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  1. Could I make a feature request on the github page? Or do you think I should just wait?
  2. Re-Opened to get my other question answered without making a new thread. I'm not too sure how to get that zone title to move.
  3. On your mind? What's

  4. A1RIG7Y M8, Y0U JU57 CR0553D A V3RY F1NE LIN3! ONE...
  5. I REALLY appreciate this, I'll give it a try now and set your reply as the answer! Edit: Worked, I had originally tried that and it didn't worked so I had thought maybe AlignmentTransform would be the solution. Turns out my VisualStudio crashed as I was saving the .json and I didn't notice.
  6. Heyo, I'd like to make some (hopefully) easy and minor adjustments to my GUI however I am kind-of lost when it comes to managing the .json files. When trying to manage these bars on my own, they move to the position I need them to be in but don't properly move when the user changes their resolution. As for the zone title text I cant manage to get it to move outside of the player box in the top left, I'm guessing its constrained to the bounds. I would also like to increase the font size on the zone text if possible. If you'd be willing to help me out setting this up, please let me know what .json file I need to edit and which properties need to be changed.
  7. I've heard a lot of good about it, but my game is online and running with active players and I don't want to risk potential bugs making its way into my game. I'll be testing it on a private server but I'll probably just wait for stable release.
  8. Thanks for the reply, if I move to the development build of 6.2 is there any way for me to move back to stable builds down the line?
  9. Unfortunately in that case I wouldn't be able to help as your program isn't in English. Sorry.
  10. Now @jcsnider I hate to be one of those people, but it has been 2 weeks since you posted this: Do we have any news on an stable release date yet as I am shaking with excitement for this update. There are so many quality of life updates I cant wait to dig my hands into!
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