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  1. Did you restart the server after changing this value?
  2. Leafling's editor runs AnyCPU or x64 yeah, no issues so far as far as I can tell. (Outside existing issues that persist)
  3. The server configuration has map options with tile sizes and map sizes, so yes this is definitely possible. However, after you decide on a size I would NOT recommend changing it again as it might make the work you've done unusable.
  4. I'm pretty sure the spawn list is always done per player.
  5. An npc wth the Static behaviour will never move, and one that has 0 attack stacks or attack scaling won't attack back. I wrote that speciically for the training dummies in Leafling.
  6. In InputBox.Json under the menu layouts there should be a section called Title with the value TextColor
  7. You'd essentially have to keep the server running somewhere at all times and make sure players can access it by portforwarding. (Unfortunately how that works exactly depends on your ISP and modem/router so you might have to look that up yourself) An alternative solution would be to host your server in the cloud either with intersect specific hosting or somewhere like Amazon AWS or a random VPS hosting platform. You'd still need to know how to open ports on a firewall in all but the intersect specific hosting though. If you need help with a specific step you'd probably be best off writing how far you've got and what part you don't entirely understand.
  8. I believe the text render colour attributein the JSON file under the window title should do it.
  9. It would likely be relatively simple to do through a source edit. But not something supported by the base engine itself.
  10. To my knowledge this timer is hardcoded and not configurable per animation but for the entire system as a whole since it switches out entire caches rather than a single portion of the map.
  11. It should work, in theory although I don't think anyone has really attempted to actually utilise the system yet. So you'll be hard pressed to find (especially non programming) help on this particular subject. Unfortunately I'd also have to sit down and Google translate those errors as I have to admit my knowledge of Portuguese is limited to a few swear words. I'm also a little lost as to what the actual issue you are facing right now is. Does it compile? Does it not compile? All I see is warnings in the last screenshot.
  12. Ah my next guess would have a null character name. Lol well I guess that's it then. 🤣
  13. Can you try it with a clean build of B6.2? It sounds as if something isn't right with the data being sent to the server or some other change causing weird issues on the check for character names existing or not.
  14. Which version are you running and have there been any changes made to it?
  15. In terms of OS support, that's no different. Anyway, what resolution are you running?
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