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  1. Considering @SPQR Panda is rewriting networking for the next release i would't bother studying it.
  2. Its got nothing to do with that. There are two reasons for this: Newbies are also blocked from the shoutbox for 2 weeks too. This prevents members who have been banned simply making a new account on a proxy and spamming the forums and the admins mail. Trust me it happens way more often than you think. It also encourages new members to post on the forums for help rather than clutter the shoutbox. You can always argue "haha wont apply for me!" But we have a track record of it being frequent enough to have our reasons. I believe JC also disabled his pm's on this site since people ask for help instead of posting on the forums to "go direcrly to the developer". I currently keep my PM's open. If you want anything be sure to shoot me a PM.
  3. Someone promised they would dress up in a gorilla costume... :P 

    1. Kibbelz


      Sure, never said when. Maybe gorrillakibz will suprise visit a game dev stream when my uni exams are over :P

    2. PhenomenalDitto


      Prize for me finishing my exams too then :P

  4. Good choice, If you want to look like a cultist why only go half way?
  5. Do you even have any tattoo's @The Pop Punk Pizza Pirate?
  6. 1. download a database editing program called "db browser lite" 2. Look at Arcwyre and some other projects. 3. There are many free resources distributed in the resources section but currently we're doing a fundraiser for some of our members to make us some free to use graphics right now. Funded by donations. See here: 4. No. We keep explaining this time and time again we are all busy with real life deadlines right now, I believe the other 2 devs have work deadlines and I myself am just over 1 week away from my university finals. Sadly we can't commit more time to this since it isn't sustainable for us to work on this full time. In the summer development will pick up again, donations would be nice perks especially since I plan to be learning to drive this summer and that all has to be funded somehow either by the site or by a summer job. 5. Arcwyre and Nightmare will be soon. 6. No. 7. Myself and @jcsnider. @SPQR Panda has also recently joined the team 8. Client under MIT. Server and editor under GNU. 9. Not yet, we're still in the early stages of our life as a site and engine 10. Free with ingame purchasables. 11. One of the 3 devs. 12. People are still learning it but aside from the devs there are some experienced users 13. Sup'
  7. This is actually really cool. Props to you.
  8. There are not many yet since we're still in active development and altering GUI's each iteration of Intetsect. Here are a few that other members have posted but your best bet is making your own.
  9. Just spent 5 hours fixing an "interesting" low level programming bug where 24-19=1... God bless degree's :')

  10. I saw a dude walking down the street in a christmas shirt the other day. You're not alone i guess
  11. WIP

    It may be worth learning how autotiles work
  12. Should be. I can't remember nor am i at my pc to check. If it is, it will be in the event commands somewhere.
  13. WIP

    I like the minimap. Does it show blocks or just npcs? I really like the idea behind minimaps but i find in dungeons it makes the maze too easy. Gl, Kibz
  14. Considering i haven't touched vb6 and thus eclipse in years i can only speculate. Do you even need that line? By the looks of things you don't do anything with vbquote nor do i remember that line existing back when i worked on eclipse. If it is important you've somehow excluded the library that contains the function chrw $. Again this is only speculation as i have not touched eclipse or vb6 in years neither have a lot of the users here with Orion+ open source. If you value open source now than waiting for intersect it baffles me that people are still chosing some old eclipse engines. Oh well, just my two cents anyway... Goodluck with your bug, Kibz
  15. Make a common event with an ondeath trigger. Remove all inventory items and set level to one.