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  1. I need some help with the concept of limiting movement speed for multiplayer games. Current this is my server code (Java) case "2": player.movePlayer(Integer.parseInt(data[1])); sendPackets(packets.updatePlayerPos(player)); break; This receives the request for a player movement update and then sends the client the new movement coords. This is the client code (GDScript) func _input(event): #move up if Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_W): client.sendPacket(pDef.movePlayer(1)) #move left elif Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_A): client.sendPacket(pDef.movePlayer(2)) #move down elif Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_S): client.sendPacket(pDef.movePlayer(3)) #move right elif Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_D): client.sendPacket(pDef.movePlayer(4)) This chunk of code sends the server the request for a movement change when a button is down, of course this sends the server this packet as fast as your fps. I want to regulate speed on the server side. I cannot think of a way to accomplish this. Im not asking for exact code, just concepts. I want to be able to limit speed by an arbitrary value. Thank you for any help!
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  3. Ill keep this short and sweet. Im looking to make an experimental client for my Orpg engine and im looking for some advice on which javascript game framework to use. It needs to be able to communicate with a java server (this will probably be done with some other networking framework) and be light/fast enough for an ORPG. An example would be phaser. I know nothing about any of the frameworks out there and im open to anything and everything even engines like godot. Thanks!
  4. SOOOOOOO.... While work has been slow I've made some changes. I've switched from slick2d to libgdx and switched from Derby to H2. Many reasons to do this but it will make everything much easier for me. Movement is being worked on and hopefully school wont get much crazier for a while.
  5. Still alive, movement is under ways. Will take longer because of school starting up.
  6. Im gonna briefly play with the idea of a custom map editor but Tiled seems like the best way to go. I have the repo, just want it to be more than what I have before people get a hold of it lol. Im implementing movement as we speak so shouldnt be more than a couple of days.
  7. This is my 2D Side Scroller ORPG Engine written in Java. Not a "no programming required engine" like we typically see around here. This is being developed for my own game but I decided to make it open source for other people to use. Its not currently ready to be used but I'm putting as much free time as I can into it. Currently the GitHub repo is private. I will make it public once basic movement Is implemented. This post is for documentation at this point. //Summary Currently the client can: - Accept login credentials and validate them over the server - Keep a consistent connection to the server - Use a TCP socket with UDP functionality - Load and display graphics from a folder - Have multiple game states and move between them Currently the server can: - Take commands to display and add to SQL databases. - Example: "/sql getdb:DBNAME" will print a database in the server console - Edit user information - Update admin with errors with game world - Display vital information needed to run a multiplayer game //Built With Slick2d - The graphics framework used Apache Derby - SQL databse used TWL - Advanced GUI features KyroNet - Networking BCrypt - Encryption for login //TODO - Expand upon UDP for actual gameplay - Implementing gameplay - More SQL commands in server - Add more databases relating to players - More to come..... //Screenshots
  8. Windows has a HUGE advantage, it is the industry standard.
  9. I can tell you how mad I was. I was about half way to 111 and it went down.
  10. Anyone going to be playing the new expansion? I think it comes out tomorrow. The lore themed content made me resub yesterday after the boring demon theme of Legion made me want to quit. I think im going to play my hunter this xpac. Add me; Narrik on Sargeras US. If former wow players are here and haven't seen the xpac, here are some videos.
  11. I guess my initial confusion was on the editor, the chkboxes wont show up for me
  12. How would I go about adding a new tile type to the editor(with the opt box) and to the client.
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