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  1. @Roshi here its your error Delete the "/" or you'll get that error Only put "pink"
  2. Ya entendí, y no Al menos hasta que liberen la fuente no es algo posible
  3. Como poder se "puede" Que significa esto? Si modificas el grafico del target a uno transparente , podrás "Eliminarlo"
  4. Es un error de Sprite, está mal acomodado cada columna (Tienen que tener la misma medida) Eso sí, ten en cuenta que puede hacer que el "Target" quede bien abajo del sprite en sí
  5. If you want to do something like special announcements ingame with colors like: Just follow these steps: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1- Make a new commont event 2- Add a new Chatbox text and write inside \param Put the color what you want and chose channel "Global" 3- Select the trigger "/command" and make a new command (Like: red,pink,blue,etc) 4- Ingame write the cmd what you made on 3st step and include your msg Example: /blue Hello there testers, the server will be reset for apply new things The message will be: "Hello there testers, the server will be reset for apply new things" 5- Enjoy your global announcement NOW IN COLOR!
  6. 1) Add the password of that Gmail 2) VERY IMPORTANT: Enable Less secure apps
  7. But works same to "None" trigger if you put on normal event on the map and call the common event PD: Thanks for the answer
  8. How use the Event trigger: "Player interact" ? On Common Events

    Have a nice day :grog:

  10. Only can be installable on Versións of intersect 5.1 or lowers Doesn't work on B6.0 or + (Need to be adapted)
  11. i will do a donation when i have money :') (ATM im poorly) PD: Excellent work on these icons i love it! ~
  12. Can the gift be a drawn thing? If so, count on me ~
  13. The aprox value only reacheable (I think) with this way: 1) Make the class Note: If you want to hit 100 put the attack on 99 and the Base Damage on 1 (For hit 100 aprox.) 2) Make the Item with +50% Attack 3) And test it with any NPC i Hope this will be useful for you
  14. [ENG] Try reinstalling Net Framework 4.6.1 or more or give us the Error log file for be more accurate the possible solution [SPA] Intenta reinstalar Net Framework 4.6.1 o superior o envíenos el archivo de registro de errores para que la solución sea más precisa
  15. Silence : Blocks the player from casting magic. Stun : Blocks the player from casting spells and walking. Snare : Blocks the player from walking. Blind : Makes all basic damage dealt to 0. Stealth : Makes the player invisible. Transform : Transforms the player into another sprite. Clean : Delete all Buffs/debuffs on the target Invulnerable : Makes invulnerable the target Shield : Protect the target for "X" amount of damage Sleep : Blocks the player from casting spells and walking (Same of the stun but with different text for add more diversity) On Hit : Put a special hit on your next atack (Or target next atack) Taunt : This have 2 special things to do: On Creeps: Block the NPC to atack and follow u On Players: Blocks the target to atack only to you (The target can walk free but he can't atack other targets)
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