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  1. Moon knight, a love called Marvel.:17_heart_eyes::11_blush:



  2. "Come tiptoe through the tulips with me"...




  3. Send me a message on discord saying what you need and examples, I'm in some projects here on the forum at the moment and depending on what it is, I can find free space in my time. Daniele Santana#8672
  4. Hi, I'm a pixel artist and I'm working on some projects here on the forum, I already know how sprites and animations work on Intersect and I can get this job. I have a doubt, would you prefer the arts, monsters and new npcs to follow the same art style as shown in the video? Or are you going to redo everything from 0? Regardless of the answer, you can call me in discord, I was just curious about it. Discord: Daniele Santana#8672 On my profile there are some things I did, but I can show more on discord.
  5. I'm sorry that this happened I just hope that someday these people will evolve, and that they will realize that it does not lead anywhere. :(
  6. just practicing.


    1. Oddly


      Do you have a pixel art portfolio anywhere?

    2. Daniele Santana

      Daniele Santana

      no, but you can call me in discord and i show you some work.

      sorry to answer 2 months later haha, it's just that I'm not very active on the forum due to the pixelart work

      Daniele Santana#8672

  7. this time, I am developing art with a larger size.



  8. Hello, I'm a pixelartist and I wanted to know more about the project, this is my discord, Daniele Santana # 8672, I also wanted to propose a test to check if my art meets your standards.
  9. Sure! You can call me. But, I barely log in to the forum, I only enter from time to time. If you have a discord you can call me Daniele Santana#8672. If not, I can log in more to keep answering you.
  10. new monsters but this time using the existing base.:D



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