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  1. Kibbelz

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Today I added a taunt spell to Intersect. Not worthy of making a new dev blog so I'll post it here. How it works vs npcs: Forces the target to be the caster and the npc will chase and attack you only how it works vs players: Forces the players target to be the caster and cannot be changed until the status is removed. The player can move freely though just can only attack the target that taunted them. (Reason for this behaviour is due to the amount of effort it would take to force the player to move that is anti-hackable thus isn't worth the time)
  2. Kibbelz

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    Neverwinter Nights - This was my childhood:
  3. Kibbelz

    how do i create a jump button

    Its not possible currently until source code is available.
  4. Kibbelz

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Fury name? :^) I'm "Depre" on EUW (Hardstuck D4 baddie), shame you're not an EUW player otherwise we could play
  5. Kibbelz

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Glad to see you open yourself up more here @Candy Panda. Idk why but when I read your name I think of an old pro league of legends player I used to know from way back. Welcome to AGD (again since i know you've been here a while)
  6. Kibbelz


    @Dashplant too big it wont even load on mobile. Maybe crop it or if you want to showoff the whole world a zoomed out version.
  7. Kibbelz

    StalysRex's Resources

    Thanks for sharing. Any chance we could see the completed set? Would love to see what other graphics you've done!
  8. Kibbelz

    joint development

    You cant combine files. You can give your friend a copy of the client and editor and he can connect to your server to help edit the game. You may need to portforward if he cannot connect to your server.
  9. Kibbelz

    AGD Hunger Games!

    My character was just a coward and did nothing haha (except die lol)
  10. Kibbelz

    AGD Hunger Games!

    How does this work? Are the outcomes random each time someone clicks on "progress" or are the results already predetermined for anyone viewing the link?
  11. Kibbelz

    Nightmare Showcase

    More work on Daikokuken Pyramid from myself and @WereAlpaca https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/548855793219534859/566591008503103499/Diakokuten_Pyramid_F1.png
  12. Changed Status to Closed
  13. Thats literally the point of the feature. To randomly add an offset +- of each stat. If you want a static value for your stats assign them invidually in the scroll bars above.
  14. Kibbelz

    Weapon Cooldowns

    Changed Status to Closed