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  1. How do I make like, If I add +1 deff it will also increase my max hp by + 50? Also if it's from source, How do I edit it?
  2. Yeah but when I see the gate, it reminds me of old Nin Online graphics xD But it looks amazing thought! Good luck with your project! If you ever need a beta tester, count me in.
  3. Awesome! Buut isn't that the same graphics as Nin Online?
  4. Awesome!! @rpgscroll You were looking for side scrolling Intersect version, here it is
  5. Everytime I want to make a new character, it always said "Lost connection to the game server. Please make sure you're connected to the internet and try again." I don't know why it suddenly like this, and the server have this logs. What is the problem?
  6. Aww yis, but how about if I already install some mod in my engine? Do I just upgrade it to the new one?
  7. Can I add an idea to this? So, you can place a "Safe item" in the Crafting Table, to prevent ingredients lost/destroyed from Failing. It won't increase the crafting chance, only prevent item lost if fail.
  8. Mind telling me how to do it?
  9. So after a player kill a NPC. The loot goes straight into the killer bag. And it will show on the right/left side of the screen or Chatbox on what the player getting.
  10. Any option to make the loot go straight into the player bag?
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