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  1. Hi!! i was traying to add some cool animations for game but they have some black background like the slash on animation folder, i found a video how to remove that black bg and its easy.. My results Before: http://bit.ly/2seLMBz After : http://bit.ly/2rzyPBk
  2. Hi!! everybody i found a tool useful to costum a VX character and export as XP character, my english is bad but its a easy tool to use.. VX version Link: Click Here XP version Link: Click Here Sprite Creator 3 Made By: Brian Jensen Sprite Creator 3 FB: Click Here Example:
  3. thanks i found the problem in my AMD radeon software i disable this option and it works again
  4. i have like 3 days using this cool engine but shust i few minutes ago start crashing, any solution my english is bad sorry
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