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  1. @XFallSeane I have started using this for Nightmare since its quite a sophisticated website template for Intersect based games. However, I have run into some issues. Mainly because the installation guides are either incomplete or poorly translated. I have been unable to complete this step: I have managed to connect to my webserver via PuTTy using the SSH protocol. However I have absolutely no idea what you mean by this sentence. Can you please tell me exactly what I need to type in to the Linux terminal? I have google translated the french installation guide and I completed everything inside it. The only step I haven't done is the one highlighted in the above image. Have I missed any other undocumented steps too? Regards, Kibbelz
  2. Hi everyone, usually we do not disclose punishments however @JackSoda has been banned from our forums. We operate a 0 tolerance policy for scamming on our forums. If a situation like this has happened to you please speak to a member of staff on the forums via PM. We will only be able to act if you have proof of your claims. Regards, Kibbelz
  3. Very impressed by this. Only critique would be using dirt pathways to illustrate direction to the player. Kibz
  4. Congratulations Jamie. I'll definitely be playing it! Kibz
  5. h (h)salut, combien demandez-vous de créer un système de guilde, mini-jeux, et debug mon jeu

  6. Hi @Bimbo, both myself and the other members of the team in Nightmare are flattered that you like our graphics however we have spent the course of over 5 years working on this project as well as donating some of our time and resources to the free Intersect Graphics Pack. I know you were generally enquiring and I'm probably going to go on a little rant here since the sheer volume of requests we get from new users to use our graphics, however it is a little rude to ask us this don't you think? My team is not here to make your game for you or anyone else's for that matter. I'm not suggesting that you would do this but this has happened in the past (And not just to Nightmare) so I will state this again: Any form of plagiarism will result in a ban here on our forums as defined in our forums rules. Any assets obtained within the free Intersect Graphics Pack are free to use commercially but anything taken directly from another game is a big no. TLDR No.
  7. Very impressive. Is that Pixel Based movement I see? If so I would be very interested to know its performance on a network with a large amount of players. Did you make the graphics yourself? I like them a lot however I'm not much of a fan of the resolution difference between the entities and the tiles. Looks really good, all the best. Kibz
  8. Hey guys I’ll keep this short but I just moved to a new flat with my girlfriend and money is short this month. So I’m available for some coding jobs. I can pretty much do anything that you require, price negotiable. -Kibbelz
  9. Sorry but the game has been disabled from public eye while we push for a steam release. We will reopen the game soon!
  10. I'm going to lock this topic for that exact reason. It will cause more headache supporting people swapping between systems in the long run. Topic Locked.
  11. Tried giving it a go but ended up getting this error: Can you include a link to any library files required in your main thread please? Excited to try this!
  12. In the overworld this might apply with different zones etc but shouldn't in a dungeon. This is why I mainly randomly spawn my npcs as opposed to fixed positions so there is a high chance they will spawn near you and oneshot you if you are low level. If this is still a problem give atleast 1 npc type in each area a long range move.
  13. The best way to look at this is to check if the low level player is within the same proximity of the higher level player. We have a mapGrid object which contains the map the player is standing on and the 8surrounding maps (if there is any). Just do a simple check that party members are on either 1 of the up to 9 maps, if they are award the exp. If not don't. This will force players to actually be inside the level 70 dungeon whilst level 10. If they somehow survive without dieing at that point that's a game balance issue not a party exp one.
  14. You can use google translate however I'm going to lock this topic until you can put up a better one. Low effort topics like this are not allowed on the forums. If you would like to have an example of what we expect from a recruitment thread you can check out this:
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