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  1. Hello, a way to do something similar would be to create the right icons and create object in your database which will be dropped on map. After dropping you call an event which change the icon object in the real object and add it to the player inventory.
  2. You can participate for 3. Let's go pals ! We can do this !
  3. erf... thinking that was what you want modifying sorry don't know more ^^.
  4. "Chatbox": { "channel": "Channel:", "channels": { "0": "local", "1": "global", "2": "party", "3": "guild" }, Here ^^.
  5. Hello, you have to make some modifications in the Client_Strings.json folder.
  6. Wow great work, love it but isn't there a problem with the "f" ? It seems less visible than the other letters, it looks more like a "i" and i think the "s" would be better with more light on the middle part. The jewel part is awesome, it would be impossible for me to do such things ^^. Have a good day mate.
  7. I already done that, 35 folders of 40 maps all linked each other and so far i gone no problems encountered, but i just made one system of timed events and nothing but mapping. i think you can do it so.
  8. First thing, thanks for the compliment mate. I 've thought about but i think i will not use it for the world surface, maybe for some specifics passages. For now i'm just mapping the base of my world ( combat zone/exploration zone ), i will handle caves and other stuff later.
  9. Thanks for the compliment, "ca me va droit au coeur" as we say in french ^^. You've made an excellent work on making these. Some recolors and Gimp tricks and here i go, i absolutly love it, they inspire me a lot and are easy to remodel. Thank you to shared this tile set, Malumia is possible due to you.
  10. Continuing the mapping of the world surface first area. I've created some more tilesets to fit what i want.
  11. That's not about making tilesets ^^ but more place them on a tileset grid, all are existent tilesets of the base engine just recolorized them and replace them on an empty grid. You can use it to fill your maps but it have to be align with the grid on Gimp or device you may use to not break passages. I must admit it's not a regular way of doing things but i think it works well when using simple resources to map. I'm not sure what i wrote is perfectly clear... sorry i'm french and do with what i know in english ^^
  12. Thanks, greetings always cheer up ^^. I've made quite an effort to propose a different way of mapping with basics ressources (with many recolors and stuff done myself). I'm glad someone find it cool ^^. Your maps are great, you made a great use of lightning effects and the tilesets fits each other. The donjon shape is awesome, love it. For making assembled rocks use gimp or photoshop or the device you like and make some yourself, you just have to copy/paste the tilesets to make it shaping like you want Here's an example of what i've done for my tilesets you will see what i mean : https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/2d86553b86e9fe7ce882e2f8bf40f8b0.png Continue working like that you will soon be able to greatly level up ^^
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