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  1. Is anyone else having this problem? Should i make a bug report on github?
  2. The direction fix for events doesnt seem to be working. Maybe i'm missing something but I thought it was supposed to hold an events initial direction while interacting with it, and this doesnt seem to work. Is this what "Dir Fix" means and is it broken or something? Or is it for something else?
  3. So im not sure why i completely overlooked an extremely simple fix to your original system. Its much simpler than what Ive posted above. I feel dumb lol Just make a single integer player variable called "Ward Level" or something like that that gets set when you cast a ward spell. Strength of ward spell determines the number(stronger wards give higher numbers) and in the summon have it check to see if the players "Ward Level" is high enough. And boom, no need for a ward item or ward slot Or set the "ward level" automatically whenever you summon and forgo ward spells alltogether Havent implemented this yet but I dont see why it wouldnt work.
  4. Thanks for the idea, man. I started playing with it yesterday and really wanted to get it working and figured others might too lol. If you do find a better way by all means take the spotlight!
  5. This system is a bit more complex than the Original, and may not fit the needs of everyone, but If you want PvP Summons right now, this is the way to do it. Credit goes to OP for the concept and basic system, this is just an fix. Original here: ***Known Issues: when casting a ward AFTER summoning, the summon may get a little confused and try to attack you randomly. Dont worry, it doesnt hurt you.(hasnt yet anyways lol) How It Works: What You Need: Screenshots and Video:
  6. In Order to get this to work, and work with PvP, you must instead create 2 PlayerVariables: PlayerID: Integer - will be set randomly between 0 and maximum(i set this when the player spawns for the first time) SummonID: Integer - will be set in you NPC Spawn event just before the Spawn NPC command. Set this ID to be the same as the PlayerID Now, in the NPC, select the Protection/Friendly button and make a condition to see if the SummonID = PlayerID Boom, PvP summons that don't attack you. Apparently I could only get it to work once or twice. Edit: Found a solution, working on a tut soon. Will credit OP
  7. Embedded Video Link *BROKEN* The Schedule was made using Self switches and movement routes and 4 pages. One for moving to the spot, one for standing in the spot, one for moving to the door, and one blank page(simulating that he is now through the door). I discovered a huge flaw with this. While it sometimes gets stuck and must be reset by entering a new map, if you reset in the wrong phase of movement it will bug out and move to an undesired location. Only solution I see is to create seperate events; one to move to the spot and another to stand/return. The Achievement system is just User Variable booleans and images, and will be accessible(in my game) physically ingame(no ui) via a (purchaseable?) trophy room of some sort. The Rep system is just a player integer variable. will be used for quests/stores/etc.
  8. IIRC, localization is in the works. Not sure how they plan to implement it but if you want it now i think you would have to edit the source yourself.
  9. Thanks guys, yeah i think ill go with the sets of maps. Ground tilesets? What do you mean... I thought i was. 😂
  10. Coming along nicely, i believe. Trying to have it make sense, as the higher you go, the less dense vegetation, etc. Undecided if I want one huge open world map or a bunch of "sets" of maps like this: Thoughts?
  11. Uhmmmm could we maybe get a tutorial or plugins for those features? Emoji man said "pweaz"
  12. So i know there are a variety of commads we can use in texts, but im wondering if there is more that is unlisted or if there will be more in the future? E.G; using the players portrait in a dialog box by calling \pp (player portrait) similar to \pn for the players name. Or the ability to change the colors of individual words/characters in a dialog box. Stuff like that...
  13. So with the help of ChatGPT, I was able to upload my story and it found quite a few plot holes... So now i have to remake my tutorial... again! lol New and improved; Tutorial Mountain lol
  14. Nice! Interested to see how the age affects gameplay
  15. Loved the game. Unique sense of humor that made me laugh quite a bit. Story is rather solid and the mood and feel are spot on for the genre. Really good work!!
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