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  1. You'll have to change this in the source in two places. One is in the project properties and the other is in a bitmap file somewhere in the project files. I can't recall where exactly off the top of my head though.
  2. You can, it's in the editor options. Once enabled whenever you build an update from the editor it'll encrypt your resources.
  3. The documentation pages are available over here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Documentation Anyone is welcome to add to them and submit a PR.
  4. There is some documentation on the official documentation site. But I don't think it includes a lot of the recent additions.
  5. Ah, I assumed you used a recent one. I don't know, you'd have to look into that yourself I suppose.
  6. Sounds like a bug report to me. Might have broken that by accident on the Dev branch.
  7. I'm sorry but can you please post the error logs rather than a screenshot?
  8. Ah, seems to be an nvidia overlay of some sorts doing it, googling NO DC overlay seems to give some results.
  9. Are you targeting yourself there? It looks like it's rendering a copy of the window over the window again. Strange, what exactly did you change?
  10. Deleting things from those tables doesn't delete everything related to the account and characters. It just leaves bogus data in your database. You'd have to delete everything else that's referenced in the other tables as well which is quite a chore. If you're going to delete just the users I still think it's easier and less dangerous to just.. ban them. If you ever have code that references back to the user from every character and you don't delete everything you might run into some trouble at some point.
  11. Personally, I'd not worry about deleting them too much and just ban them permanently. The amount of storage space a few accounts take up aren't really worth worrying about and if they're banned no one can log in to them anymore.
  12. There's some documentation regarding getting started with the source code over here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/forum/376-official-developer-docs/ You could in theory edit the database, but I would not recommend doing so outside of the server's source code and the server while it runs because you'll just be making your life more difficult. There is no Mobile version nor any plans to make one. It'd be a massive undertaking to rewrite practically the entire engine to make it work on mobile phones.
  13. Make sure you're running the server as well, it's an engine meant for online games. You'd likely want to make sure your game is online.
  14. This only counts for the client, the server doesn't load any resource that isn't a JSON file or database object.
  15. That sounds like a pretty hacky solution that won't perform very well when scaled up to larger amounts of players and projectiles. Personally I'd invest time into making actual hitbox objects and base collision on those.
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