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  1. I currently have a comment event setup for my driving game, where if you have a certain suspension item equipped it changes the sprite that shows that you're lowered and if you don't have it equipped, to change it back to the original sprite. Both are autorun events but it seems like every few tiles you move it's probably refreshing the event causing a stutter as removing the event the movement is completely normal. Is there anyway i can do something like this using the event system that doesn't cause a stutter?
  2. Above is map 1 where the vent event is controlled by that chair using the choice command, as you can see its set to closed which puts the office vent event at closed and should close the vent for the other map as well(i'd like to assume so) Above is map 2, same exact event besides the trigger(for dialogue purposes) but it skips the 1st page and goes to the 2nd page which is when the vent is open(office vent event set to true). below is the event page as well as the spawn conditions for the event when the vent is closed.
  3. Oh right, and it isn't a constant thing that should happening, should be like that once every 20 seconds or so
  4. so basically im trying to make it do this so it has to have the sprite when its standing still the same right?
  5. this is the event window this is the sprite that i've set the event to, what i want to do is use movement route for it to face the directions that his color sequence is
  6. (ignore this) i dont know if its the website or the internet but the site is moving very slow and it double posted
  7. I'm trying to get a event to change colors using movement change(facing a direction) and it isn't doing anything, actual moving works however
  8. Is it possible to have an item go on any equipment slot for stacking purposes? Like instead of a sword, and a shield you could have like 2 sword without having to make an item for each equipment slot, just having one go on any of the amount of slots i have.
  9. So, if i wanted player to have freedom with this character generator, how would i go about adding their sprite to the game?
  10. converted it to a higher quality sound and that fixed it.
  11. I have 2 wav files that should be playing audio, one doesn't play sometimes from an event, and another one sends a error log. What should i do?
  12. probably just me but i can't search for anything

    1. jcsnider


      Definitely not just you. Should be fixed now :) 

  13. Feeling more comfortable with this PC adaption/Remix of a game that already exists instead of working on the stick figure stuff



  14. question, is it possible to add more equipment slots? and if it is, would it change the way the character menu looks?

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    2. CharmingClyde


      ah, so how would i be able to equip a new slot that i added?

    3. Blestro
    4. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant



      It does change the menu and adds an extra slot in the character window ingame. 

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