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    Footsteps sound effect

    I DID THEM ON MY GAME in water footsteps. i put on each tile an event what plays on touch.
  2. jesusbleach

    Intersect Beta 4.6 Released!

    there will be a label for a global currency instead of inventory currency only?. because i know there can be many currencies for different shops. but you gonna can be able to set one as "default" and show it as a label instead a item? Because big currencies makes the text number looks weird in a single inventory space... AND NICE WORK
  3. jesusbleach

    Chronicles of cyberpunk [Release]

    wow . youre awesome dude
  4. jesusbleach

    - Project Canceled -

    He can use the dash skill in upside i guess and put it as skill in hotkey "UP"
  5. PEOPLEPTALE ONLINE NOW ON DISCORD: https://discord.gg/KwnvQwx I have open the server all the day (spanish hours from 9:00-23:00) Remember open the launcher for ensure correct connection This fangame based on undertale will gonna have battle and missions like others mmo but you gonna have puzzles and mysterys too!! Explore, battle, and find secrets to be the most smart and powerful player!! Work: Entities and events, skills etc... NPC:??%(Only beta test npc, battles for now) Secrets:??/??(it havent a limit so, i cant say that info) Items:30% Of planned items(can be aded more unexpected items in the future) Skills:1/??(it havent a limit so, i cant say that info) Maps Ruins: 50% Snowdin Mountain: 100% Snowdin Town Map: 99% Waterfall: 40% Temmie Village: 0% Hotland: 0% Core: 0% New Home: 0% True Lab: 0% LastCorridor: 0% Asgore castle and throne room: 0% Surface: 0% Beach: 0% Other extra maps:0% NO MORE IP TROUBLES , JUST OPEN THE LAUNCHER TO AUTO UPDATE IP, No more manual patches LAUNCHER FULLY WORKING GET THE BETA VERSION 4.2.2 HERE http://www.mediafire.com/file/9ik2wjoj0r38r4e/Client4.2.2.zip
  6. jesusbleach

    Gem Launcher + Game Patcher

    while you work in it, they can use my launcher, probably i dont gonna update it much more but works for 4.2.
  7. jesusbleach

    Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    only 4 xD
  8. jesusbleach

    Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

  9. jesusbleach

    Digi Adventure

    if you search peopletale , you can find my project, if you need you can extract any file, i have good fonts and the gui files you can use them are "neutral"
  10. jesusbleach

    Digi Adventure

    http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/94cc7494fa1c5916819965dd65c17a66.xml if you replace this XML by the InGame.xml on your GUI folder, will fix some UI bugs and will let you more space on the sprite image. i done it for my project
  11. jesusbleach

    MV Tiles - Resized to 32x32

    Take this http://www.mediafire.com/file/tzzovcowbbda1l3/Intersect_HD_resources_StarterPack.rar is my own rpg maker MV pack with all tilesets and entities, working to intersect includes music, paperdolls and stuff
  12. jesusbleach

    Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke

    LIKE !!! youre cool i wanted to do a serie with someone about pokemon , but i havent friends to record
  13. jesusbleach

    Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

  14. jesusbleach

    Ip Public

    you read the text i wrote? with this, when your ip change, you can change it manually on an online file. and the program automatically put the new IP on all players
  15. jesusbleach

    Still have 2 resolution problem

    yea i have an NVIDIA GTX 960(very good graphic card) and let me 1080 but dont let me 720. this resolution catch is little crazy. anyway. if i remember good there's many ways to catch resolutions supported with your graphic card. intersect use one more "safe" i think because also others can "break" the screen when you go full screen. sometimes is anyoning but others it helps. Anyway. if youre doing a game , dont worry, keep on it. the true players dont gonna have same error , depends of the pc remember. and eventually you can get that fixed, look about "custom resolutions on graphic cards" also you can get it work, also your graphic card "game full screen mode" losed compatibility cause a bad update/turn on /off error etc. i suggest you go to your graphics configuration and do a FACTORY RESET. also gonna help you can do a downgrade uninstalling it COMPLETLY and reinstall the graphics manually downloading from the web of nvidia, that helped me a ton of times. Also your game is catching the default integrated graphics too. look on your nvidia config. is a weird option who you pick your default graphics to work. Good luck. Its all i can say.
  16. i suggest you my trick. -you open your default character sprite with gimp(i use this), paint.net, or photoshop(this is more popular), -and you go to layers and duplicate the main layer -clear the upper layer -paint weapon or something in that clear layer but you can see how affect to the character because you can see it on down of your draw. so you can see if the draw match correctly.(basically how it gonna see into game) -when you finish you destroy/hide/clean the down layer and you gonna get the CLEAN paperdoll image. -save it in png format
  17. jesusbleach

    Ip Public

    i maded this launcher, you every time ip change you put on a uploaded text file with the command "setip|9999|yourIP;" and all the players get the ip updated automatically on their game. i let the code and things to personalize it. i use it instead of no-ip and work very very good. the bad thing is when intersect changes ip the configuration of sound and resolution return to minimun, i hope they change it someday...
  18. jesusbleach

    How to Distribute client and they enter my server?

    i think the translatod trolled you i mean if you do good your config it gonna be good just put your Public IP (search in google) on the configuration, replacing "localhost"
  19. jesusbleach

    How to Distribute client and they enter my server?

    if the port is open and clients have the correct ip they will connect for sure
  20. jesusbleach

    Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    Thanks. im working hard. i added more as i said but a normal player cant take it already because i not integrated some thinks fully. Lucky of me i found someone is helping me mapping and doing some art. but still need help of tons of work. ................ FOLLOW THE PROJECT NOW ON DISCORD!!! https://discord.gg/KwnvQwx
  21. I was mading a little launcher. How it works: BIG UPDATE I have all the morning working on it , and now works! -Added repair button. Set the version to 0 and redownload ALL the files DOWNLOAD HERE: SOURCE + UPDATE + BUG FIX: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/90592f0f90853fa19597b1f4105714e3.rar This launcher can update your game by zip files, no need to be huge files, you can update a tileset for example madin a zip with the folder/resources/tilesets, and put only the tilesets you want replace/add HOW IT WORKS is based on two files, the "news" txt file and the "version" txt file: News file Version file the colors goed crazy on code box... This is my custom version
  22. FIXED LITTLE BUGS added new function(auto update ip)
  23. jesusbleach

    Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    NEW PLAYER CUSTOM SPRITES MADE BY ME!!! Working on create paperdolls! While the beta will be able a custom farm zone, get tons of G, Exp and items. Added new items Bandage: Starting Item, Free(1%Life Steal) Colourfull Jackets(Red,Blue,Yellow,Green,Black) Monster Candy Spider Donut Spider Cider Butterscotch Pie Snail Pie Snowman Piece Nice Cream Some other consumibles... Weapons: Stick: Its bark is worse than its bite. 1 ATK Starting Item, Free Toy Knife: Made of plastic. A rarity nowadays. 3 ATK Real Knife: Here we are! 99ATK, requiered lvl 20(max for now) New Skill: LOAD: you can teleport to the last "savepoint" to get healed or just dont have to do big walks. New enemy: Froggit. It spawns on the ruins and into the farm zones, gives 10 exp 10 gold(HIGH rare chance to trow something special). Added an BATTLE ARENA on Waterfall I added more things, but arent fully implemented. Now can craft better food on papyrus hause. ADDED DIMENSIONAL BOX(BANK OF ITEMS) Remember open your Game Launcher to keep updated
  24. Includes: - Part of Snowdin mountain - Full Snowdin Town - High part of waterfall - Lot of chars and one or twice of animations - Au chars - Some events , npc , dialogs - Tons of unused resources - All dialog sounds - Panoramas - All Music - Tons of SFX - One currency and two items -------------------------------------------- Some more things to discover. https://www.mediafire.com/file/h0w0p3m08d18nm2/UndertaleMMOServerandClient.rar Welp... Im going to grillby's
  25. jesusbleach

    Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    i re-opened the server with the new version and im working hard on it. so if you still want those base files, here's the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h0w0p3m08d18nm2/UndertaleMMOServerandClient.rar