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  1. It's stuck on "Update Complete! Launching Game!" but it doesn't launch the game at all. How do i fix this? Edit : Figure it out 2 mins later. I just need to change "data/Intersect Client.exe" to "Intersect Client.exe"
  2. Thank you, It's not 100% done though hehe. Still need to change the font colors, etc.
  3. Will do! Thank you so much
  4. Will Intersect have this feature on B6 ? When I was mapping and I remember Eclipse has this feature, It's only block a certain part of the tile not whole tile.
  5. Using crafting system is easier I think like make Sword +1, Sword +2, Sword +3, Sword +4 to upgrade your Sword to Sword +1, just make a requirements that you need a Sword, a refine stone and some gold (to pay the blacksmith) and then do the same for other, Sword +2, you need Sword +1, etc.
  6. Lol xD sorry tho ahaha, tho murdoc say "spam it" so i try to spam the chat
  7. Fix the weapon, The bow can be used for chopping trees and fishing xD Edit: Also, fix the shadow in this line, it's not fringe.
  8. Then people who play early has advantage? like already high level :o
  9. Uhm, So what I need to do with the Json file? put it on the game file or..?
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