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  1. Bumping; I've tried looking up what grids RPG Maker sprites work with but still no luck. I'd really appreciate a hand if anyone knows about this sort of thing.
  2. I've just tried the Character Generator today with some custom assets however when I import them into the game they are a tile off/above where they should be. I tried taking them into gimp and lowering them so they are aligned with where they should be however this just makes it worse. When the character is facing down it looks normal and fine, but when the character turns left or right, the same problem happens and they are way off from where they should be. Is there a grid set-up I can use so I can align my characters? I think my problem here is the large weapons I give the characters. Since they are NPC's they cant equip paperdoll's (if I am correct) so I have to give them their weapons in the character builder, otherwise they look stupid having a swinging animation without a weapon, however the Character Generator adds spacing between the characters if an accessory (what I use to put weapons on characters) is too large. What makes no sense is that spaces like this exist in entities that already exist in the engine when you download it fresh, but they work fine (example below). Normal Character Assets: Spaced Out Character Assets: Both of these work fine and stand exactly where they should be, yet the Orcs in the lower photo is spaced out. What grid size in pixels do I need to align my characters to for this to work?
  3. I'm not creat1ve enough for these kinda' things.
  4. I use Google Drive to keep a consistent back-up in the cloud, turns out (for some reason) this interferes with your connection regardless of internet speed. I don't know too much about network stuff so I really couldn't tell you but pausing Google Drive's "Backup & Sync App" before launching resolves this problem. Another quick note is that this only happens with the client, the editor remained unaffected. @jcsnider I'll let you close the question just incase you or anyone else have additional questions/answers.
  5. Hello, I recently tried playing my game that I have been working on and I realized that no matter what, once I log into the game and move around I instantly lose connection to my router. All of my other apps get cut from the internet as well. This happens with no other game and I have gone through server restarts, computer restarts, tried connecting with a fresh client and more. My logs are attached below, another note is that this is only happening on my client. I had about 30 other players test my game's connection a while ago and no issues like this happened. I also had one of my players send me their client and I got the same problem, even though they don't have any issues. Logs: (these logs are isolated, to just my connections no other players connected during the time of these logs.) client - https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/ascensiongamedev/filehost/8c06d74d67fbccbb0c65e4a45815b592.log server - https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/7d7f8aad22043c2298be67a218bf1b36.log
  6. Could I make a feature request on the github page? Or do you think I should just wait?
  7. Re-Opened to get my other question answered without making a new thread. I'm not too sure how to get that zone title to move.
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