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  1. The Main branch of github is equivalent to the stable version of 6.2, the prerelease branch is equivalent to the last "stable" build of 7 and finally the development branch is the last changes that have not yet been 100% tested and that probably change continuously in 7.
  2. This is the most practical to a certain extent, but in the end it is a matter of comfort, personally I do it because the test environment is the same as I develop, and after I confirm the correct operation then I compile in RELEASE and copy the .exe file and the .pdb for my actual project.
  3. It depends on what you want to do, in the case of projectiles part of the logic of collisions and spawns is handled on the server, specifically, in entities-> projectiles.cs, you must also take into account the client's projectiles.cs depending on your changes.
  4. When you compile it is most likely that you are selecting only the server, in the upper menu of visual studio you have the option of Build-> Build solution, there you will generate the client and editor compilations, another thing is that the folder of Server resources is something completely different from that of the editor and client, in the editor and client you can copy the one you downloaded outside of the github repository, which already has test assets.
  5. No, there are many things you can do from the editor without having to modify the source, if you want very specific changes then you would have to program it from 0 in the source code. When you compile the whole solution you must use the same client / editor from the Build folder of the source code, depending if you have compiled in realease or debug, if you try to connect the client that is not the compiled one to a modified server and compiled by you then you can have version mismatch error. You need to have the resources folder in both the editor and client build folders.
  6. You must download the source code from the intersect github repository and compile your own version with your changes.
  7. If you refer to the points property that appears last in the character window, they do not refer to skill points but to attribute points, to distribute them among the points you have in your game, as George says those points can be edited in the class editor but I repeat, they have nothing to do with skills.
  8. I understand, I have worked on some software with this framework and it is quite solid and stable, it was an excellent choice on your part.
  9. What makes me most curious is the new framework you decided to use, Lumen? Laravel? Symfony?
  10. Do you have an estimated date to unveil the new cms framework?
  11. I understand, I was also thinking about modifying the current skills of buffs, but adding a unique identifier for the passives and maybe I can change a bit the condition that verifies the time of the buff, it is a bit forced and I do not know what a good idea it can be .
  12. Has anyone somehow managed to have passive skills in their projects? If so, is there any advice or guide where you should start investigating, no matter that changes are required in the source to achieve it as long as the result is good.
  13. Blinkuz

    neo town

    Excellent project, good luck ian, I await news about your project and the combat system :D
  14. From the list of players it may be necessary to leave it or better still make a separate endpoint for the banned lists, in theory it should not be so complex to make the list of banned something optional, I can try to provide with that functionality the problem is the status current PR on github, which for various reasons are not accepting new changes.
  15. To do this you will have to modify the code, I have achieved it by taking advantage of the projectile spawns system and eliminating the animations of the others, for example, I have a 3-frame fireball I generate 3 projectiles in the same direction and I only make it the center has animation and the other 2 are invisible, so you have a collision of more than 1 tile.
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