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  1. Best member nominee poll

    Hail Pandaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Story Today I did this on my project...

    somehow the sprite reminds me of Nin Online xD
  3. [tutorial] Creating ability points

    This is awesome, it reminds me of Alfheim Online feature from SAO series xD where some weapon can be used if you reach some ability (like Lvl 40 Two Hand Sword ability)
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    My favourite game! Been playing it since it first came out for PS2 xD
  5. Gilgamesh's Cyberpunk Graphics

    Your graphics style is seriously amazing !!
  6. Pet System I've been working on for Nightmare so far

    No >.> It's exclusive for Nightmare
  7. Offering help

    I need my personal system xD maybe he will take comission in the future, that's when I'm gonna pm him.
  8. Offering help

    This ! Will pm you once the source get released
  9. Playable Angels & Orcs Online MMORPG 2D

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.project7.project7beta&hl=in you should include this in your post >.>
  10. Editing my players' names and Stats

    You can open your database on DB browser for SQLite
  11. Faction system through Events?

    Ah yes I totally forgot about variables haha xD Thanks for the help guys!
  12. Is it possible to make Faction through Events? Like after you choose a Faction, there will be some Faction Only Quest
  13. Concept Transcending Gear

    Reminds me of Tree of Savior Transcendence xD looks good tho
  14. no idea, but it looks horrifying >.> This guy too