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  1. Graphics Playing Around

    lol. is much accurated. but honestly, i dont like it, is only because i preffer more fantasy style, not realism. but wow, that sprite is a hard work, is epic. good job man!
  2. well... monogame is compatible with android and stuff. the problem is the engine is "computer" oriented. Anyway. with HARD HARD HARD work i think its possible. but is needed source code and A LOT of time and learning. basically you have to redo the code and add controls in phone... etc.
  3. sharing my snow

  4. Playable Back N Forth - Released!

  5. Playable Back N Forth - Released!

    When i open this link in few secconds appear ads
  6. Sound footsteps

    I DID THEM ON MY GAME in water footsteps. i put on each tile an event what plays on touch.
  7. Intersect Beta 4.6 Released!

    there will be a label for a global currency instead of inventory currency only?. because i know there can be many currencies for different shops. but you gonna can be able to set one as "default" and show it as a label instead a item? Because big currencies makes the text number looks weird in a single inventory space... AND NICE WORK
  8. Playable Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    wow . youre awesome dude
  9. He can use the dash skill in upside i guess and put it as skill in hotkey "UP"
  10. Gem Launcher + Game Patcher

    while you work in it, they can use my launcher, probably i dont gonna update it much more but works for 4.2.
  11. Open Beta Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

  12. Concept Digi Adventure

    if you search peopletale , you can find my project, if you need you can extract any file, i have good fonts and the gui files you can use them are "neutral"
  13. Concept Digi Adventure if you replace this XML by the InGame.xml on your GUI folder, will fix some UI bugs and will let you more space on the sprite image. i done it for my project
  14. MV Tiles - Resized to 32x32

    Take this is my own rpg maker MV pack with all tilesets and entities, working to intersect includes music, paperdolls and stuff