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  1. Hello all here are some news ^^. Here is the actual Malumia World and the new mainland mapping. As always basics, only basics ^^. Have a great day all and may the maker force shine on you.
  2. Hello for your first answer, i think it's here (follow the path on the top to find the correct file): For the second go in layouts/game/admin window but i can't say where to modify ^^.
  3. Hello, i know there's something with Z dimension (heights) in the engine but can't remind how it works. I know there's a tutorial about it on the forum.
  4. Hello is it possible to see your event please ? It might be just an event mistake.
  5. Hello without source edit you can't. There's a plugin to add character customisation in your game, but don't know if it's compatible with the latest version of Intersect. I know it's possible to do changes by making a shop for it in game it could be a good alternative for what you want to do.
  6. Hello, there is an official event documentation which threat about events and variables here : http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4032b79f3abdaaee4aad4bffb0304de5.pdf For your player variable, the value will stay unchanged, it will keep it's last value before deconnecting the server. For your last answer i don't know ^^ for know i've only do some mapping on Intersect, i'm not in such detailled systems ^^.
  7. Where are you from (personnaly i'm french ^^) ? Don't hesitate to ask for help, if i could i will guide you to achieve that. There's no dumb question, it's better to be an idiot for a short time than stay dumb your entire life.
  8. My turn ^^ New Area Base done, a new village and the access to a little surprise of mine for the next mailand
  9. Could you show me how all is configured now ? I will try to reproduce it on my project, it will be more effective to give you an answer.
  10. Your animation should more look like that ^^. You play it one time and hit all that's on the way and you have it.
  11. Great start ^^ Classic but efficient as i like things.
  12. Hello, first thing your animation. You need to fuse the 3 files because basically if you observe more the movement of the kamehameha the base don't move so you're animation would more look like this : o o---o o------o By playing your animation like this it will be more effective. After that you have to determine a delay before relaunching the kamehameha is available. I hope it would help you.
  13. Hello, in case the most effective way to do this sort of things must be organized after the character creation otherway you will have to modify the source code. But if you choose the first part it's quite easy. Search on the forum about "first login", once you had the infos do what it say. Now you just have to get the player sprite transparent, teleport it on an empty map (which will be drawn as black) and do whatever you want for your intro. After you just have to teleport the player on the real spawn location and make it reappearing.
  14. No ^^ I help others when i can that's all. If we don't help each others who would ? I spent only one year on this engine but i have a twelve year experience with RPG maker so some things are kinda same ^^ That's what i love with Intersect ^^.
  15. Yep but that's the only thing i remember about that so... ^^.
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