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  1. I believe there's a configuration line for this in the clients resources\client_config.json file.
  2. There's your problem. His mod is not done the same way the system works in Intersect and the data is NOT interchangable. His mod stores the data elsewhere, and you would likely need to manually migrate the data to the correct locations to make it work again.
  3. I think we'd need a bit more information as to what exactly you mean here and what your setup is.
  4. Should probably have specified that, as the engine doesn't care about your resource sizes and just accepts them if the frame counts are correct. Tile size does need to be edited in the server configuration however. As for additional movement frames, you'll have to add those in the entity rendering classes as that's not something configurable.
  5. It's definitely possible, but by default it's not supported to load larger images and render them as smaller objects.
  6. I was thinking that as well, might be a 404/403 page
  7. In theory you could have items with no icons on there. But they'll still show tooltips and would be purchasable. This would likely be a source mod if you want something sleek.
  8. That sounds like your file isn't reachable. Can you try to open the file you configured to update from in a browser and see if you get what you expect?
  9. Sounds like a bug worth reporting to me.
  10. It's not downloading all files. It's stopping at client.exe, so the reason it works now is because you already have the client downloaded to run it.
  11. Sorry man, but a 403 is really something you've configured (or is default) on your webhost somewhere so not much we can do about that. And does your webhost block downloading executables if it gets stuck on the client? Ignore the warning in your php logs as that's entirely unrelated and wouldn't cause an issue here anyway. A 403 happens because of permissions.
  12. Can you reach the update.php file from a webbrowser?
  13. I know some people have written one for themselves, but I don't see them sharing it as its made specifically for their game. But as Kassie said, the base engine does not have such a feature.
  14. Could try that. I'm not sure how that hosting site treats its files but that seems like a safe bet for testing
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