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  1. The bug is a larger issue than I initially thought. Im redoing how I initially handled animations to fix this. Ill post an update as soon as its done. Im also looking into updating this version to the newest version on Intersect, which will a bit or work to do.
  2. Ill take a look at this tonight, if you have a video of this please feel free to message it to me.
  3. Hi sorry, they have been slower because Ive been working a lot more recently but im trying to write some code related to this once a day. Ill post an update soon but Im still working on movement and making it feel as smooth as possible.
  4. I do plan on making a wiki to help people traverse the engine. 99% of the engine is the same as intersect but small stuff like the spritesheet and jump configs are completely intuitive.
  5. Ill try to replicate these bugs, in the mean time, could you send me videos of this happening?
  6. How it works is every time the engine tries to update the position of the player/checks if they are grounded it adds one to the fall count. When i divide offsetY by 2 the player falls way too slow. Im not really sure what these offsets do tbh. Ill try to mess with offsetX because that could be the issue.
  7. Here is where im at currently Embedded Video Link What is happening currently, is im trying to have a condition where the player would move 2 down and 1 over. Im not sure where the engine handles this or if the server is over-correcting for the movement but any insight would help. I can provide code examples if needed. Here is some code Client Player.cs if (IsTileBlocked(X + 1, Y + 2, Z, CurrentMap, ref blockedBy) == -1) { tmpY += 2; tmpX++; IsMoving = true; Dir = 7; OffsetY = -(Options.TileHeight * 2); OffsetX = -Options.TileWidth; OffsetX = 0; FallDir = 7; } Client entity.cs case 6: //SW if(Globals.Me.FallCount > 2) { OffsetY += deplacementTime; OffsetY += deplacementTime; } else { OffsetY += deplacementTime; } OffsetX -= deplacementTime; if (OffsetY > 0) OffsetY = 0; if (OffsetX < 0) OffsetX = 0; break; Please dont comment on code quality (unless there is a glaring issue), I want to get it working first and then ill clean up.
  8. Update version 1.1 released! Here is the download for the new version, Includes compiled EXE and source https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eGKKi3cNrh0qUVXLGS3EJYbCkZ1m2K04 Change - New Ladder Tile - Just add the ladder attribute in the map editor! - Ability to edit jump height without code edits - On the client and server navigate to resources/config.json, open with your text editor of choice and change the "JumpHeight" field - Jump animations - Add a sprite sheet with the "_jump" suffix to add jump animations! - Climb animations - The Up and Down direction on the base sprite sheet are now climb up and climb down Support Me If you would like to support me, now you can find me on patreon! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=34062227 Special thanks Hedgy and Sonicfreak, you make this possible!
  9. Ive pushed a couple more things to the github: The bug with other characters animation changing when your character jumps is fixed. Ive also added more checks for telling if the player is jumping All of this will allow me to fix the walking animation being inserted in the middle of the jump animation. When that is fixed, Ill compile and put up a download.
  10. Ive fixed the chatbox bug and it is available on github. My todo list for the next release (this means compiled download) is -Arrow shooting up and down bug -Jump animation fixes I aim to have this completed by the end of this week
  11. Hey Jumbo,


    Really enjoying your platform edition of the intersect engine so far :5_smiley:

    I've started working on a side project with some people using the engine, and wondered if I could ask some questions about the engine.

    If so can I add you on some messaging service like discord? This forum doesn't allow me to send PM's it seems, that's why I'm posting it here. :2_grimacing:

  12. We can talk about it and ill see if Im your guy. Id probably charge a flat rate that will be discussed once the work is layed out. Feel free to pm me.
  13. Update There is now the ability to change the jump height without changing source code. On the client side navigate to resources/config.json, open with your text editor of choice and change the "JumpHeight" field On the server side navigate to resources/config.json, open with your text editor of choice and change the "JumpHeight" field under "Player" The two values have to match! The update is currently available on github.
  14. Ill add that, great idea! For now, ill add it to a config file so you can edit it without programming.
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