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  1. Thanks for the input! I still have to check the engine extensively but yes, i think events could handle the sprite swap. Either that or another tile attribute but i have to look into the source too for that. I also have to take into account the possibility of having more elements on the ground level (resources, items, random stuff) so an event/attribute shouldnt interfere with those. Didn't know about that xD, thanks
  2. Currently nothing, my idea is to have two sets of sprites (one for ground-based movement and one for air-based movement). I would probably need to make a "ground" tile attribute or something to detect and swap between the two.
  3. Heyo! Its been a while. From the title i want to clarify that I know there are a ton of DBZ games around and some of you are probably tired of them, but hear me out Back in the days of Eclipse I made a concept of a sort of 2D "platformer-ish" dragon ball game called "Dragon Ball Tau" that was based around using LSW sprites (i love that artstyle). I managed to save two gifs from back then (they are from 2010 so at least 10 years ago lol): As you can see It wasnt truly a platform game because it lacked gravity and physics and it was just a matter of perspective (using sprites/tiles in a lateral way and a background image). But that game stayed with me all these years as a cool 'what-if' project to make one day. I think now is the day. Now that the source is out i've been playing a bit with the engine and im really liking it. I needed the source for this game mostly because i need to make a some sort of system of directions (4-directions is not enough, i need at least 6 with up-left, up-right, right, left, down-left, down-right) and probably a ton of sprites for airborn and grounded stances, so i was waiting for it to be released before starting heavily on this project. Now that it is out im having a bit of fun with it and im liking the capabilities Intersect offers from the ground up, amazing work there devs. Ive done this in a bit of spare time between yesterday and today, testing around graphics and animation/projectiles and also graphic tilesets: Wanted to share in case any of you is interested, and wanted to give some feedback ♥ Have a great day!
  4. Looks interesting! Best of luck with your project man
  5. Jajaja. Si, había un par de bugs raros. Yo no trabajaba con el source en aquel entonces, porque era cerrado, hacía más cosas de moderacion del foro. El tema de AE siempre fue la reticencia a liberar el source por parte del dev (del cual no me acuerdo el nombre jaja), porque si lo hubiese hecho me parece que la comunidad en español hubiese podido crecer un poco más. Lo que estaba bueno era que era bastante user-friendly para los que recien arrancaban.
  6. This looks really impressive! It's nice to see an historic-inspired RPG in the works in a world where fiction/fantasy-based RPG are way more common. Chariot racing sounds intriguing.
  7. Buenas, me presente en el foro en ingles pero no acá. Soy de Argentina, mi nombre es Federico y mi usuario es Alatar. Fui parte de la comunidad Eclipse hace mucho tiempo (hará cosa de diez años mas o menos). Di mis primeros pasos en programación ahi asi que supongo que le debo mi pasión actual a estos motores. Quizas lo mas relevante que hice por aquel entonces fue el sistema de Quests. Aparte de eso fui moderador del foro en español de Eclipse junto con Ludipe (y Elessar si mal no recuerdo) por un tiempo, tambien fui moderador de AlterEngine y estuve activo en aquel entonces en varias comunidades de motores de habla hispana. Esto siguió hasta que eventualmente me fui para otros rumbos. Pasaron años desde la ultima vez que trabaje en un proyecto, pero me agarró la nostalgia el otro dia y acá volvi, viendo qué tal. Un saludo a todos, espero que este nicho de la web relacionado con motorcitos de juegos 2D caseros crezca de vuelta poco a poco hasta ser similar a lo que era.
  8. I was wondering, how do you guys handle the planning/development of your project? I'm not talking about your client/server/editor itself, but rather on how do you keep all the things about your game wrapped up in your mind. Do you use the forum post for your game? A notepad? Or rather Notepad++? A word/open office/drive document file? A worldbuilding site like worldanvil? A single sheet of paper? A Discord room? Collaborative sites like nuclino? Personally i've used several text documents in the past but for my current project i wanted a kind of personal-wiki with internal hyperlinks and quick formatting, thus i'm using CherryTree. But how about you?
  9. xD Oh god i recognize that code. The horror. PS: Side-question. This type of engines weren't based on OOP right?
  10. Really? lol. In that case I guess that the concept behind it was interesting enough to overcome its coding By the way your Orion+ engine looks really interesting. I'm checking it now and the fact that its in VB.net with SFML and its also opensource is really good. Amazing work on it man. On the other hand, @jcsnider, Intersect has a ton of potential and I see that you've been working on it constantly for a long time now. Kudos to you sir! Was it build from scratch? I have to relearn a lot of things, 7+ years feel like forever now haha
  11. Thanks to all! And actually i'm the surprised one, i never thought my name could still ring a bell here haha.
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