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  1. Loved the game. Unique sense of humor that made me laugh quite a bit. Story is rather solid and the mood and feel are spot on for the genre. Really good work!!
  2. Lunam

    Open Alpha DAGGA

    Yeah i loved this too, i believe he may have done it with collision events and custom tilesets
  3. If your looking for the build files they are located in your build location under: Client - Intersect.Client/bin/Debug/net462 Editor - Intersect.Editor/bin/Debug/net462 Server - Intersect.Server/bin/Debug/net462
  4. Looked around and couldnt find anything on it, not sure how it operates. I figured it might be like if you pass by it and "bump" the event but that touching it at all doesnt seem to trigger it.
  5. Lol yes still in progress. The player hasnt appeared at this point just yet lol
    Does the job quick and easy. Great work!!
  6. Got my project board started. A little sneak peek into my game lore if you can read it 😂
  7. Yup seems to work just fine! Tested it with free font Alagard 16 on the player name above character and it was *very* visible
  8. Bro this tool is SOO helpful. Your awesome!!
  9. Haha yes. Im more of a "happy spouse, happy house" kinda guy 😂😂 just cuz we're men doesnt mean we cant be happy too 😂😂😂
  10. I liked the old purple sea surrounding but it looked too... Purply lol. Plus the jagged "dissolving" coast will fit alot better Lorically with my story
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys! The entire afterlife will look mostly like this. There will be a forest areas, rocky areas, mountains, pits, and the whole edge of the afterlife will look jagged and "dissolving" I actually just about doubled the trees just before i posted that to have a more defined "walk path" but I definately see how it looks cluttered.
  12. New Afterlife Look, I personally love it but my wife said it looks "too busy", what do you guys think? P.S. These are all fully harvestable resources(well, the ones you can reach anyways lol)
  13. How do we enable 8-Dir movement? I couldn't find anything in the logs or the server/client config files.
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