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  1. hola mucho gusto , no tienes un canal de youtube? 

  2. 14fa35eea9deccd18e4762568ea9dfd0.png 

    I need friends of AGD on VR Chat
    Please give me your tags~
    (I work a little with intersect because I'm playing this) hahahaha

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    2. Phenomenal


      He said as he typed on a machine invented by the British from a country that was ruled by the British in a system of government made by the British with laws based on those of the British

    3. panda


      He remarks, disregarding that both countries are shitshows.

    4. Phenomenal


      He remarks, acknowledging our collective retardation.

  3. I meant to post this before you went in and wish you good luck, but I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  4. O FUCKING GOD! YEAH!!!! JC You won the heaven!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i love and support all the work of the DevTeam ♥ Hope the best for this engine ♥
  6. Holy molly!!! CHANGE NAME COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  7. Este realmente genial Te felicito Khaikaa realizaste un excelente trabajo ♥ Me encanta >3<
  8. Edit this file: Server \ resources \ config.json
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