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  1. Thank you :). It's toggle-able for those that hate it, haha. Today's Update: I'M FINISHED WITH THE UI OMG THANK YOU JESUS: This was such a long time coming and I am super happy with the results. The only thing missing is a really rad, animated title screen, but that can wait haha.
  2. My NES-inspired UI is starting to come together Embedded Video Link
  3. Haha it'll definitely need some balancing around... and so will THIS! Check it out: Projectiles and AoE attacks can now be (optionally) visualized on the map! In my opinion, this greatly improves the skill part of combat, allowing you to quickly position yourself as needed and avoiding damage. Embedded Video Link
  4. Been working on a big QoL patch. The biggest update by far is an update to the combat/movement system. Introducing Combat Mode! Combat mode can be entered at any time by pressing (by default) the "Shift" key, or, if enabled, by targeting an enemy. In combat mode, you are free to strafe as needed. In addition, if you kill your targeted enemy, combat mode will automatically target the next closest, hostile NPC. Check it out! Embedded Video Link
  5. Thanks @Weylon Santana! I agree about some of the combat and the balancing. I wouldn't mind spending some time now that there's a decent amount of content in place and sort of tidying things up. Getting the GUI squared away, improving ranged combat, and more balancing work is on my primary list of objectives, as well as adding some more content in the form of new collection logs, like the Bestiary. I appreciate the review and the feedback!
  6. Hello everybody! I'm pleased to announce that Middle Ages: Online's first major content expansion, dubbed "The Capitol Update", is set to go live tomorrow, June 28th, at 5PM EST! Join us for a good time! The game is still live and free to download as always at https://www.middleages.online/ There's a lot of new stuff to go over... For starters, the overworld size has been more than doubled! With that comes new quests, new artifacts to find for the museum, new resources to gather, along with 2 new resource gathering tiers per resource! New mobs, new dungeons and mini dungeons, both instanced and overworld, the continuation of the main quest line, the level cap raise from 10 -> 15, new original music and art, class rank progression from CR1 -> CR3 for each class, with each class having their own quests and special assignments to take on within their guild... There's new secrets and mechanics to discover, new vehicles to drive, new ways to get around the world... There's a lot of stuff! And it's all free and ready for you to try out. You can join our discord community as well over at https://discord.gg/7Xnq2V885Q And, I'll end with some cool promotional art, meant to showcase the two new instanced dungeons that have been developed for this update... Meridia Journey to the lost, underwater city of Meridia, found deep beneath Lake Uumuu... Bogfield Head out to Bogfield, a deserted and cursed town deep within Westhelm swamp... I look forward to seeing you in Asgodia :)! The blue areas dictate new locations on the overworld in the update... there's a lot to explore!
  7. For the record, there are numerous config options in the server, one of which I _believe_ allows other people to start the instance, for anyone that needs it. I haven't written up a tutorial or docs or anything like that yet because this isn't in main yet, but at some point I intend on doing a small instance tutorial to explain the feature better.
  8. Here's a fun update on some of the new content I'm working on!
  9. There's been a rather large content update recently! A good time to check out the beta with your friends. Here's a change log:
  10. Embedded Video Link Here's a lil' video demonstrating the quest board system I've been busy last week implementing. This will be an important part of Guild progression going forward - it will work very similarly to how advancement works in games like Monster Hunter.
  11. Just as a general update so it doesn't seem like the project's dead, lol: Those of you that finished up the content - thanks for playing! I really appreciate it, and am glad it seems like you had a good time. It was very inspiring to see way more of you enjoy the game than I suspected, lol. I am hard at work implementing new features into the engine, at the moment. There were a number of event-based prototypes in the alpha that I'm trying to flesh out into full-fledged systems within Intersect's editor, which involves a lot of source modifications. Bear with me, as content updates will likely be a bit slow (I'm only one dude with a couple amazing artists) - BUT, I am working hard to make some new stuff! What I'm working on right now in the source, for whom it may concern: - Sortable bank and displaying bank item value (done) - The ability for me, as a designer, to more easily give a player a random quest from a list (Nearly done) - A quest board, as seen in, for example, Monster Hunter, that displays a LIST of quests to a player that he/she can select from. This will replace the existing Guild Task implementation. - Replacing Class Rank improvements. Instead of the current system (getting X amount of favor or gaining Y amounts of levels), you will now have to complete 4/5 Guild Tasks within your Class Rank. Once you do that, you will be given an "Advancement Quest" - completion of which will result in your class rank going up. - - When this is implemented, _everyone's Class Rank will be reset to 0 or 1_ depending on your rank at the time of this change. Fear not - I will make changes such that there won't be any item at that point that requires a CR of 2 - An improved "Weapon Upgrade" system, as opposed to the kinda janky and very much non-scalable (for the dev) system that's in place now - An enchantment system. The prototype I made felt good, and I may try to make this into a _real_ system going forward - The introduction of some "Soft Locks" like you'd see in a Metroid/Castlevania game - some tangible unlocks such as a Grappling Hook that allow you to access areas of the game that you otherwise couldn't before. - The ability to make certain enemies immune to status effects - Perhaps NEW status effects to go along with the enchantment system And then, after all that, I will be in a REALLY good spot for adding additional content as you know it - quests, areas, items, monsters, etc. SO, yeah. A lot of text. But basically: Thanks for trying out the game, feel free to play as much as you want as the server will be up - but updates will be slow for a while, and if you finished the game, it may be best just to wait for me to say "HEY I ADDED A BUNCHA STUFF", lol BUT - I plan on adding a lot :). It's safe to say I won't add ALL those features before the next time a content update is posted. It would simply take too long, and I have work-arounds on some of those "nice-to-haves" anyway.
  12. Hey all! I recently ran into a problem: I had a server, running on a host (thanks JC), that had active players runnin' around, having a good time. This meant that there were some server variables, like a "highest combo" count, that were being updated. Then, I made some updates myself, on my localhost'd server, and pushed up my modified "gamedata.db" to my hosted server. It was at that moment that I realized that I just overwrote every server variable's value! All those leaderboards since the last update, any world boss timers, etc. Gone. Oops. So, I wrote a little python tool to remedy that! You can get the tool, and see the readme, here: https://github.com/AlexVild/Server-Variable-Transfer-Tool Please note that this only works with sqlite files - no MySql support is planned. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR GAMEDATA.DB FILES. I am NOT responsible for any corruptions of databases, or lost progress that you have made. If you have backups, then you will be perfectly safe. Without backups, however, this could totally corrupt your database. I haven't seen it happen, but I'm not saying it's impossible. Anyway, enjoy! Hope it's useful to some and not too confusing
  13. UPDATE: Since switching to use an alternate account for the editor, I have not seen this problem happen again. Definitely a suspicious lead there - but ultimately, if that IS the issue, perhaps the best fix is just to prevent that from being an option (simultaneous login)? Especially since it's been so hard to make something reproducable.
  14. Yeah - I've done the tilesets and a few of the entities/icons, and the paperdolls. Daniele Santana here on the forums did most of the entities, and Nicki also here on the forums did pretty much every animation.
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