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  1. Lunam

    Lost Code

    For reference, this is what I used to have and what I want to try and get back:
  2. Lunam

    Lost Code

    Sorry guys my brain doesnt seem to want to work right. Just Ignore the code, its obviously wrong. Ok, plain and simple... I want to replace the Class COMBOBOX in Character Creation with Class CHECKBOXES just like Leafling has. Again, I had this all squared away at one point but at some point i think i may have updated the source or something and i lost it.
  3. Lunam

    Lost Code

    So what i want to do, is what I had before i somehow accidentally lost this code. I want the player to choose one of 3 classes using checkboxes instead of the combobox(inspired from Leafling). The checkbox allows me to use images (as the checkbox itself) to display class stats such as Atk, Def, Spd, etc(which is all done graphically) but, I cant seem to remember what code I had that allowed me to load a classID from the Class List depending on which checkbox is selected. E.g.: 3 Classes: Acolyte, Duelist, and Scout. First checkbox is Acolyte, second Duelist and third is Scout. Click respective checkbox and load respective class, as if you would select it from the combobox as usual. Also, its obviously not the right code or else it would work. I was just trying to use logic and guess as to what it could be that would allow me to load the class when a checkbox is checked
  4. Lunam

    Lost Code

    2021-09-20 13:47:22.758 [Error] Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Stack: at Intersect.Client.Interface.Menu.CreateCharacterWindow.Init() at Intersect.Client.Interface.Menu.MainMenu.CreateCharacterCreation() at Intersect.Client.Interface.Menu.MainMenu.Update() at Intersect.Client.Interface.Menu.MenuGuiBase.Draw() at Intersect.Client.Interface.Interface.DrawGui() at Intersect.Client.Core.Graphics.Render() at Intersect.Client.MonoGame.IntersectGame.Draw(GameTime gameTime) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.DoDraw(GameTime gameTime) at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.SdlGamePlatform.RunLoop() at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Run(GameRunBehavior runBehavior) at Intersect.Client.MonoGame.IntersectGame.MonoGameRunner.Start(IClientContext context, Action postStartupAction) at Intersect.Client.Core.ClientContext.InternalStart() at Intersect.Core.ApplicationContext`2.Start(Boolean lockUntilShutdown) in C:\Users\TheyA\Desktop\Intersect Source\Intersect-Engine\Intersect (Core)\Core\ApplicationContext`2.cs:line 221 "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" What object doesnt exist though? I know its that single line of code(Classbase.Lookup.Get(Classbase.FromList(#).Id)) that is causing it because when I comment it out, it doesnt crash. obviously i cant pick a class but it doesnt crash either lol
  5. Hey guys, I know I've been away for a while, been busy with life and work and dealing with Covid and whatnot. Anyways, I lost a valueable chunk of code by accident and for some reason I cannot figure out for the life of me what that code was. I know what it was supposed to do and where it goes, but the line of code itself is lost to me. The code I'm refering to is the code that allowed the user to click a checkbox to choose their class instead of the standard combobox. I've tried many alterations of GetClass(), LoadClass(), ClassBase.Whatever, etc... and everytime the client crashes when I click New character. This is the code I have right now: //Class Combobox //mClassCombobox = new ComboBox(mClassBackground, "ClassCombobox"); //mClassCombobox.ItemSelected += classCombobox_ItemSelected; //Acolyte Checkbox mAcolyteCheck = new CheckBox(mClassBackground, "AcolyteCheckbox"); mAcolyteCheck.Checked += AcolyteCheck_Checked; //Duelist Checkbox mDuelistCheck = new CheckBox(mClassBackground, "DuelistCheckbox"); mDuelistCheck.Checked += DuelistCheck_Checked; //Scout Checkbox mScoutCheck = new CheckBox(mClassBackground, "ScoutCheckbox"); mScoutCheck.Checked += ScoutCheck_Checked; //Further down... //void classCombobox_ItemSelected(Base control, ItemSelectedEventArgs args) //{ // LoadClass(); // UpdateDisplay(); //} void AcolyteCheck_Checked(Base sender, EventArgs arguments) { ClassBase.Lookup.Get(ClassBase.FromList(1).Id); mAcolyteCheck.IsChecked = true; mDuelistCheck.IsChecked = false; mScoutCheck.IsChecked = false; LoadClass(); ResetSprite(); UpdateDisplay(); } void DuelistCheck_Checked(Base sender, EventArgs arguments) { ClassBase.Lookup.Get(ClassBase.FromList(2).Id); mAcolyteCheck.IsChecked = false; mDuelistCheck.IsChecked = true; mScoutCheck.IsChecked = false; LoadClass(); ResetSprite(); UpdateDisplay(); } void ScoutCheck_Checked(Base sender, EventArgs arguments) { ClassBase.Lookup.Get(ClassBase.FromList(3).Id); mAcolyteCheck.IsChecked = false; mDuelistCheck.IsChecked = false; mScoutCheck.IsChecked = true; LoadClass(); ResetSprite(); UpdateDisplay(); } As you can see, The combobox portion is commented out, and is replaced by the checkboxes. The specific line of code I'm talking about is this: ClassBase.Lookup.Get(ClassBase.FromList(2).Id);
  6. Man, this seems way over my head but I'm trying. Everything I know about coding is self-taught, and I am still learning so I appreciate the patience. I have 0 experience with server-side applications or networking in general. No Idea what a packet is, but I think Im getting closer. The server side seems to already have a CraftingTable packet handler, but Im not sure if it has a packet sender. There is a SendCraftItem packet, but Im not sure its the same thing as a Crafting Table packet or whatever. And then theres the guid, which I also dont understand other than some odd form of identification. I cant seem to set the guid to the table i want to open(or if I can even do that at all) But here is where Im at now(uncomplete and uncompiled): public void ToggleCraftingWindow() { if (mCraftingWindow.IsVisible()) { mCraftingWindow.Hide(); } else { HideWindows(); Guid id = ""; //No idea how to set the GUID to the crafting table i want to open, as it doesnt take an integer or a string(for table name) mCraftId = id; PacketSender.SendCraftItem(mCraftId); } }
  7. How do I do that? It wont let me import or use Intersect.Server.Entities.Player.cs to call the OpenCraftingTable public bool, which is what I'm assuming I need
  8. So I've been messing around with the code, trying to get a crafting button to work in the game menu(with the friends, guild, character, etc. buttons) I have the button and the code is mostly right, but I cant seem to figure out how to call a specific crafting table because the Carfting Window doesn't have a '.show' function. This is the code I have for my ToggleCraftingWindow: public void ToggleCraftingWindow() { if (mCraftingWindow.IsVisible()) { mCraftingWindow.Hide(); } else { HideWindows(); Globals.ActiveCraftingTable = CraftingTableBase.FromList(0); mCraftingWindow.Update(); } }
  9. Can we get a video of installation and execution on both the local and internet levels? This is confusing and the guides are minimal and vague.
  10. Im a little broke but please take my $15 and thank you!!! The Guild System is worth it!
  11. But you have to consume your body weight in food every hour to stay alive. My Superpower is the ability to adapt to anything and everything instantly.
  12. Ok, that may be my problem, I wasnt aware of that. Let me check real quick Edit: Yup that did it. Not sure how I missed that but thank you!
  13. So I used a fresh copy of prerelease to test whether the strings in Strings.cs would change. They Dont. It's REALLY weird to me, because I added strings that read just fine, but I can't change the text of existing strings? I can change it in the source, no problem, but when I boot up the client, no changes are made. What the hell?
  14. As I was editing my character creation, trying to get tooltips to work for my Checkbox classes, i noticed that after including "System.Environment.NewLine", the entire script stopped updating in the build. I even got a clean version and its still not included in the build. Wtf could have happened?
  15. I finished up my Character Creation, where I definitely took inspiration from Leafling and used checkBox Buttons instead of the combo box Once the player reaches lvl[20,50,80] they will be able to upgrade their class to a more powerful one!
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