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  1. Hello All, I was curious as to how to add modifications to my game via github. The reason for me wanting to learn this is because i'd like to allow player variables such as stats, gold, etc to show up on the character interface. I believe that this is the only way to be able to, as we cannot edit the source code any other way. Correct me if I am wrong on any of this and also... in advance, thank you so much
  2. This game as a whole looks absolutely satisfying. For me, it is the equal of eating a cheeseburger, except with my eyes. LOL Love the unique look of everything, the way the characters look when they move, how "natural" everything looks. Can't wait to play this
  3. Hey just found out about this from Xiphoid. I've never used github before. How does someone use this? I looked at the server-side config.json but am not sure where to fit it in without throwing codes. Thank you in advance
  4. Thank you so much! Just updated and I am glad I did. My project was still on the old build from I believe a few years ago.
  5. Hello, Just started learning about variables. I'd like to run 1.5x or 2x exp events for players during specific times and am not sure how to do this or if its even possible with the current version's limits. Thank you in advance !
  6. I knew I recognized your name from somewhere @Xeno I remember following this topic and then seeing it on the Steam Store. It had me super happy to see someone release a game, from here, on Steam. Cheers to you and I wish you much more success ! I will be trying it out
  7. @xeno I really appreciate the honest feedback and criticism (which I see as constructive.) I also appreciate you looking out for me, in regards to the kickstarter process. I will take your advice and for now, look toward sharpening my project up before going forward with the kickstarter campaign (if I even do start one.) I love the engine but it has many limits being that its also limited to being 2d (making it harder to give the game life). That being said, I will continue to go forward with this engine and tweak things here and there. My development is more of my forte than mapping is, so I am trying to develop the game with my own maps (for now) just to have somewhat of a game put together to develop on top of. I admire your feedback, as I am am very into looking at things from other people's perspectives. At the end of the day, it is other people's perspectives that are more important than my own. I can make a nice steak for dinner and it can look appealing and taste good to me, but if I want to be a chef... my own appeal and taste is not as important as that of my customers. If that is a good comparison. I more or so do this because I really enjoy this and started developing my own games at 14 (a year after my 13th birthday, I got my first computer) on Playerworlds. The creation and ongoing development of this game is simply for my enjoyment and I hope the end product will be fun for others (that don't want to play 3d morpg's.) I myself love 2d games but as of now most of them are going mobile and I don't really like them. A fair share of them are also P2W. I am extremely against P2W and that is why I want go continue to work on this game. I think the world needs more non-p2w games at this moment in time. My motivation does come from seeing some other 2d non-p2W morpgs. I say morpgs because most of the time they're not really "massive" in population size.
  8. Respec or separate path? I pondered upon the thought of allowing every class to be able to re-spec with an item but realized it would make things alot more complex for such an early stage of the game. There are already not many spells in the current state of the game so I thought it would make no sense to make re-speccing a thing for every class. This would also give me more things to do that aren't as important right now in getting the game to a "place" where I think it would ber okay to release an alpha-test. Adding - Paladin path (damage scales of defense) with a [possibly] 25-40% scaling rate. I don't want the class to be able to not take any damage whilst [also] doing massive damage. I will be testing out this class and balancing it out accordingly. My other idea was to make possible to re-spec for ONLY this class. I would like to add this path because all of the other paths (besides the healing path) are offensive. Adding - Rogue Path (damage scales with speed) - a path that allows users to dual-wield (with increased attack speed and reduced attack damage) and focuses on the player relying on RNG-based damage from skills. The game will continue with character development being obtained through ability point-based decision making. Players who try to add ability points to many different stats will find that they will be underpowered going forward due to the split as well as the lack of points to wield better equipments locked because of the necessity to have more ability points focused in only one stat. A character can have healing abilities, but upon learning any healing ability, will no longer be able to learn an offensive-mage spell. The reverse is also true. Healers have their own DOTs and striking abilities respective to their path. Although I plan on adding the Paladin path, I am also thinking about just having skills that lock a Melee character from being both high damaging and protective at the same time.
  9. Many updates made so far. I will be listing all the updates later today! I will eventually be trying to release the game via Steam so more people can access it. I want to get a server-host once I get a general feel for the average player base the first week or two.
  10. Modesta Classic Modesta Classic is a Multiplayer Online RPG that combines elements of different games into one. There are no pre-defined classes at character creation. Instead, every character can be built to follow an individual path. The three current pathways are: Melee Magic Range With only a select few that will be added in the future. As of now, there are many things for players to do to not only progress as individuals, but to help the in-game economy. Players can choose to play solo but also have the ability to trigger Instance-like events. Upon entering designated maps, the instance will start and any player can join the instance via the specific instance-related command, if they don't require certain items or levels to be had, or certain quests to be complete prior. Players may craft essences (used and needed by all paths for spells and or skills) Players may go fishing, to provide the player-base with much needed heals for instances and other late-game activities. Players can also cook not only fish but other special consumables that are needed. Players can cut logs to craft arrows, or to produce items needed to build player-houses, boats, etc. All instances are unique to their terrain-type and almost all have a puzzle-like system to complete to progress further. Instances in the game are meant to connect players together, as the creatures and bosses inside have their own way to counter groups of players. Players must work together very well to complete any of even the lower level instances. Players who are actively engaging with the community and or actively influencing the economy, will be rewarded at random times, with Participation Reward Points. These can be exchanged for greater in-game items that have very low drop rates. This project has been in development for about almost 2-3 years now at a very slow progress because of my ocd with not wanting to release it until there is enough to do and there isn't anything that went overlooked. I will continue to update this thread with different pictures/videos of the game covering different aspects of the game. I will also be working on a FAQ for new players as I believe that at its current state, the game can be overwhelming to a new player. I highly value everyone's opinion and constructive criticism and hope to get honest feedback so I can make this as good as I possibly can. My goal is to add another great project to this community, the reason being is that developing things is a hobby of mine and I absolutely enjoy using this engine and appreciate all the hard work that went into making it the way it is. I started out at the age of 14 on "Player Worlds" so you can imagine why I appreciate this engine so much.
  11. Hello, To be more clear. Is there any script available or for sale for an item to have random stats and lines added to it upon dropping after an npc death? For example: First "short sword" drops with +2 str and +1 mag Second "short sword" drops with just +1 str On rare occasion, "short sword" drops with 3 lines, +2 str, +20 health, +1 str and so on
  12. Hello everyone, Sorry for the (beyond) late reply. I agree with all of what you guys have said and apologize for coming off the way I did. I think at the time (as I don't remember) I was looking for dedication and that is why I said what I said but looking back it looked foolish. Thanks for your feedback, as I see it as constructive criticism and again I agree with all that was said above.
  13. MrValenza

    2x exp?

    Sorry, to be more specific (and also thank you for your help so far) i'd like to know is there a certain way to add a 2x exp event for all players? Like via an item being used that affects all players or a server-wide buff
  14. MrValenza

    2x exp?

    Hello, Is there any way that when a player uses a certain item, double experience triggers globally? I don't have any way of adding 2x exp to the game. The furthest I can go is have an item add actual experience points but that is about it. I'd also like to, in the future, double experience for resource's gathered (fishing,mining, etc.) Thank you!
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