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  1. This one is gonna be super useful for social media linking, wikis, and such ! thanks for this contribution
  2. Auction system sounds like might be a fun thing to have, its pretty generic to games and helps up to build a funky ilusion of capitalism within a game. As for a "talent system", i don't know man, sounds pretty specific/niche to me, only game i have heard about using such a system with the very same literal name its "Mabinogi". Also, mixing both things, its far beyong too specific already, hard to tell if something like this would be approved by head devs into the base engine.
  3. Noope. just added to the first answer the following location of the file that you should edit and have saved before you launch the server again: Also, if you change these values up by too much, you might have a hard time using the editor there's also the alternative path which involves change/reduce your asset sizes with the right tools in order to properly fit this engine default sizes. in my experience you may get better results on this engine with sprites that go from 32x32, 48x48 and up to 64x64. on which cases you may vary around the vertical axis (Y) to give "tallness" to characters, but always trying to stay within your horizontal (X) axis limits that you decide to set up. Not sure if you are talking about the tiles or the target boxes here, just in case its the last one, in the following location: you may find this. notice that is 32 px tall, never personally edited it, but i assume that you want have to when it comes to fit for bigger tiles. i may be wrong tho, since i haven't paid attention to this one. Regardless the tileset sizes, everything about them has been mentioned, just make sure you know the sizes of your sprites, in order to properly change your server settings.
  4. Probably never, most of the software today, just like life itself, mutates and gets better over time endlessly as long there is some individual that's up to put work and effort on it, or unless one day the sun shuts down. Also considering that it's open-source in general terms, only expect more and more branches from the same seed to popup in the following years, along with the base one (hopefully) getting better over time in order to improve the derivated branches.
  5. uh, i discourage selling and offering assets (or anything at all) openly though discord and forums, there are other platforms for creators and artists where they may sell and advertise their assets with the proper licensing and everything, which is safer legally and monetary speaking. Also, @boberski isn't looking to buy another asset pack, but to know how to set up the engine with bigger ones than the default 32x32 ones. Please, take a read read here in order to understand how to make this happen. If you have sprites that are 2x bigger than lets say, the default 32x32 px sprites, then you might want to change these values up (the file is at server\resources\config.JSON) in order to make them fit your needs regardless that unity asset you got for yourself already. Now, in theory, you could simply leave these values at their default, and simply use the bigger assets, they will simply feel "bigger" to what client will be rendering, and of course, they may look a bit off at times since they will cover more than one tile around them. You may end up playing with the values a bit until you find what suits them better. Good luck!
  6. Go for it here then download a zip with the entire project, which you may compile using an IDE. for more information, take a read over intersect's docs
  7. Amazing server plugin! works great so far ~ PS. i know that fries aren't healthy, but why you would filter them out
  8. Guess i joined in the party sort of late, it was already Open Source when i first found about you guys The security risks are always going to be there anyway, not something we should ignore and simply let anyone release any .dll around forums without double checking that everything is safe! Anyway, that was just a small offtopic that people tend to forget about , didn't meant to bring down the party to anyone and i think myself that this right here is a big step into the moon for this game engine cheers u guys, and once again, thanks for this guide @gooby !
  9. this is amazing, way more convenient than work and release niche/game specific mods in .patch files (for the non-programmer users, may be as easy to drag n' drop the compiled plugins ! ) -> in the other hand, wouldn't it open the risk of sus/infected plugins being distributed in the future? convenience may often come with few cons, yet this is amazing, thanks for this guide!
  10. You may want to pay for a server hosting solution, among with other services that may complement for it. iirc @jcsnider offers a service specialized for Interesect based servers. And if you want alternatives, about any VPS with an Ubuntu-Linux OS and the required hardware resources will do the job. Also, despite being an obvious thing, you may want to first progress with your project before considering to bring up something live 24/7. Unless you are doing it for fun or something like that ofc Edit: As for the engine itself, its client is only capable to connect to a single server only right now.
  11. Do i feel some tibia vibes? oh boi who doesn't enjoys that classic feel ! Looking great so far!
  12. [Error] Message: Índice fuera de los límites de la matriz. *Fixes the code and Restarts* Back to 0 ~
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