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  1. h99g90b.png

  2. is it possible to use a sprite this size?


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    2. Beefy Kasplant

      Beefy Kasplant

      Well there you go!


      Intersect has dynamic sprite sizes, so you can use any size

    3. Giligis


      Of course u can!! That Sprite is awesome. Looks like a 240sx. Do I smell a racing game?!

    4. CharmingClyde


      @Giligis yea, taking a break from the stick figure game and doing something i'm more comfortable with

  3. Intersect Beta 4.4 Released!

  4. Need help paperdolls

    i use gimp
  5. ZcCQigR.png


    wait, these don't work?

    1. Joyce


      They were probably added as a "To-Do" at some point, but never finished as priorities shifted.

  6. Guys please help me with the following

    All these questions can be answered by using the search function, to help you with 4 and 6, you go into client/resrouces/gui and change "background.png" to whatever image you want to use. It has to be named background.png. You already use your own ip address when you're hosting if that's what you mean.
  7. WIP Veridian

    looks really nice c:
  8. anyone else watching league of legends world finals?

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    2. jcsnider


      I'll always root against SKT... but I'm not sure it was fair to send them in 4v6.


      SSG Bang MVP.

    3. Kibbelz


      Brother bang

    4. CharmingClyde


      can't believe they got 3-0'd

  9. sucks that everyone else's projects are a million times better than mine, trying my best but i don't think i'll ever be able to  amaze anyone at this point

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    2. Aesthetic


      The only projects at the moment worth comparing are Life Forge (which is made in a custom engine by a team of very experienced and skill guys), Arcwyre (which has gone through countless iterations and direction changes over almost 7 years) or Nightmare (which I believe is paused right now, but is also being developed by one of the coders of this engine itself and an amazingly talented artist. 


      Don't beat yourself up, your first game will be shit. That's guaranteed, but that doesn't mean it wont be fun c: <3

      just from friendly advice from someone who's been there.

    3. George


      I am just now seeing this however, we all start somewhere. Progression comes with dedication. Stick to what you like doing and you'll gradually get better over time take this for example. Back in 2013, I started a project that I thought was super cool but I stopped for roughly three years due to the fact that I had no skill in pixel art and I couldn't make the game I wanted to. in those three years, I didn't touch pixel art nor any form art till 2015-16 when I revisited my art and said to myself that I could do better. So I tried. Pixeling random things I thought looked nice. I struggled I failed, and then I could see a slight glimpse of improvement. I changed my style. I went from 16x16 to 32x32 back to 16x16 to 64x64 til I decided I wanted to stay with 16x16. It seemed "right". 

      9d0a65097cd2d46bc84900b2f55b9ffe.png This example here is demonstrating the types of base styles I tried, and how my color theory, line art, and style progressed over time. 
      So learn from my mistake and don't give up due to the fact that it's not good enough yet. make a game. It doesn't have to be the best game but it should be a stepping stone for improvement.Practice and develop your skills and eventually make that game you've always wanted to. 

    4. CharmingClyde


      @George all of them look good, but yea you're right, this is the most effort i've spent on a 2d mmo project as i'm used to the copy paste mentality i had for my last game (which was just a multiplayer adaption of a popular rpg maker game, so it was alot easier). With this however i have to do all these things from scratch, struggled with the base sprite until i got it semi decent and what not.

  10. This one's my favorite so far




    1. Sethis


      Dis one's nice pal !

  11. Concept Rock Hard Gladiator Online - MMO Fighter project

    A little update, Redid the stick figure sprite, looks better in my opinion and as of now i got some armor and some weapon graphics done. I want to get some skills working and redo the classes so i can have a demo out soon
  12. Tried my best re-arranging this to fit the sprite properly, should armor be displayed on the sprite? I'm considering doing cloaks, robes and capes as well




    1. Refur


      it looks fine for me, I'd like to see a complete equipment

    2. CharmingClyde


      i will post a screenshot when i get to it

  13. Graphics Intersect Showoff Thread!

    if i wasn't using default rpg maker stuff i would've shared some screenshots and pvp as well also are the dlc's illegal to use as well?
  14. Did these tonight, way better than the ones i did earlier this year and last year( the 2nd sprite to the left on the 2nd column and the last on the 3rd should be in the same row)