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  1. How do you unlock the dungeon then if the player inside logs out after blocking it?
  2. I made a logout common event system and shared it somewhere here, but it's hard as fuck and needs a 24/7 client working as a controller. Better hire some programmer instead doing what I said before source was released.
  3. Oh man that looks awesome! Great job!
  4. Yeah, the momment nobody was waiting for, Khaikaa's face reveal Yeah I know I'm sexy as fuck but please don't touch yourselves too much with this picture
  5. You could do that by editing the source but there is no point on making permanent tokens since they would be very bad for the security of your game
  6. Hi everyone, I'm making this topic just to let you know that I won't be here for a while. Things happened this year's christmas, and i'm not on the mood for developing games nor being an active member on web communities(there is nothing wrong with this place, its more like turning off my online life for some time, here and everywhere else). I'm ok, so don't worry about me, I'm sure I'll be back at some point, maybe in a month or two. Please don't give my punishment whip to damian while I'm out coz he may become master admin with that and im the only one who deserves that throne. Also source release is ilegal until I'm back, I swear to god i'll call cyberpolice if it has been released while I was not here. See you all guys, Khaikaa
  7. He is replying to me coz im the middle of the universe Would it be ok if next person posting has to put his finger inside his/her nose and then put that same finger inside his/her mouth?
  8. Player count always matter since events(including common events) always run tied to a character. Basically, if there are no players, events won't run. A common event is just a normal event which isn't tied to a map so you can call it from anywhere, but if nobody calls it then it just doesnt run. If you want something like this really working you have to consider the possibility of counting more than 1 day (since maybe there wont be players for 2 days or more). You can't trust the intersect time, but you can use SYSTEM time and compare current time with last day count execution time, if time difference is equals or higher than 24h you add 1 day and add 24h to the last day count execution time. This way it will update correctly when any player logs in, even if there were no players from weeks.
  9. Khaikaa

    Phazon Hunters

    Well, the demo version is almost ready, and I'm proud to show you the main pvp area: The armory It consist on a large area with different rooms. There, you can claim the whole place to your faction, which will give you ammo for the most powerful weapon of the demo: AP-1 launcher, an antipersonnel missile which deals high damage when hitting an armored target. The place is protected by shields generated by the shield generator on the south room, powered by the power generator on the north room. If your faction owns the place and turns on the shield generator, you will see a lot of shields that will stop your enemies, but not your allies, since the shields are intelligent and will let you pass through them. The shield generator is strongly protected by a security algorithm which prevents enemies to turn it off, but a 0-day security hole will let your enemies hack it and turn off the north room shields, which will give them access to the power generator. You have to protect the power generator at any costs, because if your enemies turn it off... everything will go dark, and shield generator won't work anymore. If your enemies turn off the power generator, you will have 1 minute to turn it on. If you fail, your enemies will be able to claim the power generator, which will let them claim the armory room(the room at the middle of the map) and eventually turn on the shield generator. If that happens, your faction loses the control of that room, and you will have to fight to claim it back. The demo game is almost ready, I may be opening the testing server today, so stay tuned!
  10. Yeah, those are many of the main problems I realized when I was thinking about that idea but, at the same time... who are we, users, to tell other users if they can join or not an agd game project? That's why I thought about the moderating team. If we are gonna try to make a game to demonstrate what intersect is capable of, I think agd staff would care about that game quality, and that's why I propose moderating team being the ones who decide if an application is good or not for that kind of project. Let me give an example: Anyone can apply to intersect beta testing, but not anyone will be invited to get the unreleased beta exes, devs decide who can join from those applicants. Another bad point is the control of the commits. If I add a new page to a map event which will give me free money, maybe nobody will realize, and that thing might go public. That's why I talked a few months ago about liquidbase, thats the only tool I can think about to help developers to control what are they actually commiting. If we said we will be adding a new map for next commit, and liquidbase detects changes on quest's related data, you know something weird is happening and you can search and clean the bad things or simply go back to the previous backup. But there is no way to know who did what, if I say I mapped something nobody can demonstrate the one mapping that was panda (unless panda recorded that on video lol). So... moderating team has a big responsability when accepting someone's application (same as any project manager who hires some worker who could steal the project source code for example). For all those things, I believe everyone should be free to apply, but moderating team(AGD mods and admins) should be the ones accepting/declining them. But, as I said, all the rules and stuff I wrote is just a proposition, I'm at the same level than any other member, if anyone has better ideas we can change everything.
  11. I go first Username: Khaikaa Intersect projects: Proyecto Helheim (game trailer), PokeHéroes Online (game trailer) and Phazon Hunters(game thread) Roles: Game designer, developer, mapper and/or coder
  12. Just like the tittle says There are a lot of experienced intersect developers, artists and coders here, and what we don't have is a propper AGD intersect project (ok that demo is cool for playing like 30 secs). I think we should join and make a cool intersect project. We get a lot of cool things here and nobody ask us for anything but just some credits, so lets make an actual game from the community to the community and help AGD to get new users. Cmon guys, lets do something together for once, im sure it will be fun. I will propose some rules and methodologies, but they can be changed if we want: First of all I want to point that, if we are gonna work together, we will need some rules to prevent any problem. I thought about something like this: Development rules: Also, if we are gonna work together, we have to be organized. If everyone touches everything it will so hard to make a high quality game. In my opinion, everyone should think about the next roles and focus on some of them: Game development roles: Next we need some work methodologies, I've thought about the following: Working methodologies: Finally, and just as a way to keep the thread clean, I propose the next application rules: Volunteers' application: What do you thing? Should we make an AGD game together? I wanna see your applications!! Current team: @Khaikaa @Kibbelz @Aesthetic @panda @Ainz Ooal Gown @Uyarrr More soon will join once we approve you
  13. My solution to that problem: 1º Create a player variable (I will call it 'respawnPoint') 2º Create events wherever you want which set a certain value to 'respawnPoint' (maybe some character the player can talk with, maybe some machine the player can interact with... whatever you want) 3º Create a common event with a On respawn trigger. Create a page (or a conditional branch, thats up to you) for each possible value of 'respawnPoint' and, depending on its value, warp the player to the correct respawn point With that little system, every time a player dies the common event will start running, will check the value of 'respawnPoint' and will warp him/her to the proper respawn point.
  14. Impossible? No, there are senseless ways to do that, but you should wait for source
  15. Because its not stored as a string. You can right-clic on the item, spell... etc to get its id. Also, you can use the API. Edit: posted right after panda lol, i though he meant guid
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