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Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!


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Working on a new website for Intersect, and I'd like to show off all the cool stuff you all are doing! If you don't mind, share any and all screenshots from your WIP games here. Posting here will also indicate that I have permission to use your images on our site.


Everything is accepted and encouraged! I'd love to show of all aspects of our engine and editor with a wide variety of graphics/styles/and games.


  • Maps
  • Various Editor Windows
  • Lots of players online
  • Uses of lighting/animations
  • Combat
  • Crazy Events


Anything and everything you all want to show off would help a lot!




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12 minutes ago, Toxic Kasplant said:

I only have a couple of screens, but my screens are from a DBZ fan game. Guess you don't want that?

Nope. Too sketch. 


11 minutes ago, Skaveron said:

This was initially for a bug report, though might be useful?



Same. Your custom stuff is incredible but anything with the current default graphics might have too many similarities to the default rpg maker stuff. Can never be too safe. Thanks though!

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I maded custom player sprites (frisk frontal pose was taken as example from deviant art and i drawed all other poses+ entire redraw to create chara)

and im working on paperdolls. A guy has offered to do items and maping, is helping too much.charal10.gif

Main Menu






Head and Hand Paperdoll


Body paperdoll and currency



Tileset layers




Map edit


Light System


I dunno if you like it.. at last is just a fan gamefilled10.gif

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My old version of concept UI that I was using in the intersect engine, but I'm facing another engine that I've been using for years, so it was discontinued, you can see that the version is not up to date, but I've changed the whole UI part of the intersect.


Remembering that until today I have never seen an engine to create a MMO so complete and practical is a great evolution for the makers and already realized a great quality of games that are to come with this engine.




Keep up the beautiful work guys, it is very great to enter in the community and see the progress of the games of each one.



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2 hours ago, jcsnider said:

Special request, anyone have any PvP videos from their games using legal & non-default graphics?

I can make one since I'm using Time Fantasy. But, there's still bug when we click another player with buff icon. We both get disconnected x-x

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