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  1. Selling premade houses using events. Might have to use that idea lol. Nice work tho
  2. Today I worked on the UI with some help from Scaly and an idiotic realization on my part that input fields are images lol Using the GUI from this user on OpenGameArt: https://opengameart.org/content/golden-ui Oh, and the font with help from JCSnider
  3. Thank you. I'm an idiot. I just freaking noticed that the input field is an image
  4. I'm kinda struggling with moving around UI elements to better fit my new UI graphics I'm making. I understand the concepts, but I'm not real sure what I'm doing wrong. In the UI JSON files (playing with the LoginWindow for now, as it's simple yet a little more complex than just a window), I see the 5 things i need to edit to move things around, though for the input boxes for Username and Password, im struggling. "Bounds": "x, y, x2, y2", "Padding": "x, y, x2, y2", "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "x, y, x2, y2", "AlignmentTransform": "x, y", "Margin": "x, y, x2, y2", As far as i can tell: Bounds is the "worldspace" for the component(if the component resides outside of these bounds, it is inoperable and not visible) Padding is pixel spacing off the walls of the bounds I dont understand what te others are for, as, imo, all you need is the first two. My problem, is that when I go to move the Username Input Box using the bounds, it stretches. When i *try* to move it using padding, i get literally nothing. Can someone please elaborate how they are able to move their components so seemingly with ease?
  5. But what I meant is that they should incorporate plug-n-play fonts into the source, so we don't have to rely on the monogame editor
  6. The monogame font/shader source link is broken? Edit: Nvm I see what you mean
  7. Same, it'd be nice if they could update the engine to accept standard "plug-n-play" font-types(OpenType, TrueType) without the need for recompiling or editing source at all.
  8. Thanks man. I have events in place to guide the player in the right direction, at the right times. But i might add some pathing, make it look more travelled
  9. "Lemme just..*grunts in midewestern*.. squeeeze by ya."
  10. Today I will be finishing up the northern part of my Tutorial Island I've named Breakwater Isle. Im not sure I like the beach from this height. Walking around with my character doesnt seem too bad, kinda gives me an Ark: SE feel with all the rocks and palms. If you can't tell, the dense wooded area is elevated off of the beach using cliffs. The blank part in the NE corner will be a smoothing ramp to connect the beach to the inner island.
  11. World Building The Basics Part 1 of ? This will be an ongoing tutorial as the Engine develops and we gain more access to World Building-related features. I haven't seen a World Building Tut on the forum, so here it is! This tutorial will also ONLY use FREE software, as it's completely unnecessary to fork over loads of cash for a good World. What is it? Can I do it? What makes a good world? These are the questions you may be asking yourself in regards to World Building and the answer is simply; Yes. In this tutorial I'll introduce you to general World-Building aspects, but focus mainly on World Building as it applies to Intersect. You could then take this knowledge and apply it elsewhere, and likewise you can apply knowledge learned elsewhere to Intersect, but there are plenty of AMAZING video tutorials out there teaching you how to build great worlds in general, so I'll link those at the bottom. But you're here because you want to make beautiful and believable worlds in Intersect, so let's not waste time. What is World Building I mean, it's in the name lol. It consists of various smaller "Buildings" such as: Story Telling, Character Creating, Map Making, and more! You build worlds for Video Games, Books, D&D, etc., following logic and the Aspects of world building. The point is to make the game world feel alive to the player, making it easy for them to imagine themselves in this world. Tools of the Trade This tutorial will only consist of FREE(completely free, or a free "basic" version) software, available to anyone, so worry not my friends! Aspects of World Building World Building YouTube Channels This will End Part 1 of the World Building Tutorial, more will come once I World Build some good/bad examples in Intersect and flesh out the details. I really hope you enjoyed this and I hope even more that this helped you! Until Next Time!
  12. Ok, been into the source pretty hard the past few hours. I managed to make minor progress lol(Im used to Visual placement of components(VB.Net), not hardcoding them) So basically, I searched for and copied every instance of "CloseButton" and edited it to "CraftButton" essentially, with an exception that I think may be the problem. Take a look inside there ^^ for images of the code. Please let me know if My hypothesis is correct(about the button rendering for Craft Button), or how i should fix it if that isnt the case. Also, could probably figure it out but I'll ask anyways; once i get the button to show up alongside the CloseButton without issue, how would I go about calling a crafting table on the CraftButtonPressed handler? EDIT: So I actually went ahead and created custom Window.Craft(Hover/Down/Disabled) functions and that apparently didnt work, or I did it wrong lol
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