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  1. I find some of the base fonts to be waaay too small for my impaired self. I'd like to increase them, so I came across this: I gave that a go, and sure enough I could replace the fonts. But the UI exploded, which is understandable. Three questions: 1) I understand I can modify the scale of UI elements, and I've even found a GUI editor on this site made by a user. But, before I commit a bunch of time to that - is that the solution? Just replace the fonts with sizes/styles I prefer, then modify the UI until they fit in all menus? 2) I know there is the Client config file for editing fonts - but I only see one of the options dictate a font size alongside it. Can all of the options support a font size, or just the UIFont option? 3) What's the difference between UIFont and GameFont? Thanks in advance
  2. Wow - I didn't realize the documentation was so up to date these days. There must be a dead link somewherer - cause last time I checked about a week ago, most of the pages were stubs, haha. Thanks for pointing that out! EDIT: Disregard that - I'm just blind and didn't see that there are clearly some docs here that tell you what's what in the configs. Just wondering - is there procedure for updating the docs as a user? Are they in the source code?
  3. Love that there's so much available in the config files for the server/client - but is there anywhere that documents what everything does in there? Some of it is self explanatory, but some of it (boolean GameBorderStyle??) not so much. And I'm really curious about some of it (a lot of the loot stuff - itemDropChance, IndividualizedLootAutoIncludePartyMembers)
  4. Hey all! I've seen a lot of answers from 2016-17 around the dangers of changing map sizes and such. I don't want to change the map sizes - however, I find the base tile size of 32x32 to make the game look waaaay too small on 1080p displays - especially as I'm going for an 8-bit art style. Is it reasonably safe now-a-days to bump the tile size to 64x64? So far so good for me, but of course I'm playing my game alone on localhost lol. Additionally - is there anyway to zoom out the map editor? That's been my biggest grievance with changing the tile size so far. I'm on
  5. Looking forward to trying this, I've missed Eclipse games in my life. What's it like trying to bugfix that engine? I can't imagine a long term project with it.
  6. Sorry if this isn't the place to gush, but I just discovered this engine and it's everything I wanted out of Eclipse 10 years ago and so much more. Really, really fun to work with. Amazing work and I can't wait to watch the continued updates
  7. Dungeon instances could go a long way toward making pretty cool boss encounters and stuff. Was wondering if something like that was in the engine already/possible? Obviously, it's no easy programming feat, at least to my knowledge, so if the feature is not already in then that's fine - was wondering if there's a sort of hacky solution? Maybe if you could somehow check to see if a player is in a party, and if they are, teleport only the members of a party to a certain location that they couldn't get to otherwise? Wouldn't quite work, but it might be decent for a tiny MMO with a small player base anyway (which is what I'd expect)? But I couldn't find anyway to check a player's party status, at least with the default events.
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