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  1. Tiro

    Moderation Team Updates

    Congratulations to everyone on their promotions! Good luck!
  2. The housing tutorial is pretty interesting but it may be easier to map the actual house and make the event a warp tile. You can use a switch to activate it if the player has purchased the house, or skip the switches entirely and check if the player has a key or an item on them to open it. The only benefit I see of being able to do it this way is that you can have the houses be instanced, but that may not suit everyone's needs. Still, it's a pretty cool and different approach. You could also maybe use a system like this later on to build houses if the event system gets a gettile/settile function. You may be able to do that now actually through common events. I might play around with this later. It's sparked some ideas. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! And, I'm not a previous pager any more Phen.
  4. Tiro

    Free Tiles and Tree

    Thank you , and definitely a valid point there. I may play around with it later and see how I can make it pop.
  5. Like Eins said, it's definitely useful to look at the formulas. You can define how they correlate, and also how gear affects them. Also, the points section is how many points that class starts with that can be allocated into a stat of the player's choosing. I encourage you to take a look into Ambard's video tutorials. They're pretty good, although a bit dated now since Intersect has switched to Robin's Dark UI library.
  6. Those tiles look pretty amazing, Sethis! Good luck with the game. It looks like it's going to end up looking beautiful. Here's a couple of tiles I recently threw together too. Hoping this one will become a full project. Saturation isn't actually that bright, I just haven't figured out the best way to upload it. Seems like no matter where I post it, the colors get changed.
  7. Here's a few autotiles I made that I never ended up using. It's just a few odd tiles and a tree but I don't see myself using them. Hopefully, they will be useful to someone.
  8. Hey, everyone. It's a pleasure to meet all of you. I'm Richard, and I'm 24 years old majoring in Software Development. I'm currently working as an IT Specialist for Marriott Hotels. I'm going to be graduating with a degree in Software Development in a few weeks and I'm pretty excited to have a job that is already putting my skills to use. I can work with quite a few programming languages, C#, Visual Basic.Net, VB6, HTML5, CSS, PHP, SQL, Java, C++. My coursework in school has gotten me a pretty decent exposure to them. I've been around since the Mirage Source days, but I've never actually been active in any community. I remember Shannara and Kael, probably some names that haven't been seen around here since the PlayerWorld days. After moving from PlayerWorlds, I did some game work with Elysium when Pingu was still active and later moved to Eclipse and XtremeWorlds. I was there before Robin made Origins, and eventually used Origins for a few of my projects. I watched the beginning and end of a few eras without actually participating in the community, but I've always loved the engines and they sparked my passion for programming and eventually IT. This time around, I'm hoping to be active in the community and do my part to contribute. I'm getting handier with pixel art, and photoshop, which is probably the best way to contribute here until source releases. I'm also working on a project which I will show off at some point, but right now it's in its planning stages. I think Intersect is going to be something special, and I feel more confident in my abilities to be able to contribute to the community. Happy developing, everyone!
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