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  1. If I remember, you may have to compile one of the projects manually once before compiling the rest of the project. I'm not sure which that is. But it's looking for Intersect.Building
  2. I'm just going to quote myself again here, because you're not really providing any information to build off of with an answer.
  3. I think I've had to manually compile the Core and Networking libs before doing a full project before, but that is from memory of quite a while ago.
  4. Sorry but that sounds a little bit vague to me. What are you trying to do and what have you managed to do so far? And what are you stuck on exactly?
  5. Yes, although the visual aspect would have to be entirely custom made. Nothing in the event system would stop you from generating a random number and granting rewards based on that though. It just wouldn't be very visually appealing given that it is a primarily text based system.
  6. I think you may need to provide a little bit more information as that looks like it just shuts down the instant it loads up.
  7. I believe you should be able to change the font for the chat window somewhere. You'd have to search for how to import your own fonts though, there should be a tutorial on the forums somewhere.
  8. I don't know what denwer is, but the mysql server itself can be anywhere you want. I'd suggest keeping it close to your game server to reduce query latency though.
  9. By default the server uses sqlite which is a file based database system. That's why unless you switch to mysql you won't have to set anything up. If you run the migration command and give it a server to connect to it'll move the data over and import it automatically.
  10. It's not my hosting, Jc does that and it's entirely his system. But there should be a guide on the related site on how it works though. And the short of what to do to locally host a server is basically as follows: - have a computer on 24/7 - run intersect server.exe - If the server says it can't be reached from the internet, portforward the port you've configured for the server (may have to look up how to do this for your modem/router as it depends on the make and model) - point your client configuration to your Wan ip address. After that you'll have to package up your client and distribute it through some means again. Be it a website, itch.io, steam or whatever other platform you want to use.
  11. Server\resources\ playerdata.db gamedata.db Those are the sqlite files. I would highly suggest migrating to mysql for a live game however. (Check the server command migrate for more information)
  12. You use the same naming conventions for them as sprites. So paperdoll.png turns to paperdoll_attack.png for the attack frames.
  13. Regarding the server host, I don't think you're understanding what a server host is. It won't host your files but just your game server. Itch and steam can only host your game files. Regarding where the database goes.. It stays with you. A nything in the server folder will stay on the game server and players will never see any of those files. The client folder will go to the players and need some place to be updated from through a webserver or something.
  14. In that case, if hosting the server on your own system is out of the question the easiest way would be this: An alternative would be to set up your own VPS and configure, maintain and secure it though that will likely be more expensive and time consuming. Regarding distribution, you'll want some place to host the files and updates and configure a few things. The general concept is explained in the documentation: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/deploy/distributing.html#preparing Depending on what you choose to use (website, itch.io, asset encryption or no) and what you intend to use to get your client across there might be some minor tweaks here and there you need to do yourself. If you have more specific questions we could give more specific answers.
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