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  1. Este realmente genial Te felicito Khaikaa realizaste un excelente trabajo ♥ Me encanta >3<
  2. Edit this file: Server \ resources \ config.json
  3. This is a lovely work Beautiful graphics , History and style (With Mantra cards) im glad to see this work ♥
  4. 4a2a4f2b6ae049326c01da794f20bb4f.png I love my profile
    But i'll love more the B6
    So this will be my finals months/days with League of Legends for be more dedicated to ALMA ONLINE'S Proyect ♥
    (With B6) 7u7 

  5. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Suggestion Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Make any command for show a text with color on the events chat EX: "Hey! Jcsnider , be Careful walking on this places or you will die" and the cmd be: Hey! \pn , \yellow [be Careful] walking on this places or you will \red [die] /////////////////////////////////////////////////// EXAMPLE MEDIA ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  6. only with the source ATM (When the source is released you can make a projectile like an NPC with agro to follow and especific target )
  7. you can't change like your example image For do that changes you'll need the source ATM you can move Up or down the hotbar
  8. On 2017 i made some items for a Survival Game (Like Fallout) but my time its so short for continue with this proyect So Take this items if you want to use and create the best Fallout (Intersect Version) who was never made! Ahahaha i love u guys~ (Some examples): (And a few more): The RAR file: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/aea512e63778a38ed63c612a2550dfe8.rar NOTE: if you like give +1 to me >u<
  9. only 2 steps: i'll masturbate (This is the mostly important step) and then to drink two full packets of Monster I will start a period of 1 week without sleep 1 week for just play making the best set of variables that all Intersect has seen Extra: i will Die Happy~ ♥
  10. Hola oye, una pregunta aa, oye ajuro necesito actualziar mi NET framework a version 4.6.1?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Henrri


      Open source tambien va a pedir NET Framework 4.6.1?

    3. Sweet Candy

      Sweet Candy

      Va a pedir eso y el Visual Studio

    4. Henrri


      aaa ok gracias

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