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Found 93 results

  1. Name: Skyix engine: Intersect Progress: Adding in items and weapons/armor. Planning on working on the map soon. Current Staff: Just me. Plans: To turn the game into a story and with alot of quests for players to do to complete the game. Roles needed: Developers who can help complete the game. Will i be paid? Maybe if the game makes any money. Let me know if you would like to help or if you have any questions.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm back to working on my game. I need several source modifications and pixel artist. I can pay. If you are interested my discord ⎝⎝Uyarrr⎠⎠#9075 . Game Name: Telasia Online Engine: Intersect Engine Looking for: GFX Artist or someone talented on editing pixel art I have. Programmer for source modifications for several stuff. Our Current Team: Me (Basically do everything except music) A friend (Makes music) Another Friend (Writes big fancy quest and story lines.) And another friend (Helps on simple stuff from time to time.) Trailer Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/YSeTEp5
  3. Project: World Piece online(or just Pirates i dont know how much problem that "piece" can bring :S) Built with Intersect Engine. Geral progress: Base game created by me in another engine(byond) then i'm just porting major part of things and remake some of them better than before, planning almost finished since older project. Intersect Port Progress : - First island:90% -Other islands: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - First quest 90% -Other Quests: 0% (already defined just don,t started yet) - Classes: 20% (already defined just don,t started yet) - Devil Fruit system: 100% - Devil Fruit skills: 25% (already defined and toons of skill icons just don,t started yet to code) - Ships and navigation: 70% - Ships and navigation Combat: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - items: 5% - Gold Currency: 100% - Cash Currence: 50% - Events: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - Faction: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) - Faction Ranks: 0%(already defined just don,t started yet) Current Staff : ME(programming, trying to map and create icons the best way i can and planning game history, progression, distribution and monetization) I'm looking for volunteers but if you make a good price we can talk(i'm Brazilian then anything you want just plis just do "amount/5" like Dolar/real relation :S) - Im looking some one that uses my base icon or give-me a better base icon and make one piece character itens with paperdols ex: aces hat, shanks cloak etc... - Im looking some one that create a pirate based GUI but it needs to bet amazing enough to get original interface from intersect that is beatfull and polished. Ty guys s2
  4. No longer looking for members. Closed topic.
  5. Hello AGD, as many of you or maybe not many of you may or may not know at this point. I commissioned JC to create the Guild System. Now his costs are pretty high but in the end worth it as the Guild System was released into the source as V1, basic functionality. As we're moving onto V2, that'll include a couple more features, I figured I'd do a call for help paying for it. V2 will include a few extra features compared to V1 and JC has expressed that only some will be made public, the rest is to be made for me. I have the full intent of sharing the extra things but because of that, the rates are higher on it. V2 Features: - Guild Variables - Will be made public as well. -- Private Additions -- - Guild XP and Level in DB - Max Guild Level / EXP Per Level in a json config file - Grant Guild XP via Event Command - Condition for Guild Level - Calculate Guild Ranking List on Server Boot - As ranks change or guilds deleted keep updating the ranking list in realtime (to avoid extra db queries/processing work) - Condition for guild rank - Event text command for top 10 guilds + level + member count - Guild join requests Everyone who helps paying JC for this will get their hands on the extra stuff that isn't going to be part of source. You can help in one of three ways. 1: https://gofund.me/769d713d - GoFundMe link 2: Send directly to my paypal - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/aisen 3: Request a invoice from JC using Stripe, in so doing, paying him directly Thank you for your time. JC will be paid regardless but this will speed it up and ensure more features will be released to AGD. People who have contributed to the total end goal: @Khaikaa - $25 @Justn - $175 @Beast Boyz - $30 @Blinkuz - $15 @Austermann - $15 @Lunam - $15 @Guite Emortal - $25 @Rory - $30
  6. ✨Starlight: MMORPG Engine: Intersect The region is known as Glowina. It's a world of danger, risk and many bosses. This world is normally calm and peaceful, but lately, more powerful monsters have been coming out. They possess more HP and Power, even better loot! Many warriors have woken up here and want to join one of the two kingdoms, Moonshade or Sunlight, each fighting for control of the land! Will you join the war of the ages? Or maybe just go off on your own, fighting monsters and relying on yourself? You get to choose in Starlight! Current Staff Bear (Admin/Dev) @Bear amiakitten (Dev) Sample Content Currently waiting for some staff to be able to start the project! Plans Moving Forward - UI - Character Select - Some Weapons - First Map/Second Map/Third Map Staff Roles Needed Developers (Good with Coding!) Pixel Artists (For Making Costumes and Custom Models!) Looking for Volunteers, no paid positions. This is a volunteering job, so if you'd like to help make the next MMORPG Game, then come on by and contact me here or on discord at Spacecatto#6334! I am going to help with coding and artwork for the game as well as moderating the discord and the game chats! I have a small amount of knowledge with coding but I'd like to do my best so the Devs aren't the only one's doing it. Check out our main post: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5912-gen-x-online/
  7. I’m yet again looking for a long term pixel artist that can adapt to my style. Please dm me if you’re interested. Thank you!
  8. Nin Online is a Naruto-inspired MMORPG that has been running for a few years now. We're currently in the midst of porting our game client from VB6 to C# with Unity. We have around 50% of the client done, which you can find a preview of here. The game was initially based on Eclipse Origins, albeit quite heavily modified. In mid-2020 we relaunched the game's service with a newly written C# server with networking based on Mirror. We're looking for someone to continue the development of this Unity client, working closely with myself and some of the other programmers who have worked on the game before. We're looking for an experienced programmer to do most of the heavy lifting. After the client project is complete, there is more potential for work as a gameplay programmer. This will be a well-paid job. Feel free to PM me here or reply with your discord id if you're interested.
  9. Hello There! I have been developing BitScape Crusade for the past 3 years in my spare time. I have done everything through the Intersect Engine and have upgraded verions over the years (Kudos to the Intersect team!). The game is nearing the stage for public launch and I really want to have some things in place beforehand. I recently paid for hosting on HostKoala since I saw JC and some other devs recommend it (Pricing and CPanel is hard to beat from what I've seen). Up until this stage I have hosted the game server and everything else locally on one of my personal pcs, and I am ready to use HostKoala to set up some other things but I don't have the know how. Here are the things I need done on HostKoala: -CMS-API Website linked to Game DB's -Auto Updater I just need someone to help me do the initial setup and show me how to manage it correctly and I can make all the changes needed visually etc. ***I tried for 2 days setting up CMS on my personal PC with XAMPP and Laragon and kept getting different errors. That is why I have decided to go the HostKoala route ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additionally I am also looking to have some other systems implemented into BitScape: -Mini Map -Guilds -Player Housing If you are experienced with any of these things and are willing to help and get paid for it please contact me! (Insane Pricing will be ignored - Let's be realistic xD) Thanks so much!! -Nimbo
  10. The game I'd like to design does not use "Magic" or "Spells". I would like to rename "Magic" to "Tech" and "Spells" to "Skills". So basically everywhere the word "Magic" or "Spell" are used in the game I would like them changed. This would include the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. I think I can leave all of the art work as is and just work that in to the story or description. I'm willing to pay if someone is willing and able to take on this large task. Although I'm new to this whole thing and wouldn't have the slightest clue on how much such a job would be worth. My end goal is to have a MMORPG that my friends and I can play together. More of an ORPG since I'm not looking to make money off it or open it up to the public. Although I would make it available to others that are interested. I've been looking for am easy to use MMORPG maker for a long time and just recently discovered you guys and so far I'm loving it. I think my long dreamt of game design might finally have a chance of seeing the light of day.
  11. Here is the basic concepts behind my game - https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5906-shoppe-a-slice-of-life/ Shoppe: A Slice of Life will be a crafting based mmorpg with pve and pvp. The theme of the game is PRODUCTION. Players will run shops while going out on adventures. Most items in game will be crafted by players with resources they find by either gathering, completing quests, pve and pvp. I'm looking for a full time ( meaning available most hours ) coder to be my developer partner. I am using the Intersect Engine, so knowledge of it is a plus!!! I do want this game to be done within the next few years, so I decided to hire a Coder while learning to code C# myself. I have worked on 2d mmorpgs in the past. I can pay you for your time (code) as we develop the game (weekly payments) or a percentage of the sales once the game goes gold. Only apply if you are serious, and can see yourself developing a game for the next 2+ years. Contact me on Discord - TheDDVShow#0283
  12. Hi everyone! I'm gonna start a new Intersect Project and I need someone to do the pixel art. In this project I'm focusing very much in the quality of the music and designs, so I need someone very experienced and/or very talented to do different the pixel art designs(tilesets, spritesheets, animations...). I need more than 1 artist in order to do all the work. I have experience in team working, and I also understand the difficulties of making high quality designs, I already hired pixel artists in the past, so don't worry, you won't have to face stupid arguings about pricing and stuff, I'm willing to pay well, but of course that means I also want high quality orders. If you believe you are a good pixel artist and are available for taking some work, please talk to me here or by private message, I will explain all the project's details and what I'm looking for in terms of design. Thanks for reading! The recruiting is currently closed. Thank you for your interest!
  13. I am looking for a programmer who has experience in the engine for paid work related to the engine skills system, read the details below. I am currently in the process of migrating a project that I was developing in unity and I have encountered a problem in the conditions of my projectiles, the game in which I am working depends a lot on its variety of projectiles since more than 70% of the skills are of this type. What I need is someone to help me create a basic system for some types of projectiles that vary in size and shape, I will leave some gifs later, another point is that I am a programmer and I have almost 1 year working on the project in unity and more 6 years as a fullstack programmer so the person who is interested will not be alone in the development even though I have little time dealing with the source code of the engine I can give you a hand since more than the functionality itself what interests me is to learn like this that you can see it as a kind of indirect tutoring. The payment method would be paypal and you can contact me by discord Blinkuz#2171. Some example skills: This is a gust of wind that occupies several tiles 32x32 wide, I think about 3 if I remember correctly, in unity it was relatively easy to add the collisions by the system that is integrated, so what I would need would be to adapt the current system to detect collisions in these types of skills: This is a somewhat peculiar ability but it can be encapsulated as a single projectile that would be static in front of the character detecting collisions only in 2 frames in front of the player, which is what the animation occupies: This is the evolution of the previous one, it is a fireball that occupies about 3 tiles high and only head-on collisions are detected: EDIT: This is another type of skill that is a radio that works the collision, in this case I have already made part of the code to detect the entities within the radio so it would only be to check that the code that is made is the most optimal way. I have no problem giving all the necessary information about the project and the entire pvp system, anyone who has a proposal can send it to me right here or through the discord and we can negotiate a fair price.
  14. Engine: Intersect Anyone who can make the default resolution 1366, 768. Minimap maybe, if I am able to customize it later on.
  15. Hello. I am making this request today because I am recruiting several people. I am recruiting a C # developer who will be able to help us create our game. I bought a windows server to host the game. No problem. Thank you for your attention. Answer below for any question or on discord (Naj#5359) !
  16. We are looking for someone willing to make different modifications to our project. All this work will be contributed. This is the list of modifications we want: - Player Store (a store that the player personally creates in a certain sector of a map by placing objects for sale until he himself concludes his store). - Minimap. - Auction House. - Screen shake for critical hits or AOE Spells. I would like to hear prices for each system, anything you can contact me via discord ( babysitter#2065 )
  17. Hello intersecters, I'm looking for a coder to team up with and profit share upon my games release. My game is entitled Plague Masters and features uniquee and custom artwork! The play style is point and click and will have combat similar to diablo II or other action rpgs. It also is very skill oriented, and lacks permanent end game gear. Weapons and armor will have durability and require players to fix and create equipment to supply to the game world and pvpers. I'm hoping to build a nice economy and open world with many play styles. Currently all of my special features that need code work done are being done through commission work. Pm me if interested, serious and experienced inquires only.
  18. Hi! For DBZee I need help upscaling new 16x16 tiles and organising these tiles into biome specific tile sets. I also have some tiles that are in a very similar style so I need someone who has an eye for art and can help me decide which tiles can be mixed and which ones I should give up on. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks!
  19. Hello, I am looking for a developer and graphics artist. Someone who may be fit for this position is someone that enjoys doing either, but doesn't have the want to work on their own game, as they'd rather contribute to someone else's game. Graphics artist will be responsible for creating and modifying all graphics to be used in-game as well as artwork required outside of the game. At this moment in time, someone who is good at modifying and creating new paperdoll(s) is a necessity for me. In a developer I am looking for someone who is an expert with making and putting together unique and long quests. This person will also be responsible for the creation, extension and re-balancing of spells/skills in the game. The developer can bring whatever he or she wants to the table, I am just stating the faucets of the game that currently need some love. I will not pay, not because I cannot afford to, but because I believe a self-motivated person will do far better than someone who is expected to get paid. I have no issue paying in the future as I run a business full-time and this is a hobby I like investing time into, but don't have the time to cover all bases in. I firmly believe in the statement, "if you want to go fast, go alone.. if you want to go far, go together." I am looking for someone to pick up on the slack that will exist when I am busy with my business and someone that will go above and beyond. It is a MORPG. I will be making an actual game-related topic in the near future.
  20. Basic Info Hello, Ascension community! I'm on a search for two specific breeds of content writers for The Emerald Observer: journalists and columnists. Please keep in mind that there's no experience required for either of these positions, so long as you're able to do research (if a journalist) and write on a semi-professional level. This means you must be capable of decent grammar and spell-checking, as well as a certain fluency with the English language. Unfortunately, this is not (as of this moment) a paid position, so you would be volunteering your time towards this. I hope this would change in the future, as I'd like to be able to compensate you for your time and talents, but I currently am unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding. Please check the bottom of this post to get an updated count on the number of positions available and the descriptions/duties for each available position. You'll also find a link to the application for you to fill out, should you be interested. So long as you're able to write in a coherent and semi-professional manner, you'll be considered. Once you submit the application, I'll get back to you within a couple of days to let you know whether or not you've been accepted. If you're accepted, then we can begin the onboarding process. We also have a new points system in place. This system currently is just a way to keep track of our best authors, sort of like a ranking system. We plan on adding more functionality to the point system in the near future. Eventually, if I'm able to pull in enough money to where I would be able to pay the authors, then we'll also use the point system as a way to calculate the amount you're due - the more points you accumulate, the more money you'll earn. Again, keep in mind, this particular functionality will only become available when I'm financially able to compensate you. Onboarding Process - Once you're accepted, I'll set you up with an author account on the website (still under construction). - I'll walk you through our process of gathering information for new articles. - You can begin writing! (seriously, it's that simple) Available Positions Journalist (10 remaining) Gather sufficient information to write a news article on a particular current topic, and then proceed to write that article. Keep in mind that this is not a position in which you would be reporting on historic events (unless they pertain to current events in some manner), so try to ensure that what you're reporting on is within a day or two of the current date. You're free to limit your writings to specific genres of news (politics, economics, etc). There is no requirement on how often you write articles, although I'd encourage you to write at least once per week. Columnist (2 remaining) Write a few short paragraphs explaining your opinions on current events, or other such columnist-related articles. There is a minimum requirement of one post per week for this particular position. Application
  21. Hello all, I'm the GM of Orake 2d MMORPG. Orake really needs a Programmer, we will need a programmer that can *Fix bugs *Fix Errors *Fix ANYTHING that goes wrong with orake *Add new things Things to expect: *fix server crash errors * Fix any exploits people may be able to come up with, example: If players are crafting without a crafting tile; that would need to be prevented. This is a paid position, please send your application through Email: Dambrosio10@live.com The Coder can be paid weekly, or for each thing that is completed/fixed. Me , and the coder will come to a fair agreement. Expected pay Around 10usd/h What is Orake 2D MMORPG? Orake is a game that will remind people of (osrs) - Old school runescape, and tibia. We have a small community due to errors, and bugs. This is why we highly need a programmer that is ready to be apart of the Orake team. Go to the link below to check out Orake's page for more information. We are a growing game in vb6, we are on steam trying to get ready for open beta. Steam Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/516510
  22. Spiri Online: Engine: Salem Framework [Custom] Theme: WitchCraft Genre: RPG Card Hybrid About: Spiri Online is a multiplayer cardgame, RPG hybrid. Each Player gets a deck with a single familiar which may take actions through "spells" from their library. Each card represents a spell and each spell contains instructions for what actions your familiar may do. Your familiar may gain experience points through matches to level up and boost its base stats. Each beast is typed based off its season, different seasons allow for different spell types and abilities. Each season is strong, weak, and neutral to 1 season each. Seasons also change the appearance of a beast. For example, A "Salem, familiar of Autumn" (as shown in the example card below) will look different from "Salem, familiar of Winter". Winter may be a white beast, while Autumn may be black. I will need 4 versions of each familiar, 1 for each season. Each spell will be unique and limited to only one (or hybrid of multiple) season(s). What I need: I'm currently looking for someone to do commissioned art work. I'm developing a series of cards for this project. I basically need flat painted images for the art for the cards. This is a place holder card I made using an image i found on google, I'm looking for a similar art style. How many unique cards are expected? A new set and competitive season in the game will release at either the equinox or solstice of each season. Each set needs to release the following... Cards Per Set: 5 Familiars, (2 Very Rares, 3 Bulk Rares) 1 Legendary Familiar, (1 Legendary Rare) 30 Summer Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Autumn Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Winter Season Spells, (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) 30 Spring Season Spells. (4 bulk rares, 2 rares) Total: 121 Cards Along with the release of the game (Not included within the first season's set) needs to release 4 basic starter decks (one for each season) which must include 1 bulk rare familiar, and 39 common/uncommon cards. Example Card (I have a PSD for the card format): More about the artwork: The game is themed around magical fantasy. Most cards will be themed around magic beasts (Phoenixes, Dragons, Serpants, and Liopleurodons [magical Liopleurodons] ) Application: (Private Message or a reply) Payment to be negotiated.
  23. Hey guys. I figured I might as well start this topic now. Once Intersect is out I am looking for some custom features and I was hoping someone was willing to help me out. However, I am going to do this in a unique way. I am requesting these features to be posted as a source tutorial. That way they will be available to everyone who wants to use them, and if I am unwilling or unable to pay the full price, maybe other people can chip in if they would also like to see such a feature. This also means that you are able to help this community go forward once Intersect is out! Think about it, you will get paid and praised by the community! I will try to keep the requests as general as possible so a lot of people can use the tutorials. But probably I am still paying you, so if the feature is not to your liking, deal with it. (You can always suggest to chip in and we can come to an agreement) (If JC or Kibz see some of these features as something they want to add to the engine, please tell me!) The features in question: Hair A special hair layer so characters can wear hats and helmets without their hair sticking out everywhere. The helmet would take the hair layer when equipped. Transformation Spell Able to change the sprite/hair of a character during a buff spell. Beam Spell You shoot a beam while holding down the button to cast the spell. Beam just spams projectiles so holding it for longer has more mana cost but also a beam can hit multiple times. The first projectile will have a different graphic to show the start of the beam. Advanced Dashing The feature you have all been waiting for! Dash is activated by double tapping in a direction. So Dash spells when learned don't take up a slot in the numpad. They get their own slot. This way you can still learn better Dash spells, it's still part of the spell editor but it's just activated in a different way. Player Housing You can buy a house, but the house is an actual map, not an instance. You can set access who can enter the house. Access can be: All, blacklist, whitelist. There is a furniture item that you can get and you can place these to decorate your house. So every house can only be bought by one player. Player can put the house up for sale if they want. Basically EO4 Housing by JC Guilds I will just make a list of the features for this one: - Guild name above player - Guilds get a Guild house a player can enter - Guild Money - Donate to Guild - Able to set ranks - Able to set rights - Guild Window with members, their ranks, online or not and a front facing sprite of their current outfit and sprite - Guild bonuses that can be bought with Guild money Bonuses: +EXP gain +Gold gain +Extra rooms in the Guild House -> Also increases member space +Special Guild Furniture - Guild Window with active bonuses and message of the day or something Guild Wars - Starts Automatically every X hours - Members in a Guild can register during registration period - When killed you respawn in starting area until time is up, so you are not out when you die - Several flags in the map to hold - Capture by standing next to it for x time - When time is up, flags captured give a money bonus to the guild to be used on guild bonuses (Ill update when I think of more, and Ill be more specific once someone is interested in programming this)
  24. Fulltime position as Front-End Programmer in Stockholm, Sweden Do you want creating innovative and visually stunning games that will shake up the casino industry? Our Stockholm Game Studio is looking for an experienced Game Front-End Programmer who is passionate about gaming and enjoys the challenge of working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Our goal here on Fantasma is formost to create wonderful workplace where we together can laugh, thrive and spend our days deepening our passion for gaming/gambling. And in doing so we deliver awe inspiring games to millions of people all over the world! Do you want to help us? Game Programmer at Fantasma As a Fantasma Game Programmer you will be placed in the vanguard to revolutionise the Online Casino Industry! Together with our talented team you will get the opportunity to learn new technologies and skills, as well as our support in honing your current abilities to perfection. You need to have a open, playful and inquisitive mind, ready for all the challenges of the evolving casino landscape. We are a small studio with tight bonds and big dreams. This means that everyone in the team is invaluable asset whose opinions matter and help shape the future of our projects. Who are you? A creative and resourceful individual who want to be more than a faceless cog in a machine. You are adaptive and face challenges and adversities with a smile. You communicate well and is and is not afraid to voice your good ideas. You make positive contributions so that ours is a workplace where everyone is happy and feel they belong. You want to work with people that like yourself take pride in and truly care about the games we are creating together. Your assignments: ● Make amazing games, from wacky ideas all the way to finished products! ● Game development using Javascript, TypeScript, HTML5 and CSS3 ● Maintenance of our existing games ● Working together with our framework team to continuously evolve the framework to help push the boundaries for what we can do with our games ● Build and release our products using tools such as Pixi, Phaser, Playcanvas, Maven, Jenkins and Foreman We are looking for you with: ● 2+ years of prior experience of software development as employee or contractor ● Object oriented programming and design patterns ● Structured software development and its life cycle ● GUI oriented development ● An affinity for program stunning and creative graphical effects. We also value ● Experience in PIXI, Gulp, Jenkins, Maven, NodeJS, GIT, SASS and Webpack ● Knowledge in TDD and automated testing techniques ● Any other creative skill, from sound design to 3D modelling ● Interest in computer graphics programming, animations and effects ● Full stack development with Java ● Linguistic skills beyond Swedish and English Interested to join our studio? jobs@fantasmagames.com
  25. Veridian is in need of help with level designing: Veridian is an up and coming 2D ORPG set in a fantasy world. Filled with quests and choices that effect your out come. As we get farther and farther in development there is more and more to do that is why I am posting here. We need help with level designing so that I and my writer can focus more so on the story/quests and items.(I'll still help with level designing as well.) We have a discord so we can keep in contact and update one another on progress or just chat. For us it's about having fun making the game we always wanted to play and release it to everyone. Hoping one day to make some profits of course so we can keep working on the game. If your interested send me a message on here or discord(dxxknight). Thanks for your time! Also if you wish to see graphics or other info on the project here is our indiedb page: https://www.indiedb.com/games/veridian-the-first-age Trailer:
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