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  1. Sure he claims that they're free to use commercially and he's wrong. you can with RPGMAKER, not for another engine aka Intersect. Read here:
  2. Even RPGMAKER graphic edits still withhold the same licence if you read it.
  3. Nightmare currently has 320 maps for its overworld. It runs fine however please do not take a world full size screenshot and put it on the forums, learnt that the hard way aha
  4. you can do that, its defined in the projectile editor. Assign a weapon a projectile, then add the spell cast on collision in the projectile editor. then make the onhit spell collision and assign dmg to be 0 so you just get the animation.
  5. Try assigning a collision spell (has to be AoE). If you just want the animation just make the base dmg 0 and scaling 0.
  6. whats the list of effects? Just curious. Also tagging @Murdoc since this may help him
  7. Graphics

    Curious, why not? Its not like he cares about licencing if he's making a fan based game?
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. Changed Status to Closed
  10. Changed Status to Closed
  11. Changed Status to Closed
  12. You clearly do not know what you're talking about.
  13. Same again. Edit: before you ask for another maximum value. Intersect is dynamic, so will be able to hold any quantity of objects you want. (Within reason, aka you will never make 2 billion objects)