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  1. i like chiken

  2. yeah exactly it really looks awesome and adds a lot of depth apparently its called "billboarding" but i get more results if i google 2.5d
  3. Embedded Video Link this fake3d/2.5d looked so awesome you inspired me to recreate it in unity it looks very nice with your sprites
  4. weapon as in equipment? it should be in the same Entity script where you converted the entities to 8 frames under DrawEquipment.
  5. im very interested in playing this if theres an english version
  6. looks awesome is an animation of the sprite playing behind the character or is the trail hardcoded?
  7. i had the same issue because i didnt add the new shader (radialgradient.xnb from the linked post below) to my "\Intersect-Engine\build\debug\client\resources\shaders" folder. once i replaced it, everything worked fine. have you already tried that?
  8. gooby


    this works. im not sure how to do this without using switch, but you can just add more cases to this for resource/item exp in different string colors i guess i also dont like how the XP sometimes overlaps with damage numbers, so id personally try using something other than actionMsg
  9. wishyyyy stop teasing us already and release itt D:
  10. tile size refers to the size of each individual tile in pixels. the width/height is the amount of tiles in the map. so, the map size is the tile size * width/height, which is also in the section indicated by shenmue. you dont want to go above 64x64 anyway or really above 48x48 unless you really have massive tilesets. 32x32 is fine i assume you just want it to be a square and a multiple of 8 (since 256/32=8), so you can try just changing the height to 32. make sure you restart the server after you change the config. NOTE that you will need to reset your server/resources/gamedata.db if you have maps already built with the old dimensions, bc as of now it wont automatically convert here is how the editor would look (you can see the dimensions in the bottom left corner):
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