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  1. Any news? or project dead?
  2. Love❤️ In admin panel add CPU usage graphs ? ram? historical statistics of online players
  3. Can u add * wiki-system? ( List of items, monster, quest, spells ) *;Mini-forum? * Add an update system ( separate news and update sections ) probably everything for these moments
  4. Nice project, this graphic is great, is it yours?
  5. I have enable api where to write token api?
  6. Hey, that tool work on last version intersect? if i try login i have always loading aplication ...
  7. That new sql work THANX CMS can work on nginx?
  8. Still error -- -- Déchargement des données de la table `cms_pages` -- INSERT INTO `cms_pages` (`id`, `category`, `unique_slug`, `name`, `content`, `is_visible`) VALUES ('game', 'download', 'Download', '<p><img style=\"float: left; margin: 0px 10px;\" src=\"https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/dkMSxwUYbOuu-1-1.png\" width=\"313\" height=\"194\" />Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris non nulla vitae erat finibus molestie. Vestibulum sit amet quam. Praesent scelerisque sem ipsum, at hendrerit nisl dapibus a. Quisque vulputate sem eu turpis pharetra. Aenean consectetur sodales leo, at mattis metus dictum quis. Morbi consequat nunc ultricies purus tincidunt, quis mi. Nullam maximus semper arcu, eu mattis enim aliquet eget.</p>\r\n<p>Integer sem tortor, ornare sit amet dui quis, volutpat tristique velit. Nam blandit feugiat nulla a iaculis. Fusce sagittis vel orci eget tempor. Vestibulum ut nunc mattis, ullamcorper velit at, convallis neque. Maecena[...] MySQL zwrócił komunikat: Dokumentacja #1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1
  9. Anyone can help me? i have MySQL 5.7.33 -- -- Index pour la table `cms_pages` -- ALTER TABLE `cms_pages` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`) MySQL returned the message: Documentation # 1062 - Duplicate occurrence of '0' for key 'PRIMARY'
  10. " Message: Could not resolve host" check ip in config
  11. Hello all i have small problem with this IntersectCMS i have enabled API + account with {"Editor":true,"Ban":true,"Kick":true,"Mute":true,"Api":true,"ApiRoles":{"UserQuery":true,"UserManage":true}} i have all files + server in my VPS in CMS set localhost:5400 ( same on server > api config json ) login test, password i copy from sql user>password (D41F48FCE714E261C2F964C1F2XXXXXXXE2FA36DE7CF0DB73635BB54E7B46) but still have Server did not receive a response... check your ports, ip, settings,...Server\resources\config\api.config.json should have the correct ip's and hosts set up. i tried change localhost to but nothing if i try write vps own ip server is crashing i used ubuntu 18 + mono i need change "DataProtectionKey": "DE43FA93E6C4388C0DE7A8E32DBAB26435685DAC523076EF2078D6A2BE3E8554" ?? I use last version prerelased THX!
  12. reinstalling the system did the trick Thanx
  13. My bad i have 4.6.1 And 4.8 4.6.1 is required when loading the project.
  14. I have .net 4.8, 4.9 does not bring results restore nuget
  15. Hello all i have small problem with source i try open that source on 2017 and 2019 (i have NET Framework 4.6.1 Developer Pack) but i have many error The "default literal" feature is not available in C # 7.0. Use language version 7.1 or higher. Intersection (core) Cannot find metadata file "C: \ Users \ Adiif1 \ Desktop \ Intersect-Engine-development \ build \ debug \ clientextras \ Intersect Client Framework.dll" Error The Forms \ frmProgress.resx file cannot be processed because it is in the Internet or Restricted sites zone, or it contains a website tag. If you want to process these files, please remove the website tag. Intersect.Editor a few of the many bugs Thanx! ( i use windows 10 ltsc )
  16. this is deathbeam project xD kevin change nly game_name and some graphic
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