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  1. There're a lot of frenchies in this community.
  2. Well, you do not always have to pay for static ip, sometimes it is just an option on your internet box. Ask to your internet provider.
  3. Well, first. You should cast to int only at the end for more accuracy. Let x and y as float and replace the return to cast the whole return instead of only one part. And it is more optimized. This seems me correct. There's not better solution than factorial. I will think about it tomorrow to make this better (maybe).
  4. Thanks @aidan1982, it is clearer now, I understand
  5. As I said, at first, it is complicated (of course, it talks about a complicated subject). But after being put in, we realize how much this is powerful. @aidan1982 First, I'm french so I also do mistakes and some of the typos given below may be false and I could miss a few. For the typos, I will give them from first comments (top) to last comments (bottom) for each sheets. - In first sheet "Basic Class (IDP Only)": -> "Enter your informationS" (I'm not sure about this one, but there're many informations? My native language can play me tricks ) -> "for at the [first] level [1]" (I prefer "first level" instead of "level 1" but it's good ) -> ". Afterwards" (well, it's not a typo but the punctuation is invalid) (I also prefer "Then" instead of "Afterwards", it's better known) -> "When aLLocating Points" The "points distributions" comment is very complicated to understand. I think we can make this more understandable and shorter. I would have written (say me if I didn't understand ^^) : "This system don't take into account the earnings points after the first level. Indeed, all stats are automatically calculated according to the first ones. So you can ONLY change first values." - In the second sheet "Basic Class (CDP)": -> "Percentages below 10% will not result in a gain if the stats are less than 10." (In fact, your sentence is correct, but I find that my sentence is clearer ) -> "Enter your informationS" (well, I'm really not sure about this one!) -> "for at the [first] level [1]" -> "When aLLocating Points" -> "So you will get accurate calculations." -> "These amounts are added to the base percentages." instead of "Amounts are additive of base percent!" (It's clearer) - In the last sheet "Adv. Class" (I really don't understand its utility and how to use it ): -> "statS conversion" -> " to the Intersect's stats" instead of "to the stats Intersect uses" -> "can be interpreted however you want to" -> "Enter point perEcentage" -> "for advanceD classes" -> "perspective respective gains" Well, as I said, I don't mastering english so mistakes in my eyes may not be mistakes. Also my native language and its different syntax affect me. So, please, double check what I said. Again, THANKS for the resource, it helped me a lot ! PS: Could you explain me the utility of the last sheet, how to use it and under what circumstances? Thank you.
  6. Hi, There's some typos and it is pretty complicated. But, when we focused on it, and understand the principle, it is powerful ! We can preview the max values at level 100 on each stats and exp. It should be nice to do the "speed" section in the Basic Class IDP and CPD sheets. There's one thing I really don't understand: What use should we make for the "Adv. Class" sheet ? Good job.
  7. Yeah, not so optimal, but it works well! I didn't think about it. Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, Is there a way to have a Animation attribute which can block NPC and player ? Thanks
  9. Maybe something like that could be interesting?
  10. Waouh, thanks! I edited my post to put the image instead of a link
  11. Hum, I'm pretty proud of my forest road... Let me know! PS: I can't send more files in this website.. I just send one, is it normal ?
  12. IceBlack

    The Wheel

    This looks awesome ! Please keep us informed of the evolution !
  13. Thanks! I'll try. I will talk with everyone, learn, help if I can, and wait for the source code. I'm considering the possibility of making a game too, it would be nice, I think.
  14. Hey! Thank you. I will watch for this streaming dev.
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