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  1. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Added more platforms, some objects, water, and a building:
  2. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Increased the color count, and added more platforms:
  3. Graphics Sidescroller Graphics

    Lightened the skin color, gave the platforms more depth and created some basic armor.
  4. Playing around with some sidescroller graphics. May be used in a future game, may not. Critique is welcome.
  5. conditional branch suggestion

    If you don't mind me asking. What are you wanting to do with this?
  6. items stats change

    You can always make the "stat bonus range" 0 for the time being.
  7. 8 Directional Movement

    No prob. Here's the link for the road map:
  8. 8 Directional Movement

    No. However, if you look at the road map for the engine you can get a general idea.
  9. 8 Directional Movement

    Intersect source, of course. ;-)
  10. I personally know of someone who's already created a turn based system, albeit in another language. Once source is released, there might end up being a tutorial on how to create it. If not, your best bet is to network with some proficient coders when the time comes.
  11. 8 Directional Movement

    Once source is released, yes.
  12. Graphics Playing Around

    Created a tombstone, and obelisk:
  13. Graphics Playing Around

    Wasn't really happy with the way I did leaves the first time. So, I redid the tree:
  14. Graphics Playing Around

    Made some grass, and a tree: