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  1. hi need help, i wanna make range attack for all npc in game I'm going to implement them through animations and spells, I need advice on how to turn off melee, the NPC pursues the player, in addition to a long-range attack, it goes into melee
  2. i think all peoples wants diagonal movement, me too maybe anyone have guides how setup this feature personal?
  3. я вот спустя год решил посмотреть как тут дела) интересно насколько игра продвинулась, появились идеи
  4. when I came to the things on the character and the weapon of the paper doll, I scored on this topic because I did not find any help on the forum how to work with it correctly and quickly .. 1 year ago
  5. How to make a dungeon for passing through time? Suppose a player comes in - it closes, the countdown starts 5 minutes after 5 minutes the player throws back and the dungeon opens again
  6. thanks for idea at cheker respawn and timer, the best
  7. I know, the problem is that I didn’t quite figure it out, I don’t understand how to implement it, so I ask here in the hope that someone will tell you, I think it’s not difficult to implement it, but I don’t understand how
  8. Yes, a single dungeon that closes if there is a player, but so that when the player dies / exits the server or the dungeon, the entrance itself opens again. I tried changing the variable when exiting \ entering, but it doesn’t work, the variable will not change if the player dies in the dungeon or exits the server, I did so the variable changed when entering and then back when leaving the dungeon, I didn’t come up with another scheme. and yes, without party
  9. Hello, I tried to make such a system when the player is in the dungeon, then others cannot enter him, when the player is not in the dungeon, then another player can get into him, how to correctly implement such a system? I tried using events through the conditions of the player’s card, but nothing came of it.
  10. Jackson

    WIP Usatsune

    wait more info ^^
  11. Does the engine currently use the random system for crafting items? for example, there is a scroll of enchantment, they can enchant weapons with a probability of 35%, is it possible to somehow implement such a system?
  12. I did not understand how to install the patch there are a bunch of files, I haven’t worked with this yet, do you have any video guides? What do we have to do
  13. I want to ask how to correctly create Paperdolls (things of armor weapons) for a character, what proportions or sizes should be, are there any restrictions, I got a little confused when I started working with paperdolls, if it's not difficult to throw off a couple of examples of weapons and armor \ clothes and explain a little.
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