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  1. Sweet Candy

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    I became too evil on this game with horns and bugs around my head hahahaha i love it ~ ♥
  2. What games bring nostalgia bring you? to my "Lineage 2" These were my characters on 2008 "Go back the time where you was happy" all memories back again ~ ♥ Post an image with your nostalgic game <3
  3. My mention was not necessary but I still appreciate it >u<
  4. Sweet Candy

    Use \gv in login event with B5.1

    :o thanks but it's not necessary n.n ♥
  5. Sweet Candy

    Use \gv in login event with B5.1

    give me my +1 if work it n,n
  6. Sweet Candy

    Use \gv in login event with B5.1

    Its bcause you need to use this -> [] or this -> {} Ex: \gv[1] or \gv{1} try now and tell me the results n.n
  7. Today I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me
    with a grade 5 heart murmur
    I have fissured the tricuspid valve
    and surely I needed a transplant
    then, I was forbidden to make efforts
    That's all news for now

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    2. Sweet Candy

      Sweet Candy

      @Kibbelz I really do not know...
      because the list of transplants is large
      and the problems become more frequent.
      I have faints more often
      but if anyone ask me ...
      No! I'm not afraid

      I had a long and good life
      and I leave my projects in good hands

    3. Kibbelz


      I hope everything works out :(

    4. Sweet Candy

      Sweet Candy

      All will be fine @Kibbelz n.n

  8. Sweet Candy

    Count as high as you can while staff are sleeping!!!

    P1ease damian :c