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  1. Khaikaa

    Need help with sqlite-net-pcl query

    I just relized it was not a problem on the sql query but a mistake on another point of my code. Problem solved.
  2. Khaikaa

    how use command \param?

    It's so easy to use, you only have to do the following: 1st: Create a common event which is triggered by command(for this example we'll use the command /greet) 2nd: Add a "Add chatbox text" command. That command will display the following text: "\pn sais hello to \param" (without the " thing). You can change the text color to blue(for example) and display it on the local channel. 3rd: Save that common event. 4rd: write "/greet Khaikaa" in the chatbox and press enter. You will see the next text in the chat: SkyZero sais hello to Khaikaa Hope this helped you
  3. Khaikaa

    Death and losing gear?

    I like the 2nd and 3rd options
  4. hahaha thanks dude, but I think I'll try to get them all by myself so I level a bit more, that pterodactyl destroyed us really fast lol
  5. I can't, I already killed it and can't face him again Good look against him, he is so strong
  6. Khaikaa

    this is the best engine for 2d (for me)

    Oh, sorry Well, I think there are no plans for adding any of that, maybe you'll need to wait until source code's release to add that.
  7. Khaikaa

    this is the best engine for 2d (for me)

    I'm happy that you liked the engine, but I guess this is not the place to write that lol You can write the suggestions here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/bug_tracker/intersect/
  8. Khaikaa

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    JC doesn't exist he is a multiaccount controlled by me.
  9. Khaikaa

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    I heard the source code isn't out yet because intersect is actually a virus that steals all the porn from our computers
  10. Khaikaa

    Need help with sqlite-net-pcl query

    Hi, I'm developing a little desktop application in c# using sqlite-net-pcl NuGet package to manage a little sqlite database. Everything works well but I can't use a siple 'and' operator in the querys. I've tried this 2 ways: conexion.Query<Participacion>($"select * from Participacion where idtorneo = {participacion.IDTorneo} and identrenador = {participacion.IDEntrenador}").FirstOrDefault(); conexion.Table<Participacion>().Where(c => c.IDTorneo == participacion.IDTorneo && c.IDEntrenador == participacion.IDEntrenador).FirstOrDefault(); They don't work, they always return the first data where c.IDTorneo ==participacion.IDTorneo, it doesn't matter if the c.IDEntrenador matches with the participacion.IDEntrenador or not. Can you help me?
  11. Khaikaa

    DragonBreeZee Beta 1

    The game really is hard and there are things to fix but it surely is challenging and funny. Best Ascension Game Dev intersect-made game at the momment of this rating.
  12. I don't know if it's mean to be this way, but basement thugs still want to battle even when all other kinds f thugs not.
  13. Yes, he was back and everything went ok Jeeez I'm gonna need some friends lol
  14. Khaikaa

    Death and losing gear?

    Is there any way to save some stuff like a bank or something so I don't lose everything if I die? I have so much stuff right now xd
  15. Now i see it better balanced. Also I could keep doing the quests, I'm with the "kill 20 elite thugs" quest, it surely is hard but not impossible, let's see what happen with the thug boss after that lol