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  1. As I'm no longer sure if I want to create this as a game or develop it into a regular story, I have decided to just post it as a concept here and share and get feed back about it. Below you will find the base premise of how the game or story will be about. I will also link in the WIP from years ago from when I was actually still interested in game development. Needless to say from then to know there have been revisions on names and other things. And here is everything so far. Original Game Topic (Not actual original but it is the first game post here. The actual original game post was made on a different site) Calendar and Year Information Characters Gods and Demons Races and Spoken Languages Regions/Cities/Towns/Maps
  2. As I'm not using the art for a game, I wasn't really sure where to post this so I threw it in here as it is for graphics.. So hopefully this is the right place as it is not game related. I'm looking for someone who can do full color concept art/character illustrations based on information I provide them. It is for a story I am working on and would like a visual concept of some of my characters for the story. If your able to help let me know. If you are interested could you post some of your work. Im looking for more of a mid-evil/magic/fantasy type of style art.
  3. So would asking for an illustrator/artist/full color concept art that is not for a game still go in recruitment or in design and creativity? Asking for a friend....

  4. I did look into Inkarnate. My issue with Inkarnate is that it is either monthly or yearly subscription. Not a fan of having to pay a monthly or a yearly sub. Wonderdraft is a pay once downloadable program that runs on all 3 Major OS (Windows, Mac and Linux(which I run 100% of the time). Appreciate the suggestion. Just doesn't fit my budget at the moment.
  5. Has anyone used Wonderdraft - https://www.wonderdraft.net/ before? I started getting back into my story from years ago and want to expand on my idea before I delve into the game portion. So I have been looking for a world/map making program and Wonderdraft is what I found. I see a lot of reviews raving about it. And it comes with a huge community. Though before I jump in I was wondering if anyone else has used this or heard of it before. It seems to be mostly used for D&D overworld maps.
  6. Bullshit point. Point is bullshit... That is all...

  7. I believe all commands are threw the admin panel which can be access via pressing the insert key. As far as the functions, there should ban, kick, warp to and warp to me, and the ability to make them game staff.
  8. I'm going to move this conversation over to messages so not to flood this topic with off topic items.
  9. This is not entirely true. You can use other webserver software. Such as Windows servers with php installed (costs huge amount of money), nginx (free), IIS (free if you have windows) and many others. Secondly, at least in Colorado, it is against their Acceptable Use Policy to host servers to serve content outside of your LAN. @The Bunny Gamer To expand on what you will need for others to see it, I suggest checking out WAMP. Which is Windows Apache Mysql PHP server. Then I suggest you also look at no-ip to mask your ip address with a free sub domain from no-ip which will be easier to remember than an ip address for people. Though I'd also contact your ISP (internet service provider) to make sure they allow running a website. As some ISP can be huge assholes about it and terminate your account, if they really cared. If you are running Linux look into LAMP. It is the same thing as WAMP just for Linux. Though if you are running windows, I'd just install IIS as its a native app to windows for running websites. Lastly. It looks really good. The screenshots of the template reminds me of the old school eclipse website from way way way way back in the day.
  10. Long time ago i did. This Thursday I'll have a new video of it showing the basic features. Also it would be cheaper for you to buy the items you need for yourself. Than to have me build it and send it to you.
  11. Thanks @buu. I'm going to tighten up the layout later tonight. Taking a break n getting some csgo in first. And hopefully start testing the results come tomorrow.
  12. @Damian666 my obd2py application is damn close to Version 1.0.0... ONce version 1.0.0 is released you cant talk shit any more!! LOL

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      Python Panda

      Just wiat till thursday when I have a fully charged laptop lol


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      Python Panda

      Why you doubting me? Version 1.0.0 will be usable!


      Along with it made into an exe for everyone to use! STOP HATING!! lol


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