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  1. Again, fast and good results. got the random fill to work on attributes for clustering resources like trees . Also fixed the randomness of the tiles selected.
  2. Yeah it does only place from how they're selected in the tileset however if you don't do a big selection/ low % it still has a good placement for tiles i found 10% for a cluster of 9 random ground textures works well enough. Though that would be awesome to have random placements from the selected tiles as well.
  3. does pretty quality work, fast results. thanks.
  4. started messing around with intersect again and made a map. Looks a bit chaotic. I may have went overboard with the vegetation.
  5. Tales of Tria now has a title screen!
  6. Looks like a lot of blood splatter with a dude missing a head and foot?
  7. getting started with some extra details for interior and outside areas!
  8. Looks sick man! mine has a few bugs right now but I'm slowly sorting them out
  9. Finished Side view this morning for our latest boss. This is my favorite one so far.
  10. Current showing of our bosses in Tales of Tria all are subject to change but the general scale and design is there.. Let me know what you think. 2x view is in the spoiler
  11. basic late night doodles. just a messy wip goblin boss, start of a design with the thought that the boss be will potentially pick up and throw the normal sized goblins at you.
  12. Hey, this is just a sample of the current enemies you might encounter during your adventure in Tales of Tria.
  13. fun little dancing goblin, he's still got it with his old age. just a random animation to pass time and wind down after work. 4 frames
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