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Open Alpha [Intersect] Middle Ages: Online


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Download & More Here


Welcome, traveler...

...to Asgodia. A place once filled to the brim with players and NPCs alike.


After the original player base of the original Middle Ages: Online died in the 90s, the NPCs of Asgodia were left with no one to help them out. With things out of their control, they were forced to live in a purgatory, until one day, a lone player showed up.


At first, the lone player was a boon to the NPCs - a quiet-type, who kept to himself in this otherwise online game. But as time grew long, weird things started to happen to the land of Asgodia... then suddenly, in 2021, more players started to arrive again.


Perhaps you would like to join them?



The Warrior

The Warrior is a melee-only class. The Warrior can use a sword and shield to provide single-target damage and crowd control, while also buffing his party and tanking physical damage.


A warrior may also find themselves using the greatsword - a massive weapon capable of dealing damage to multiple targets at once, substituting crowd control and party buffs for sheer damage output.


A warrior should avoid magical damage at all costs, lest they build around that weakness by wearing lighter armor.


The Mage

The mage is a versatile ranged class. The Mage can use a staff of destruction to bring elemental damage to their foes. High damage-output and mild crowd control are the tools of the destruction mage.


However, a mage may also find that they want to help keep their party alive. Such mages will instead wield a healer's staff, and provide single-target and area-of-effect heals to their party, with occasional damaging spell tossed in.


A mage must avoid taking any damage, especially physical - unless they'd rather sacrifice magic damage by wearing a suit of light armor.


The Rogue

The Rogue is the class of versatility. The fastest class, a rogue has the option of going ranged or melee.


A rogue with a bow in their hand will provide high damage output, both to multiple targets and to single targets. To wield a bow effectively means maximizing agility - thus sacrificing physical protection.


A rogue with a dagger or broadsword, however, has the option of wearing heavier armor if they so choose to attack with a variety of crowd-control options. This may leave them open to attacks from mages, however...



  • Quests, PvE, PvP, three playable classes with their own separate Guild Halls!
  • Guild Vs. Guild runs every day from 6-8PM EST and allows guilds to fight for control over a Guild Hall! Taking over a guild hall secures it to your guild members for a day, allowing you to use its craftings services and Guild Bank!
  • Combo System! Chain enemy kills together (PvP or PvE) to rack up a monster combo - higher combos will yield bonus experience!
    • These combos are even shared with your party members. You can rack up insane combos and experience if you co-ordinate well!
    • After a certain monster-level disparity, you will have to move on to stronger monsters if you want to continue to gather bonus experience
  • Prayers!
    • Prayers are an accessory that, when equipped, auto-cast a spell at enemy death.
    • These spells can range from health gain, to casting a barrage of lightning bolts out from the spot of enemy death.
  • AFK Resource Gathering!
    • All the fun of playing a game without actually doing anything!
    • Simply starting harvest of a resource will automatically allow you to continue to harvest the resource to completion
  • Combat upgrades over base Intersect!
    • Projectile pass-through of friendly players in PvE zones, allowing you to set up strategic battle positions
    • Optional Tap-to-turn mode allows you to tap a direction to face that way
    • Controls for turning your character
    • A "Face Target" button that will face you toward your target
    • "Un-target" at the click of your mouse! Just right click on any non-enemy to de-select your target
  • Voice acting! Fun voice lines will be peppered in throughout your quest. And they're not just recorded with a garbage microphone in a bedroom!
  • Fully original score composed by yours truly! Check it out below.
  • Original art and animations done by myself, some friends, and Daniele and Nickki from these forums! (Great work guys <3)
  • Mini games such as the Fenwyndell Goose Race!
  • The Permit system - help out NPCs to earn thank-you notes and commendations, which in turn can be used to unlock permits to allow you to harvest better resources and use stronger tools!
  • The Inspiration system - purchase inspiration with resource points (gathered whenever you harvest a resource) to gain experience while crafting OR gathering!
  • Quests! Tired of just "Kill x 10 times" quests? Want some storyline, some characters? Like the way "Runescape" does quests? Try them out here! More than just your average fetch quests.
  • Favor! Earn favor for your NPC guild by completing tasks, turning in resource points, turning in commendations, or turning in quest points (earned by completing quests) to your guild to unlock your Class Skills and Spells!
  • Tasks! Do you prefer simple fetch quests? Killing 10 slimes? Well, tasks are for you! Complete tasks for your guild or for a local town to earn extra Favor, Gold, and commendations from NPCs.





A demo of some mid-level combat. Here you can see the PRAYER system at work - equip-able accessories that cause spells to auto-cast on enemy death. This particular prayer causes a magic-missile to shoot off in multiple directions! Great for chaining combos together and earning loads of bonus experience!


Here you can see an example of a puzzle a player might have to solve - deep in the crypt of some long-dead curator, the player is tasked with none other than everyone's favorite sliding block puzzle!








Poking around Norsche Cave!




Waiting to place a wager at the Fenwyndell Goose Races!




Hanging out outside the Warrior's Refuge!




Exploring Vennerwood, and running into some combatants!




Character customization!




The Public Alpha will start Monday, October 11th, at 6:30PM EST.


You can download the game for free at https://www.middleages.online.


Join the discord! That way any bugs, exploits, typos, or other oddities can be easily accumulated and sent to me so I can improve the game!

I look forward to seein you there :)

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Thanks for playing, Weylon! Hope Daniele gets her computer fixed soon lol, that really sucks. But I really appreciated having yall on!


There's a couple bosses yet I haven't seen anyone kill, so there's still certainly some content to be found in the alpha.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just as a general update so it doesn't seem like the project's dead, lol:

Those of you that finished up the content - thanks for playing! I really appreciate it, and am glad it seems like you had a good time. It was very inspiring to see way more of you enjoy the game than I suspected, lol.

I am hard at work implementing new features into the engine, at the moment. There were a number of event-based prototypes in the alpha that I'm trying to flesh out into full-fledged systems within Intersect's editor, which involves a lot of source modifications.

Bear with me, as content updates will likely be a bit slow (I'm only one dude with a couple amazing artists) - BUT, I am working hard to make some new stuff! What I'm working on right now in the source, for whom it may concern:


- Sortable bank and displaying bank item value (done)
- The ability for me, as a designer, to more easily give a player a random quest from a list (Nearly done)
- A quest board, as seen in, for example, Monster Hunter, that displays a LIST of quests to a player that he/she can select from. This will replace the existing Guild Task implementation.
- Replacing Class Rank improvements. Instead of the current system (getting X amount of favor or gaining Y amounts of levels), you will now have to complete 4/5 Guild Tasks within your Class Rank. Once you do that, you will be given an "Advancement Quest" - completion of which will result in your class rank going up.
- - When this is implemented, _everyone's Class Rank will be reset to 0 or 1_ depending on your rank at the time of this change. Fear not - I will make changes such that there won't be any item at that point that requires a CR of 2

- An improved "Weapon Upgrade" system, as opposed to the kinda janky and very much non-scalable (for the dev) system that's in place now

- An enchantment system. The prototype I made felt good, and I may try to make this into a _real_ system going forward

- The introduction of some "Soft Locks" like you'd see in a Metroid/Castlevania game - some tangible unlocks such as a Grappling Hook that allow you to access areas of the game that you otherwise couldn't before.

- The ability to make certain enemies immune to status effects

- Perhaps NEW status effects to go along with the enchantment system


And then, after all that, I will be in a REALLY good spot for adding additional content as you know it - quests, areas, items, monsters, etc. SO, yeah. A lot of text. But basically: Thanks for trying out the game, feel free to play as much as you want as the server will be up - but updates will be slow for a while, and if you finished the game, it may be best just to wait for me to say "HEY I ADDED A BUNCHA STUFF", lol


BUT - I plan on adding a lot :). It's safe to say I won't add ALL those features before the next time a content update is posted. It would simply take too long, and I have work-arounds on some of those "nice-to-haves" anyway.


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  • 2 months later...

There's been a rather large content update recently! A good time to check out the beta with your friends.


Here's a change log:

- New Chat commands are provided to relay important information. You can view these by typing "/help" into the chat box.
- Tasks at your Guild Hall have been completely re-worked. They can now be selected. In addition, Class Rank has been completely re-done. It now will only go up if you complete a certain number of tasks at your guild hall, at which point you will be offered a "Special Assignment", which must be completed to get your class rank.
- As a result of this change, ALL CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN RESET TO CLASS RANK 0. To get your rank back, go talk to your guild leader and see what they have in store for you :)
- Banks can now be sorted
- Loot window expanded to allow for more items
- Bank now displays "Bank Value" of items within
- Some enemies now have resistance, or even immunity to, status effects and/or knockback. Be careful
- You can now "Destroy" items that previously were un-droppable. Quest items "shouldn't" be destroyable until you are done with them
- Max Level has been increased to 10 (to give people something to do while I make new, "real" content)
- You can now type while afk'ing a resource (Exciting stuff, good thing it took 2 months)
- Impreoved colors of text in multiple areas (wow)
- The camera now flashes and shakes in combat. This can be disabled in the settings.
- Combat messages fade out, cleanly
- There's a boat! This is a teaser of things to come - it's useless right now, lol. You need a fishing tier of 3 to enter, and it's in Westhelm.
- Guild Task cooldown reduced from one hour to ten minutes.
- COMMENDATIONS & THANK-YOU NOTES ARE GONE. Your old ones can be sold for gold at the "Deprecation Dealer", located outside fenwyndell.
- QUEST POINTS ARE NOW ONLY USED FOR BEING ABLE TO DO MORE QUESTS. They are no longer exchangable for favor.
- To get favor now, you need to either do Guild Tasks, or some quests will reward you with favor packs. You can also exchange RP for favor.
- Permits are now purchasable with RP, instead of commendations/thank-yous
- Enemy death animations, makes things look way prettier.
- Player death animations that are pretty sweet. Also, some new animations in general
- Arrow hit animations now actually function like you'd expect them to, lol
   - Attacks, both physical and magical, can now miss/be resisted
   - A missed/resisted attack will not deal damage, or trigger status ailments
   - To increase your chance of evading PHYSICAL attacks, you must increase your agility and physical defense (agility will help more than def). To increase your chance of HITTING an opponent, you need higher attack and agility.
   - To increase your chance of evading MAGICAL attacks, you must increase your magical defense, followed by agility. To increase your chance of landing magical attacks, you should focus on your Ability power score,followed distantly by your agility.
- Both magical and physical defense now have a much stronger fomrula behind them - they work much more as intended now, and will reduce damage from their respective types.
- ALL of the equipment, spells, and monsters have been re-balanced to take this all into account. I highly advise against dumping _all_ of your points into one area now - defense is way more important than it used to be
- You will be given a free re-spec upon logging in
- Arrows you shoot have a chance of appearing where they landed. This chance gets increased with your luck stat.
- Ebezzar's Pet now can drop a unique weapon for each class
- Fix bugs in the crafting window. It should operate a lot more smoothly in there now, especially the "Craft All" button
- Fix a bug where "Loot All" wouldn't work sometimes - especially when trying to retrieve items from your corpse. Whoops
- There's a sick new mouse cursor! lol. I love it. If you hate it, you can modify your "config.json" file in your /resources directory of your MAO installation, and just remove the words mouse_cursor.jpg (leave the quotations)



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Just gave it a try today, the game has some unique vibe on it!
I was heading out and told myself earlier that i would try MA:O tonight but, when the updater finished, i logged in and it was an insta hook, heck i said, i will go out later...




  • Introduction to the game: Goose-bumps , 1993 !

  • Music: It left me totally immersed, it fits perfectly with the drawing style used.

  • Sound effects: Clicks, attacks, skills, NPCs greeting you, everything is lovingly crafted and put in its place, honestly the first intersect based game I tried that made me feel in a world full of life.

  • Well elaborated tutorial, they even give you a booklet in case you forget something!

  • Is not all about endless grind, but quests, stories, NPCs and their stories: i loved this.

  • There's some good humour around some stuff here and there, the bored guy standing by the race pit gave me a good laugh.

  • Following Ein was interesting but it's easy to lose track of him, maybe it was because I played with a low resolution, despite the added difficulty i didn't gave up with my dog walking adventure.

  • I found some errors and a crash, nothing too serious, so I sent my logs and a video report to the Dev, who by the way is a great guy and collaborator of the Intersect Engine.

  • Real Life was calling me out.... but there i was, almost two hours later than planned, the game really got me hooked :P will surely try it out again.



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