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  1. Skaveron

    Realistic Tree Generator

    Been browsing the web for generators to reduce work-time a bit. This one isn't particularly useful for me, though anyone using realistic, or semi-realistic tilesets might find find this interesting; http://arnaud.ile.nc/cantree/generator.php
  2. Skaveron

    The Wheel

    Quick update on The Greenhouse ward; https://i.imgur.com/qP1OZxL.png I intend to revamp my first post a bit to make it a bit more readable soon.
  3. Skaveron

    Today I did this on my project...

    Owkay, RL work has calmed down a bit and I'm currently working on a project that doesn't have a deadline which means I can start and finish early. So! Back to work on The Wheel. I finished tweaking the colors and improved the cliff tiles a bit;
  4. Skaveron

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    Honestly, I'd be happy enough with JSON
  5. So, I've noticed that the topic of 'story' has been popping up in quite a few threads lately. Myself and a number of other people seem to believe an intriguing story and setting are very important for a persistent game-world and I think it's an element of game development (especially where an rpg is involved) that should be put in the spotlight a bit more. I therefor propose a new forum in the Game Development section called 'Creative Writing' or something similar where people can post Stories, World Lore, Plots, Quest lines and even spur of the moment ideas and the like for other people to review. I don't expect this forum to be very active right off the bat, though I hope it would encourage a few people to think a bit further about their world other than 'generic fantasy setting'.
  6. It would work for a comedy/parody game, though the problem is that the same type of humour over and over again gets old really fast. I don't think this is a good idea for an MMO, unless you can back your world up with some REALLY clever writing.
  7. Skaveron

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    Will the binary blobs in the database be replaced with serialized JSON as well? That would make web apps so much easier
  8. Skaveron

    Change tiles picker background color

    I don't think this is possible. Might be a good one for the suggestions board.
  9. Skaveron

    Intersect Beta 4.5 Released!

    That was quick
  10. Skaveron

    New Intersect Website

    Yup, seems fine now.
  11. Skaveron

    New Intersect Website

    Some of the lightboxes don't seem to load properly when clicking an image? It just shows a spinner.
  12. Nice. Exactly the kind of small touches that can make or break a game.
  13. Skaveron

    The Wheel

    Couldn't get a gif that's a decent quality, so got you a video instead. http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/fa6f38127417d677c2d9f2d7b0702434.avi
  14. Skaveron

    The Wheel

    I don't mind, but I'll make a different version later this evening in that case. The Admin character that's in the gif is a sprite-rip from Hyper Light Drifter and I assume you don't want any copyrighted material in it
  15. Skaveron

    The Wheel

    Pretty much, yes. I used a particle effects generator and then exported it as a sprite sheet. 16 columns, 2 rows;