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  1. Khaikaa

    WIP remaerDay

    Long time no see! It's been a while since our last update. The project has been frozen for a few months but here we are again! This time I would like to share with you the demo OST of remaerDay. We worked a lot in order to create all this songs, and we even got some help from Hyuman, an amazing composer with a big youtube channel. He helped us a lot with "The ronin and the whore" theme, our first boss battle theme. You can check his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/Hyuman Enjoy! 00:00 - remaerDay's main theme 02:08 - Yoshiwara's dawn 03:44 - Hana path 05:22 - Please don't take me there 06:59 - The ronin and the whore Also, I would like to say that we temporaly closed the project's patreon, we will re open it when the demo is ready. If you like our work feel free to contact me, we would love any support. Stay tuned!
  2. Congrats! It will be so cool to see nightmare on my steam game's list
  3. I would accept this except for a little detail: we were able to pm on discord before I added him to the server
  4. Sorry for the late reply, I'm not very active here atm due to some personal issues I always use fiverr, I believe it is an awesome platform to ask for comissioned assets, but I also trusted a few agd veterans and it always was an awesome experience. This guy was the first and only bad experience with an agd user I ever had so far, and it was my fault to send the money through unsafe ways. Hopefully my experience help others.
  5. Four the king four the land four the mountains Four the green valleys where dragons fly Four the glory the power to win the black lord I will search four the emerald sword
  6. Whats the problem you found on intersect that is solved by using godot?
  7. I made a PR months ago with the server config file documented but that PR was never approved, dont even know if it was even reviewed lol
  8. Khaikaa

    WIP remaerDay

    Some more news about remaerDay! We met Hyuman, an awesome music producer! He helped us a lot to improve on that field, remaerDay's OST will be even better thanks to him! If you are curious about his work, you can find his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClrASeJSkOZIlsPkyge0gMQ We now have a new illustration! Taikunuki also deserved its own, you know :p We are still working so hard in order to make a high quality game! Stay tuned because we may go live very soon!!!
  9. Thank you everyone I made a little discord server to work on the reports, you can join using this link: https://discord.gg/dQhRHS7d
  10. Yeah, I know I could change source to make this the proper way, but I need a non-coded solution, that's why I need to know which one of those 2 options is the best in terms of optimization and memory usage
  11. Thank you for the reply I'm going to specify the question and then I think I'll be able to mark the thread as answered. In my project progression is not based on exp but in a skills board. The point is that I want to know which squares are active and which ones are inactive. At this moment I'm using 1 bool var per square(they are dozens) and @Weylon Santana suggested me to use just a few string vars and concat the activated square codes, so I can know if they are active/inactive by just using the 'contains' checker. That's my problem, is it better to have... lets say... 300 boolean variables rather than 10 string variables but using the contains function?
  12. Hi everyone, I would like to know which of this 2 options is better when working with intersect: A) Having multiple boolean variables and check wether one or another is true/false depending on the situation B) Having 1 single string variable, concat codes inside of it and check wether a code is contained by the string or not depending on the situation Which one should anyone pick? Would the contains function be more desirable than multiple database boolean entries?
  13. Hi everyone, As many of you already know, last updates are being a bit troublesome. In my opinion this is totally normal since I dont think anyone more than the developers are doing any testing. We already made a testing team for b6 and we made an awesome work finding bugs for the devs, and I think we could do the same thing for the latest releases. It won't be very time consuming, we would just make a little discord server(or using an existing one) and test as much time as anyone can, 5 minutes of testing are better than no testing at all, so don't worry if you can't spend too much time doing this. My idea is to write all the bugs we find and send that list to the development team as they wish(both opening bug reports on github or sending a txt file with all detected bugs would be cool imo). We could try to make the testing work this weekend. I'll ask for the discord accounts of the interested ones between today and friday and we will do this through a discord server. If anyone has any suggestion or idea or anything you can post it here or send me a pm. Lets help the devs again!
  14. But you materialize everything inside your ass My superpower is to pass my superpower disadvantage to the person that posts it
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