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  1. Correct, although it might be easier to send him your client and editor files if you're using different graphics from the default ones or he won't see any of your game properly. And do keep in mind that you'll need to port-forward if UPNP isn't opening the port for you properly.
  2. The easiest way would be to have a system somewhere that hosts the server 24/7, so you can put the client (and editor) on any computer you want to access the game from.
  3. This gets asked fairly often. Most recently answered here https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5593-change-map-name-location/?do=getLastComment
  4. If I'd do that it would definitely not go into 6.2 as it would break existing GUI layouts.
  5. You'll have to move it out of the box in the source code I'm afraid. It's not a huge edit, but does require you to compile it yourself.
  6. I saw something in the sprite options about it. It's probably related to the idle and combat animations system. I'd imagine @jcsnider would know how to activate it as he wrote it though.
  7. Don't quote me on this, but I did see some level of support for this somewhere in the code of 6.2 or 7 by memory. But I can't recall exactly how it works, or if it's only naming conventions for future plans.
  8. It won't be configurable on an NPC to NPC basis. But that's something I might get in for B7. There's already several pending changes I have to get approved first though.
  9. No, though 6.2 will become the stable build soon (TM).
  10. When it's done, essentially. There's no set release date or schedule for anything. We might have to do one more round to fix some bugs that were reported before that happens as well. You can use 6.2 as it is though, there's automated builds for it if you really want to use it now.
  11. There's some mechanic that attempts to rectify people's stat points on level changes (ie, when a class gets more stat points after the character was made) that's probably doing this. But I'd hazard a guess it's because you're doing something that isn't officially a thing. Technically speaking it could be a bug and also not. Because yeah, the delevelling system itself does not exist and isn't supported. But there's half functional code for it and the event system technically allows for it. Albeit imperfect.
  12. I don't think delevelling is officially supported, I'm not sure how you're even doing this? To my knowledge there's no proper logic to handle someone levelling down?
  13. The code for this was completely changed in version 6.2, which should in theory release soon. Not sure if you're able to wait for that?
  14. Which version of the engine is this on, and what are the exact settings? I'm afraid I can't read that language.
  15. I don't think you're going to be able to copy/paste that right into the source like that. Mostly because we're dealing with a client and server. Secondly we're dealing with a tile based grid so fine pixel based movements aren't going to work. Anyway, if you want to know where the player movement is handled I'd suggest looking at the movement packets both client and server side and see where those are both called from and where they lead. You'll have to figure out a way to make the movement legal for the server side and look good on the client.
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