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  1. Finished Side view this morning for our latest boss. This is my favorite one so far.
  2. Current showing of our bosses in Tales of Tria all are subject to change but the general scale and design is there.. Let me know what you think. 2x view is in the spoiler
  3. basic late night doodles. just a messy wip goblin boss, start of a design with the thought that the boss be will potentially pick up and throw the normal sized goblins at you.
  4. Hey, this is just a sample of the current enemies you might encounter during your adventure in Tales of Tria.
  5. fun little dancing goblin, he's still got it with his old age. just a random animation to pass time and wind down after work. 4 frames
  6. Embedded Video Link sadly no longer using Intersect for my project but, I finally have a working depth system for Tales of Tria.
  7. Slime boss concept also a title screen concept
  8. delay is a bit wonky for some reason but yeah, here are some animation concepts for early on npc's
  9. More concepts. Let me know what you think
  10. Still a WIP, subject to change some things, and the fishing man needs to be animated but yeah this is becoming alive. Embedded Video Link
  11. Looking for a programmer to do some source mods for my game in development Tales of Tria This is a paid job, message me your rates in either a DM or on Discord ( Names#3370 ) Details about the work needed will be discussed in private. Looking forward to working with you.
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