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  1. I meant that line of code, it's redundant. Classbase.FromList(#) already returns the full class instance. Your use on the selection buttons also makes no sense as it's not being assigned to anything, you're just executing? As for the error, run it in debug mode and breakpoint the Init method, then step through every step to find out what's a null reference, I fear that might be the only way.
  2. I don't get this line to begin with. Classbase.Lookup.Get(Classbase.FromList(#).Id); What are you trying to accomplish here? You already have the class and are looking it up again? As for the exact reason, I fear you'll have to tear the statements apart and debug them one by one and go through it all to see what is null exactly. When I try and use ClassBase.FromList(0); it gives me a functional class base in the Init method.
  3. Shouldn't the client logs at least provide the reason it crashes? Might be worth looking at that, rather than wildly guessing.
  4. The github branches are the most recent of their respective code bases. The build server keeps track of it's own version numbers and the github repo always sticks to 0 versions. Easy way to tell if people use a custom version too.
  5. It's mostly that the event system was never really designed to do such a thing. It has no knowledge of any players or entities outside the player it runs the event for. Honestly I would likely go for a hybrid approach for this with both programming and events combined. Events for basic stuff and joining factions but code for the implementation of specific features related to them.
  6. Adding to this, it is on the to do list. However there's currently no time frame available for when it'll be worked on.
  7. The paperdoll implementation is different pretty much everywhere and depending on your own logic the checks would be different. But I'd be checking what slot it's trying to render and then hide it depending on whatever parameters you've set. There's no easy answer here as there's a lot of different ways to handle both situations.
  8. Both Leafling and Nightmare have some form of cash shop implemented, so it's definitely possible to do.
  9. Strange, I'm managing to download it? How about just the resource files? @Kibbelz https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4fc7b80aa159511b185f70feca52a425.zip Fear my MS Paint skills, for they are most vile.
  10. Version 1.1.1: [Download] Added options to set colors and textures independently for resource types based on tool type. Added an option to configure a timer for updating entity locations, rather than doing so every single update. Fixed an issue that would not allow custom sized minimap windows. Note: this version requires an (currently) unmerged pull request!
  11. That's fair, was just curious to the reasoning behind it really. I'd say luring in aspiring mappers is a pretty good one. (Also, I didn't want to send a PM about this because it seems a bit trivial, but I updated the minimap repo with a few new changes that might be cool )
  12. I see, I fear there's no other way to do that than by editing the source.
  13. Like when they move, attack, get hit, die or spawn..? I think we'll need a little bit more to go on here to give you a proper response.
  14. I believe jc got it to work by deleting the System.Buffers reference from the client or framework.
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