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  1. This is a reported issue: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/1298 It happens to me as well.
  2. You can set the sell price of each item (in the Shop) - which makes it different then it's default sell price (value set on item itself) If you do not set a sell price, and have 'Blacklist' enabled - items sell at their default sell value.
  3. Client > Config.json > 1st line "Host": [put your IP here]
  4. Push


    The biggest issue is multiple items, there is no easy way to make players only able to have 1 of a item type. - as well, only being able to have 1 of any weapon would greatly diminish the economy. But hey - an MMO like that would be 1st of its kind and maybe do very well. Also, what happens when you unequip the weapon right before you kill the NPCs?
  5. Push


    How that event is set up - you will regain all 100 durability every time you equip the axe. (You need additional checks) And as you mentioned it doesn't allow 2 of the same item to have separate durability. This will end up being a lot of work for a very poor result.
  6. Daywalkr posted this is the discord awhile back if it helps:
  7. I believe he is referring to changing how fast a player moves depending on their Speed Stat. The formula is hard coded (at least in Stable Branch) There was talk on separating Movement and Attack speed so it may have changed in Main branch.
  8. I always enjoy seeing progress over a long period of time. I generally don't complete maps from top to bottom, and instead get a rough draft/framing done and add/change as time goes on. This is an image of the 1st town from Nov 30th 2018 when I began developing the game, and a current image.
  9. Either have to make the papperdoll bigger/adjust it. Or you can also use the "Change Player Label" command to add a title. (would be plain text though not image)
  10. Can't view the image with that link. I posted here so others could see it:
  11. Updated main post with more image/info. We are still looking for a few more testers for our closed alpha test phase. If you are interested, join/download: https://discord.gg/q76qNMfWPE And an updated look at the current world map:
  12. Here is the version I made, it doesn't use 'exp' and rather just a 'semi-point' (i.e. +0.1 skill) (The first branch is a skill level check for that particular bench) Everything fits in one event, and you can adjust the odds of gaining skill points by adjusting the Random Numbers. If you want to use an 'EXP gain' type of system, you will need to do a bit more scripting to check for each range of experience numbers and can get tricky. The easier way would be Artheios method or resting the EXP to 0 each level and adding a new Player Variable to keep track of Craft Level. You will have to take into account each level requires the same amount of EXP though.
  13. As you have it set: It will continually level up every time it checks & Meets the requirements. as Artheios mentioned: add a "set player variable cooking exp (Set 0)" . Also the way you have it set, you would only Level Up if the EXP was exactly equal to that number.
  14. Sounds like there's an error in the JSON. Maybe a missing , or something. (though maybe then it would crash the client?) I would try replacing the JSONs you changed with a vanilla copy and see if that solves it. Then you'll know if its the JSON or not.
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