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  1. I don't personally remember this behaviour, to me, right/left click always been a way to only select the targets but perhaps, you are right (i started to use intersect around beta 7 's devbranch so i can't tell if it worked differently before). What always worked for me is the ESC key to deselect and ofc, the TAB key to switch over nearby targets have you tried that already? logging out isn't really necessary.
  2. So you are basically trying to hire someone to do a copycat map from the "Free Realms" mmo?
  3. The Intersect engine is capable to do anything if a developer working with it pushes enough effort and dedication on what they want from it . People trashing over like this aren't really a contribution to the community nor to the engine (is quite easy to tell who's interested to learn and work hard on their projects from who's around waiting for the rest to do the job for them). "All roads lead to Rome" Indeed, that's the life of a developer, trial and error, test and repeat ! the key is to be patient, don't complain and instead, try to contribute if you are really interested in the project. Even if someone doesn't know how to work with C#, reporting issues can be a great alternative to contribute to the community and the engine itself. Thanks for posting this up
  4. 1) Hola, antes que nada bienvenido al foro, te sugiero leer las reglas para no incurrir en infracciones. 2) ¿Qué versión de intersect utilizas? 3) ¿Revisaste si se creo algún log de error (archivo de texto) en la carpeta "log"? si es el caso, escribenos que se señala allí por error. 4) Lamentablemente si no tienes logs de error ni nada para demostrar tu problema, nadie podrá ayudarte con lo que aquí describes. Personalmente: tanto la version prerelease como estable, se ejecutan sin problema alguno en todos dispositivos
  5. "You can use it for non-commercial and commercial projects but you have to say you used the generator in your credits or somewhere in the game. However, you cannot distribute the models." Source
  6. I want to say no (not quite sure tbh) because GH is not meant to work as a file hosting service for porpoises like this one specifically. And even if it did worked, you would probably be violating some ToS clause that you already agreed with when you signed up for an account there.
  7. Sleepy Face :16_relieved:

  8. Considero que es mejor guiar a las personas con dudas y que requieran respuestas más inmediatas directamente al discord oficial de AGD: Canal de habla español, creo que aquí hay más posibilidades de respuesta ya que estadísticamente habrán más ojos sobre las dudas existentes y por lo tanto, mayor posibilidad de obtener una respuesta rápida Discord oficial de AGD -> https://discord.gg/Kf2uHTfnqN Lee las reglas atentamente (las reglas del foro AGD aplican en el servidor de discord de igual forma). Roles: reacciona con cualquier bandera de habla hispana (Mexico o España) y tendrás acceso al canal en español -> Saludos, y gracias por este resumen que trata las actualizaciones más importantes que se están llevando a cabo en el dev branch
  9. migrating the gamedata isn't fully supported yet and is strongly recommended to keep it as SQLite
  10. You need to set the font size after the font name, like this: "UIFont": "somefont,12" At least, that's how i do it, except with property GameFont, which i leave without the font size. In the other hand, also make sure that you exported your custom fonts properly and make sure they are properly named: somefont_12.xnb
  11. Well, this is not a question but a feature suggestion, you could open a feature request at the project's git page. As for the suggestion/request, i think that both are quite doable, but i would personally stick with the idea of previewing the equipment being sold/crafted while hovering on them at shops/craft table.
  12. Buenas y bienvenido al foro de Ascension GameDev (AGD), antes que nada te recomiendo leer las reglas, ya que por lo que vi en un principio, tu pregunta fue hecha en la categoria equivocada y tuve que pedirle a un mod que moviera tu pregunta a esta categoria donde no tendrás problemas para hacer tus consultas en el idioma español Respecto a tu duda (la cual igual seria bueno que elabores un poco más en cuanto a contexto para no caer en el problema de "post de bajo esfuerzo"): - Antes que nada, no es posible hacer "subsuelos", pero eso puedes simularlo facilmente con diferentes mapas. - Es posible hacer "terrazas" o lugares en "altura" donde las entidades puedan transitar sin problemas, si te interesa, sigue leyendo. - Primero debes permitir que el servidor haga visibles "las dimensiones Z" - Luego entras al editor, y en la parte de atributos veras lo siguiente en la pestaña de atributos: Como puedes ver, de momento solo se puede "jugar" con dos niveles en la dimensión Z, aquí te dejo un pequeño video tutorial donde @Kibbelz explica paso a paso como funciona la logica de dimensiones Z: Embedded Video Link Espero que te sirva, suerte con tu proyecto !
  13. Just gave it a try today, the game has some unique vibe on it! I was heading out and told myself earlier that i would try MA:O tonight but, when the updater finished, i logged in and it was an insta hook, heck i said, i will go out later... Introduction to the game: Goose-bumps , 1993 ! Music: It left me totally immersed, it fits perfectly with the drawing style used. Sound effects: Clicks, attacks, skills, NPCs greeting you, everything is lovingly crafted and put in its place, honestly the first intersect based game I tried that made me feel in a world full of life. Well elaborated tutorial, they even give you a booklet in case you forget something! Is not all about endless grind, but quests, stories, NPCs and their stories: i loved this. There's some good humour around some stuff here and there, the bored guy standing by the race pit gave me a good laugh. Following Ein was interesting but it's easy to lose track of him, maybe it was because I played with a low resolution, despite the added difficulty i didn't gave up with my dog walking adventure. I found some errors and a crash, nothing too serious, so I sent my logs and a video report to the Dev, who by the way is a great guy and collaborator of the Intersect Engine. Real Life was calling me out.... but there i was, almost two hours later than planned, the game really got me hooked will surely try it out again.
  14. [12-02-22]: A lot of art, sound effect and feature enhancements ! Added an ingame graphic clock, inspired in one of those games from my childhood: "The legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" (Note: the sun and moon are currently placeholders). Cursor Controller: expanded the drag and drop texture switch capability to hotbars and spells. Cursor Controller SFX: drag and drop of items have been enchanced with unique sound effects, whenever we drag n' drop ! Cursor Controller: Hovering an attackable NPC will change the cursor's texture into a specific one for the matter (Note: the "attack" cursor texture is currently a placeholders). Cursor Controller: Hovering an event NPC will change the cursor's texture into a specific one for the matter. (Note: the "dialogue" cursor texture is currently a placeholders). A lot of GUI changes: screen wide exp bar, hotbar slots redisigned, simplified the game menu items by creating a button that toggles their visibility. All these adapt in width and height to every available resolution ! Empty inventory slot textures are drawn gray, inventory slots with items are drawn white, and inventory slots with equipped items are drawn yellow (altho i've further plans to change the inventory and equipment behavior). Item Description windows will now follow up the cursor's position, instead of just being rendered next to the inventory window ! Events with triggers such as shops, dialogues and bank, should happen while the rest of the GUI is hidden now, hopefully it will allow me to create a clean flow for NPCs dialogues the way i want later on. Embedded Video Link
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