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  1. Hey all! I recently ran into a problem: I had a server, running on a host (thanks JC), that had active players runnin' around, having a good time. This meant that there were some server variables, like a "highest combo" count, that were being updated. Then, I made some updates myself, on my localhost'd server, and pushed up my modified "gamedata.db" to my hosted server. It was at that moment that I realized that I just overwrote every server variable's value! All those leaderboards since the last update, any world boss timers, etc. Gone. Oops. So, I wrote a little python tool to remedy that! You can get the tool, and see the readme, here: https://github.com/AlexVild/Server-Variable-Transfer-Tool Please note that this only works with sqlite files - no MySql support is planned. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS OF YOUR GAMEDATA.DB FILES. I am NOT responsible for any corruptions of databases, or lost progress that you have made. If you have backups, then you will be perfectly safe. Without backups, however, this could totally corrupt your database. I haven't seen it happen, but I'm not saying it's impossible. Anyway, enjoy! Hope it's useful to some and not too confusing
  2. UPDATE: Since switching to use an alternate account for the editor, I have not seen this problem happen again. Definitely a suspicious lead there - but ultimately, if that IS the issue, perhaps the best fix is just to prevent that from being an option (simultaneous login)? Especially since it's been so hard to make something reproducable.
  3. Yeah - I've done the tilesets and a few of the entities/icons, and the paperdolls. Daniele Santana here on the forums did most of the entities, and Nicki also here on the forums did pretty much every animation.
  4. Thanks for playing, Weylon! Hope Daniele gets her computer fixed soon lol, that really sucks. But I really appreciated having yall on! There's a couple bosses yet I haven't seen anyone kill, so there's still certainly some content to be found in the alpha.
  5. Download & More Here Welcome, traveler... ...to Asgodia. A place once filled to the brim with players and NPCs alike. After the original player base of the original Middle Ages: Online died in the 90s, the NPCs of Asgodia were left with no one to help them out. With things out of their control, they were forced to live in a purgatory, until one day, a lone player showed up. At first, the lone player was a boon to the NPCs - a quiet-type, who kept to himself in this otherwise online game. But as time grew long, weird things started to happen to the land of Asgodia... then suddenly, in 2021, more players started to arrive again. Perhaps you would like to join them? Classes! The Warrior The Warrior is a melee-only class. The Warrior can use a sword and shield to provide single-target damage and crowd control, while also buffing his party and tanking physical damage. A warrior may also find themselves using the greatsword - a massive weapon capable of dealing damage to multiple targets at once, substituting crowd control and party buffs for sheer damage output. A warrior should avoid magical damage at all costs, lest they build around that weakness by wearing lighter armor. The Mage The mage is a versatile ranged class. The Mage can use a staff of destruction to bring elemental damage to their foes. High damage-output and mild crowd control are the tools of the destruction mage. However, a mage may also find that they want to help keep their party alive. Such mages will instead wield a healer's staff, and provide single-target and area-of-effect heals to their party, with occasional damaging spell tossed in. A mage must avoid taking any damage, especially physical - unless they'd rather sacrifice magic damage by wearing a suit of light armor. The Rogue The Rogue is the class of versatility. The fastest class, a rogue has the option of going ranged or melee. A rogue with a bow in their hand will provide high damage output, both to multiple targets and to single targets. To wield a bow effectively means maximizing agility - thus sacrificing physical protection. A rogue with a dagger or broadsword, however, has the option of wearing heavier armor if they so choose to attack with a variety of crowd-control options. This may leave them open to attacks from mages, however... Features! Quests, PvE, PvP, three playable classes with their own separate Guild Halls! Guild Vs. Guild runs every day from 6-8PM EST and allows guilds to fight for control over a Guild Hall! Taking over a guild hall secures it to your guild members for a day, allowing you to use its craftings services and Guild Bank! Combo System! Chain enemy kills together (PvP or PvE) to rack up a monster combo - higher combos will yield bonus experience! These combos are even shared with your party members. You can rack up insane combos and experience if you co-ordinate well! After a certain monster-level disparity, you will have to move on to stronger monsters if you want to continue to gather bonus experience Prayers! Prayers are an accessory that, when equipped, auto-cast a spell at enemy death. These spells can range from health gain, to casting a barrage of lightning bolts out from the spot of enemy death. AFK Resource Gathering! All the fun of playing a game without actually doing anything! Simply starting harvest of a resource will automatically allow you to continue to harvest the resource to completion Combat upgrades over base Intersect! Projectile pass-through of friendly players in PvE zones, allowing you to set up strategic battle positions Optional Tap-to-turn mode allows you to tap a direction to face that way Controls for turning your character A "Face Target" button that will face you toward your target "Un-target" at the click of your mouse! Just right click on any non-enemy to de-select your target Voice acting! Fun voice lines will be peppered in throughout your quest. And they're not just recorded with a garbage microphone in a bedroom! Fully original score composed by yours truly! Check it out below. Original art and animations done by myself, some friends, and Daniele and Nickki from these forums! (Great work guys <3) Mini games such as the Fenwyndell Goose Race! The Permit system - help out NPCs to earn thank-you notes and commendations, which in turn can be used to unlock permits to allow you to harvest better resources and use stronger tools! The Inspiration system - purchase inspiration with resource points (gathered whenever you harvest a resource) to gain experience while crafting OR gathering! Quests! Tired of just "Kill x 10 times" quests? Want some storyline, some characters? Like the way "Runescape" does quests? Try them out here! More than just your average fetch quests. Favor! Earn favor for your NPC guild by completing tasks, turning in resource points, turning in commendations, or turning in quest points (earned by completing quests) to your guild to unlock your Class Skills and Spells! Tasks! Do you prefer simple fetch quests? Killing 10 slimes? Well, tasks are for you! Complete tasks for your guild or for a local town to earn extra Favor, Gold, and commendations from NPCs. Videos! Screenshots! Music! The Public Alpha will start Monday, October 11th, at 6:30PM EST. You can download the game for free at https://www.middleages.online. Join the discord! That way any bugs, exploits, typos, or other oddities can be easily accumulated and sent to me so I can improve the game! I look forward to seein you there
  6. context.ChangeTracker.DetectChanges(); I've been playing without my warp changes for a bit now, and did eventually have the issue again. Something you and Kas mentioned in the Discord, however, that is now gaining suspicion is that almost always, I am logged into the editor and the client with the same account. When I am making new content, I normally just pull open the editor and client, and just test changes live in the client. Normally, after any particularly involved sessions, I will log in, say, the next day (fresh server start as well), and find that this bug has occured. That seems to potentially lead credence to your theory of the DB potentially getting confused, as I'm logged in as the same player in two places. Just for anyone that hasn't seen the discord stuffs - basically Ches suggested to just... not do that anymore, and see if the problems continue to arise. As I said in the OP, I've seen a very similar problem with items disappearing happen in my other server - but not without me potentially having screwed with the game database during that session. SO, I'm just gonna use my coming playtests as a time to just see if this happens when I'm not constantly messing with databases through the editor. I'll keep this topic updated if I notice it continue to happen even then.
  7. context.ChangeTracker.DetectChanges(); I also see this - I wonder if maybe the problem is that _some_ changes aren't being detected? The problem is if I try to find the def of this method it just takes me to a virtual function I can't find its implementation anywhere?
  8. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/3b43061aa77411ce86ba975f9e55d365.log Here are my logs from the server when I was editing to when I shut it down.. as you can see, nothing particularly exciting
  9. I have had it happen again. This time was after some heavy editing on my localhost. I had 6000 gold coins in my inventory - throughout the editing process, I ended with around 6800. Logged out closed the server. Opened it back up and I was standing in an older spawn than I left off at, without the coins but with the player variables flipped. I really think I need to know WHERE the iteration through player tables happens, because it very clearly seems to be a problem where only SOME tables are updated, but not all. I would very much prefer if ANY table fails an update, we don't update any... but I can't think of any way you could design around that.
  10. I don't remember seeing this issue till around the time I implemented the changes mentioned in the OP. Where does the saving of the player take place? I'd love to have DENSE logging in there, but I can't really find where I should be adding anything.
  11. Hello. I was ready to release to alpha in the next few days, but a really game-breaking bug has made its way into my intersect stack. I really wish I knew how to cause it - it seems to happen completely at random. I will provide a diffy at the end of this post, and even would happily supply my server, client, and editor to anyone who would like to help me out. I'm at my wits end here. I noticed a while ago that my intersect server was NOT saving correctly. I'd log in and be in a completely different place, with completely different items, than I had when I last logged out. BUT, it wasn't even as if I was simply set back to a previous save, because importantly, SOME properties would save (player variables and quest statuses most of the time). As you can imagine, this destroys the game completely that, at this point, I've spent 5 months or so on? Specifically, the following things tend to not save correctly, that I've noticed: - Inventory - Map position - Quest Status - Player Variables - Level & Exp But not always the same stuff. Some examples: - Consider some quest where I'm given a key to unlock some door. After giving the key, a player variable is set to true so the key won't be given again. If the bug occurs after doing the bit where I unlock some door (reliant on some player var), I could be in a state where I've USED my key, but the player variables have reset - the door is locked, but my quest status updated such that the quest giver won't give me a key anymore. Because not every bit of player data was saved. - Another example, that seems even stranger, is the one that made me post here. I was testing my game on my prod host, as I was going to release alpha tomorrow. I logged in to discover, to my horror, that the bug was affecting my prod server as well - I noticed because all of the copper in my inventory was gone - but a stackable item I was accumulating while mining the copper was still there! Here's a diffy of my source changes since I first noticed the bug. I've made a few, but nothing too heavy. I realize this is a lot to look at, but I figure I may as well include it in case anyone takes special interest: https://diffy.org /diff/e15db23591a7 The most suspicious bit of code I've introduced would be here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/811/files Otherwise, the biggest thing I'm asking for is does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can start debugging this? As mentioned previously, I have spent months on this project. I think I did a good job. I want to share it with people. But it can NOT be played in this state, and that really sucks. I suspect a good place to debug would be wherever the code lies that is updating the playerDB - but I'm having trouble finding where that is and, if it's where I think it is (Server -> PlayerData -> User), then I'm having a really hard time figuring out what it's doing, and would love help. I have seen this bug occur both in a SQLite PlayerDB and a MySql DB I also have never seen any suspicious logging in my server.
  12. Good for you guys! The project looks cool, and I'm excited to give it a go.
  13. Any chance of an update on this guy? Would be useful; patch seems to fail on latest prerelease these days.
  14. Hello! I am working on a game called Middle Ages: Online. The title is intentionally cheesy, don't worry. The core premise of the game is that the game "used to" be a niche, but relatively popular MMO back in the late 90's, with players running rampant on the gear treadmill and what not. While on that grind, however, the players started sucking the world of its resources. When the game eventually died, it was left a husk, with the NPC's left to fend for themselves and pick up the scraps. Well, twenty years have passed, and the NPC's have found their footing again, and, though without the muscle that a playerbase would provide, have gotten themselves back to a reasonable standing. However, suddenly, new players are showing up again. The NPC's are quite nervous about this and very slow to trust these players - but ultimately it is up to the players whether or not to help the NPC's, or to help themselves. Core mechanics include: - NPC guilds (Warrior, Rogue, Mage) that provide randomized daily jobs for the players - performing these jobs earns the player "Favor" at the guilds, which is how players can increase their ranking (allowing them to equip better gear), and purchase their class skills - Standard loop of Questing, Gathering, Looting, in an effort to earn both coin and commendations from NPC's, that can be used to further progress either with your class or with your ability to harvest resources - PvP, with a GvG system wherein every day from 6-8 players have the opportunity to take over guild halls from one another - holding a guild hall means you get to use your guild bank for the day. The vibe: - 8-bit art style. I try to exclusively use the "NES (NTSC) color palette in Aseprite for my work, and would encourage you to do the same. - Scanlines. I'll probably make these an option down-the-line, but for the moment I think they help selling the style. - Retro music & sounds. Distorted, bitcrushed sounds and rough voice acting. Heavily reverbed music, with a wow filter, and using the retro Roland soundfont from yore. The Work: - Essentially, I have a big trello board full of art that I don't feel comfortable doing - You will pull work from this board whenever you feel up to it - This board is shared amongst my pixel-art friends, who work at a very slow pace (hence why I'm here and offering money, lol) - This is my first project where I'm also doing art, and I'm really terrible at animating at the moment - In addition, there is just so much work to be done, lol - Primarily, I would need you to create entities (new enemies and NPC's) and animations (spell effects, projectiles) to help make the game feel more unique and polished! - We will primarily communicate thru Discord Will the game actually ever have any players? I sure hope so. BUT, know that I am very close to the first closed beta, to get some feedback. Art is the biggest bottleneck I face right now - the other content is nearly ready. Screenshots/Videos
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