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  1. Today, i've tried to contribute the following enhancements for the intersect engine: - Show/hide the chat log by pressing a button. - Show/hide the chat log by by using chat action keys (enter/esc) - this is optional ; game settings -> interface ! - A button that clears the entire chat log. Embedded Video Link If you like what you saw there, feel free to give it a try and contribute with feedback while it's under development / review here ! Also, this week i've finally decided to jump into the fun of what instances are capable to do for ASO. Embedded Video Link
  2. oh, this again it is a bug, when hp bars are toggled to be hidden, they should show up whenever the entity is damaged or hovered by the cursor... edit: not really following what you mean by "announcement"
  3. gotta love where this project is heading to, it shows off what the engine is capable of in the hands of a creative and experienced developer if the project reaches a good player-base and popularity, don't forget about the nest that allowed the seed to grow ! Tomorrow it is, *rolls it up*, good luck on the update release ! ~
  4. Okay but, even though you can avoid the issue that way, we still have a real problem happening here, like @Ainz Ooal Gown mentioned, a good thing to do would be to fill up a bug issue report here https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/new/choose , if you do so, please make sure to provide the steps to reproduce, from how you are handling this particular event (please, make sure to use the english editor to show off the steps to reproduce if you use screenshots or even better: a video. - I don't personally understand portuguese D: ) to where you are placing it and such in a way that we can trigger this issue in our ends, that will be very useful whenever an intersect developer decides to address this, as for now, thanks for pointing this out !
  5. Today i've Improved the gameplay smoothness of the Anima Seeds Online Project: - Damage output has been refactored (code wise, it was a mess before ) so it's also easier to read and the output transition is smooth now. - Footsteps have been refactored (code wise) in order to use a dictionary to cache and store some values that were stupidly being called over and over for no reason, it's also been refactored so it's capable to cache any amout of random sounds for steps so i don't has to maintain the same number of random sounds per type of footstep. - Custom implementation for the camera view: smooth camera angles / movement with delta delay ! - Fixed an issue where the swing attack sound was played twice uppon hitting an enemy (had a conflict with the recent "extra attack animation" implementation here). Embedded Video Link - NPC dialogues automatically hides the rest of the UI in order to have a cleaner experience, then shows it back up when finishing dialogues. Embedded Video Link
  6. Hey there, implementing direction lock while the player is moving can be a pretty challenging task right now, specially if you're new to C#, this is because the current implementation ties the player's facing direction to their movement direction.. A collaborator suggested that it might be easier to rework the movement system to be pixel-based (something that we really want to do eventually...), which would allow you to separate the facing direction from the movement direction with ease. However, if you're set on the current implementation, you can give it a shot ofc. Keep in mind that you may need to tweak other class files to ensure that the facing direction updates correctly and that packets are sent as expected.
  7. trying out some changes to mobility, combat messages (damage output) and the UI, it's been a while since i last updated my project Embedded Video Link
  8. Hello, i've opened a git bug report here with this forum post as informative resource on how to reproduce this, also, i think that i've sorted out something that solves this issue. Regards and thanks for reporting
  9. Hello there, i've noticed this behavior recently too, please file a bug report here with these details and the screenshot you've provided here, also: if you can show us how to reproduce the issue with a short video, even better!
  10. @jcsnider and @Push have just gave you the proper answers to your question. About that ^ and FYI: Your opinions and project choices are not a valid development question.. Regards.
  11. Happy bday ~

  12. Uploaded Version 0.3.4 Made with Main Build - Tested & Working with builds
  13. Whenever you wanna work with any specific language for any specific project, you surely want to use an IDE instead of directly typing code thru Github... In this case, one that's capable to edit, debug and compile your .NET/C# solution ; Now at this point, several IDEs like VS Community, Rider and more will allow you to directly connect to your favourite solution repo and commit thru the IDE into Github repos and their branches. There's a lot of documentation available around the internet and within our own docs for both: usages of github and IDEs in general, good luck!
  14. Thanks for the input with your experiences, it is very valuable and inspiring, also thanks for the code contribution !
  15. Not sure why you use 0, idk if it makes any difference but i use level 1 for such spells/skills. In addition to what @AisenArvalis said, if you are in testing phrase: you could simply make sure to re-make (delete and create again) the character you were initially testing with when adding/testing new spells (if the class didn't had the required spell added over the class configs when creating the first character, the character created without that spell won't be updated retroactively with the new added spells).
  16. Buenas estimado, bienvenido al foro, antes que nada te sugiero una leida a las reglas, y hacer mencion de que existe una categoría para preguntas (esperemos que algún un mod mueva la pregunta allí). En fin .. Intersect engine te permite trabajar de forma local/offline sin problemas, solo debes configurar el servidor, cliente y editor para que se conecten especificamente a localhost ó Incluso si en casa tienes por ejemplo, un router y un swich, puedes conectar a varios clientes/editores de forma local sin problemas (y sin necesidad de tener un plan de datos/internet)
  17. This is not really the best way to report an issue and seek help from volunteers This is a known issue among collaborators and some users atm, although, 2 minutes is an exaggeration to be honest, it really takes 2-5 seconds for them to fully render on screen, and we are aware of the fact that fog shouldn't take this long to render on the screen anyways, like JC said, please file an issue report if you are interested on this to ever be addressed (no one has reported this yet for some reason), just make sure to follow the proper formatting when reporting this bug. Same as before, you will need to file another issue report in our tracker for this one, and you may want to be more specific on how to reproduce this issue as well.
  18. This ^, we can't just re-generate more hotbar slots by code when changing the max amount value for them, the assets we provide by default are meant for 10 slots, if you want to add more, you will need to manually adjust your assets then, if you decreased and then increased them back to the default value, you will need to re-do the previously purged slots in the json layout file.
  19. Okay, just manually cleaned up the registry and managed to reproduce the issue, so i can confirm that the settings aren't actually saving up to the registry if the registry hasn't been created yet. Thanks for reporting with all the feedback you guys ! Update: @panda just pulled in a fix for this.
  20. Couldn't reproduce: the latest game client is saving and loading the settings without issues. If you want some real help here, share over some logs (if any) and a more specific scenario to reproduce this along with the build version you've used.
  21. @Artheios gave you the right answer, take a look over the client's strings file. use Ctrl + F
  22. If you want the official updated assets for the main build, including these changes introduced few days ago by Weylon, take a look over the assets repository here. regards ~
  23. This is actually pretty easy to port over to the base engine, if you open a feature request for it (if there isn't one already for it), i could work around it to make it configurable (within the client's config) during this week, that way people won't need to edit the source code but instead, they will be able to simply change a boolean from false to true within the client's config (or game settings -> interface) in order to have this feature thanks for sharing!
  24. The official docs are providing you with enough information for your needs, the rest is on you, we can't guess how every VPS handle things out there, if your client is unable to talk with the server, then you should check out if your VPS provider is allowing your server to listen connections thru your configured server port, which by default should be UDP 5400.
  25. We have documentation for this. I also suggest you (since is your first post) to have a read over the forum rules, specially 1.1 in this case.
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