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  1. Joyce, I know you seem to be asking too much for the work you have done and I confess to being worthy of applause. Could you do a tutorial teaching staff to implement the expansion? Example: if you create an eye implementation tutorial, we would know how to develop any extras.
  2. Is it possible to implement 2 more small arrows to make the consultation and the eyes?
  3. I know a program that closes the files, but then I would have to play the full game every time I download. Of course, the article specifies that there is a way to decode, but even a barrier is always an obstacle. Is there any way to at least close with some program (encryption as I said) and get it to update only what I put in again?
  4. I want to protect my resources, how should I do? And to update my laucher or put on a laucher, how do I do it too? If I put the laucher and close the resources, how do I update later? And in the update the person will have to download everything again or just what I updated?
  5. Please disregard the post. I had downloaded the C ++ package. kkkk
  6. I'm trying to compile a source without changing anything just for testing, but it's giving this error. I already compiled, cleaned compilation and went on recompiling again. I've also closed and opened the Visual Studio.
  7. I want to know how to change the icon and keep my game up to date. Could you do a little tutorial?
  8. I want to change the icon of my game, but for this it is very expensive, but the intersect is updating all the time. How do I change my game icon and keep the intersect updated? THE source do you update every time you have an intersect update?
  9. Are you updating to the source while updating the engine?
  10. Was the font really released?
  11. Can someone refer me to a website to get free GUI / UI? I need it for my game.
  12. In the game I downloaded, I just messed with the whole fucking thing. Well, by the color code I can change it. But it was the only mismatch that pertains to the GUI (resolution and target). It is changeable by colors in FPSCombobox or ResolutionCombobox
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