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  1. very informative thanks for taking the time to write this up and your other articles
  2. very charming game, big fan so far
  3. Updated the guide to use NuGet package dependencies instead of making a new branch off the upstream/development repo. If you were having issues, try it out now
  4. yeah what they said ^ you could also add those values to your config script and then people could just modify them through the JSON it generates. then, just load those values before drawing your button in the plugin script
  5. Yeah i suppose youre right... so dont download and install DLLs from strangers!
  6. IMPORTANT! You must build your apps from the most recent upstream/development branch in order to have all the fixes and usages shown in this guide so it runs properly. You must also follow all the nuances or else your plugin may not work, so I highly suggest you use the In-Depth guides first. Introduction FAQs Plugin Capabilities Plugin Overrides and Callbacks Client Plugin Script Template Client Plugin Guide w/ Discord Example Adding Custom Packets and Handlers Conclusion
  7. where are you trying to locate it from? the map editor, or event editor or what editor? bc each editor looks in a different resources folder more or less
  8. exactly what it says: if true, if youre casting a spell and then try to move, it will cancel the spell from casting and move you. otherwise i think it'd prevent you from moving while casting
  9. Embedded Video Link added some click capabilities and right click menu actions best part is that it's all client side
  10. no its by source edit. its just a regular attack with some range checks that uses the weapon's projectile with no spawns assigned i drew it to move from your position to target position, by editing source
  11. Embedded Video Link super primitive targeted ranged attacks
  12. yeah exactly it really looks awesome and adds a lot of depth apparently its called "billboarding" but i get more results if i google 2.5d
  13. Embedded Video Link this fake3d/2.5d looked so awesome you inspired me to recreate it in unity it looks very nice with your sprites
  14. weapon as in equipment? it should be in the same Entity script where you converted the entities to 8 frames under DrawEquipment.
  15. im very interested in playing this if theres an english version
  16. looks awesome is an animation of the sprite playing behind the character or is the trail hardcoded?
  17. i had the same issue because i didnt add the new shader (radialgradient.xnb from the linked post below) to my "\Intersect-Engine\build\debug\client\resources\shaders" folder. once i replaced it, everything worked fine. have you already tried that?
  18. this works. im not sure how to do this without using switch, but you can just add more cases to this for resource/item exp in different string colors i guess i also dont like how the XP sometimes overlaps with damage numbers, so id personally try using something other than actionMsg
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