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  1. Cuddleheart

    Can't get music of SFX to play

    It was a problem on my end. All fixed! Thanks so much for your help!
  2. I downloaded another UI and noticed you can change the character/NPC select graphic. However, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where it is or how to change it? Edit: Found it under resources/misc
  3. Cuddleheart

    WIP Doodle Quest

    Doodle Quest is a new hobby project of mine. I'm so stoked on all the projects and guides for this engine that I wanted to share a bit of what I've been working on (thanks to all your help)! I am currently building it in the intersect engine (Thank you so much!). Doodle Quest is currently a one person project (me!) It will tell the tales locked within a child's imagination. All the assets will have a drawn ascetic. I am currently in the process of creating assets (namely I have been working on music as of late) and writing story. Down the road, I hope to have a small-scale mmo with a few word-of-mouth friends playing. Currently, the game has two races and two sexes, a few items, some starter quests and the beginnings of a grasslands map. Pictures Video ♥
  4. Cuddleheart

    Can't get music of SFX to play

    The files show up in the editor, but do not play in the game. Is there some sort of size or quality limitations?
  5. Cuddleheart

    Paperdoll offset

    Making the sprites into 128px squares did the trick nicely. You're myyyyyyyy hero!
  6. Cuddleheart

    Paperdoll offset

    did you try the tall sprite, I might have send the wrong armor file on the small on since thewre were so many variations i made trying to get it to work
  7. Cuddleheart

    Paperdoll offset

    Thank you for the quick response. I tried two different prite sets of varying sizes and they didnt work....Ill upload a few
  8. Cuddleheart

    Paperdoll offset

    I've been having a problem getting paperdolls to line up correctly. They seem offset to the left even though they perfectly match when creating the sprites. It also lines up PERFECT on the character select screen too, but everything is offset to the left when I play. I can offset the art to the right and that works in-game, but the offset is wrong on character select. PERFECTO! Lame Any help would be appreciated