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  1. How do I make like, If I add +1 deff it will also increase my max hp by + 50? Also if it's from source, How do I edit it?
  2. Yeah but when I see the gate, it reminds me of old Nin Online graphics xD But it looks amazing thought! Good luck with your project! If you ever need a beta tester, count me in.
  3. Awesome! Buut isn't that the same graphics as Nin Online?
  4. Awesome!! @rpgscroll You were looking for side scrolling Intersect version, here it is
  5. I've been looking for this too
  6. Everytime I want to make a new character, it always said "Lost connection to the game server. Please make sure you're connected to the internet and try again." I don't know why it suddenly like this, and the server have this logs. What is the problem?
  7. Miharukun

    Party Bonus XP

    Aww yis, but how about if I already install some mod in my engine? Do I just upgrade it to the new one?
  8. Can I add an idea to this? So, you can place a "Safe item" in the Crafting Table, to prevent ingredients lost/destroyed from Failing. It won't increase the crafting chance, only prevent item lost if fail.
  9. Miharukun

    Auto Loot

    I'll try it now Thanks!
  10. Miharukun

    Auto Loot

    Mind telling me how to do it?
  11. Miharukun

    Auto Loot

    So after a player kill a NPC. The loot goes straight into the killer bag. And it will show on the right/left side of the screen or Chatbox on what the player getting.
  12. Any option to make the loot go straight into the player bag?
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