not able to do, for example the Knight I created doesnt autoattack monsters if I dont spam E key... I have knowledge creating videos, developing websites, mobile apps and a little bit of photoshop. Note: I did starting area, half city, a swamp and a campment in the same afternoon that I installed Intersect. As I said, the goal is to create an mmorpg 2d open world pvp with a mobile app. The property of the project will be 50/50. I will be very active, contact me bye forum or in my personal discord: Thanks, Angel.
  4. So I have two $10 Itunes cards to give away for peeps willing to help out in a dedicated and thorough manner with the Intersect Documentation. Simply complete a page in a thorough manner and submit it, then respond to this thread. Once I confirm with Jc that said Documentation page is indeed done and WELL done, I will PM you the Itunes Code. I only have 2 so the first two to do a good job on a Doc page will be getting these rewards. However, if you wish to help out in any way to the development of Intersect, please consider helping out with the Documentation regardless. Sooner the community gets that done, the sooner Jc and Co. can get Intersect to our virtual doorsteps!
  5. how to add back button?

    Hello, I would like to learn how to create a back button in the menu When selecting a character Sorry for my language
  6. Need Help [PAID] Animation Needed

    Who can make an animation of this aura for me in the style Im working with? (I'll post the style if you can't find my topic)
  7. Need Help [Paid] Project Elder Tales

    Hi guys, Introduction I need a professional to give an identity to my project, bring professionalism and quality to the players, so that this happens I will invest in graphics and other things ... I am a C# programmer and I do not like/hate :> the design part, but I ended up becoming part of UI / UX but the part of characters and tilesets I owe. I've been planning this project investment and now the time has come. I would like to go in parts. Project I need tileset and characters with customizations such as a female and male model with some initial hairs, simple clothes and some armors, like a basic stuff pack to start the project and start testing everything. The game takes place in a familiar setting to the anime Log Horizon and I have a lot of visitors in indie db community. The tilesets would like something in that style of that ambiance, mixes fantasy medieval elements and also modern (naruto?). I'm using the characters and tilesets of LPC and I find it awesome, to save time the work could be done in that same style. Remembering that I do not need a lot of work in a short time, but in parts. LPC Reference: Tileset reference: The tilesets are also basic to start the project, where we will have some maps only and in future to expand. Log horizon reference (modern abandoned city): Conclusion I can close this investment by month or by kits, it is at your discretion. I can pay via paypal. I will be happy to hire more services, logo, illustrations etc ... Thanks for now.
  8. Hi everyone, as some of you may know, I'm looking for pixel artists. I currently have 1 pixel artist on my team, but there are too many resources we need for just 1 person. If you are a pixel artist looking for some work this is your place. Show me some of your work and if I like what do you do I'll pm you. I'll pay, but I'll ask for little jobs maybe each week. I'm a non-working student so it takes a bit for me getting some money. I will never ask for a job if I don't have the money to afford it.
  9. Alone Online Alone Online is Currently built in the Intersect Engine awaiting for source. We have been working on Alone Online for only a few weeks now and our progression has increased heaps. We are so far focusing on graphics and mapping. Short story The world is in turmoil. Warlords and Fiefdoms rule the wilderness in the wake of an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. You are a Warlord, cunning and ruthless. To survive the hordes, band together with your fellow outlaws and establish your territory. Cast down other Warlords in combat to expand your domain. But allegiances are frail and no fealty certain. In the wilds, you are alone... Staff Owner Bluedragon Management Both Solitary Graphics Ivy Felreach Levels Sounds Lil False Programming SubRosa Writer Arcmind Plans Currently we can't promise anything because we would get much complaints so we do our best to surprise players. We are also in progress of making character sprites for customization. Looking for: Volunteer Programmers Volunteer Mappers Volunteer Graphic designers Volunteer SFX unless high quality tracks. we can pay We want to be able to add these things in the future for players to enjoy. •Forming Alliances •Mass amount of weapons •Character customization •Open world ( Done ) •Make friends but never trust anyone •Survive the z.o.m.b.i.e horde ( Done ) •Take over sections •Craft items & Gather resources •Day/Night System ( Done ) •Holding lands for rewards You our can contact me via discord or forum dms. Our server link:
  10. Need Help Hairs!

    For some reason it's impossible for me to make normal hairs. Was hoping some of you kind hearted (or money hungry) people could help me out. I'm in need of (for now) 3 different hairstyles. Pretty simple, only a front side and back sprite needed for each. Style is similar to my DBZ Breeze style hairs, so it will be used in a DBZ project that may or may not be released at some point before the heat death of the universe/release of intersect source. I'm on mobile omw to the airport so I will give graphical examples later but I was hoping to see who is willing to help out of the kindness of their hearts or for cold hard cash money. Dolla dolla bills y'all Art Style: Hair styles I'm looking for:
  11. Heyo. I'll get right to the point in saying Life Forge is looking for a dependable mapper. The position is currently unpaid, but if we are successful this Christmas, the position becomes paid, with said Mapper receiving a percentage of the earnings monthly. We're looking for a mapper who is skilled in the designing of maps. Someone who can take a documented idea and bring it to life in a timely fashion. This Mapper will be given a probationary period in which to establish themselves as a full member of the Life Forge team. If successful, they would be taking on the position of official mapper for Life Forge. You would be mapping out all of the game's new areas, as well as acting as a moderator in select situations. We'd like to have this position filled as soon as possible, so by the end of the week we'll be going through all submissions and selecting who we think is the best fit for us. To apply, simply sent us examples of previous works, your time zone, and a brief summary of your free time you would be willing to dedicate to Life Forge and this position. You can message me here, or on We look forward to working with you, whoever you are! EDIT* Thought I should give a little more info on Life Forge for peeps who don't know much about it. Life Forge is a free 2D ORPG on available on Steam. The game features over 100 hours of content, with about 1600 hours if you include the grind for absolute completion (yes, we have a player who's done this). The game features a massive world, custom artwork, unique features, and a cosmetic based payment system. We've also added Housing and Farming in one of our latest updates to Life Forge. Be sure to check it out. Thank you. Applications are due by NEXT SUNDAY - DEC 10
  12. I wanted to make a online game like ambardia but i dunno few things 1.How to make other people join my game? 2.How to change my client name to my game name? 3.How to change my server name to game name? 4.How to change my start menu picture? 5.what should i upload on website so players can join my game? it possible to use my own ip address while hosting? Please help me with those questions thanks alot in advance and sorry for my bad english
  13. Need Help Need Advanced Power Rangers

    Just kidding, but since you came to this post give it a read there. And sorry moderators for the funny title. So. I'm developing a project called Heroes Apocalypse. It's a great project so let's go through the formalities that the rules ask for. Name: Heroes Apocalypse Engine: Custom Engine (It's not the name of the engine, you'll understand why) "Post about current progress": Networking.; Chat; Menu Options; Name Over Characters; Login and Register Form; Among other things I did not find much needed here at the moment. "Maybe a Story": The story is too big (but I want to say too big) to write here, we do not have a summary (for now), so I'll skip to the next step. Current Staff: Sample Content - We do not have content to show here, but I can say that we have all the necessary animations(approximately 250), musics(approximately 30), sound effects (I did not count) among other things. We will buy the graphics of tilesets, characters and monsters and We have the staff to make all the necessary things the most of the content. Plans moving forward - If I start talking I will not stop. I have almost 10 pages of planning done of things that can be done. I worked alone in these plans for about 6 months until I got to know other people, it's almost a year of planning. What are we looking for? Programmers, more specifically who write in Vb.Net. We need help to create the engine that will create the whole project. We have @jesusbleach and the more we help, the better, we do not promise to pay anything now, but maybe we can think of a way to repay the help in some way. Tell us what you are going to do! - See my function in current staff. I am basically the brain and the brain thinks, plans, is what I do and in practice I will also do a lot. I'm just not a programmer, but for the rest, I know a lot. Tell us what YOU have done and what you will do moving forward - Well I'm not a programmer, so the maximum I could do until now was to get ideas in Jesus that made many things that would be complicated in the engine, but easy to execute. In addition I forced some bugs that propelled Jesus to correct them. And I think I must have made clear everything I intend to do. Basically this is boys and girls. We are looking for programmers on Vb.Net. The good thing about we are in the planning stage (having in practice some things in the engine), is that we are also open to other ideas, want to tell a story? Do something you believe to be out of the box? We like this, we can for your ideas in practice with ours to create something more overpower. If you are interested and want to delve deeper into the project, call me privately here on the forum. I also leave my discord (which would be nice to have, for easy contact) and my facebook. Discord: WeylonSantana#7909 My Facebook We also accept all kinds of help if anyone wants to fall headlong into the project. But the biggest need is I love everyone here Have a good day, week, month and year-end.
  14. Hey guys, It is very early days in my project yet, I have been concepting it for a few weeks, but as the asset preperation nears completion and the story, plot and concept continues to develop I seek a small team of experienced mappers/eventers to help bring the game to fruition. Name: Shadows of Mayhem Engine: Intersect Genre: Dark Fantasy Style: Realism (as opposed to anime) Compensation: Rev share pending source code and game release (to be decided but likely optional membership and/or cosmetic/aesthetic item shop (NOT Pay to win)) Current team: Me (project leader, head mapper, story and concept author, asset prep) , Grimston: Head developer website: (dont mind the slow speed of site this will eventually be addressed) Requirements for application: Please post a little about yourself, some details and screens of previous work and what you expect to gain/contribute by joining our team In theory: This game will be heavily story driven as well as having an openesque (not 100%) world with mmo elements including world bosses, choices and (eventually) factions. Story/setting: (LONG AND DETAILED, BE PREPARED) Screens & concepts: 1. Screenshot 2. World Boss Concepts Thanks in advance guys and i look forward to seeing your work and talents in order to make this project a success.
  15. Spiri Online: Engine: Salem Framework [Custom] Theme: WitchCraft Genre: RPG Card Hybrid About: Spiri Online is a multiplayer cardgame, RPG hybrid. Each Player gets a deck with a single familiar which may take actions through "spells" from their library. Each card represents a spell and each spell contains instructions for what actions your familiar may do. Your familiar may gain experience points through matches to level up and boost its base stats. Each beast is typed based off its season, different seasons allow for different spell types and abilities. Each season is strong, weak, and neutral to 1 season each. Seasons also change the appearance of a beast. For example, A "Salem, familiar of Autumn" (as shown in the example card below) will look different from "Salem, familiar of Winter". Winter may be a white beast, while Autumn may be black. I will need 4 versions of each familiar, 1 for each season. Each spell will be unique and limited to only one (or hybrid of multiple) season(s). What I need: I'm currently looking for someone to do commissioned art work. I'm developing a series of cards for this project. I basically need flat painted images for the art for the cards. This is a place holder card I made using an image i found on google, I'm looking for a similar art style. How many unique cards are expected? A new set and competitive season in the game will release at either the equinox or solstice of each season. Each set needs to release the following... Cards Per Set: 5 Familiars, (2 Very Rares, 3 Bulk Rares) 1 Legendary Familiar, (1 Legendary Rare) 30 Summer Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Autumn Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Winter Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Spring Season Spells. (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) Total: 121 Cards Along with the release of the game (Not included within the first season's set) needs to release 4 basic starter decks (one for each season) which must include 1 bulk rare familiar, and 39 common/uncommon cards. Example Card (I have a PSD for the card format): More about the artwork: The game is themed around magical fantasy. Most cards will be themed around magic beasts (Phoenixes, Dragons, Serpants, and Liopleurodons [magical Liopleurodons] ) Application: (Private Message or a reply) Payment to be negotiated.
  16. Need Help Looking for 3D Modeller

    Looking for a 3D modeller that can do good low-poly static models. (In a pose like a miniature) Primarily medieval humanoid models will be needed but other things like trees and other terrain will be needed as well. If you're at all interested, shoot me a PM. This post is purposefully a bit cryptic as this project is a bit under wraps and will be for a while more. I'm currently camping but (if I have service) will gladly make the time to write back to anyone at all interested explaining a bit about the project and any other info you may need/want. Thanks a ton, SkywardRiver
  17. Need Help Undertale Online Fan game

    im working on this. I really appreciate if someone help me doing anything, maping, creating npcs or events, or just playing and report bugs. Thanks. And have a Nice Day I dont know if this message is in correct post.
  18. I'm starting a new project with the Intersect Game Engine and I'm definitely going to need a good pixel artist. I'm going to pretty much need everything done but I would like to start with a basic tile set for the world. grasslands, plains, forests, deserts, jungle, coastlines, mountains, ect. I know there are a lot of free and low cost sets out there already but I want something original so I don't look like every other game. After that is done I'm going to need buildings, signs, lamp posts, bushes, and other odds and ends to decorate the world. Then land and sea monsters and paperdoll stuff for male and female toons. (*Game will not have classes) And ships. So after talking to a few artists privately I realized very quickly that the amount of compensation I am offering for the amount of artwork that I need isn't going to cut it. I have decided that for now I will just focus my efforts on a coder and and revisit the idea of a tile artist at a later date. Since the source is not out yet this gig would not start until it is released. With my art budget cleared up my total budget is $100, $50 a month per coder over the next 9 to 11 months. I would like to launch by June of next year when school lets out. That will change to a revenue share of the cash shop once the game is released, split evenly between however many I have on staff. The cash shop will be for cosmetic upgrades, mounts, ships, avatars, ect. Keeping in mind there will never be any kind of "pay to win" items. Any money raised via other methods will also be considered revenue for the purpose of revenue share. I know $50 isn't a lot, but it's what I can afford right now since I also have to cover server costs and you know, play my rent and eat. In addition to the compensation listed above you will also be given credits in the game and on the website. Something nice to have on a resume. About me and my background A little about me. Name is Tristin, I'm 40 and live in Brooklyn. I really got into mmos back in 2001 in a game called Dransik. I created and ran the largest fan site for the game (called Dransik Online, later Inside AE) for about 3 years before the game was bought out by a large company and turned to shit. After that I played various mmos over the years but never really got into them. Then I discovered Player Worlds/Mirage and toyed with the idea of running my own game. I had a game called Empires Online, Later One World with a few dozen players drawn from my Dransik days. But the game was plagued with endless bugs and I kept running into walls do to the limitations of the engine. So i switched engines to FSO. It was better all around and we quickly grew to the most popular FSO based game by a long mile with hundreds of players. So popular in fact the main server was shuttered and we became the official/recommended server/game for the engine. Had a small volunteer staff and we were really pushing out fun content. Doing that was so much fun and I really miss those days. They came to end because we basically became too big and the software just couldn't handle it, Especially the map switching errors that left people stranded on a blank map. So I abandon the project. After that I teamed up with the original developer of Dransik and became a game designer for his new project, Lothgar Online which was very similar to Dransik. That lasted for a short while until I had some real life issues to deal with and I left the company. That was years ago and now I'm ready to get back in the game and try do all over again. (EDIT) About the Game I have opened up a new thread about the game that I will keep updated with my progress. In Closing The art style of the world outside the 3 main Kingdoms will be dark and gloomy. No pretty meadows, no gardens, just utter death and despair. If anyone is interested in joining the team please contact me here or via PM.
  19. Need Help ISO: Programmer and mappers

    Hey, so I'm working on a 2d 16bit retro feel and rouge like morpg. As of right now the name of the game is under construction but for now its called pixelated dungeons. The engine that I am using is will be intersect. Currently I have finished mapping the first level of the dungeon but am still working on quests, npcs, and items. So far I am the only one that is working on the game itself but I do have a friend that is helping design the website, forums, and maintenance on the server with the vps. ...Here is some of the first lvl mapping... My plans for this game is to have a big main town on the ground level. While the rouge like feel will be the many levels of the dungeon that you could explore. My main goal for this game is that everything in the game can be either bought from stores or made by the players themselves. That being said I'm all ways open to ideas and comments. I am looking for programmers and mappers. I'm willing to make some sort of deal with a programmer but for anything else will have to be volunteer work. Thanks, -Ven derial
  20. I am looking for someone to edit the CrystalShire Source so passwords are saved in the Server Data folder in the CharacterName.ini rather than MYSQL. I removed the Mysql and Auth system I just need someone to program so that when you type in a username and password it saves the pass to the file and checks if it's correct if you already have an account. I will throw in another 50$ for a total of $100 if they could also fully remove all traces from the engine the Trade system, Resource System and Shop System.
  21. Hello everyone. Im sure most of you on here are familiar with Arcwyre and a good few of you participated in the play test a couple months ago so I'll spare the large introduction. Sadly we just recently lost our lead content developer and its just me working on Arcwyre, which in it's current state is a massive undertaking. I'm looking for skilled mappers and developers to help push through this Alpha 1.0 milestone update which will finally express Arcwyre as a game and its future. I'm only accepting applications via PM. All applicants must possess at least some degree of skill with the Intersect Editor as well as examples of their work, hours they'll be able to commit, and their contact details This is a paid position, we can discuss payment amounts and methods privately if you are hired.
  22. Hey guys! It's super late here so this will be a pretty shotty post until I get back to it. Just wanted to post it here to get it out there for now. The quick points are; The game is called Merchant Tycoon and it has already been greenlit. Check it out here. I recently got a job with PlayStation (I'm from Canada) and my days are long. This has strained the time I have to program the game; this is where I need you. I use Unity, so you would need to be fluent with this engine and C#. Mechanim experience is a huge plus, as the models use Mechanim. Experience in 3D first person games is also an asset. The graphics are all complete with animations. Most menus are complete but not 'plugged in' on the back end. People have been quick to judge the graphics as "blocky minecraft" ripoffs. But the animations are very smooth and attractive. I have a 17-page Game Design Document I can share with a serious candidate. Why work with me? And who am I? My name is Nate, and I operate under the name Palisade Studio. I've got 2000 Instagram followers (@PalisadeStudio), a Greenlit Game, and I work for PlayStation Canada in Marketing. I'm literally dedicated to gaming, and it's always been more of a hobby. My intro to development actually sparked back in the PlayerWorlds/Mirage/Elysium days with a game called Dark Knights (name could be wrong...) and since then I've dabbled in pixel art, 3D modelling, music, programming, etc. I finally found my comfort zone in Unity and I've made 4 or 5 projects that never made it to a 100% complete state due to lack of time, etc. All of them, however, were been hobbyist games, trying to test my skills and learn new things. So it wasn't a loss nor a waste of time. I've done a lot of the work with Merchant Tycoon (enough to get it Greenlit!) and I'm serious about it becoming a functional (and profitable!) game. From October to April I teach high school students entrepreneurship through a program called the After School Company program. Students build a company from the ground up, literally. This year my students won numerous awards and scholarships, and I even won an award for my dedication to the group. I'm 25 years old and I'd love to find a partner with the same drive that I have. If you've got the know how and good habits in terms of C#/Unity; I am confident that I can balance out the business aspect of the game/brand. Feel free to shoot me an email or respond here. E-mail may work out best as I drive all over the province during most of the day. Pass my email along to friends or family if you think they have the skills! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  23. Need Help Orake needs a hacker (paid)

    Hello guys, Orake needs some help! We are looking for someone that can find dups, cheats, or error the server. If anyone is interested in this position please contact me. it is a paid position, We will talk about the pay privately. I'm using a vb6 engine with a resbak base.
  24. Hello my lovely Community. For my developer team i'm looking now for a decent graphic designer. I'm working on a new mmorpg engine in visual basic 6. If you are not familiar yet you can look up the project here : Kevin's Engine since im starting to release the engine soon, but the current graphics are not from me, i would be glad to get some help there! If you are intressted you can leave me a private message with further details. Greetings.
  25. Hello, my English is not very good but I am looking for a programmer in for a red game or the kind of green leaf pokemon game a complete game that pays for the work Ok good the serious project with orion engine the pay serious question of reaching agreement