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  1. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    Just some screenshots from Nightmare:
  2. I think the sword is too fat, maybe make it slightly thinner?
  3. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Sure its free, I wouldn't risk making a game with them commercially though.
  4. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Depends if they are licensed under Enterbrain or not. Anyway, i've downloaded them and seen a ton of rpgmaker graphics in there unedited. Use at your discretion people.
  5. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    I'm unaware of these tiles, are they 100% custom and can be used commercially outside of rpgmaker? I see an rpgmaker xp sprite in there that worries me.
  6. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    Yes, I managed to get it working by forcing the library to register. No worries, i'm looking forward to trying this
  7. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    I tried running the client today after installing all of the runtimes in the readme. Unfortunately I got this error of said .ocx file being unregistered. I tried registering manually but it appears that the file is corrupt.
  8. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    As in, how complete is it? Is every move programmed and working?
  9. Open Alpha Pokémon Genesis Online

    Approved. how complete is the battle system? Also this is VB6 yes?
  10. Admin joins the game text.

    add a join game trigger common event with a conditional branch of user rank admin
  11. In Memory of Lumiere

    Its worth stating she was never a moderator on AGD, perhaps on eclipse but not here. Its tragic what happened, even though I was never close to her.
  12. Copyright?

    I'm no legal expert but its best to stay away from even using copyrighted material as template sprites. Its best to create your own original style to keep away from it all together.
  13. Death message

    In the common event editor there is an "on respawn" trigger. Make your event using that.
  14. AQ Engines | C# & C++

    Looking nice, would be good to see some ingame screenshots
  15. A .net custom retro sound engine/format lib?

    This is pretty cool. I worked with a library like this in C in a lab at my university nearly 2 years ago. Very similar coding structure. Looks interesting, I'll take a look when i get home