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  1. So installing VS again did not resolve the issue. I was able to get back to a working state however by removing the plugin system. I am not sure if github was supposed to do this but when I created a pull request it merged over all the changes for the new plugin system. I removed those changes and now my source works again.
  2. Thank you. I tried that and still getting same issue. Maybe will try to reinstall VS completely. Seemed to be working fine a few days ago. I dont see anything in the code changes that would cause this.
  3. Am I missing something when trying to pull the newest changes?
  4. I think I may of solved my issue. I went through the source and my source is missing this change! I will test and update this post. Thanks Shenmue - if (mEntity.X < newX) + if (mEntity.X < newX && mEntity.Y == newY) Ok the error is gone. Moving SE still doesnt work once a npc locks on to the player but NE is fixed. Since I am the only one having this issue I assume it is the numerous sprite animations I have for players and npcs. Im sure I will get it worked out.
  5. Yes then double click on the map and you should get a spawn icon to let you know where the NPC will spawn
  6. you need to make sure the npc is highlighted on the list and click somewhere on the map to place a spawn marker.
  7. Mine still follow me just fine. The only issue is that they do not move southeast or northeast after they target me. They will move up, down, up, down instead of diagonal. They will move southwest and northwest just fine when targeting.. also when they are not targeting a player they move just fine in all directions. Also getting an error on my server once they start chasing a player. Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array. Stack: at Intersect.Server.Entities.Pathfinding.SpatialAStar.StoreNeighborNodes (Intersect.Server.Entities.Pathfinding.PathNode inAround, Intersect.Server.Entities.Pathfinding.PathNode[] inNeighbors) [0x0016c] in C:\Users\Justin\Documents\New Intersect\Intersect-Engine\Intersect.Server\Entities\Pathfinding\SpatialAStar.cs:355 at Intersect.Server.Entities.Pathfinding.SpatialAStar.Search (Intersect.Point inStartNode, Intersect.Point inEndNode, Intersect.Server.Entities.Pathfinding.PathNode inUserContext) [0x0019e] in C:\Users\Justin\Documents\New Intersect\Intersect-Engine\Intersect.Server\Entities\Pathfinding\SpatialAStar.cs:185 at Intersect.Server.Entities.Pathfinding.Pathfinder.Update (System.Int64 timeMs) [0x008b2] in C:\Users\Justin\Documents\New Intersect\Intersect-Engine\Intersect.Server\Entities\Pathfinding\Pathfinder.cs:299 *I stated above that SE and NE were working.. I meant SW and NW are working.
  8. Anyone else having an issue where the diagonal path-finding for NPCs only works for the northwest and southwest directions?
  9. Started the slow process of adding new ground tiles for all my maps to make the transitions between new areas not so jagged. Still WIP Before: After:
  10. Started messing around with the GUI this weekend... paperdolled select character screen create character working on player hud
  11. Justn


    Doesn't draw in the editor. To view you need to log in to the client to see the results.
  12. During the first build I always have to close and reload Visual Studio and build again to get the sever to build. Have you tried that?
  13. I tried this out with the new running animation. I noticed the FPS drop when going from stopped to walking or running and caused player to lag a bit. Any one else have this problem? Fps goes from 61 to 50 or below when I start to walk or run.
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