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  1. Make sure your editor isn't already running when you overwrite.
  2. Sup doods, i encountered this tool today when needing to rip graphics from a tileset to make resources quickly with one button press. This came up and has a few other nifty features. If you're formatting tiles etc i'd highly recommend you checking this program out instead of doing it manually. Linky:
  3. TLDR you just need one monkey to make an infinate loop in their server and boom. Paging @PhenomenalDev :^)
  4. I assume so unless you're talking about an unreported bug.
  5. Oh dear, easy enough fix later
  6. Feelsbadman
  7. $7 per month is sound to me.
  8. I'm game myself.
  9. Hes literally repeated himself for 3 different people lol. Cmon guys xD
  10. Its worth stating the new autotile options are simply to support xp normal and animated autotiles. Not all xp autotiles can be converted to vx format without breaking the graphic so we decided to support both autotile types to not limit anyones choice in graphics for their game
  11. Really interesting. Who would have thought someone would make a dino game with Intersect. Goodluck i hope to see more, super unique Maybe some more dino species than just recoloured trex's? What about triceratops?
  12. Seems tedious to do it that way :/ I would argue that most ppl wont use those sprites but i forgot about polymorphs.
  13. Or just a checkbox in the npc/event editor?
  14. Changed Status to Fixed