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  1. @AisenArvalis Been thinking about it for a few days now, but couldn't you set a player variable to Guild Master, default should be [false] but when a players create a guild it should change to [true] for whoever created the guild. You could then also make an item to transfer leadership Item01: Orb of Transference > If Guild Master is true >>Are you sure you would like to transfer guild leadership? - Yes: Guild Master set false -> Give Player: Orb of Ascendance - No: Ends Event > Else: You do not have permission to change guild leadership. Item02: Orb of Ascendance > If Guild Master is False >> Are you sure you would like to become Guild Leader? - Yes: Guild Master set true -> Item consumed - No: Ends Event If this wouldn't work feel free to say so. I am not 100% familiar with the engine.
  2. Just bought a few items from itch.io Love the monster pack! Side note: I don't see a download button on the [Mythril Age - Spell Icons v2] page. I've checked in a few browsers with no success.
  3. Love your tutorials Ainz. Just a thought I've been pondering at work, your hunger/thirst system could be converted to a breath system for underwater areas/dungeons.
  4. Well that is unfortunate, but thank you for the response.
  5. Is there an event before Death that I could call up in a common event? I am trying to make an item that auto resurrects a player the moment they die the trigger 'On Respawn' will not accomplish what I am trying to do. Basic Idea: Player Event: On Death > Check player inventory for 'Res Ticket' - If yes: Resurrect - If no: respawn as normal. Can it be done?
  6. Appreciate both of you for the input. Has given me much to think on.
  7. I would like to make a system with multiple class evolutions but I want to limit what level each tier can hit. Is it possible to do the following Example: Server Max Level: 300 Class Tier 1: Max level 100 - Must Ascend to level further Class Tier 2: Max Level 150 - Must Ascend to reach max level Class Tier 3: Max level 300
  8. Updated my Jellyfish Slime Sprite Sheets V1 V2 Any better @Zetasis or am I still not getting it quite right?
  9. Thank you, I had browsed that guide I guess I just didn't understand it the first read through.
  10. I was following Kibbelz guide on commands. I got every single one working except for the /dice command. Followed the guide to the T but when I run the /dice command in-game it outputs \gv 2 instead of producing a random number.
  11. Is it possible to make crafting recipes learned by an on use book/scroll/item?
  12. Thank you! I am very much an amateur with digital art and I am just glad I could contribute at all. As a fan of your MythrilAge work I appreciate the feedback. I am honestly just trying to figure out basic motion for moving parts, I've been intimidated by limbs which is why my first 2 sprites were a slime and a mushroom. I struggle so much with shading, but I will keep at it.
  13. Updated Main post with helpful links to PixelART Tutorials, Color Palettes, as well as paid and free programs to help organize your game development projects. + my latest sprite attempt: Jellyfish Slime
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