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  1. Here an Island: Feel free to use it for ascension game dev.
  2. It's really nice to share your work. Thanks!
  3. It's a pleasure to see such a quick progress Thanks a lot!
  4. Great ! You're really talented and it's really nice to share such a work ! I think I will use some of them
  5. Hi, When an admin join the game we get the following message : "You are an administrator! Press Insert at any time to access the administration menu or F2 for debug information.". Now how to do to write a message for all kind of players (simple player + moderator + admin) ? For the Admin we have the ID : adminjoined For The moderator the ID : modjoined Then for a simple player what's the ID ? Thank you.
  6. It's a pity that (atm) we're limited like this... such an easy implementation could certainly expand significantly the development possibilities (for the engine users). Thank you for your answer.
  7. Hi, For example, I want to use a spell named berserker (which multiply attack and divide defence)... but only if my HP is under a certain value/or under a certain percentage. I can do it for the current stats but not for the HP or MP. So how can I do it ? Thanks for reading
  8. Very good things! But to say the truth, I'm in fact really impatient to get at least a release with the current bugs fixed
  9. We need more details... How did you create the resources and items? Where did you put them? And so on. Ps: A video or also simple screens are welcome^^
  10. Perfect, thank you!
  11. Hi guys, As said in the title, I want to copy/paste a given map (very very useful for me). How can I do that ? From the editor I find nothing... probably from the .db files it's possible, but how ? Thanks, Staf
  12. I finished all the video and it has been very instructive. I look forward to next one, thank you PS: I didn't know that you was in this forum. Thanks @PhenomenalDitto
  13. Hi, Like Tommy I'm from France. I'm an engineer in computer science (and may be a Phd Student very soon). I know to program in Fortran77/90, C, C++ and Python. And I never coded in C# (might be the opportunity for me to learn it). And I'm here thanks to this man: In the paste, I also tried to create an orpg with some friends (in this shit frog engine yeah --'). So now, I'm happy to see an engine (which is not in VB6) with really more possibilities. Actually, I just want to challenge myself and learn more. We can see after how it goes from there. Thanks, Staf
  14. Survey completed! Fiouffff sorry but it's really difficult for me to give some of my time to answer such questions x)
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