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  1. Curious why only Intersect graphics can be used? Seems extremely limiting to have everyone use the same assets, especially regrading themes.
  2. Did you so happen to copy+paste a tile that was also the event tile? I haven't come across this in the diagonal pull, though I've been MIA for a while.
  3. Cut Scene Test: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/cabfb6f04d4fcac76226a52601e2de26.mp4
  4. Push


    To be honest, it's a very confusing process at first, since somethings don't seem logical. It's important you follow the steps exactly: 1. You need 2 copies of your game (one is your main, and you do NOT have it configured to the update URL) 2. Once you make a copy of your entire game folder, Open the editor in the Copied Folder 3. Put the updater URL link in the copied folders Config.json. (You don't need to have any files uploaded to put the folder name in the URL) example: "https:/yourgamename.s3.amazonaws.com/update/update.json" 4. create a folder on your desktop called 'update' 5. Go to 'Tools' > 'Package Update' in the editor. 6. Select the folder of your Copied Game files 7. Select the folder you made called 'update' 8. It will package your update now. 9. Go to that 'update' folder and upload that directly to your Updater Host. 10. Success! Important: Continue your work on your MAIN folder that is not connected to the update URL - if you config it to the auto-updater it will update itself to the previous version on your updater host.
  5. DBZ Games followed close behind by Naruto.
  6. There is no diagonal movement in the base engine. There is a PR for it however, so there is a chance at some point it does get added as a feature.
  7. 4 Player Group testing an early stage boss.
  8. you sure your username/password is correct? (it's case-sensitive)
  9. Hey, you have a good voice o.o Should make more content, pretty soothing
  10. I haven't updated in a long while, many things have changed though the game is still in it's very early stages, we have a very small group of dedicated testers that have helped keep the development pushing forward. Here are a few images to share with you all:
  11. Did some basic testing to see if I can get a Sailing system in the game Super messy but wanted to share the results so far:
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