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  1. I feel like the 2nd one is more original but I would use the 1st one, it is more catchy to the eye
  2. you can create a common event triggered by /command (i.e., player could open the crafting station by typing "/craft" in the chat)
  3. I cant figure out a good way to make passive skills tbh, maybe some event type skill that plays with variables? For example, during the next 30 min respawn here for free, or for the next days elocuency will be busted so you can access a 50% cheaper shop, those kind of things are the best uses I can think about right now
  4. En realidad es posible modificar ambos. En las configuraciones del servidor puedes modificar las dimensiones de los tiles. Por defecto los tiles son de 32x32 pixels, pero yo lo he cambiado a 48x48 en mi juego y creo que se ve mejor así. Eso si, cambiar el tamaño de los tiles implica que tendrás que adaptar tus recursos gráficos a esas nuevas dimensiones.
  5. Ya te he respondido en el otro hilo pero repito la misma respuesta aquí. Si no me equivoco no es posible salvo que tú mismo edites el código fuente de intersect para añadir dicha función
  6. If you are talking about zoom features or stuff like that I believe you'll need to code it yourself
  7. as far as I know you can't, you will need to edit the source for that
  8. Khaikaa


    Great news everyone! We know it is hard to get the confidence to help funding an internet project, specially when talking about indie games. "What if the game is never released?", "Will I lose all my money with no return?"... most people ask for money in order to fund their projects but they never give any guarantee nor reward! That's not our way to go. We are so gratefull to any help you can provide to fund remaerDay that we started a merch campaign! Our first gift to our most loyal patreons is a free remaerDay mug! That's right! If you like our project enough to give us a helping hand you will get free merch! this is our first promotion, but there will be many more with time! This first promotion is just for our most loyal supporters, but there will be more promotions for anyone! We don't care about the size of your pockets, any help will be thanked and rewarded! So please, considere giving a hand supporting us and get free merch and many more benefits, such as Saksune's patreon limited edition! You can read more about this here: https://www.patreon.com/khaikaa And, of course, we are not just working on the merch, we have been doing masive progress in the past days! I don't know what do you think, but I love going to the beach! Embedded Video Link https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/ed7679410c9367ac85503adf771526be.mp4 Stay tunned!
  9. I can't tell by memory, but I believe you'll have to play with the "Attack Player on Sight" and/or "Player Friend/Protector" conditionals. I believe that if you set the movement type to "stand still" or "static" it shouldn't move, but if it still moves, try to surround the spawn point with "NPC Avoid" map attributes
  10. Khaikaa


    A little update everyone! We just got our first promotional design done! Some cool merch is gonna be made with it in the next weeks The protagonist of this picture is Saksune, one of the playable remaerDays. Saksune was a beautiful artic fox who lived in japan during the edo period. This poor and cute thing was the victim of a myth. People believed that, if you touch a fox's tail, you'd be unlucky in your life. One day, a member of the nobility tried to prove that story was false and touched its tail. Some days later he fell ill and died. The fox had nothing to do with this, but everyone blamed it. In revenge, its tail was cut off and his neck was slit. We've been working so hard in new content, such as new tracks for remaerDay's OST, new scenarios and new animations. I'm happy to share with you this little showcase of some Saksune's animations while one of our awesome tracks sounds If you like what we do, please considere giving a helping hand patronizing us, you can find the project's patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/khaikaa As one of our many rewards you will unlock Saksune's Patreon version, which has a unike skin and totally new skills. It will be only available for our patreons, and this promotion will end on June. After that momment, it will be totally unavailable in the game: I hope you all like Saksune See you in next updates, stay tunned!
  11. I can't think on a easy way to do this. If you really need this feature, please considere making "fake" versions of each item, for example: 1. An npc drops "fake diamond" 2. User pick up "fake diamond" 3. A common event checks if you have a "fake diamond" in your inventory 4. If true, play sound, remove "fake diamond" and add "diamond" But depending on the amount of items on your game this may be a very bad way to do it. At least it should work, but I don't think it's worthing
  12. I believe that what you say is very important @Beast Boyz. I'm not an expert, and I don't play too many intersect engine projects, but I do look at what everyone share on different threads, such as Today I did this on my project... and many times it seems like some people just do things with no reason. For example, I've seen projects with giant worlds where you actually can't do much. In my opinion this happens because many people think "well, most of the games have X, I should add X as well" but they don't actually know why those games have X and how to implement X properly. I recommend this video a lot to anyone who is making a videogame: It is in spanish but it has english subtitles. In this video, Alva Majo(an indie developer) explains why most of our ideas for a game are crap
  13. I believe we missunderstood each other. What I understood from your words is that some minimal details, such as flowers, would be better if randomized because your maps don't follow any predefined aesthetic and your team spend too much time filling the space. If this is not what you meant please let me know before we keep talking about this. So the main reason anyone should go out the walked way is 1), right? I mean, I assume not everyone will be archeologist(tell me if I'm wrong) and only explorer player roles are interested in finding secrets exploring the world, so what everyone will have in common is the need of gathering resources, right? If this is the case, whats the reason behind that decision? Is that because the game's story? Because it's a easy way to keep players busy so they always have things to do and don't complete the game too soon? Because you think it is funnier than just making enemies drop everything?
  14. I would like to point this Why would the player go outside the walked way? what is out there that is interesting enough to make him/her spend time walking the world instead of going from A quest point to B quest point directly? Is there any reason to make a world as big as yours more than how cool is making a giant world?
  15. Hi everyone, I was thinking about a conversation I had with some people here and a question came to my mind: Why do you do what you do in your game/project? Do you do what you do because everyone else do it? Do you do what you do because you have reasons to think that it is the way to go? Are you being original/disruptive? Or are you doing things different with no more reason than 'being different'? Lets talk about this in a good way, with no bad words and respecting each others. Have you ever played any intersect-made game where you didn't understand why the creators did something in particular? Point that thing here and tag their developers so they can clarify why they did that
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