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  1. Hello, yes that was my idea but it's not possible, the map is already linked to another and the editor doesn't allow to link a map twice. After all it's possible to do the same thing with warp events.
  2. Pretty cool feature, love it. Good job mate and thanks for the sharing.
  3. As i saw there's a lot of work on what you've done but i agree with Aisen. I think you should take a look to tutorials about basics in pixel art. You seem to have a good understanding of the color palette so i think it won't be very difficult for you to understand.
  4. Cool way to do such system, gives me ideas for eventing something in my game ^^.
  5. Hello, you can try to do this : @> conditional branch[Player Variable: Cooking Exp is equal to 100] @> set player variable cooking level (Add 1) @> set player variable cooking exp (Set 0) @> show picture So each time the player variable cooking exp reach 100 it add 1 to cooking level and reset exp to 0, it could be simpler. On the second screen place this : Start common event : Cooking Exp just below : Set Player Variable Cooking Exp (Add 5)
  6. Hello all ! I'm actually developping a game for which i use another method of mapping here's what it look like. https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/89c292d65a3caacc020bda4991e58723.png As you can see the things are done like this : 35 folders (named A to ZI) of 45 maps (1 to 45). All the maps are linked each others. The purpose is when i tried linking A1 to A45 from the left tile of A1 it's not possible so my world stay flat ^^. I know that with events i should teleport the player where i want but i'm thinking for those who will pass after me (what ?? no one is crazy enough to do such things ?). So here is my request (think it could be a cool feature for the engine) can someone handle something that can make the world goes round ?
  7. Take care of you pal, the only important thing is to be enphasis with yourself. The rest can wait.
  8. Seems that's not possible with the base engine. So you have to create a system to do it, by modifying the source code or find a way to do it with events but i've no clue it's possible to do that...
  9. So not possible to create other than linears projectiles with the engine. Make changes on how the projectiles working means modifying the source code and it's quite complicated if you are not a programmer as me ^^
  10. Sorry forgot to say hi mate ^^ Could a moderator supress this message please ?
  11. Hi mate ! How have you configured your projectile ? Is it possible to have a screen of it and your spell please ?
  12. Awesome job, it's less agressive for the eyesand the colors are better. Love it !
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Please rename these files by removing "_fr" on the name of the files before adding them to your database.
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