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  1. wishyyyy stop teasing us already and release itt D:
  2. tile size refers to the size of each individual tile in pixels. the width/height is the amount of tiles in the map. so, the map size is the tile size * width/height, which is also in the section indicated by shenmue. you dont want to go above 64x64 anyway or really above 48x48 unless you really have massive tilesets. 32x32 is fine i assume you just want it to be a square and a multiple of 8 (since 256/32=8), so you can try just changing the height to 32. make sure you restart the server after you change the config. NOTE that you will need to reset your server/resources/gamedata.db if you have maps already built with the old dimensions, bc as of now it wont automatically convert here is how the editor would look (you can see the dimensions in the bottom left corner):
  3. i think your best and easiest bet is to draw them lower, which requires changing the destRectangle.Y in client/entity/Draw. otherwise you would probably need to heavily edit the source to make the sprite size larger than one tile
  4. of course its possible with source edits wishy made a source mod a couple months ago but it seems he removed it for some reason. here are the threads, maybe they could be of some use? EDIT: also even though it seems the patches have been suddenly removed, you shouldnt apply old patches cuz it could just break your game, but you can still take a look into them to get an idea
  5. not exactly sure what you mean, but you can add "_cast" extension to your sprites to show a casting animation. otherwise, you have to custom code the source with something like "SpriteAnimation.Casting" and then add your own custom extension "_casting" (just a random example). you would have to do this for all of your entity/paperdoll sprites if you mean an animation for the spell projectile, then you have to make the animation first in the animation editor, then apply it to the projectile in the projectile editor
  6. it just doesnt look right doing it that way, id rather have it done properly. i also edited my post with other uses for it, hopefully to entice someone to make this happen!
  7. (First of all, i apologize if this isnt the right forum, i couldnt find a bug report section.) I noticed when i have an event follow me that it suddenly stops at the border between map chunks. It then reappears after some time/movement in my map chunk, still leaving the previous event sprite stuck. This occurs between multiple maps and can duplicate in each one see video: Embedded Video Link heres what the event looks like:
  8. Ah i see how that would work for base class sprites. But it wouldnt also work for equipment paperdolls, right? That's sort of what im getting at
  9. also wouldnt work for players of all different sprites, thats why it has to be specific to your characters sprite+whatever theyre wearing
  10. Unless I'm missing something, there is no way currently to make a common event /command to play a sprite animation specific to your sprite. For example, typing "/beg" would play the begging animation for your sprite that ends in "_Beg" EDIT: - this would also be useful for making a "_Swim" animation when walking on designated water tiles - useful for event-pets to make them stop moving and change sprite to sit if they have a "_Sit" animation
  11. i agree i think the battleaxes and potions look badass heres another bundle of interest, LOTS of stuff: https://itch.io/b/520/bundle-for-racial-justice-and-equality
  12. i think you all you have to do is to define: public bool IsAttacking and include that in Client/Entity.cs/UpdateSpriteAnimation() here: if (IsMoving && !IsAttacking) and set IsAttacking to true/false in Client/Player.cs/Update()
  13. Just like in a 1 tile area around where it is located.
  14. A mechanic that allows an item on the ground (or an NPC/event) to explode and deal damage in a user-defined vicinity around it
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