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  1. basic late night doodles. just a messy wip goblin boss, start of a design with the thought that the boss be will potentially pick up and throw the normal sized goblins at you.
  2. Hey, this is just a sample of the current enemies you might encounter during your adventure in Tales of Tria.
  3. fun little dancing goblin, he's still got it with his old age. just a random animation to pass time and wind down after work. 4 frames
  4. Embedded Video Link sadly no longer using Intersect for my project but, I finally have a working depth system for Tales of Tria.
  5. Slime boss concept also a title screen concept
  6. delay is a bit wonky for some reason but yeah, here are some animation concepts for early on npc's
  7. More concepts. Let me know what you think
  8. Still a WIP, subject to change some things, and the fishing man needs to be animated but yeah this is becoming alive. Embedded Video Link
  9. Looking for a programmer to do some source mods for my game in development Tales of Tria This is a paid job, message me your rates in either a DM or on Discord ( Names#3370 ) Details about the work needed will be discussed in private. Looking forward to working with you.
  10. 150f02448a7a898052b602c8a6af236d.png(Image)

  11. This is pretty dope! Would be cool if a "scatter" option on this could be added so you can control how clustered / distanced the objects should be apart from each other.
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