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  1. Sweet Candy

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Hey @Kibbelz do not you know how much they need to launch the B6? PD: my anxiety is broken me inside
  2. Sweet Candy

    What do you think about this kind of graphics?

    Fancy and simple~ I like it
  3. Sweet Candy

    Multiple People Same Project

    Its possible, but only try to work on different maps than the others or you'll be trolled
  4. Sweet Candy

    Need Paperdoll weapon

    IDK if this can solve your request PD: If you dont like this weapons, Make by your own! (its more easy than you see) Greetings ~ ♥
  5. Sweet Candy


    Yes! you only need to change the order of paperdoll for every ways (Up,Down,Left and right) on the \Server\Resources\config.json Search: And order like: NOTE: Dont forget to make a new Equipment slot called "cape" on the lane "Equipment": {
  6. Sweet Candy

    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    yes :3 that's the because i posted on "General Discussion" hahahaha because i inform and have the chance to get a big shit post >u< hahahahaha
  7. Sweet Candy

    Tutoriales Basicos Para Intersect!

    Espero esto resuelva tu problema n.n
  8. Waitinggggggggggggggg

    1. Oddly



  9. Sweet Candy

    Beta 6 - GUI Part 2 (By JCsnider)

    LoL This post became on a shitpost (?
  10. Update of Intersect (Beta 6) [GUI] - Part II By @jcsnider --------------------------------------------------------- MULTI-CRAFT! now you can craft stacks of items (NEW FEATURE!) Spells CD Display time (NEW FEATURE!) When you use a Buff/debuff on a target or uppon you will show a timer!!! Same on the Hotbar! Same on te Inventory! (For items with actives) Same on the spells window SHOP: The precious design here it's pretty awesome INVENTORY: Now show a bigger pic of the item and all is better positioned BELOW: The desc and the stats can will see by more clarity SPELLS DESC: Similar changes than the inventory screen (A beauty)~ QUEST OFFER: It's more harder make this than appear ~ CRAFTING TABLE: TRADING: EVENT DIALOGS: (All images of this post are stealed from the Jc Stream)
  11. Sweet Candy

    JC GUI - (stolen from his stream)

    Yes im sure too n.n
  12. Viewing the "Chatbox" of the AGD forums I came across this work done by our administrator @jcsnider Appreciate it! PD: i love his work ~ ♥ <--- I must admit that this is funny (Smells fishy) xd "Burns with a fury of 1,000 suns." = Attack + 4 :v (its a joke ♥ ) <--- How the image preview are more bigger its fantastic
  13. :whip: Where is the B6 (its a joke :'v )

    1. buu


      Asking for it delays it

    2. Khaikaa


      Dont you dare using my punishment whip, I'm the only one who can use it.

    3. panda


      B6 comes after B7

  14. Sweet Candy

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    I became too evil on this game with horns and bugs around my head hahahaha i love it ~ ♥
  15. What games bring nostalgia bring you? to my "Lineage 2" These were my characters on 2008 "Go back the time where you was happy" all memories back again ~ ♥ Post an image with your nostalgic game <3