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  1. Objects with transparency based on triggers Fade in/out on portals
  2. About our dungeons, we have "dirt", "stone" and "ice" styles. .
  3. Thaaanks Kibz! you are amazing dude. About the graphics, I have a pixel artist who helps with commissions on the project and about the netwotk, i'm using Unity (as engine) and mirror networking, with my tests we are ok with 100~200 players (so far on our tests in production env) doing multiple things in our (large) world, but I need to do more "test stress". xD Soon i'll bring more news.
  4. Hi guys, i'll share some progress on my game. Here, we have some cute horses. And here we have some bee's. And here some skill tests (still WIP). And another great progress, our level design < I hope u enjoy 3
  5. Holy moly, nice work guys. Its a very complete and most "modular" MMORPG2D engine out there. it's nice to see some improvements and keep up with more updates. xD
  6. I like so much this style <3 thanks, amazing asset.
  7. @The Bunny Gamer Thanks man, I'm glad to help xD.
  8. This game is impressive, good graphic quality and unique art, incredible for being made in an old lenguage (vb6). If I'm not mistaken it's an own version derived from eclipse (2.0 maybe?). But I played a couple of months ago and it was very lag, I could not have a good experience, but 'a fantastic game, good stuff, nice to see you here!.
  9. @NewWun Hello mate, i make a script for do that, here is the download link: CustomScript_IntersectEngine.zip Instructions: There is two main files: CSharpConnector.exe and config.ini [CONFIG] ;your database path DatabasePath=C:\Engine 2D\Intersect Engine\Intersect Engine Beta 4.8.1\Intersect Engine Beta 4.8.1\Server\resources\intersect.db ;delete all player switches change value to 1 DeletePlayerSwitch=0 ;delete all player variables change value to 1 DeletePlayerVariable=0 ;delete all server switches change value to 1 DeleteServerSwitch=0 ;delete all server variables change value to 1 DeleteServerVariable=0 Observation My script creates a backup file before executing the commands in folder where it is running exe file in a bkp sub directory. Conclusion After choosing what to delete in the configuration file, just run CSharpConnector.exe If you want to run the script on a specific date or specific time, I recomend you to use windows scheduler itself, it does that for you, that is, just schedule it with your own routines. Any questions just let me know, I hope I have helped you.
  10. @NewWun i can make a script for do that if you request.
  11. Holy god 53 pages. Nice man, you make a good job, help a lot
  12. Hello guys, The script executes queries in sqlite database and exports the results in '.json' file format for use in website application like bootstrap source and any other ways. With this script you can export custom data and create systems, like ranking, user list, banned characters list and others functions. An easy way to integrate systems without having to write many lines of code to export this data and use in some way. You can use cron to run this script or even the windows task scheduler. I hope it helps someone. Screens: Python Version: 3.6.4 To run this script just install the libs and change the path of the database file. Script attached , feel free to use and modify. python-connector.py Update C# Version Result: Download C# project on link: https://mega.nz/#!X4MHQbBb!iU1FJ9ItdvE0D33q0vbjk49dmHQ-medZ9r44tVhKq_U @Khaikaa its that my friend, now I make peace with you kk.
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