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  1. [By Cocolharicot] Items and paperdolls

    New paperdolls and items
  2. Arcwyre Community Weapon Contest Voting

    I like
  3. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Work in the yard, lost village maps
  4. [By Cocolharicot] Items and paperdolls

    I will work on it
  5. Intersect Hosting Solutions - A low as $5/month!

    Very good ! Good job
  6. [By Cocolharicot] Items and paperdolls

  7. [By Cocolharicot] Items and paperdolls

    Good evening, I come to share but art, they are not done in professional art, but they are their charm There are paperdolls and icons Looking forward Sceptre: Shield: Bow: Wing:
  8. Intersect Beta 4.3 Released!

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
  9. Need help code color " config server "


    I'm use  and it does not give the true color

    1. AspiringAdventurer


      Hi , Sorry for the late reply  ! 

      Been busy to work and out of towns anyway . have you figured it out yet? and what exactly you need help with? send me a screenshot of the place's you want to change the colors and i'll guide you to it.

      For example Admin Name Color
      in Server\resources\colors.xml find <PlayerNameAdmin> argb (255,255,255,255)

      A - Alpha add's transparency

      R- Red

      G- Green
      B- Blue

      Look in the colorcodehex for RGB then add the values from there. (255. x . x .x ) where X is the placeholder to put the value.

      Keep me posted and i'm willing to help .

  10. Need help paperdolls

    Yes !!!!
  11. Need help paperdolls

    I will look again, but hey .. I leave nothing!
  12. Need help paperdolls

    I used gimp as said, but the problem is that the next annimation this shows also on other annimation ... Here is the example Do not pay attention I put black to distinguish. Paperdolls use: item use: possible that my tilset and stick too much? Or if he has an explanation to avoid that ...
  13. Need help paperdolls

    Do you know a tutorial for gimp? Thank you
  14. Need help paperdolls

    What software do you use to do this?