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  1. Looking forward to trying this, I've missed Eclipse games in my life. What's it like trying to bugfix that engine? I can't imagine a long term project with it.
  2. Sorry if this isn't the place to gush, but I just discovered this engine and it's everything I wanted out of Eclipse 10 years ago and so much more. Really, really fun to work with. Amazing work and I can't wait to watch the continued updates
  3. Dungeon instances could go a long way toward making pretty cool boss encounters and stuff. Was wondering if something like that was in the engine already/possible? Obviously, it's no easy programming feat, at least to my knowledge, so if the feature is not already in then that's fine - was wondering if there's a sort of hacky solution? Maybe if you could somehow check to see if a player is in a party, and if they are, teleport only the members of a party to a certain location that they couldn't get to otherwise? Wouldn't quite work, but it might be decent for a tiny MMO with a small player base anyway (which is what I'd expect)? But I couldn't find anyway to check a player's party status, at least with the default events.
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