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  1. Favorite linux distro

    Yeah, but Unity is going out of service. Ubuntu is going back to Gnome with the next release. So you would "learn" a dying desktop enviroment, and with next release everything would look different. Not so nice. I would recommend Mint Linux for a newb. Both MATE and Cinnamon desktops are solid choices, while i would prefer MATE. Im just not about that eyecandy. I recently thought about completely switching to linux. I wanted to install Windows in a VM and give it access to my graphicscard via VT-d, so i could play games in the VM with minimal performance loss (like 2-3%). Turns out my i5 2500k does not support VT-d So, back to topic: My favorite Linux distro is Debian. I use it for all my personal servers, and it just works. When i need a Desktop i pretty much always choose Xfce, sinnce i like the frills approach.
  2. Trying to run the server on Ubuntu

    You do not need to run the server as root/sudo. I tried to reproduce your error, and i get the exact same error when i remove oder rename the /libs/server/ folder. Did you copy the whole server folder? Is the /libs/server/ folder there? Are all the dll files from the original download in the folder? Make sure its still exactly like in the download. Did you name any files or folders by hand? Linux is case sensitive, so it will not work if the folder is named "/Libs/server/" for example!
  3. Why is my damage not random?

    The damage ist actually random by default. Just look at the formulas.xml.
  4. Need Help Orake needs a hacker (paid)

    1. Yes, he wrote that it is written in vb6 in his first post. 2. Why did you try to answer in german? Your german sentences just sound like your english ones after a real bad google translate. 3. Also why does it matter what language the programm was written in? This is a paid job to find cheats/hacks, like a penetration test if i understand him right. The programming language doesn't really matter as much here, its much more about how well (and secure) the code was written. Edit: I just checked, and its 100% google translate english to german. Thats kind of stupid...
  5. Can you make fights turn-based?

    No. This Engine is designed for games with Zelda-like combat. Turn based play does not really translate well into multiplayer rpgs.
  6. Base Stats Explained

    The formulas are in the \Server\resources\formulas.xml file (and can also be changed there!).
  7. account delete

    You will need use a software to open the SQLite database.
  8. Quest Editor save/quit issues

    I opened a bug report about this before, and the dev team does not currently intend to fix this. So this is something we may have to do ourselves when the source is out.
  9. Quest Editor save/quit issues

    The save and cancel buttons are actually a little bit lower in that window, outside of what you see... Are you using Windows DPI scaling? There are known issues with that. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/KnownIssuesAndWorkarounds.html#page_[+Editor]+Text+too+large%2C+text+cut+off+or+items+out+of+place%3F
  10. For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Running the server on my Windows Homeserver (Celeron G3900) and displaying the CPS will show values of around 58-64. (unlocked 450k) Running it on my PC (i5 2500k) will give me about 94-95 CPS. (unlocked 650k) However, running the server with Mono under Debian ("1 vCore" VPS) will lock the CPS nicely at 100. (unlocked 250k) According to Panda this is a bug? /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Run server under Windows, view CPS. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// If you are using Intersect, please find and attach BOTH your Client/Resources/Logs folder and Server/Resources/Logs folder to help us debug your problem. Without these logs we often cannot fix bugs in the engine.
  11. What does CPS mean?

    Allright, interresting. On my Linux machine (pretty weak little vServer) this stays at 99-100 cps. Unlocked this goes up to about 250.000 cps. On my Windows Homeserver it is always around 58-64 cps. Unlocked is about 450.000 cps. Both machines not really running anything in the background. Any idea why it is locked lower on my 'faster' machine? Maybe it would be a good idea to lock this to a chosen value, like "cps lock 200" ?
  12. What does CPS mean?

    What does the server command cps mean? Maybe calculations per second? It seems to be higher, when i run the server on my slower machine. However, it didnt really go up when i spawned a lot of NPCs to try and up the CPU load. /edit: Oh jeah, and i apologize in advance if this has been asked before. The search does not seem to accept "cps", probably because its too short.
  13. The editor is using DirectX as far as i know, not OpenGL like the client. Since DirectX is Windows only i dont think it will run in Mono. You could maybe try Wine.
  14. resize tileset

    Open in Paint, click resize, 200%? Or use Chronos Intersect Toolkit, it actually has a graphic resizer build in
  15. How to kill a player ?

    As far as i know you can only (fully) restore HP with events. There is no way to deal damage.