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  1. I'm not sure on the maps/items. Hundreds of each, haha. No, I have programmed/redesigned a lot of systems in the engine myself to get the game to where it is now, especially so the item upgrading, the character menu, challenges, dungeons, etc. Though the skilling system is just event based. All there is to it is a currency that resources always drop that is essentially your EXP, and permits you can buy that are just events that raise a player variable by 1. You can easily check on that player variable to see if the player can interact with some resource.
  2. Daywalkr

    Concept Driemmo

    I think that's a good idea lol. I like the look of the art but it is incredibly small. The guy is about the size of one of the pebble tiles.
  3. A new content update is dropping later today. Come join the fun, and check out the patch notes on our discord! Embedded Video Link
  4. Embedded Video Link Here's a teaser for a content release slated for next week:
  5. Haha thanks. It is very intimidating/keeps me very busy, but it's been super rewarding seeing people have a good time.
  6. The game is now live! Come play: https://www.middleages.online/ It is completely free.
  7. Thank you :). I am quite pleased lol, hoping for a smooth little beta release.
  8. Pleased to announce I've completed the game's first trailer! I've linked it in the OP. The update is still on schedule to go live this Thursday, April 20th.
  9. There's going to be a massive update some time next week (hopefully) - I'm currently aiming for Thursday, April 20th (blaze it). I hope to see you all there! You can find the game at the website in the OP.
  10. Hey man I played your game, it's really good, I like it. Great Job!

  11. Excited to try it out. Your music is wonderful.
  12. @Lunam Thank you! I've been working really hard on this game for close to two years now. I think the next update should be ready some time mid-April, and I think it's going to be a good one :). Also: lol, thanks
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