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  1. Ahh alright, ima try it again later 😁 Thanks Khaikaa! Edit: Turns out, it's working. I was wrong not to put the hp damage. Thanks a lot
  2. How? I tried only add the % while the static is 0. I thought it would add the stats based on my current stats but nothing happens
  3. In the Class Editor, the level up boost has Static and Percentage. Is it possible to do it on the Spell editor? Like add Attack stats by their current stats percentage Ex: A has 10 attack, when A use Rage (+20% Attack stats) he will have 12 attack stats. B has 20 attack, when B use Rage (+20% Attack stats) he will have 24 attack stats.
  4. Make sure you have set the config in Server and turn the server on. and see if it's working or no
  5. It's stuck on "Update Complete! Launching Game!" but it doesn't launch the game at all. How do i fix this? Edit : Figure it out 2 mins later. I just need to change "data/Intersect Client.exe" to "Intersect Client.exe"
  6. Thank you, It's not 100% done though hehe. Still need to change the font colors, etc.
  7. Will do! Thank you so much
  8. Will Intersect have this feature on B6 ? When I was mapping and I remember Eclipse has this feature, It's only block a certain part of the tile not whole tile.
  9. Using crafting system is easier I think like make Sword +1, Sword +2, Sword +3, Sword +4 to upgrade your Sword to Sword +1, just make a requirements that you need a Sword, a refine stone and some gold (to pay the blacksmith) and then do the same for other, Sword +2, you need Sword +1, etc.
  10. Lol xD sorry tho ahaha, tho murdoc say "spam it" so i try to spam the chat
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