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  1. Event triggering bug

    /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// While trying to trigger events which should work for more than 1 player by triggering them once, the events don't trigger as they should. Sometimes it only triggers for 1 character, sometimes it triggers to all characters, sometimes only triggers for 1 character but multiple times... You can check how the events where made on the Screenshots/Other media sections. Also, if you remove the "wait" sentence on the common event, it will only trigger in only 1 character. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// You can check them on the Screenshots/Other metia section. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// You can check them here: /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// There is not any error log.
  2. Common events again

    Nope, it's not a bug with text but a event triggering bug. I just tried it changing the text message for the exp giving, and works exactly the same, not working when using the events as you said and working with the same patterns when using the events as I said. Yes, this definitelly is a event triggering bug, I'll report them on the bug section. Hope they can fix this.
  3. Common events again

    The text message event is just an example, what I need to do is some events which filter players by their player switches & variables and then make things with them, such as teleporting them, managing their switches/variables... etc
  4. Common events again

    That doesn't work, or at least it doesn't work for me, it only shows the message to the one who triggers the event
  5. Common events again

    Ok, I'm having problems again with this issue. I want events to do things to everyone on the server(or, at least, the online ones), such as changing some player's switches/variables, teleporting... Some time ago I talked about the problems I was having, but now I saw a pattern of behavior. I recorded 2 of them on video so you all can see them, 1 doing strange things and 1 working just fine. What is happening? These are the events I'm using: The global event The common event Anyone knows why is this happening and how coul I make events working fine no matters who and how much consecutive times triggers it?
  6. Happy 3rd Birthday for Intersect!

    Congrats devs! you're doing an amazing work!
  7. If I could fly I'd poop on these motherf****** pigeons.

  8. Updating database

    Well, I waited 40 minutes but nothing worked, even disconnecting the character and relogin it, all modifications on the database I make only apply if I do them when the server is off. I though it was weird, but well, if it's the only way... at least it works! Good luck and thank you!
  9. Updating database

    Hi, I'm testing modifying character's swithes and variables using SQLite Studio, and I have some question about the update of the server database. When a character changes one of his switches value(for example) through an event, the change is automatic, so from that momment the game recognices its new switch value. But, if I open the server database, it has the previous value. But, if I restart the server, now the database shows the new value. ¿When does the database really update? If I overwrite the switch value on the database, the character swithc won't update. But, I do this when de server is off, the switch's value will be the new one. Is it necesary to shut down the server everytime you want to change a character switch or variable value?
  10. Intersect Development Road Map

    How are you doing? Are you still working on the migration tool? If there is something I can do just tell me Good luck!
  11. Ammo

    Ok, thank you, will work with different weapons then.
  12. Ammo

    Not working even through events... what can I do?
  13. Ammo

    Uhm then... or there is a problem on the item that consumes, or there is any missing menu I don't see (like happens on the quest editor), or maybe I'm missing something or maybe it's bugged. I wrote this configuration on the projectile: This configuration on the weapon: And this configuration on the ammo item: The thing I'm thinking on is creating a event spell which removes 1 arrow of your inventary everytime it hits, but how could I fix this without that? What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your answer
  14. Ammo

    Hi guys, I'm currently working on some weapons, like bows and some others. How could I do a bow consume arrows when shooting? Of course I can edit usage requirements, so it won't shoot if the player has no arrows on his inventory. Also, I can do the same thing on the projectile editor modifying ammunition requirements, but I don't find any way to "waste" arrows everytime I shoot. Is there any way? Or should I wait until code release? Good luck!