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  1. This is something I put in a request for a while ago. Might get implemented in Beta 8. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/discussions/1515
  2. Most of this is handled in the config.json file in "Server>Resources" You will start by adding them to the list under: "ShieldSlot": 3, "Slots": "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Gloves", "Ring 1", "Ring 2", "Amulet", "Raincoat" I will make a few note(s) at this time: (1) If you move the position of "Shield" in the list you need to change "ShieldSlot" to the corresponding number. Keep in mind that Helmet at the top of the list is item slot Zero (0). (2) Putting "Ring 1" and "Ring 2" will create item slots named Ring 1 and Ring 2. You will need to create items for both categories. In my project I have Ring (Left) and Ring (Right). So to compensate I have an NPC that converts a right ring to a left right and vice versa at a cost. Any item that you would like to have a Paperdoll sheet for needs to then be added to the section above "ShieldSlot": 3, This is my Paperdoll section as an example: "Equipment": { "Paperdoll": { "Down": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Pants", "Boots" ], "Left": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Pants", "Boots" ], "Right": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Pants", "Boots" ], "Up": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Pants", "Boots" ] }, "ShieldSlot": 3, "Slots": [ When you are all done save and run your server. Connect to the server with your client. It will generate new item slots for the character window. They are not rendered by default, you will need to change the bounds and some other information in your CharacterWindow.json in "Client and Editor\resources\gui\layouts\game".
  3. Glad to be of help. For projectiles with a directional animation make sure that you check the box next to "Auto Rotate Animation?" This will rotate the animations to the direction it was cast so it doesn't look funky, like a reversed fireball animation. I set the "Speed(ms)" to 1000 (Which is 1 second) this slows the fireball down and allows you to see the animation better.
  4. I had an issue with the class editor too, not sure if it is a bug or if I have a bad understanding of how it works. To create an NPC Map Editor > Events Tab Double Click on the map where you want to place the NPC. Double Click in the Preview area to select an NPC Sprite. Then use the event editor to add Show Options> Yes & No> Leave "No" Blank it will just close the dialogue > Under Yes insert Change Spells (Located under Player Control) > Set the Action to add > Set the Spell to the one you made. Save.
  5. For testing purposes I make an NPC with a single dialogue window that gives the spell to me. However you can go to the class editor and assign it to a class to be learned at a specific level.
  6. If you put anything new into the resource folder you have to restart the Editor and Game Client before it will recognize any new content.
  7. Alright so really you need to start in the animations editor. Here is a fireball animation I stitched together myself. Place it in your Client & Editor>Resource>Animations Save your project and restart your Editor. Once open, navigate your way to "Animation Editor" Set the Graphic to the Fireball and copy the settings. Once you have that set up you can save and open the projectile editor to follow the previous guide I linked.
  8. Most of it can be handled in the "Spell Editors" If you are looking to add a fireball projectile I recommend reading:
  9. I had a similar issue. You have to edit both the bounds of "EventDialogArea" & "EventDialogAreaNoFace" otherwise it wont work and your settings will keep getting overwritten.
  10. Whenever a player levels up the event will add a skill point.
  11. Thank you so much JC. I knew I was missing something. I had completely ignored the EventDialogAreaNoFace bounds.
  12. So as you can see I have made changes to my dialogue options window but hit a roadblock. I can't figure out how to expand the Dialogue Area to fit the window. I feel like I am missing something, If anyone can help I would appreciate it greatly. Tagging @Ainz Ooal Gown as it is one of their screenshots I am trying to emulate.
  13. The .json files I edited above (And I am sure there are a few more I need to edit.) are InventoryWindow.json & SpellsWindow.json Using Notepad++ On Line 1: I increased the width parameter of the first bounds line to increase the width of the window just a little. Then scroll on down to line 142 I bumped the width up to 232 and that is about it. You may have to play around with the numbers a little bit.
  14. Thanks for the help. It took me a minute to find the inventory container section but I got everything looking clean now
  15. Build: I have made several edits without fail to my GUI but for some reason no matter what I change under "VerticalScrollBar" in InventoryWindow.json I cannot get my Scroll Bar to move at all. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
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