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  1. Hello, I am looking for a developer and graphics artist. Someone who may be fit for this position is someone that enjoys doing either, but doesn't have the want to work on their own game, as they'd rather contribute to someone else's game. Graphics artist will be responsible for creating and modifying all graphics to be used in-game as well as artwork required outside of the game. At this moment in time, someone who is good at modifying and creating new paperdoll(s) is a necessity for me. In a developer I am looking for someone who is an expert with making and putting together unique and long quests. This person will also be responsible for the creation, extension and re-balancing of spells/skills in the game. The developer can bring whatever he or she wants to the table, I am just stating the faucets of the game that currently need some love. I will not pay, not because I cannot afford to, but because I believe a self-motivated person will do far better than someone who is expected to get paid. I have no issue paying in the future as I run a business full-time and this is a hobby I like investing time into, but don't have the time to cover all bases in. I firmly believe in the statement, "if you want to go fast, go alone.. if you want to go far, go together." I am looking for someone to pick up on the slack that will exist when I am busy with my business and someone that will go above and beyond. It is a MORPG. I will be making an actual game-related topic in the near future.
  2. Damn. That sucks. This is something very important. I have to try to find a work around
  3. If I change it the way you wrote it, does it drop just 2 items? Or has a 2% chance of dropping all items? Also, what items does it drop? As in, does it prioritize high value, low value, equipped or non-equipped?
  4. Hello, I made an item that is rare but increase a players max health/mana by 20. The issue is that there is no actual function in the client that allows a player to add health/mana permanently by consuming an item. It can only be added if it is an equipped item. Also, there is no function to be able to check for max health/mana. Ex: If I don't want any player to have more than 500 max health, there is no way to block the player from consuming said item after having 500 health. Thank you =) Also if anyone knows, is there any way for a player to drop equipped items & inventory on death by default?
  5. I am not that point yet in my game where I should add these as it is in very early alpha stages. I may release a test and see how players do in the 2 dungeons and see if when each dungeon gets stacked if it makes it so easy that I may need to add it. Nonetheless, it is very useful but I am completely new to this so i'd have to take time to understand it so I have an "okay" foundation from my own knowledge thanks to your breakdown of the examples above. Cheers
  6. Thank you so much for taking your time for all of this. I will study it and once I understand it, try to get something working by trial and error. Again, thank you!
  7. Hello, Is there any way for me to create something that allows a Dungeon event to de-spawn if more than # of allowed players are at a Dungeon Entrance? Ex: My party of 4 (including myself) are about to use a key to enter the dungeon but if another player enters the map, the Event de-spawns/closes. Or as soon as 4 people are in the dungeon itself, the Dungeon entrance Event de-spawns for other players? Thank you =)
  8. Hello Everyone, I am working on a game and it is called Classic MMO. It is supposed to have a nostalgic feel (features) of all great MMO's or games that are no longer "vanilla." If someone can make one for me, as I am not good at creating graphics at all, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I am not sure how the grappler works but with a grappler item in inventory, equipped or not equipped, when I click the tile with grapple attribute nothing happens.
  10. I like you. I am going to keep experimenting until I get it right and follow your advice lol.
  11. I have tried. Spent an hour or two and I bet it is something simple that I just don't understand. I successfully fixed other issues by trial and error, but I am probably actually not understanding the reasoning why such and such isn't working, no matter what I change.
  12. Whenever I do equip any "extra" items though, server crashes and I get this.
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