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  1. I'm not sure about it but I would say no, that's not possible. I'm not sure if there is any possibility through API, but I think you can't do that kind of things unless you modify the source
  2. A new dawn for ascension game dev community. A meme died, but a legend was born. Take my powerful like, you deserve it.
  3. those houses seem familiar to me, are they custom made? or are they from another game?
  4. Isn't this the best song EVER? 


  5. what a nice day

  6. you have 2 options: 1. Code that feature yourself/pay someone to code it for you 2. Create a complex event system that stores current quests into variables, wich won't be a good option in most cases
  7. Looks so good buddy, I would move a bit some of the texts but the designs are so nice
  8. How do you unlock the dungeon then if the player inside logs out after blocking it?
  9. I made a logout common event system and shared it somewhere here, but it's hard as fuck and needs a 24/7 client working as a controller. Better hire some programmer instead doing what I said before source was released.
  10. Yeah, the momment nobody was waiting for, Khaikaa's face reveal Yeah I know I'm sexy as fuck but please don't touch yourselves too much with this picture
  11. You could do that by editing the source but there is no point on making permanent tokens since they would be very bad for the security of your game
  12. Hi everyone, I'm making this topic just to let you know that I won't be here for a while. Things happened this year's christmas, and i'm not on the mood for developing games nor being an active member on web communities(there is nothing wrong with this place, its more like turning off my online life for some time, here and everywhere else). I'm ok, so don't worry about me, I'm sure I'll be back at some point, maybe in a month or two. Please don't give my punishment whip to damian while I'm out coz he may become master admin with that and im the only one who deserves that throne. Also source release is ilegal until I'm back, I swear to god i'll call cyberpolice if it has been released while I was not here. See you all guys, Khaikaa
  13. He is replying to me coz im the middle of the universe Would it be ok if next person posting has to put his finger inside his/her nose and then put that same finger inside his/her mouth?
  14. Player count always matter since events(including common events) always run tied to a character. Basically, if there are no players, events won't run. A common event is just a normal event which isn't tied to a map so you can call it from anywhere, but if nobody calls it then it just doesnt run. If you want something like this really working you have to consider the possibility of counting more than 1 day (since maybe there wont be players for 2 days or more). You can't trust the intersect time, but you can use SYSTEM time and compare current time with last day count execution time, if time difference is equals or higher than 24h you add 1 day and add 24h to the last day count execution time. This way it will update correctly when any player logs in, even if there were no players from weeks.
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