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  1. Ugh I hated this problem with every eclipse engine in the past as well. I remember Serku(?) finally addressed the problem in his engine he was working on and it worked well. Basically kept the player logged in on the server for 20-30 seconds or something if they force closed the client while on a normal map. Hopefully something like this is added to Intersect. Probably will be the first thing I try to do when source is released but really hope JC and crew could attempt a better solution before that. Really prevents any good form of pvp focused games.
  2. Justn

    Best way to set up PC as media centre?

    Kodi or plex are your easiest options on pc. Let me know if you need any help.
  3. https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Main_Intro.php This is what i have used for years so simple to rename any file and to change all to numbers with one click. Let me know if you have any trouble using.
  4. Justn

    Weather Animations

    Here are some basic ones I found in an old eclipse folder on my hard drive. No idea who made them. Maybe you can use until you find something better. Snow: Rain 1: Rain 2?: Sand?
  5. Justn

    Simple Fish Animation

    http://pioneervalleygames.com/legacy-packs.html Mostly these but some of the ground tiles are edited in gimp to make the ground not look so bland Thanks man. This was her first attempt at pixel art stuff. She is working on more and it is starting to look really good will release an item pack soon and a few more simple animations.
  6. Justn

    Simple Fish Animation

    Here is a very simple fish animation that my child made for the game I'm working on. I use it to show players what areas have fishing spot resources. Animation Animation settings I use (The higher frame count is so there is a delay between the fish jumping)
  7. Justn

    Animated Sprites - New .json Config

    Do you have a space between : and [ ? You need one if you do not. Also I use underscore instead of spaces in my image file names and animated sprites work great.
  8. Justn

    Intersect Beta 5 Released!

    Running awesome so far. Previous project migration seems to have worked great. Edit: Love the fact that it set up all my npc conditions based on my old settings like "guards" and stuff. I was worried I was going to have to set everything back up but now I can just focus on the new stuff with the npcs I have already created.
  9. Justn

    Wav files broken?

    Here is what i have tried so far. Keep in mind music works fine in game only sounds are broken. After each step i restarted pc and tried to use the client again I disabled audio device in windows and reenabled I uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers, directx. Tried various types of wav files. Tried a fresh copy of intersect 4.9.1 and playing the wav files works just fine. So only my project causing the issues. (Also tried to overwrite my current client files with a fresh copy but same results) This is happening on both my windows 10 pcs. Thanks for anyone who can help me figure this out.
  10. Justn

    Wav files broken?

    Thank you. I will try to convert a few till i find a working one. EDIT: I just realized I am not getting any sound to work in the client. Converted the wav files to a couple of the formats listed in the link but still caused crashes. Tried downloading new wav files and same result.