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  1. CharmingClyde

    Intersect Character Generator

    So, if i wanted player to have freedom with this character generator, how would i go about adding their sprite to the game?
  2. CharmingClyde

    Intersect Beta 4.4 Released!

  3. CharmingClyde

    Need help paperdolls

    i use gimp
  4. CharmingClyde


    looks really nice c:
  5. CharmingClyde

    Rock Hard Gladiator Online - MMO Fighter project

    A little update, Redid the stick figure sprite, looks better in my opinion and as of now i got some armor and some weapon graphics done. I want to get some skills working and redo the classes so i can have a demo out soon
  6. CharmingClyde

    Intersect Showoff Thread!

    if i wasn't using default rpg maker stuff i would've shared some screenshots and pvp as well also are the dlc's illegal to use as well?
  7. CharmingClyde

    New Intersect Website

    Question, what would be the requirements to have our games up on the site?
  8. CharmingClyde

    Indie ORPG Development

    sadly for me, my game will be free to play(i don't know how a pay store would work in intersect), so dishing out $100 to get my game on steam isn't an option for me, gamejolt is more feasible, as i've had a eclipse game that got 3000 plays in the first week, with 30 players average on each day, too bad i gave up on it. i also got $4 from ads that ran on the game's page, so maybe i can get enough money from gamejolt ads then put it on steam.
  9. CharmingClyde

    Rock Hard Gladiator Online - MMO Fighter project

    ah i forgot about that
  10. CharmingClyde

    Rock Hard Gladiator Online - MMO Fighter project

    It's good actually, could be a bit thicker and shorter but yea, that'll be greatly appreciated. I'll see what I can do to mine to make it better, I think the problem is that the head is a big bigger than the body since it's kinda short and the reason being is there should be space for stuff like auras and item paperdolls to fit on it without it cutting off.
  11. Firstly, i'd like to say that this is my first time making a post like this, so excuse me if i make grammatical errors and what not. What's the game about? RHG is a tournament style animation battle between 2 animators and their unique stick figures, basically whoever's animation was better would win and some would even make their battles canon to their character(etc one of them called FLFFL{ALFA}lost his arm in one of his battle and since then he's been only using one arm). This game is similar but you don't need to animate anything and theres alot more than just battling for glory. The players(stick figures) have some freedom to explore and travel around to become stronger however they choose to become so, whether by doing quests, hunting other players, NPCs and other things. The game would be designed to make you choose what you want to do instead of holding your hand for 90% of the time. Story? You're at the age in the stick figure community where you'll be able to become a gladiator, a gladiator is assigned tasks, missions and also participate in tournament battles against NPCs and other players. You can choose a general stat path where you want your character to be in (whether it is fighter,mage or tank and so on) then you'll be able to assign your own stats freely each level. There would also be alot of customization elements that would make your character unique like different skill setups, clothing and weapons. Thats pretty much all i have at this point. For staff, it's just me alone which you would realize after seeing the only few screenshots i have at the moment What has been done so far is basically just placeholder stuff to make it a viable concept(If that makes any sense), i have a stick figure character sprite that could be alot better but since there aren't much stuff from rpg maker regarding stick figures i had to improvise and modify one of the existing rpg maker ones and just made it plain black. The style of the map i was going for was like a moba styled one, where you have a base and then you go out into the wilderness,jungle and rivers until you find the next landmark and what not. The only weapon i fully made was just a sword to test the paperdoll and damage. There still needs to be a female sprite so i'm working on that. Classes are basically done but i think they may need better balancing as things go more foward. My plan right now is to actually get serious about this and make it into an actual thing, i didn't really have the motivation until realizing there aren't alot or any prominent mmo stick figure rpgs of this sort. I did have a playable version running and was using a custom character stat system but i didn't get enough forms turned it to actually make use of it so i just left it there. So in the next 6-7 days i'd make some changes to the user interface and actually try to make a presentable map and maybe a trailer of some sort? i dunno. I have alot of items and skills to make so i've been preparing myself and collecting alot of different ideas for skills that players would be able to use If you want to point out somethings to me and give me feedback and criticism i'll gladly accept it.
  12. CharmingClyde

    In case you miss the Eclipse

    I laughed way too hard at this than i should've roflmao
  13. CharmingClyde

    Weapon question

    Ah ok, thanks for the reply
  14. CharmingClyde

    Weapon question

    My sword does less damage than attack without it (it does 1 damage compared to around 30 without it). does the base damage need to be increased(since it's about 10 right now) and does having crit chance as 0 overlap the class' crit chance (since i crit more without the sword as well)
  15. CharmingClyde

    Any plans for character creation?

    I just want to be able to add paperdolls at the character creation screen so the user can create their unique character before they get I to the game instead of after