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  1. Yea I have been looking into something like this. I remember JC saying on a twitch that the true click to move he did for Ambard was kind of complicated because of AI changes (I think). If we never see anything like that in the engine it would be nice for something like this. Slightly off topic, but it would be cool to see things like you did here added in as plugins.
  2. I would not do this. They currently have actual instancing being worked on in the dev branch of the engine. I would wait for that. I tested it out this week and works very well so far. Currently has Player, party and guild instances.
  3. For those sets you will want to make sure you set your tile width and height to 48 in the servers config file. Also set the # of sprite animations in that file as well. any of the really large buildings (if there are any) i would suggest splitting them up into a couple of smaller images with photoshop or something. for the ground I would use the decals to create a seamless tileset to use as a base layer (multiple of 48). An example of what i did for the ground is created modular pieces of ground cover and decals. Also did the same for hills and such in photoshop As Smoot mentioned 8 direction movement helps it all feel better while playing. If you have issues with building/cars/trees getting cut off in the editor just edit the canvas sizes of those images to be a multiple of 48. Doable and looks nice but using these takes a lot of tweaking when you run into an issue. *I would also add a couple new map layers for the ground*
  4. hi I have experience using all of his resources and can help. What sets are planning to use?
  5. Yes. Add the following to the end of your sprite name files "_idle" =not moving "_attack" = unarmed attack "_weapon" = attack with weapon "_shoot" = projectiles "_cast" = using a spell example: Spritename.png = Normal walking Spritename_idle.png Spritename_weapon.png explained more here
  6. I ended up adding checkboxes to the item editor to specify which weapon type I was using. You can then check out the Client>Entites> Enity.cs and find "UpdateSpriteAnimation" and add some checks to display whatever animation you want for that weapon type. I did this to add new animations but you could just add the checks to the current ones listed. I would just play around with it. To add the checkboxes search for every thing listed for the "TwoHand" checkbox and copy it for the new weapon types you want. Example: I added polearms and two handed weapon animations if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Weapon] != null && !item.TwoHanded && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Weapon; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Shoot] != null && item.ProjectileId != Guid.Empty && !item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Shoot; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.WeaponTwoHand] != null && item.TwoHanded && !item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.WeaponTwoHand; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.WeaponPolearm] != null && item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.WeaponPolearm; } }
  7. You can do this with common events and player variables. I don't use the default respawn locations (from class editor) at all.
  8. Thank you. Glad to know it's not just me.
  9. Hi! I just tried to run a fresh copy of the dev build and I get this error when opening the client. Also nothing in the log files.
  10. using his 2.5d packs https://www.pioneervalleygames.com/index.html I am working on a video showing the player housing atm. Will try to upload that and a combat video this weekend.
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