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  1. Jackson

    Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    great work!
  2. Jackson


    fantastic graphic for this engine)
  3. Jackson

    Destroy The Layers - Boss Idea & Sprites

  4. when the engine upgrade will be ? 1
  5. Jackson

    joint development

    Thanks all work :*
  6. Jackson

    joint development

    can I jointly develop a game with a friend sharing game files, such as transfer new map elements or other things, for example, I create a functional, and he is engaged in mapping, is it possible to throw off the game files, if so what, so that I can combine it all
  7. Привет ребят, у кого какие размеры карт в проектах и объёмы ? к примеру насколько максимально-большую карту вы создавали или пытались сделать в рамках теста движка, были ли случаи, когда он зависал\вылетал\карты пропадали ? Или же были схожие другие случаи при других событиях\обстоятельствах, просто думал сделать большую карту, но не знаю сколько выдержит.
  8. Jackson

    Trees pack

    thanks for the remark, I will correct the error if it is not difficult to put an assessment to this pack) in the form of rating stars
  9. Jackson

    Первый пост!

    Урааа) теперь страйка не будет за русский, как я рад что сделал админ, респект администратору)
  10. Jackson

    Trees pack

    Version 1.0.0


    Threes and bush for your games ^^
  11. Jackson

    Heroes Apocalypse

  12. Yes, I use the same methods, but to think of how to put it in crafting for things, I could not, the maximum that can be done is the sound of opening the workbench, no more
  13. in the editor there are no functions for audio files, whether it is possible through json files if Yes - that what, to make a workbench voice, craft and other things
  14. I did not know that for another language you can get a warning, that's for this and you need a community in other languages.

    1. Sweet Candy

      Sweet Candy

      Below the forums we have a community in other languages 

    2. jcsnider


      Yeah, except where designated this is an English community. Posts are expected to be written in English or translated. The full list of forum rules can be found here:


  15. Jackson

    How made torch item for players?

    гениально) я написал в чём была проблема