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Hello all, with Intersect being open source and released on steam direct just around the corner, its really important we increase the number of active moderators on our forums to provide support, guidance and to be a good role model within our forums. We are currently trying out 4 mods on a trial period for the remainder of the month to see how they impact positively towards our fantastic community. This does not mean these mods will remain mods at the end of the month as this is a trial period, however they all have full moderation power so please treat them as you would @Damian666 and @Agoraphobic. Myself and the rest of the team feel extremely confident in their abilities and have reached out to them personally. Anyway, we all love AGD and we hope to do the best to keep it a healthy environment for everyone of varying abilities so say hello to our mods on trial:







Updates on weather they made the cut or not will be posted at the end of the month :) Stay tuned!

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