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  1. How do I make the stationary character keep moving/breathing? Is there a tutorial on how to make this animation?
  2. Once posted about a way to close the resources, could someone give me the link, please or if @jcsnider has already updated to do this by choice in the program
  3. Someone fix me / know a program that is read by the intersect and that encrypts the image files, please!
  4. I know you can take a print, but I think it's beautiful to protect. I really want to find out how you do that.
  5. I entered a game today which the pngs images of the person's gui and the other personages were corrupted (I will put the photo below), that is, I was not able to view them, but within his game the images worked normally. How do I do this in my game? I tried to do the same by corrupting the image in my game, but I couldn't, the image goes back to the intersect pattern.
  6. Is there a way to hide the resource when the other person installs it on their computer using a command? If not, I also found a program that compiles the file with the exe, but it gives some more time to load the game, as if the game took a few more seconds to process, can you explain the reason that makes this happen? Thank you very much for responding.
  7. is it difficult to do? I could give you a hint.
  8. How do I encrypt resources? Or leave the files in a different conversion that no one can open or open with a specific program.
  9. I'm trying to change the image of the cursor in the font, but I'm not getting it. Can you tell me where I can make this change?
  10. Hello. Thanks for replying, but what I want to know is whether the source when it is cloned comes in the most updated version (at night) or in the stable version.
  11. I'm trying to change the intersection icon, but it still appears in two places on the client. Is there anywhere else that I should change the icon so that it does not appear in places with the intersect symbol? I put this pink test icon, obviously it won't be my game icon. Mudança que fiz no Visual Studio:
  12. Posso compilar uma versão instável no Visual Studio? Se sim, como faço? I want compile 6.2.421
  13. Joyce, I know you seem to be asking too much for the work you have done and I confess to being worthy of applause. Could you do a tutorial teaching staff to implement the expansion? Example: if you create an eye implementation tutorial, we would know how to develop any extras.
  14. Is it possible to implement 2 more small arrows to make the consultation and the eyes?
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