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  1. PS4 or XBONE

    Xbox just because of Forza
  2. Why I never get any sleep

    I completely understand. Whenever I get to come home my cats will wake me up at 3am trying to get under my blanket or wanting to play.
  3. Work Stations

    My dorm
  4. Anyone want waffles?


  5. Whats good my dodds

  6. Whats good my doods

    1. Crest


      I thought this said Dodds....

  7. Graphics Sprite help

    Soooooo... I have this sprite that I made way back when and the forward facing sprite looks amazing imo but I could never get the side to look correct. Here is the sprite: I would greatly appreciate any help with making this look better and help me start a side walking animation. Ive always been bad with the side view.
  8. Whats good my dudes

  9. Orion+ 2.0

    One thing that I always thought these engines needed was attacking animations, like 3 separate animations for attacks. If you could make that happen that would be unique. I like the work you are doing, just the language itself makes it better than most engines out there imo.