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  1. Name: Project TSR Current Progress: Its an very old mmorpg game which works great at the moment. The project just needs some tweaks. Project created by other developers. I've got the files from them. I want to finish the project and release it. Mostly client sided game builded on C++. I have the client files, server files and source of server side but not source of the client side. Game works well in localserver. I need someone can add things, edit things in the game. Game files mostly packed so we need unscripter or some kind of unpacker. I have everything to give a start. Current Staff: Only me. (Sometimes I get outsource help) If you are; experienced in game modding. fluent in english experienced in C++ living in gmt+3 or near timezone (if you can catch up no problem) got enough time to WASTE on this project contact with me. Project isnt funded so there wont be any payment until game released. After the release there will be a decent budget for sure. Discord: Ismlorer#9887
  2. Hello, I am currently looking for pixel artists to work on Pirate Souls, a 2D ORPG made with Intersect Engine playable on Steam. It is a paid job. It will mainly consist about drawing items, hairs and clothes paperdolls. We want as many pixel artists as we can, so you can consider this topic relevant no matter how old it is. Feel free to share your contact if you are interested. Here's a preview of our character base. Our character base in action. Below the game trailer. We are approximately 4 active staff members. If you are interested, you can DM me with some of your work here or on Discord (Shenmue#8867). Thanks!
  3. Hello, this is my first post. I am looking for a programmer that can do source modifications for the engine. Contact me for more details, your experiences/portfolio, and how much do you charge. (Payment will be done on PayPal) Contact me
  4. I’m looking to hire a freelance dev to make some plugins. Paid of course. Dm me please
  5. The Leafling Online Team is searching for a trustworthy, capable, and experienced C# Developer with prior experience working with Intersect for commission work and potentially a long-term business relationship. Leafling is (currently) the premier Intersect project, pushing the engine and its capabilities to the absolute maximum and achieving mild, yet unprecedented for these hobbyist engines, financial and critical success on Steam, with over 100,000 registered accounts. Due to the now cumbersome size of the project we're specifically looking for Coders who are capable of performing simple edits for reasonable pay, as well as being comfortable signing a contractually binding Non-Disclosure-Agreement. Requirements: *Must be a citizen of the United States or Canada *Must speak fluent English *Accepting of commission style payment *Previous experience working with the Intersect Engine *Integrity when handling proprietary assets *Willingness to sign an NDA *Must be at least 18 years of age Benefits: *5% of all game proceeds per month while under contract *Competitive and negotiable pay *No obligations, work when you want to *Work with a passionate team to fulfill our mutual hobby of making games *Listing in credits along with professional reference (for what its worth) *Help make Intersect games even bigger! If you're interested in working together you can DM me on here, or message me on Discord @Aesthetic#9715
  6. Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I represent Legends of Learning - a platform for game based learning in schools, and a marketplace for game developers to earn revenue creating educational games. While Legends of Learning is an educational game company, we operate on the assumption that current educational games are not very good nor fun. Through an innovative marketplace of educational games, Legends of Learning teaches math and science to nearly 10 million students in over 30,000 schools (and growing fast). We are looking to work with passionate game studios and developers interested in revenue share to build FUN games that also happen to teach. Games on our platform usually consist of 10-15 minutes of gameplay to teach a specific academic topic, and developers have complete creative freedom (really!) in how that topic is taught (e.g. you can create a tower defense game to teach “Heat as Energy Transfer” or a match-3 style game to teach “Chemical Reactions in Cellular Respiration”). The median new game will earn $8-13k in 2022 (annually), with this number rising each successive year ($15k+ in 2023, $20k+ in 2024, etc.). The longer your game stays on the platform, the more you will earn, and some devs have multiple games on the platform so their total earnings can be much higher. Whether you are an independent developer or a 100-person studio, we want to work with you. Unlike other platforms that only make a lucky few studios wealthy in a "winner take all" marketplace, Legend's innovative model provides significant and growing payouts to the MEDIAN developer, with great payouts for top developers. Does building games that matter sound interesting to you? Visit https://www.legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer/ to apply!
  7. Hello, this is my first post on this forum, so please forgive me if my post format is wonky compared to others. The title of this project is called Lite (placeholder) I want to start things off simple and I'd like to hire someone to recreate a part of this map in 2d. You would only be using default models to create it as they are only meant to be placeholders. This is just a "layout" stage. The goal is to see how this 3d map would flow in a 2d setting. This is the map Looking forward to hearing back from the community. Reminder, this is a paid position. My discord is Noah#7521 if you want to get in contact with me faster.
  8. Website Discord Nightmare is actively looking for new members to join our team to bring in fresh ideas and help with the active development process which is updated publicly on our roadmap. Whether you are an experienced developer or someone with little experience looking to hone their game development skills please do not be intimidated in applying! 😃 If you are new here and would like to learn more about Nightmare, please check out this article before applying. Media: What are we looking for? We are looking for talented map designers, graphic artists, and all-around general game developers with a passion for creativity to join us on our journey to creating the best 2D MMORPG. Even if you just want to help out, be that as a moderator, community event organizer, or even just help reduce the workload from our current developers, we have a place for you! How do I apply? Either send me a private message here or send the following application to one of the developers directly through our Discord. What position are you applying for? What are your Nightmare characters names? How old are you? Why do you think you would be a good fit and what would you bring to the team? Examples of your work (Be that maps, pixel art, or other games/discord servers/websites you have previously moderated for) Do you accept that all work produced for Nightmare whilst working for Nightmare will be owned by Magework Studios? (Yes/No). Will I be paid? Short term no, long term, once we turn a profit, we may be in a position to pay our developers. However, this only happens if you have contributed enough to the project and this will open to discussion once the project turns a profit. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in your application. We look forward to reading your applications! - The Nightmare Development Team
  9. I am looking for help with a project I've been working on during my off time for a while: a remake of the Sonic Arena 2 online RPG. - The game - The original game was made in the XtremeWorlds engine by the NoMoreBlue and unceremoniously closed its doors in 2012 due to unkown reasons. 8 years later, the game's original fans are still up and about, wanting to somehow re live Sonic Arena 2. This project aims to remake the original game from the ground up, following in its footsteps while straying from its more confusing design choices from the time. The project is being worked on in the Intersect Game Engine and aims to up the visual fidelity of the original game, flesh out its original mechanics and rewrite the story in a way that new players can be introduced to the game easily. The original S.A.R. - Who we're looking for - Currently the project is at a standstill due to dwindling free time on my end and inability to find others willing to help work with the game. As such, we are looking for people who are willing to really dive deep into the project to help flesh it out with art assets (tiles, sprites, maps), music, story drafts and experience / level progression. An informal design document is currently being worked on as an outline for devs to get a feel for what the game should shape up to become over time. We are specifically looking for: --mappers --sprite artists --writers - Will I get paid? - Unfortunately, no. I do not have the funds to properly hire professional developers for this project. The most I can offer is my unwavering faith in you and a (purely virtual) hand shake. - Current progress - As of the time of writing, the game is still in its initial development stages. Area progression is being planned, enemies and level balancing is being experimented with, art assets are being drawn and mechanics being thought out. It's very much a machine with several cogs attached but only a single, disconnected, spinning one. This has been a pet project of mine for a long time and as much as I like to entertain the idea of finishing this all on my own with my two hands, this will clearly be a project which requires the effort of multiple individuals to come to fruition. - What about you? - I will keep working on the game regardless of how many developers decide to join the project. I've been the only one making sprites but not tiles, importing assets, designing maps, balancing enemies and creating equipment so far, and I don't plan on stopping. Most of my time is dedicated to creating character sprites and mapping out areas with a woefully limited RPG Maker tileset. - Can I help? - In order to apply to help with the game, either message me on Discord at Jon#2538 or leave a reply below with: --your skills --development area of interest --availability [IMPORTANT] --any prior experience as a dev, if applicable Your application will be reviewed and I will send you a private message here in the forums confirming or denying your application. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I'm looking for additional volunteer pixel artist to our team for 2D MMO inspired by Bleach universe, we're looking right now for custom hollows (walk, attack animations) (16 frames, 4 directions per sheet) Name: SS Engine: Intersect - Closed Alpha will be released on 25th of May. In case you're interested let me know! Thanks!
  11. Hi! Looking for a programmer who would like to help me get my custom B7 from 3 months ago updated to the latest version We can discuss pricing and the details on discord: Kasplant#7833 Thanks!
  12. I’m yet again looking for a long term pixel artist that can adapt to my style. Please dm me if you’re interested. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone, I'm back to working on my game. I need several source modifications and pixel artist. I can pay. If you are interested my discord ⎝⎝Uyarrr⎠⎠#9075 . Game Name: Telasia Online Engine: Intersect Engine Looking for: GFX Artist or someone talented on editing pixel art I have. Programmer for source modifications for several stuff. Our Current Team: Me (Basically do everything except music) A friend (Makes music) Another Friend (Writes big fancy quest and story lines.) And another friend (Helps on simple stuff from time to time.) Trailer Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/YSeTEp5
  14. Looking for a composer to help create some music for my project! Game Overview: Flintforge Deep (Forum post here!) Project Details: Looking for a composer to create 60-90 second (Or more, depending on pricing) looping music tracks to be played in major areas. This project is being done in Intersect, so they would need to be .OGG files. Looking to keep budgets around $25-40 per track. Open to bulk pricing as well. Music would need to be agreed on for commercial use (Credit will be provided as well) Looking for around 4 tracks at this time (More in the future) for main menu, general city music and two interior building tracks. More details and inspiration for the music can be found at the bottom of the post. Contact: Discord: WobTBW#3744 Inspiration: Game project is heavily inspired by major fantasy games and media (WoW, LOTR, etc.) and mainly takes place in a Dwarven underground city. Looking for have a similar musical motif throughout the game, Since it's heavily focused on RP, looking for something that isn't too loud or distracting. Looking for fantasy ambience! Details below:
  15. Hello AGD, as many of you or maybe not many of you may or may not know at this point. I commissioned JC to create the Guild System. Now his costs are pretty high but in the end worth it as the Guild System was released into the source as V1, basic functionality. As we're moving onto V2, that'll include a couple more features, I figured I'd do a call for help paying for it. V2 will include a few extra features compared to V1 and JC has expressed that only some will be made public, the rest is to be made for me. I have the full intent of sharing the extra things but because of that, the rates are higher on it. V2 Features: - Guild Variables - Will be made public as well. -- Private Additions -- - Guild XP and Level in DB - Max Guild Level / EXP Per Level in a json config file - Grant Guild XP via Event Command - Condition for Guild Level - Calculate Guild Ranking List on Server Boot - As ranks change or guilds deleted keep updating the ranking list in realtime (to avoid extra db queries/processing work) - Condition for guild rank - Event text command for top 10 guilds + level + member count - Guild join requests Everyone who helps paying JC for this will get their hands on the extra stuff that isn't going to be part of source. You can help in one of three ways. 1: https://gofund.me/769d713d - GoFundMe link 2: Send directly to my paypal - https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/aisen 3: Request a invoice from JC using Stripe, in so doing, paying him directly Thank you for your time. JC will be paid regardless but this will speed it up and ensure more features will be released to AGD. People who have contributed to the total end goal: @Khaikaa - $25 @Justn - $175 @Beast Boyz - $30 @Blinkuz - $15 @Austermann - $15 @Lunam - $15 @Guite Emortal - $25 @Rory - $30
  16. Looking to commission an artist to draw up equipment that conform to the LPC character sheets https://sanderfrenken.github.io/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/#?body=Humanlike_white&weapon=Thrust_spear&shadow=Shadow_shadow&sex=male Specifics: - Looking for full "sets" of armor (head/chest/legs/feet) as well as weapons/shields. (do not intend to pay for partial armor sets, sorry) - Only looking for paperdolls for the corresponding animations from the LPC spritesheet: casting (row 1-4), walking (row 9-12), slashing (row 13-16). Not going to mess with the "thrust", may implement bows at a later date. - Will pay extra for recolor/reshades because while I could figure it out, I have plenty of other stuff to work on! - Typical RPG/roguelike, but open to let you explore your own ideas and creativity! (Below is more information about the project to see if it fits your niche) - Ideally would like a variety of assets to "fit" the class roles within the project. Project Information: Project name: Velodia Engine: Intersect! Current Staff: Solo currently. I have checkpoints along the roadmap that I intend to engage and actively recruit additional help. Utilizing LPC character sheets and the tilesets from Szadi Art: https://szadiart.itch.io/rpg-worlds-ancient-forest Roadmap: I have been working on architecture of game systems (equipment, class, progression, crafting, etc) and design. Moving into developing proof of concept for key components. After that, I intend to run a closed alpha from a community of 2d rpg gamers from my past. While that goes and I build a laundry list from there, I'll work on establishing hosting, website, etc. (if you wear hats in these spaces as well, feel free to mention/name-drop and I'll reach out closer to that time! likely will pay then as well). The vision I have for the game itself is an mmorpg that nurtures a tight-knit player community with a suite of events and feedback loops that let people pick their flavor. PvP, dungeon, crafting, theorycrafting builds, etc. This is a passion project that i'm putting my own money into because I find it incredibly fulfilling to world build and bring to life a world I envision based on my gaming experiences. Ultimately the goal is to bring the game to the niche 2D MMO market.
  17. Hello, I am looking for a developer and graphics artist. Someone who may be fit for this position is someone that enjoys doing either, but doesn't have the want to work on their own game, as they'd rather contribute to someone else's game. Graphics artist will be responsible for creating and modifying all graphics to be used in-game as well as artwork required outside of the game. At this moment in time, someone who is good at modifying and creating new paperdoll(s) is a necessity for me. In a developer I am looking for someone who is an expert with making and putting together unique and long quests. This person will also be responsible for the creation, extension and re-balancing of spells/skills in the game. The developer can bring whatever he or she wants to the table, I am just stating the faucets of the game that currently need some love. I will not pay, not because I cannot afford to, but because I believe a self-motivated person will do far better than someone who is expected to get paid. I have no issue paying in the future as I run a business full-time and this is a hobby I like investing time into, but don't have the time to cover all bases in. I firmly believe in the statement, "if you want to go fast, go alone.. if you want to go far, go together." I am looking for someone to pick up on the slack that will exist when I am busy with my business and someone that will go above and beyond. It is a MORPG. I will be making an actual game-related topic in the near future.
  18. Hello guys, Orake needs some help! We are looking for someone that can find dups, cheats, or error the server. If anyone is interested in this position please contact me. it is a paid position, We will talk about the pay privately. I'm using a vb6 engine with a resbak base.
  19. Hello, I go by many names but you can call me Incognito. I am recruiting members to build a more stable and active development team. Game Description: Join us and find yourself immersed in modern city life using your custom character. Fight using all kinds of guns and knifes, Host parties in your house with your friends, Go on heist to gain expensive loot or some cash. This 2D adventure pits you against the ruthless gangs that run the streets and trying to take over their enemy territories and invade their hideouts. Few can survive the challenge: are you up to it? Game Idea: we are going for a gtav rp server type game play we plan on having player houses player own businesses gangs dealing drugs and taking over each other bases win gang rewards test your skills in 1v1 2v2 3v3 and gang spar matches gain money from various jobs like heist mugging robbing stores etc yes much like gta its a game filled with crime Current Positions Open: Graphics Designer 2 of 3 Core Programmer (Core Engine Modifications) 0 of 1 Plugin Programmer 1 of 2 Map Designer 2 of 5 Contact us: Server: https://discord.gg/DkgurXWfta Discord: Incognito#6665
  20. Hello! I am working on a game called Middle Ages: Online. The title is intentionally cheesy, don't worry. The core premise of the game is that the game "used to" be a niche, but relatively popular MMO back in the late 90's, with players running rampant on the gear treadmill and what not. While on that grind, however, the players started sucking the world of its resources. When the game eventually died, it was left a husk, with the NPC's left to fend for themselves and pick up the scraps. Well, twenty years have passed, and the NPC's have found their footing again, and, though without the muscle that a playerbase would provide, have gotten themselves back to a reasonable standing. However, suddenly, new players are showing up again. The NPC's are quite nervous about this and very slow to trust these players - but ultimately it is up to the players whether or not to help the NPC's, or to help themselves. Core mechanics include: - NPC guilds (Warrior, Rogue, Mage) that provide randomized daily jobs for the players - performing these jobs earns the player "Favor" at the guilds, which is how players can increase their ranking (allowing them to equip better gear), and purchase their class skills - Standard loop of Questing, Gathering, Looting, in an effort to earn both coin and commendations from NPC's, that can be used to further progress either with your class or with your ability to harvest resources - PvP, with a GvG system wherein every day from 6-8 players have the opportunity to take over guild halls from one another - holding a guild hall means you get to use your guild bank for the day. The vibe: - 8-bit art style. I try to exclusively use the "NES (NTSC) color palette in Aseprite for my work, and would encourage you to do the same. - Scanlines. I'll probably make these an option down-the-line, but for the moment I think they help selling the style. - Retro music & sounds. Distorted, bitcrushed sounds and rough voice acting. Heavily reverbed music, with a wow filter, and using the retro Roland soundfont from yore. The Work: - Essentially, I have a big trello board full of art that I don't feel comfortable doing - You will pull work from this board whenever you feel up to it - This board is shared amongst my pixel-art friends, who work at a very slow pace (hence why I'm here and offering money, lol) - This is my first project where I'm also doing art, and I'm really terrible at animating at the moment - In addition, there is just so much work to be done, lol - Primarily, I would need you to create entities (new enemies and NPC's) and animations (spell effects, projectiles) to help make the game feel more unique and polished! - We will primarily communicate thru Discord Will the game actually ever have any players? I sure hope so. BUT, know that I am very close to the first closed beta, to get some feedback. Art is the biggest bottleneck I face right now - the other content is nearly ready. Screenshots/Videos
  21. Hello, I'm looking for a C# Developer who can make some features for my game. I'm working on pre-release 0.7. this is the feature i need : Adapt Diagonal Movement (0.6) on 0.7 add one more attack frame sound when get hit and hit a npc or player name appear when mouse is on hide the chatbox and show when press enter or press on the chatbar I will pay for this. You can contact me on discord : ايدن#4230
  22. Name: Skyix engine: Intersect Progress: Adding in items and weapons/armor. Planning on working on the map soon. Current Staff: Just me. Plans: To turn the game into a story and with alot of quests for players to do to complete the game. Roles needed: Developers who can help complete the game. Will i be paid? Maybe if the game makes any money. Let me know if you would like to help or if you have any questions.
  23. Hello ! I will start the creation of a Dragon Ball Z project based on Intersect 0.7. I'm looking first for a UI GFX, who can make all the UI for the game. I can paid, but if you are looking for a project and you are free agent, we can discuss on discord. And i'm looking too for a C# Developer, i can paid too, but if you want to work with me we can discuss too on discord. I can paid for all the work, reasonably because i'm a student. My discord is : ايدن#4230 I will show u the looking of my game and i will explain u what I see for the future of my game. It's a really serious project, which i spend already a lot of time, but I restart from 0.
  24. Hi everyone, Im have decided that Ill start working on my own project. I dont have much to show yet since I have started working on it few days ago, it will be based on Naruto world where you will create a character and you will be able to choose what type of ninja you are looking to be. So far its only me and a friend of mine who will help me creating the map and some item icons. I would like to pay someone to create login screen, character creation and in game ui for the project. Obviously it would be nice if someone would do it for free but I understand that now in days time is very valuable and im happy to pay for a satisfactory job I can provide more details on private. edit: Finally it starting to look a bit more like naruto:
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