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  1. " Message: Could not resolve host" check ip in config
  2. Hello all i have small problem with this IntersectCMS i have enabled API + account with {"Editor":true,"Ban":true,"Kick":true,"Mute":true,"Api":true,"ApiRoles":{"UserQuery":true,"UserManage":true}} i have all files + server in my VPS in CMS set localhost:5400 ( same on server > api config json ) login test, password i copy from sql user>password (D41F48FCE714E261C2F964C1F2XXXXXXXE2FA36DE7CF0DB73635BB54E7B46) but still have Server did not receive a response... check your ports, ip, settings,...Server\resources\config\api.config.json should have the correct ip's and hosts set up. i tried change localhost to but nothing if i try write vps own ip server is crashing i used ubuntu 18 + mono i need change "DataProtectionKey": "DE43FA93E6C4388C0DE7A8E32DBAB26435685DAC523076EF2078D6A2BE3E8554" ?? I use last version prerelased THX!
  3. reinstalling the system did the trick Thanx
  4. My bad i have 4.6.1 And 4.8 4.6.1 is required when loading the project.
  5. I have .net 4.8, 4.9 does not bring results restore nuget
  6. Hello all i have small problem with source i try open that source on 2017 and 2019 (i have NET Framework 4.6.1 Developer Pack) but i have many error The "default literal" feature is not available in C # 7.0. Use language version 7.1 or higher. Intersection (core) Cannot find metadata file "C: \ Users \ Adiif1 \ Desktop \ Intersect-Engine-development \ build \ debug \ clientextras \ Intersect Client Framework.dll" Error The Forms \ frmProgress.resx file cannot be processed because it is in the Internet or Restricted sites zone, or it contains a website tag. If you want to process these files, please remove the website tag. Intersect.Editor a few of the many bugs Thanx! ( i use windows 10 ltsc )
  7. this is deathbeam project xD kevin change nly game_name and some graphic
  8. I fix authenticator change the data in mySQL.bas authentication.zip
  9. This engine is prospekt source old engine deathbeam
  10. Who have data files? <3 i fix all coding file Nowy folder skompresowany (zip).zip
  11. Please create tutorial, leave clean engine...
  12. Can u made mysql system? Thanx
  13. Seth fix this bug in eo ( nin online ) ;p
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