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  1. new monsters but this time using the existing base.:D



  2. my pixel art from yesterday, I accept suggestions.:3_grin:




  3. My pixelart for today:17_heart_eyes:


  4. Yes, you can use it in your game, you can recolor, mix and even distribute. You don't have to give me credit, but if you do, I would appreciate it very much. And if you need more, you can get in touch.
  5. Guys, I was organizing my folders today when I found many files that I will not use anymore, because I have evolved a lot since I made them. So, I'm making it available for free here for the forum, As well as on my itch. Use them however you want, including redistribution. There are 250 items involving swords, shields, spears, bows, staff, throwing, crystals and etc. And a tileset. To download each icon separately, please download it here: https://daniele-santana.itch.io/weapon-icon-set
  6. Hello people. I am moving my page to the main page of my project that I am creating today. All data is above. Today I was able to post something new to kick-start the project. If you want to see more check the Midgard page.
  7. Hi guys, I haven't been here for a long time, but I've been very busy. So I'm updating the topic with some work that I did for David (In a job of creating an icon pack of spells. And facesets for 25 of the characters he had.) and Kasplant (Whose was and is being created a pack of paperdolls for your character's base). Anyone who wants to contact me will be updating the main page with my discord. My plans for the near future are just to start creating my own sprites and making different modifications, clothes, icons compatible with it, tilesets, faces and so on. Until then, I'm doing commissioned work. Thanks for listening.
  8. Ele ja voltou com o pc. Ja com o celular verá se tem conserto amanha.
  9. Sim ele esta Esse topico ta desatualizado, por que o jogo ta muito mais avancado do que diz ai, com muitos sistemas novos, maaaas, ele tem preguica de atualizar o topico aqui kkk Ele ta sem celular e pc no momento ai to respondendo por ele kkk Se quiser contato só falar.
  10. And I will use, the sprites that appear there are not mine, but Jason from the time fantasy. The sprites I made have not yet been published, as I am working on orders for some people. What I show there when showing the sprites is the arts behind, because I also do simple concepts arts.
  11. I followed your advice, I registered, so you can contact me, I'm new to Discord so I don't know how to handle it very well. I await your message. Thanks for the tip. Daniele Santana#8672
  12. Thanks for your comment. It motivates me.
  13. @Dashplant Sorry, but I don't have Discord. We can chat by email, or privately from here on the forum. These are the alternatives I have for now. Sorry.
  14. Topic being built for a new version To see more, comment, give suggestions, contact me or support, I leave the following links. My Main Page officialdanielepa@gmail.com Discord: Daniele Santana#8672 Consider give me a better support and you will receive all this and everything I do in Patreon. Thank you for your visit
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