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  1. Hello, i think here is your answer https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5910-where-to-put-player-idle-attack-etc-animations/#comment-50645
  2. Bruh ?!? never see that XD Sorry mate to took you on the wrong way ^^.
  3. Hello if i understand correctly you're talking about panorama mapping, i'm also an ex-rpg maker user so probably i'm on the right way. It seems possible to do such things but some people tell me that the engine would probably not like it... And for now i didn't find anything about another way to do than the one you mention.
  4. Even without prices, it could be an interesting event to see. I will probably don't challenging myself into it but it could be a good opportunity to discover hidden talents and play cool games.
  5. Hello, check the .json files named "CraftingIngredients" and "BagItem" specifically the "BagItemValue" parts in each.
  6. Hello, are the dimensions of each windows the same ? Maybe it comes from that.
  7. I would be glad to see something like that ^^.
  8. Hello, in other terms you need an animation that is at least 7x8 tiles, for dimensions you multiply it by 32 pixel so 216x256 pixel (but it would be better to go on a 8x8 tiles animation for the hit radius, you will see why). After that go in your spell in the database and define your animation as hit animation. Get the AOE target type in targetting info and define the hit radius as 4 (from center to borders). And you will get what you want if i understood correctly.
  9. Pretty cool work, curious to see how the thing will evolve ^^. Good luck comrade.
  10. Hello all, my turn ^^ Finally finished the basics of the desertic continent . Was quite a challenge but mission complete ^^.
  11. Those that are just named "Ground" in the basic tilesets of the engine ^^.
  12. Actually the map is pretty cool, good work ^^. A way to improve it is by using the ground tilesets (as i can see , you're using the default tilesets), the ground variations will be more natural than the actual tile shape.
  13. Hello, great add and awesome job ^^. I love how things looks smooth, cool and calming music, great tiles and perfect gameplay. I must say that's how a game should be done ^^.
  14. Hello could you show us your events please ? It would be more convenient to give you the good answer.
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