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  1. If you want a system such as that, where it works anywhere I fear you'll have no choice but to write it yourself in C#. While the engine provides a basic set of features and instructions it is not designed to so everything out of the box. As for the pictures command, there's a resource folder that contains images that it pulls from if I recall. It just displays it in the middle of the screen though and is not interactive.
  2. Technically when a projectile hits something it's not the player doing it. The way you're trying to use it is not exactly how we had the system in mind. If that's how you want it to work you may want to post a feature request for it on GitHub. I can see that being an optional toggle at some point.
  3. No problem, if this is an issue I'd want to see it fixed so any information you or anyone else can supply regarding it would be most welcome!
  4. Possibly, only on the gamedata database though. The player one already runs MySQL and has a different saving mechanism if I recall. If this is reproducible by anyone it'd be interesting to look in to. It's definitely not supposed to do this. I'm leaning towards an issue with saving multiple objects in quick succession (the editor sends the changed objects one by one) being an issue rather than a rollback though. I remember Leafling had a similar issue at some point where all maps wouldn't save what folders they were placed in to after a reboot but I'm pretty sure that particular fix was ported alongside the rest.. and only really pertained to map folders. Everything else saved just fine.
  5. If you're able to reproduce it on a fresh build and can get it fairly consistently reproducible that'd be amazing. I've managed to find an issue with saving quest tasks recently. There's a possibility there's some more problems somewhere. The reason I'm asking about global variables is that they're stored and saved through the same database context as items, maps etc. I'm thinking that might interfere with eachother if it happens at the same time on different threads seeing how sqlite doesn't like doing two things at once.
  6. Okay, game data is unrelated to any known issues I'm aware of.. Interesting, unfortunately I'd want to know what the server says if this happens.. and does it happen every time or just sometimes? I'm also curious if you're doing this on a server where there's a lot of global variables being changed constantly or not.
  7. Yeah, as far as we are aware it's related to using the same account on both the editor and the client. Causes some funny business.. FOR PLAYER DATA on the account that is in the editor and client at the same time. Is this what is happening or some other form of rollback? Can't quite make the exact extent of the rollback out from your post.
  8. That's odd. Could you try checking if the same thing happens to the prerelease version? 6.2 is fairly outdated.
  9. From the resources folder could you try deleting the editor strings fine?
  10. What version is that and did you change anything in the language file?
  11. I don't believe there's support for this at the present? You'd likely have to write up a request for this on the GitHub issues page.
  12. Not by default, there's currently no concept of stock on shops.
  13. Have you tried selecting it on the map and hitting copy and paste? It should work. Also jeebus what the heck needs 98 pages. Lol
  14. Also note that if you do die, admin and moderator characters can hit Insert to get a menu that lets them teleport around the world at will.
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