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  1. Oh I get it, thanks Jc!
  2. Ahh, so for editor, I still need the rest of the folders but for the players, I can only give them Packs folder?
  3. Can someone explain me how Texture Packing works? Do I need to delete all the resources after texture packing?
  4. Where is the server located? also, from where are the majority of players? I once hosted and my server based in Singapore, and people from NA got 250ms and they do get rollback sometimes (What I mean by rollback, is like sometimes when they walk from A place to B place. After arriving at B Place, suddenly they're back to the A place.) but for the people that are in the SEA region like me, they have good ping around 5-50ms. and also smooth gameplay ^^ It's not because the Server spec I think but from the connection, not all people have good connection for global server I think xD. correct me if i'm wrong. My server spec was: 1 vCPU 2 GB RAM 35 GB SSD Disk 750 GB Bandwidth 1Gbps Connection
  5. Edit the formula.json in the server config. There's no exact answer for this formula, you need to go through trial and error until you found the right formula for your game. ^^
  6. It breaks the color of the guild for me, it would be all black in the next login. even after I set the label color Edit: oops didn't see I make a new reply, sorry for necroing >.>
  7. Since the player label will be gone upon server restart, how do we solve this? But the variable still in there, like we're still in the guild but without the tag. @AisenArvalis
  8. I tried to make my butterfly sprite animated and put it like, "AnimatedSprites": [butterfly.png], after that when I run the server again, it became like this and after a second it gone. but when I erase the butterfly.png the server runs normal again. Edit: This is the Error log
  9. I just saw it, still waiting for the answer too! This is truly an amazing system, I always wanted to have a necromancer class
  10. Using Player Variable makes other players count as "Friendly" too, I tried it. Atm to make it possible for PvP, in the Friendly conditions, I use "Class is" and then put Necromancer, it won't attack other Necromancer class tho xD
  11. Miharukun


    Gonna try this today!
  12. Ahh alright, ima try it again later 😁 Thanks Khaikaa! Edit: Turns out, it's working. I was wrong not to put the hp damage. Thanks a lot
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