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  1. no idea, but it looks horrifying >.> This guy too
  2. Miharukun


    Lol xD sorry tho ahaha, tho murdoc say "spam it" so i try to spam the chat
  3. Miharukun


    Fix the weapon, The bow can be used for chopping trees and fishing xD Edit: Also, fix the shadow in this line, it's not fringe.
  4. Miharukun


    Then people who play early has advantage? like already high level :o
  5. Miharukun

    Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!

    Uhm, So what I need to do with the Json file? put it on the game file or..?
  6. Miharukun

    Increasing stats.

  7. Miharukun

    Increasing stats.

    I just noticed the stats on the Class Editor, spells and item editor max is 255. Is there a way to increase it? Edit: class editor normal xD
  8. Miharukun

    Class Editor Scaling Amount

    Example. Like if you put 1000 Base damage and 100% damage scaling in there, It won't affect your base damage and damage scalling when using weapon. Say you deal 10000 damage when not using weapon but when you use a weapon that has 10 base damage and 10 scaling amount the damage you dealt to the enemy is just probably around 100. The base damage and Scaling amount on class editor won't affect anything when you equip a weapon.
  9. Miharukun

    Class Editor Scaling Amount

    Your scalling damage without using any weapon.
  10. Miharukun

    Dynamic Requirements Bug?

    So, My equipments always have 2 requirements (level and class) so other class can't use it. But I just noticed Mage class can use sword. Even tho the requirement to use the sword is Swordsman class, It's also can use Mace which is for Cleric class only. Is this bugged? EDIT : It works only when we put Level and Class in one condition. So, right now i make 5 list (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, etc)
  11. Miharukun

    Today I did this on my project...

    WHATTT! Yes Please !
  12. Miharukun

    Today I did this on my project...

    When you make event, there's Animation for the event. So, just make question mark animation and put it on the event
  13. Miharukun

    Today I did this on my project...

    I remember when I'm playing Ragnarok Online, music was the key to make player stays in the game. So, I did the same in my game. I could stay for hours just for listening the music and chatting xD