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  1. Here is the version I made, it doesn't use 'exp' and rather just a 'semi-point' (i.e. +0.1 skill) (The first branch is a skill level check for that particular bench) Everything fits in one event, and you can adjust the odds of gaining skill points by adjusting the Random Numbers. If you want to use an 'EXP gain' type of system, you will need to do a bit more scripting to check for each range of experience numbers and can get tricky. The easier way would be Artheios method or resting the EXP to 0 each level and adding a new Player Variable to keep track of Craft Level. You will have to take into account each level requires the same amount of EXP though.
  2. As you have it set: It will continually level up every time it checks & Meets the requirements. as Artheios mentioned: add a "set player variable cooking exp (Set 0)" . Also the way you have it set, you would only Level Up if the EXP was exactly equal to that number.
  3. Sounds like there's an error in the JSON. Maybe a missing , or something. (though maybe then it would crash the client?) I would try replacing the JSONs you changed with a vanilla copy and see if that solves it. Then you'll know if its the JSON or not.
  4. Reworked the first low level dungeon and ran a few tests of the mini-boss. Explore the Crypts underneath Oldtown and put the Impish Lord to rest! Unlock the crypt's chamber and find a way to summon the Impish Lord. Team up and take down the Impish Lord before his undead servants rise from their graves.
  5. logout = /onLogin change variable (currently /onLogin is broken in the latest stable version) death = /onDeath change variable. Idle = handled through a timer (this can be buggy) Server Crash = this was reset through some weird work around in the event, and I forgot exactly what/ BUT, as JC mentioned - doing instances /locked rooms is not great through events and you are definitely better off waiting for instances to be released.
  6. 135 seems to have solved the issue - at least on my end. I had the same issue as you.
  7. SilverShard Online is currently seeking testers for our Closed Alpha test. I am looking for a few testers for an Intersect based game I have been working on as a passion project over the last 2 years. I have focused the playstyle to feel like that that of classic / early 2000's: Dynamic Class Group Content, Open Exploration, Crafts & Tradeskills, Detailed Lore & Story, Bosses and Rare Mobs, and No Hand-Holding. Everything was done with a modern lifestyle and niche genre in mind: Content focuses on 2 - 4+ Player Groups. I will be updating this post with more images/info as our testing progresses. Splash Page: https://silvershardonline.boxmode.io/ Discord / Download : https://discord.gg/Gbgxvdy5FR AGD Dev Note: The source has not been changed yet. If you are new to using the engine and want to see another example of what Intersect can do out-the-box, feel free to check it out.
  8. It requires 'Auto-run' triggers to warp party members, which is a killer on the server. There are also issues with global timers if you have a server crash, and I think a few other things that just make it not worth the trouble. (at least for me since it is not important to my game) There is someone working on adding a Map Instance feature to the engine - but that may be a long time before its ready.
  9. The timer was to kick players out if they stayed too long. This system went through many versions after this, but in essence this is not a feasible way to make an instanced party event.
  10. Amazon S3. They have a free tier that is sufficient for testing.
  11. Probably best to undo what you did to make it happen. Looks like some colors were changed.
  12. You can change that in your Server > Config file.
  13. I had to create all the other animations for the Bow and many other assets. If you have some basic photoshop skills its not too hard - just time consuming.
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