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  1. Now the server is not hosted from sayghteight anymore, now i host it 24/7 by ME Enjoy!.
  2. lol. is much accurated. but honestly, i dont like it, is only because i preffer more fantasy style, not realism. but wow, that sprite is a hard work, is epic. good job man!
  3. When i open this link in few secconds appear ads
  4. I DID THEM ON MY GAME in water footsteps. i put on each tile an event what plays on touch.
  5. there will be a label for a global currency instead of inventory currency only?. because i know there can be many currencies for different shops. but you gonna can be able to set one as "default" and show it as a label instead a item? Because big currencies makes the text number looks weird in a single inventory space... AND NICE WORK
  6. He can use the dash skill in upside i guess and put it as skill in hotkey "UP"
  7. while you work in it, they can use my launcher, probably i dont gonna update it much more but works for 4.2.
  8. if you search peopletale , you can find my project, if you need you can extract any file, i have good fonts and the gui files you can use them are "neutral"
  9. http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/94cc7494fa1c5916819965dd65c17a66.xml if you replace this XML by the InGame.xml on your GUI folder, will fix some UI bugs and will let you more space on the sprite image. i done it for my project
  10. Take this http://www.mediafire.com/file/tzzovcowbbda1l3/Intersect_HD_resources_StarterPack.rar is my own rpg maker MV pack with all tilesets and entities, working to intersect includes music, paperdolls and stuff
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