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  1. h (h)salut, combien demandez-vous de créer un système de guilde, mini-jeux, et debug mon jeu

  2. Good evening, I need help for the sprite side. I would like to know if it was possible to enlarge the layer of sprites in order to have room to create my paperdolls. Because the size it currently I can not do much or else it will be small and certainly illegible in play. On the other hand I want to keep the size of my sprites, I just want wider locations. Thank you very much to the community. I'm going to set an example. this and the size of my sprites And here's what I want to do to be freer in the paperdolls
  3. Good evening, I'll need some help. I use an intersect CMS and configure it fine. And to get to the configuration of the API the problem happens, I have to add my server side account for the API. Except that when I want to connect to my account on the site, but its not working it displays an error, can you help me there is more than its left to use the site 100%
  4. Hello, Everything was installed perfectly, the APIs also seen that it finds the server open and sees the list of players. On the other hand, big problem, impossible to connect with his game account and even create an account.
  5. Hey @jcsnider Do you have a way to be able to perform the updates? I don't want to pay for a webhost in addition to the server.
  6. Good evening, I bought an intersect cloud housting server, and I wanted to make the way to update my game, except that I have an error which appears and cannot proceed to the manipulation to be done. Can you help me ? Thank you community
  7. I wanted to do with time so I really have to take myself wrong to the manipulation to do because its not x) On the other hand I end up with 60 NPC see - I have to look if it has way to change the number of NPC to do spawnEt comment pouvez-vous créer cet événement pour mettre npc sur une carte la nuit?
  8. And how do you create this event to put npc on a map at night?
  9. Hello the community. I created this post because I would like to know if there was a possibility of making sure to make an NPC spawn system. My idea and I will want zombies to spawn that at night and during the day it does not spawn. I have looked in the events but I am blocking. If you have a tutorial it will be super cool! Good dev everyone
  10. Hi all, I present you several resource rpg maker, I will give you more entitie later! Your opinions will help me to improve myself and to share you with best creation
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