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  1. Yea, that's it! Scroll wheel does not work, but using what you do, did. Thanks @Weylon Santana!
  2. Nope, not able to actually, tried a fresh new 6.1 added a single map went to the Map Grid, no scroll zoom at all. I have never been able to do it on my current project since v4.x either. Edit: Now when I've open the project the first time in an editor any day, its fully zoomed in or close to it, but once I switch to another map it zooms completely out and I can't zoom in.
  3. Nope, can't do it. Been trying to do that for ages, we are talking about the Map Editor and Map Grid tabs?
  4. Hello! Great work by the way on how far you've gotten with the engine. Been wondering if you plan to have the ability to allow Map Grid zooming? when working with a large quantity of linked maps, the initial zoom is nice, but than it completely zooms way out, so now i see a tiny Map Grid with all my linked maps with no way for me to Zoom into it closer so I can see what I've worked on so far and immediately goto another Map area that needs work. Any plans to also add a map navigation bar across the top of and left side of the Map Grid, such as with standard maps, one side with A-infinity and the other 1-infinity. It would greatly help out, right now I'm having to use empty maps that I label myself and drop an image of the letter in and number, this also helps me when to know what grid I'm on, since they are all labeled from A1 to N10 and having a secondary Name for the map, for the grid-id's. So when I want a map to say be the "Meadows" for several linked maps, I can keep the grid-id I'm using for them. I know I use folders inside more folders also for that Purpose. But having a standard map label on the top and left side would be nice.
  5. I like the use of height changes you did in your cave map Worldofjimmy. Flat terrain is easy, but trying to incorporate a since of height moving from above to below or even making it look like your further down than it looks is more of a challenge for me without just dropping a massive tall wall and saying yea down there is ground level...
  6. That took me I think 7 hours to do total over a week, when I had time. Takes me awhile since I'm also building out the shoreline before adding the resources and scattered ground assets to make it look somewhat natural.
  7. Finally finished the the northern tip of the starting island, like maybe this is just 5-10% of the island itself lol. I really suck at mapping, so yea.
  8. Today, I was thinking of finally making my games logo and background and start working on fixing up the UI more when I came across some archived logos I made several years ago, when I was actually working on my game in RPG Maker VX Ace. This was one of several design idea's I had for my logo a few years back for a game I was making... Even managed to find I hadn't lost my notes or the alpha project. This was a request from the forums for VX Ace, don't think he used the first one. I remember him wanting to also include the sub-title or maybe, it was his first game in the series.. and I didn't quite understand what he wanted. First image was pretty much me thinking he needed a title logo for his second entry. Than he asked about the subtitle which in turn got the second logo with it, and I believe in the end he was wondering why I had a 2 in the back lol.
  9. Never thought of using labels... So I tried it out and built a beta version of my swordmaster who offers aspiring lv10 players the chance to become a swordsman.. worked out pretty well. Plus able to get everything on a single event page, and finally added the level 60 swordmaster quest that I been wanting to add, without using a different page. Just set it up at the end with label swordtrial and made a conditional branch in the previous conversations checking if the player has reached that level and has also completed specific quests before being offered the quest to challenge their first teacher in mock combat. To unlock the special trait that's needed to do the final class advancement at level 100.
  10. Yea, when I thought about this idea was just using the self switch. But thought a variable would be better in a sense you could have larger conversations with more choice branches. Since with the self switch your really linted to the four available.
  11. I been rattling around in my head about looping conversations. It's damn inconvenient to constantly have to make large conversations in branches where even yourself will forget what the heck was going on, or B make them small and enter as much as you can in a few boxes possible. Well my idea was... how about the self switch? would it work? but does it work with multiple players speaking to the same npc unsure, did not test that lol. But it does work with at least one player speaking to the npc... What I have done as a test is use Set Self Switch for the event NPC. Page One Page Two Page Three Either way it works so far, it allows the player to go back to the beginning of the conversation, or if need be set it so it only goes back to where ever the conversation was previously before the new choice was chosen. But really limited to the 4 self switches... As I said I have not had a chance to test this with other players talking to the same NPC unsure if this would screw up the conversation others are having. Forgot to Note, for Page one and two they are pretty much copies of each other, the only difference was I had to make page two autorun for the looping dialogue, while page one started the conversation. and also ended it. When all switches are set to false. Unless someone has a better way? Maybe using variables? or normal switches to call to.
  12. Anyway to recover a password for an account? Or any plans to have a way to do password resets?
  13. Here is a screenshot of what I'm working on, not sure if you can use this. Need to edit the animation so appears to the left of a character apparently since the character name and hp bar blocks the view. Changed out the character display information:
  14. Last sheet is for data only for job advancement. Example: Fighter can advance to either Squire(defense class) or Warrior(DPS Role), from either of those two trees they can advance again to a more powerful version of the original class; Squire -> Knight ->Sentinal, or Warrior -> Gladiator -> Blade Master. Both Basic IPD & CDP use the job advancement at levels 10, 40 & 75. Marked in Orange on the Level Column, the dark grey boxes mark where the job advancements new percentages take over(which is a total added from the base percentages at level 1). Example: Basic Class (CDP) gains are: HP - 10%, MP - 10%, Atk - 2%, M-Atk - 2%, Def - 2%, M-Def - 2%. Adv. Class Squire gains are: HP - 0%, MP - 0%, Atk - 1%, M-Atk - 1%, Def - 3%, M-Def - 1%. With the formula it adds Base + Adv Class to equal a new percentage gain at level up past Level 10. The New Value for a Player choosing Squire as its Level 10 Class is now: HP - 10%, MP - 10%, Atk - 3%, M-Atk - 3%, Def - 5%, M-Def - 3%. Say Player One, grinds till Level 10 which is the cap for the basic class. Player One is a Fighter and decides they want to be DPS instead of a Tank, they talk to an NPC that can change their job to a Warrior(here you either require them to do a series of quests to unlock the ability to advance to a Warrior or have the NPC change the players class immediately). Player One is now a Warrior at Level 10, so when they now try to level and hit 11 the stat gains are now affected by the Adv. Class Warrior instead of the Fighter class. In the end you can either have multiple class changes, or have one or none at all. To have no class changes, alter all the values in the Adv. Class sheet for Squire to 0. Afterwards for the Adv Class drop-downs select Squire, that is so the level progression is still set to the base rates.
  15. Took your advice and uploaded the file in the download area: Class Development Spreadsheet I have also updated it, so others don't need to edit the range data fields. All they have to do now in the Advance class sheet is enter new classes and the percentage changes.
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