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  1. I ended up adding checkboxes to the item editor to specify which weapon type I was using. You can then check out the Client>Entites> Enity.cs and find "UpdateSpriteAnimation" and add some checks to display whatever animation you want for that weapon type. I did this to add new animations but you could just add the checks to the current ones listed. I would just play around with it. To add the checkboxes search for every thing listed for the "TwoHand" checkbox and copy it for the new weapon types you want. Example: I added polearms and two handed weapon animations if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Weapon] != null && !item.TwoHanded && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Weapon; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.Shoot] != null && item.ProjectileId != Guid.Empty && !item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.Shoot; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.WeaponTwoHand] != null && item.TwoHanded && !item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.WeaponTwoHand; } if (AnimatedTextures[SpriteAnimations.WeaponPolearm] != null && item.Polearms && Globals.IsInteracting != true) { SpriteAnimation = SpriteAnimations.WeaponPolearm; } }
  2. You can do this with common events and player variables. I don't use the default respawn locations (from class editor) at all.
  3. Thank you. Glad to know it's not just me.
  4. Hi! I just tried to run a fresh copy of the dev build and I get this error when opening the client. Also nothing in the log files.
  5. using his 2.5d packs https://www.pioneervalleygames.com/index.html I am working on a video showing the player housing atm. Will try to upload that and a combat video this weekend.
  6. Hi everyone. Does anyone have any suggestions on a way to do this. Currently the lights are drawn to the overlay which is drawn on top for the day/night. I am trying to find a way to draw lights below the roof layer. What would be a good way to handle this? Only way I have seen would be to draw a second overlay under the roof layer. I cant just move the current one as roofs would be too bright at night. Any one familiar with the engine can think of a better way to handle this? am I correct on how lights are handled? Thank you!
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