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  1. Need Help [Paid] Project Elder Tales

    PM me your discord
  2. The presents thread.

    I got some socks. Bought it for myself and wrapped it.
  3. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Hi. @Kyrise Thanks for releasing the Christmas lights/ presents I ended up using the lights and I resized one of the presents to fit.
  4. Create a sprite for my game

    Goku + Whis = Gois
  5. How about those fish that can swim up your urethra
  6. 16x16 Items

    I started expanding my submission (the bow and arrows) into a full set. However, I've lost interest so feel free to use for whatever.
  7. So stressed out. Might have to sell my motorcycle to make ends meet.

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    2. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      That sucks man, hope things get better.

    3. George


      ah, one of my roommates left and ones out of work due to injury so no income but mine. gotta come up with a extra 1300/m 

      RIP to my baby girl.

    4. IAskQuestionsTooMuchButHey


      That sucks ;c it's a nice bike too

  8. First time I tried to pixel art high. Not sure how well it came out but I expanded on some previously made art (first two)



    1. Essence


      Still looks pretty cool in my opinion, love the art style.

  9. Arcwyre Community Weapon Contest

    Decided to give it a go. Late night and I am bored.
  10. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Work has been keeping me pretty busy the last week but I managed to start designing a logo for Tales of Tria. WIP
  11. Showoff New Intersect Website

    10/10 Overall the site looks great. Keep up the good work.
  12. Too tired to finish this. Let me know what you think (Image)


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    2. Refur


      it looks good!, I think the same as @PixelFox, take care with the stroke style, is not like the rest of the scenario

    3. George


       @PixelFox I agree, though it didn't catch my eye till you mentioned it. ^_^  @Kibbelz I was thinking about starting up an old project I dropped a few years back. I might make a full post about it later on this week or next. 


    4. PixelFox


      Yep that looks better. :D looks good! Good luck in your project.

  13. RIP Chester.

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    2. Ragnar Lothbrok

      Ragnar Lothbrok

      R.I.P Chester Bennington - Childhood hero and Member of Linkin Park. You will never be forgotten! <3

    3. Crest


      In the end, I guess it really does matter.


      Rip Chester

    4. Agoraphobic
  14. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    I prefer option 1.