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  1. Buenas a todos, Después de varios meses de trabajo, por fin me he decidido a empezar a mostrar mi proyecto actual: PokeHéroes Online. Como os imaginaréis, se trata de un MMO de pokémon desarrollado con Intersect Engine. Podréis controlar a vuestro pokémon favorito mientras viajáis por las regiones originales y zonas especiales, como las mazmorras al puro estilo de pokémon mundo misterioso. El juego todavía no está disponible al público, tan solo dejo probarlo a amigos y personas que estén muy interesadas. Sin más dilación, os dejo un trailer del juego. Para más información podéis visitar mi página web www.teorium.com
  2. You can't do that atm, but why don't you try to add npc avoid map attributes around them?
  3. I love the jellyfish so much, nice work!!!
  4. it may be a bug, you should write a bug report here with detail, it will help improving the engine.
  5. As agora said, go ahead, updating projects is super easy and you won't lose any peogress
  6. Not possible at the momment, will be possible after source code release
  7. Khaikaa

    Doodle Quest

    Fuck... didnt notice... Ok im not a mod but can people stop necroposting please?
  8. Khaikaa

    Doodle Quest

    Oh man, I love the art style of your project, I hope you keep the work until you finish it!
  9. I guess @Gibier just thought you were talking about intersect. There are not too many orion+ tutorials, maybe @Damian666 can help you a bit with that.
  10. Yeah, I'm not saying that it's the perfect solution, we should have a zoom system or something, but I guess that will come after source
  11. Try that, use fullscreen with the higher resolution your screen can handle, and then change the resolution to the lower (800x600 or something like that), you will see that pixel size increase
  12. Yes you can, you have to pick the "full screen" option and pick a lower the resolution
  13. Hi everyone, As most of you know, internal testing team has been testing b6 for a bit. I, personally, believe that we are on the way to a stable b6 release, but we are humans, so maybe there are some features we havn't tested enough. I'm making this post so anyone can ask if a specific feature feature is ready, and I'll be testing that specific feature to make sure there are no bugs left without report. So... thats it, if you are worried about any specific feature, just post that here and I'll try to test it when I have some time. Of course, this thread will be only active before devs release b6 to the public. After that momment you all will be able to test and you'll have to make the reports in the proper section.
  14. You know there are "on map" conditions on b6, right?
  15. Damian ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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