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  1. Okay, just manually cleaned up the registry and managed to reproduce the issue, so i can confirm that the settings aren't actually saving up to the registry if the registry hasn't been created yet. Thanks for reporting with all the feedback you guys ! Update: @panda just pulled in a fix for this.
  2. Couldn't reproduce: the latest game client is saving and loading the settings without issues. If you want some real help here, share over some logs (if any) and a more specific scenario to reproduce this along with the build version you've used.
  3. @Artheios gave you the right answer, take a look over the client's strings file. use Ctrl + F
  4. If you want the official updated assets for the main build, including these changes introduced few days ago by Weylon, take a look over the assets repository here. regards ~
  5. Excuse me, where do you change the names of the attributes that now appear in the character window? I try to change it from the file itself but it comes out in English again.

    1. Arufonsu
    2. Siege


      One question, if you create an update with assets then delete the folders you don't need, and then in the future you want to add new resources, would it be the same process? Will the past assets already packaged be lost replacing the new ones or will they accumulate? Thank you

  6. This is actually pretty easy to port over to the base engine, if you open a feature request for it (if there isn't one already for it), i could work around it to make it configurable (within the client's config) during this week, that way people won't need to edit the source code but instead, they will be able to simply change a boolean from false to true within the client's config (or game settings -> interface) in order to have this feature thanks for sharing!
  7. The official docs are providing you with enough information for your needs, the rest is on you, we can't guess how every VPS handle things out there, if your client is unable to talk with the server, then you should check out if your VPS provider is allowing your server to listen connections thru your configured server port, which by default should be UDP 5400.
  8. We have documentation for this. I also suggest you (since is your first post) to have a read over the forum rules, specially 1.1 in this case.
  9. Uploaded Version 0.3.3 for Main Build:
  10. Version 0.3.3


    A simple, yet useful plugin that will allow you to quickly add an easy-to-use and view server time widget to your intersect engine's game client!
  11. This is not my project, but today i've finally finished the spanish translations for the Intersect Engine's developer docs
  12. 1.- Si 2.- No, actualmente eso depende de la resolución que utilices para tus sprites y las dimensiones de los tiles ; No hay forma de cambiar la cercania que utiliza la cámara del cliente por defecto, a menos que modifiques el código de fuente.
  13. This issue has been around for a while with the eraser and fill layer tools and it is not related with changing the tile's size from the default values, but instead, related to the amount of tiles that the tools are required to fill/erase (Map's Height and Width in tiles), which are getting stack overflow exceptions for the tiles positions (int values for X and Y of each tile) as explained in this issue report from the engine's repo.
  14. Here's a video from the implementation's pull request itself at AGD's Github repo that quickly demonstrates how to archive this: Embedded Video Link
  15. Hello, sorry, I saw that now you can put an animated main screen background, how is it?

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