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  1. 4 Player Group testing an early stage boss.
  2. you sure your username/password is correct? (it's case-sensitive)
  3. Hey, you have a good voice o.o Should make more content, pretty soothing
  4. I haven't updated in a long while, many things have changed though the game is still in it's very early stages, we have a very small group of dedicated testers that have helped keep the development pushing forward. Here are a few images to share with you all:
  5. Did some basic testing to see if I can get a Sailing system in the game Super messy but wanted to share the results so far:
  6. Not without source edits.
  7. Have to be extremely careful with this. If you double level, the 'onLevel Up' event will only play once... throwing the hidden level variable off by 1.
  8. If you are on the latest 7.1 build - there are instances available as a feature. You can set the instance to only allow 1 player on the map without others seeing them/the same NPCs.
  9. Just to be clear - events do NOT allow you to remove Bound spells from players. Though an enhancement request should be made to have it implemented, as it seems most logical.
  10. Are you asking if side scrolling is possible?
  11. Yes you can. Use conditional events.
  12. There have been a few official game releases with the engine. Leafling, Nightmare, and Pirate Souls. with 200-300 concurrent players being the peak of what has been tested. There are still some major issues on Main branch 7.1 and it would not be advised to release a game on it until its complete, and the stable version 7.0 may not have some features you want like instances.
  13. The 'Walk-of-Shame" when you die and are sent to Limbo.
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